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Contents Chapter 1 Cade Byron tossed back the whiskey in his glass, then 1 Chapter 2 Cade awakened the next morning. MAYA BANKS. TEMPTED BY HER. INNOCENT KISS. PREGNANCY & PASSION : When irresistible tycoons face the consequences of temptation Harlequin. Tempted by her innocent kiss [electronic resource]. byBanks, Maya For print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss Pdf

Devon Carter was her first; now newly wed Ashley wants their passion to last. But her dreams of true love are crushed by the discovery that their marriage is. Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss By Maya Banks - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Devon Carter was her first lovernow Ashley Carter wants their passion to last. But her dreams of true love are crushed by the discovery that their marriage, ISBN.

Shelves: category-romance , silhouette-desire-slt-romance , harlequin-silhouette , read-in I've often said that Maya Banks has found the perfect recipe to write a Silhouette Desire, a fraught situation and deception and a perfect blend of a hero who starts out as a jerk but is felled by an awesome heroine and best of all he has to work to get her back. This is the third book in the series about four friends and as we've heard in the other two books Devon the hero has been handed a situation, romance the daughter of the man whose company he wants to merge with and he finds it no hardsh I've often said that Maya Banks has found the perfect recipe to write a Silhouette Desire, a fraught situation and deception and a perfect blend of a hero who starts out as a jerk but is felled by an awesome heroine and best of all he has to work to get her back. This is the third book in the series about four friends and as we've heard in the other two books Devon the hero has been handed a situation, romance the daughter of the man whose company he wants to merge with and he finds it no hardship, Ashley is sweet, impulsive and quite amazing though he does think to himself that she may have to tone it down and be a less exuberant but he enjoys her company and to bring his plan to fruition take her innocence and tops it off with a proposal, Ashley the romantic falls for it thinking that all her dreams have come true and doesn't question why Devon wants he to move in with him and get married soon. Cold, you may think and in a way you may be right but you know about those thick-headed heroes? And Devon to be honest never wanted to deceive her but instead wanted to tell her the truth about the deal but her father didn't want that and Devon goes along with it, all the while during the wedding his friend Cam warns him that Ashley isn't like him and can be hurt. Then everything blows up on their honeymoon when Ashley reads an e-mail and confronts him. Ashely was a heroine you couldn't help but like she saw the best in people and knew people saw her as naive but she really wasn't only kind-hearted and then her wedding blows up on her face and she sees through the fog of romance that had enveloped her. She isn't impulsive then instead thinks things through, she hates what Devon has done to her but she still loves him and like her, Devon wants to make an effort to try, so she thinks she will rein in her impulses as Devon said and make him try to love her but things as we see don't go so well. She tries to be the perfect wife, cleaning and cooking and at this moment you feel angry for her, you can see how unhappy she is and how she is suffocating her real self, all the while Devon is busy with the changes in his business and tip-toeing around her, giving her space and allowing her whatever she needs to do to cope but things become too much for Ashely and she finally decides that the only person she needs to make happy is herself and at this moment you are rooting for her. While the dumb hero wallows in his mistakes, berating himself for his denseness and all the mistakes he has made, this has to be my favorite moment in a romance, just love it and then he tries to make up for it. Honestly, I loved the book and can't wait for Cam's book. ARC provided by Netgalley.

Donor bostonpubliclibrary. Edition Special 30th anniversary collectors' [ed. External-identifier urn: Identifier temptedbyherinno00maya. Identifier-ark ark: Isbn Pages Ppi Related-external-id urn: Scandate Scanner scribe1. Scanningcenter shenzhen. Worldcat source edition Colters Woman occurs first in the timeline, followed by Colters Wife an extended epilogue that picks up just a few months from where Colters Woman left off Callies Meadow which is only available in the reissue of Colters Woman Book 2: Colters Lady the stand-alone sequel to Colters Woman Book 3: Colters Daughter the third installment of the series, released February Print edition: Colters Promise the fourth installment of the series released June in both print and digital format simultaneously Book 5: Colters Gift the fifth installment of the series released April The Darkest Hour Book 2: No Place to Run Book 3: Hidden Away Book 4: Whispers in the Dark Book 5: Echoes at Dawn Book 5.

Softly at Sunrise Book 6: Shades of Gray Book 7: Forged in Steele Book 8: After the Storm Book 9: When Day Breaks June 24, Sweet Surrender Book 2: Sweet Persuasion Book 3: Sweet Seduction Book 4: Sweet Temptation Book 5: Sweet Possession Book 6: Sweet Addiction. In Bed with a Highlander Book 2: Seduction of a Highland Lass Book 3: Never Love a Highlander.

Book List Series Colters' Legacy http: Colters' Woman reissue includes a new short epilogue called Callie's Meadow 1. Colters' Lady 3. Colters' Daughter 4. Colters' Promise 5.

Colters' Gift November 5, The Sweet Series http: Sweet Surrender 2. Sweet Persuasion 3.

Sweet Seduction 4. Sweet Temptation 5. No sense using the formal dining room for family. They were all more comfortable here in her big country kitchen. Jeff stumbled in a few minutes later, his hair damp, looking luscious in jeans and a clean white shirt. Jeff nodded. Give Annie a call. Maria tapped her foot. Well, fine then. Two can play this game.

Angie returned to the table and Maria sat down without nodding to Jeff. He sat down, once everyone else was seated, next to Angie. Harper and Rafe began a conversation about the steers at Bay Crossing, and Jeff joined in.

She loved beef empanadas, but her stomach felt like lead at the moment. Jeff smiled at the others, even chuckled a time or two. Why was he able to get close to her children but not to her? How long would he make her pay for her mistake? Thirty years. The words popped into her head without so much as a warning. Thirty damn years. That was a hell of a long time—more than half his life so far.

Would he make her pay for her mistake for thirty years? Her eyes began to mist, but she inhaled and quickly stopped the tears from forming. She could wait. She had no choice. Jeff had been around the block more than a few times, but never had a kiss affected him like this. Mia was a temptress, a siren, wrapped up in an innocentlooking package of beautiful dark hair, flawless olive skin, and an amazing body. Clearly liked Styx, according to her T-shirt.

Only the best band in the universe.

Maya Banks - Wikipedia

And those cherry-red lips. God, had that thought really entered his head? Simple as that. She knew how to kiss too, had sunk into him like the siren she was. He wanted to mark her as his, claim her. His cock rose inside his jeans. He loved kissing, but it usually took a little more than a first kiss to get a rise.

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss

But this was no normal first kiss. He twirled his tongue around hers, swirled it over her teeth and gums, the insides of her cheeks. He wanted to taste every last millimeter of her sweet mouth. When his lungs required air, he forced his mouth from hers, took a breath, and then rained tiny kisses over her smooth cheeks and neck. She smelled of wild berries and sweet vanilla. God, he could live on that aroma. He could live on her kisses alone and die a happy man. Her skin quivered under his lips.

His heart hammered. Her skin was like velvet beneath his fingers, his lips. Soft, warm, tan velvet. He knew nothing about her, only that she was eighteen and delicious to kiss. She was young and probably not that experienced. And she was into him, and into this kiss. But though he scoffed at authority and rebelled against the law, he respected the fairer sex. His mama had died when he was only five, but he remembered her somewhat—soft and feminine yet protective and fierce when it came to her boys.

His daddy had treated his mama like a treasure. And she had been a treasure. Her name was Angelina. Just as soft and feminine of a name.

His Mia? What the hell? Though it pained him, he removed his lips from the creamy skin of her neck. He regarded her, her eyes closed, her breaths coming in rapid puffs. God, she was the picture of beauty and innocence all rolled up into one. His cock strained against his jeans.

Where do you live, anyway? Poor thing was embarrassed. When do you need to be home? Going to CU in the fall with some of my friends.

Wayne had gone to college. That had been the beginning of the end with Grandpa Norm. Nah, he was kidding himself. After the five-day lecture and horse whipping, Jeff had rebelled against everything, including college. Sure, he could have kissed ass and gotten back in the will. He could have started college a semester or a year later. Or his path had chosen him. Sounded better that way. Your bike is amazing.

A rubber band or something. Suddenly, not having his brains glopped all over concrete appealed to him. Next time, we both wear them. Take it all. Help me. Jeff lunged forward and grabbed Big Chuck around the neck. They toppled to the ground. The boy turned and threw up in the gravel. You can take it for him. The large man let out an oof. Gravel sanded his face as one asshole rubbed it into the dirt. Both his arms were pinned, and his pants and boxers were forced from his legs.

He lay helpless, spread eagled on the pavement. The guards circled the grounds, but no help would come. They turned a blind eye. What the fuck did they care? The prisoners were nothing but animals to them —animals to be hosed down and slopped a couple of times a day.

No help would come from the other inmates either. They all knew better. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead, his chest. His heart thundered against his sternum.

His sheets were clammy and damp. The nightmare was always the same. Just as Big Chuck was about to rape him, he woke up.

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss

Jeff closed his eyes. Thank God it was only a nightmare. The scenario had never taken place. He was big enough, strong enough, and though his pretty face had made him a target when he first went to Canon City, his strong fists had protected him. That and the few good friends he made early on, thank God. The guilt still ate Jeff alive. He looked at the clock on his night table. Four a. Well, might as well get up.

The alarm would go off in an hour anyway. Each day was a new threat, a new horror. No, back in prison, his nights had been reserved for Mia. Big brother Wayne had led the life Jeff should have had with Mia and their daughter. Best not to resent the dead. What good did it do? And then there was Mia. Every time she came near him he wanted her more, longed for his lips on hers, his body entwined with hers. Her hair was still black as night, and her face was still creamy and tan, with only the slightest laugh wrinkles around her eyes.

No reason why everyone had to suffer. He owed Wayne for that one. Yes, Mia. She invaded his thoughts once again. She most likely always would. Her body was still perfect, just slightly curvier around the belly.

God, he still wanted her. Had never stopped wanting her.

And she wanted him. A few months ago, she had finally come to him. She was a vision, her perfect body clothed in only peach-colored satin and lace. She lit up the dark bedroom, as if the creamy-orange fabric reflected her light from within. What do you want? Something I bought today. In town. Just for you. I never wore stuff like this for Wayne. And gulped. Wild stallions trampled inside him. His cock roared to life. They made sense only to him.

I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me. What could he say? Of course he still loved her. His cock hardened to granite inside his boxers. Thank God for the covers. The one we used to talk about. Do you remember? Those memories played like an epic movie in his mind. Over and over again. God, yes, he remembered. He still said nothing. Just say you love me. I need to hear it. The words formed on his vocal cords but stayed lodged in his throat. So he had to stop now.

He stayed silent. She turned and left. Maria knew it with all her heart. But something was keeping him from her. Well, could she blame him? Between a rock and a hard place. What else could she have done? Angie had deserved better. Truly, she had done it for Angie and not herself.

He was doing the job of two men around here, according to Harper, and he was good at it, seemed to enjoy it. Seeing him with Angie warmed her heart. They were becoming close. Would they ever have a true father and daughter relationship? They were gaining ground every day. She cringed as that fateful night surfaced in her memory.

She was no seductress. Perhaps he never would have fallen for it. Jeff had an inner strength and courage that Wayne had never possessed. Maria had seen that even when Jeff insisted on rebelling against everyone and everything. Why was he fighting so hard against it? She sighed. Her skin prickled, and a tickle rose between her legs.

What was it about him? He was bad news for sure. Of that she had no doubt. Bad news, that is, for everyone but her. He would never hurt her. She was one hundred percent blood positive about that. This man would never harm her in any way. She drifted into slumber still feeling his lips upon hers.

After what he did to me? He had every right to disinherit you. It clattered to the floor. Well, I want my inheritance back. Like his brother cared. Right now he got the whole enchilada. I hope he coughs up a lung.

Again, he pushed the feelings of worry deep within him. You take your inheritance when he dies. See if I care. Jeff opened another beer, took a drink, and then spit it in the sink. He grabbed his leather jacket and his motorcycle helmet and left the apartment, sneering. As he rode toward the hospital, he cursed himself for going. He rode all the way to the hospital and went in. He checked in with the front desk and asked what room Norman Bay was in.

Then he walked to the elevator and headed up. The man looked fragile, lying in bed sleeping. Just stood and stared at his grandfather. Weak and old, the man had wrinkles marring his once handsome face.

But a part of his heart hurt. And he hated himself for them. This man had disinherited him. Practically disowned him. In spite of himself, he was glad Grandpa looked okay. Of course he would. Jeff walked quietly out of the hospital room and down the hall to the elevator.

Chapter Five How? How do I make myself whole again? He was no charity case, damn it. They were coming less and less. That was progress, right? He knew what the problem was. He had to forgive himself. For rebelling as a young man and making such terrible decisions.

For taking the fall for Max and going to prison. So not worth it. Get over Mia and move on with life? But at least he would have been a free man. And he had to forgive himself for not helping the innocent inmates who were brutalized almost nightly in prison.

If he could forgive his grandfather, and Wayne, and even Mia…why was he having such a difficult time granting forgiveness to himself? He was a good man. It had cost him everything. He was earning his keep now, that was for sure. It felt damn good.

Hard work was good for the soul. And so was honesty and a job well done. And Maria deserved someone whole. Maria jolted in her bed. Her mother worked the night shift at the local convenience store. She was alone in the house except for her little sister, Meghan.

The tapping was coming from outside, against her window. She looked at the clock. Only ten. It was early yet.

Who could it be? If anyone had seen anything suspicious, the cops would have been called. She peered out her window. Her skin tingled. In the moonlight, with the silver highlighting his dark hair, he looked like a god. Already her skin tightened and the place between her legs throbbed. She opened the window. He was beautiful. Can I come in just for a minute? Well, no problem then. Meet me there.

She wanted to see Jeff. She wanted to kiss him some more. She wanted to… He grinned at her. Her cheeks warmed. A cotton T-shirt a size too small and bikini underwear—what had she been thinking not pulling on some clothes before going to the door? Quickly she returned to the kitchen.

He chuckled when he saw her. He was sleeping comfortably, as far as I could tell, when I saw him. Both Jeff and his older brother were grown now. His big cattle ranch goes to my brother, Wayne.

I get squat. Then why did you? I just wanted to see you. His dark gaze cut into her, stripped her of everything—her clothes, her inhibition, her good sense. Like I always want to know you. She smiled and her heartbeat quickened. She resisted the urge to go to him. Fire erupted in her loins. So are you. I want to make love to you, Mia. But she knew.

Her tummy fluttered. God, she wanted him too. More than she wanted chocolate ice cream —her favorite—at this very moment.

She nervously took a sip of her own drink. It bubbled in her throat. Her nipples hardened under her T-shirt. She squirmed. Was she going to do this? She knew the answer before she asked herself the question.

The decision was crazy and impulsive and completely irresponsible. But it was right. So right. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it in her own. Without uttering a word, she led him to her bedroom. Chapter Six Maria stood at the sink in her big country kitchen, peeling apples. Homemade applesauce for dinner tonight, along with pork chops and fried rice and onions.

She needed a little comfort right now. Maria was worried. She bit her upper lip as she worked with the fruit, and stopped when she tasted the metallic flavor of her own blood on her tongue.

Harper said Jeff had been working every day and seemed fine, but something gnawed at Maria. Something was wrong. She jumped when a throat cleared behind her. Blood gushed from the cut as the pain lanced into her. Why was she crying? I cut myself. The cool water stung at first and then soothed the smarting pain. Jeff rummaged through drawers until he found a towel.

What are you using for knives in here? Samurai blades? Sparks ignited within her. Now she was grateful to that stupid knife for giving her the opportunity.

Where do you keep your bandages? Do you have any gauze and adhesive tape? The bleeding has died down a lot.

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