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books based on votes: ከአድማስ ባሻገር by በዓሉ ግርማ, ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር by ሀዲስ ዓለማየሁ, የተቆለፈበት ቁልፍ The best Amharic books ever, as voted on by the general Goodreads community. For poetry books. Fetena is an Amharic book of poetry containing poems that reflect the author's profound thoughts on a wide range of issues. It is a book about life, faith, country, . Amharic, Habesha, Ethiopian, satire, poetry books. Collections of Satirical Amharic Poems. On topics of Ethiopian domestic and social lives, public services, .

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Amharic Poem Book

Free Amharic Books, Poems and MezArts. Amharic Poems by Yosef Teshome Teklu, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Amharic Poems (Paperback) (Yosef Teklu) Amharic Language, Ethiopia, Grammar, . Clarion Call, Law Books, Book Club Books, Books To Read, Books You.

Ethiopian poetry comprises of one of the many unique and amazing secrets held dearly by the people of Ethiopia. We are all aware of how little is known by non-Ethiopians about the countless rich and varied aspects of Ethiopian life. What's known is mostly acquired from scant and fragmented media reports about famine, poverty, social unrest, and so on. But this has only painted a weak representation, which falls far short of portraying a fascinating people, their country, and their history in their true likeness. The following poems of Ethiopia provide a small glimpse of an aspect of Ethiopian life that has had little, if any, external exposure. Amharic poetry could prove to be a modest but laudable contributor towards enlightening the masses. It is almost impossible to get the proper translation of the many Ethiopian poems composed throughout the country's long and culturally rich history. Qene, is a highly regarded form of Amharic poetry, although the word is also used as a general term to describe all poetry. True Qene uses double meanings of Amharic words and metaphors to provide one with two entirely different views of the subject. These two meanings are commonly known as wax and gold or "sem ena work", with the obvious one being wax, while the hidden is gold.

Tewodros Abebe Fetena: Tewodros Abebe. Tewodros Abebe , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition: Synopsis About this title Fetena is an Amharic book of poetry containing poems that reflect the author's profound thoughts on a wide range of issues.

About the Author: download New View Book. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Tewodros Abebe New Paperback Quantity Available: To those who, carrying the soul, have no soul.

Mercato, Addis red bicycles blue houses red bicycles I dream of blue houses red bicycles Addis Ababa This city wakes with the mosques that begin their days praying, closing its eyes to the sound of drums echoing from the churches out into the night. Close Beza, this is dust this is seventeen years of dust at this market yet everything here carried me Alemu Tebeje Ayele: The Saucepan and the Cabbage One day, the ghosts of two dictators bump into each other in the Palace: I found a cabbage BIG as Ethiopia!

I found a saucepan BIG as Ethiopia! Well, what will you do with it? I will cook your cabbage in it! Our country is that saucepan and we are the cabbage, still cooking on the fire they lit. At the Departure of My Best Friend My best friend has died and my grief is a fire that burns even my tears. I miss his honest smile, his goodness keeps me company.

Now the mourners walk away and do not see me burning for my best friend. He is far from life now, burnt out of his life by the flames of yellow fever.

Translated from Amharic by Chris Beckett. Hama Tuma: Notable of all his works are his first collections of stories: Of Guilt The man ran after his fart to slap it back and erase the shame.

The stink lingers. Time has subdued my countrymen, they pass history twice and leave no shadow behind. The frog in the pond laughed itself to death, the owl is blind.

In the Waldiba monastery, forever silent, noisy festivities are held. Time moves on grinding all, changing all, but the crocodile has no teeth and the Ethiopian no guilt: Bewketu Seyoum: Bewketu Seyoum is a writer and poet from Mankusa in Gojjam.

His father is an English teacher and his mother comes from a family of Orthodox priests.

20 Of The Best Poets And Poems of Ethiopia (Qene included)

He published three collections of Amharic poetry, two novels and two CDs of short stories. Bewketu was awarded the prize for Young Writer of the Year in by the President of Ethiopia and in , he was chosen to represent Ethiopia at the Poetry Parnassus festival in London. Even if he spends his life running away, he will not get far. The melody of the nightingale has lost its immortality and I am sitting on a dead land, writing an elegy in the sand.

Smoking is prohibited! Whistling is prohibited! Peeing is prohibited! The whole wall made up of prohibitions. Which one is right?? Were I blessed with a piece of wall, a little piece of power, my slogan would be: Prohibitions are prohibited!

Zewdu Milikit: Who, being few, do not envy others and whose works, like brothers you can count on one hand, count forever. Mix your feelings up together and however fast you stir and stir, the fresh ones turn out nice and brown, but older passions end up sticking to the pan. The Fashion of Silence He used to let his beard grow long and never comb his hair. He loved a fierce discussion for the sake of it, the rip of one opinion being torn from all the talk around.

The temper of the times has changed, no talk of so, so many things, no fierce discussion, clashing views - today the House of Learning wears a fashionable hush. Metal melted into Axe and cut down a whole family of Trees. But when the mother of all Trees cried out for justice, Axe felled another forest, and Wood fell for his own tricks, by changing his name to Handle. Liyou Libsekal: After a brief stay in Vietnam, she returned to her homeland of Ethiopia and in began writing about culture and the environment for Ethiopian Business Review.

She was pieces of you strolling tall, slender and curved but you were with me as she cocooned and rolled and stretched. Always in a flowered dress, always drenched in fate you sit, a lakeside lullaby a picture of youth then, and forever and forever I gnaw on whether you knew near the end but with age as authority, we lived in darkness why expect more in death? My anger lives in layers un-abandoned, if only for my sake.

Sixteen years and his rambles announce his arrival. His steps still sure on our still rubbled paths, parted quick of boisterous kids who run to whisper behind the skirts of busy women or the makeshift seats of idle men. Regrets as Long as Fishing Lines I dreamt we were made of sand trickled from the mouth of a catfish and I remembered pulling two out of Langano when this mother was done spilling us into form, she coughed up a coil of bronze and sunk it into each of our foreheads then, beginning from her whiskers she cracked into a pile of sheer shells so I carried them nestled in my hair to the edge of a shoreline wanting to bless her with rest but her pieces had melted in the sun leaving my strands soaked in liquid gray Fekade Azeze: Fekade has had 5 collections of poems published in Amharic, a book on famine poetry, 2 books on folklore and numerous articles about Ethiopian literature.

He is currently an associate professor of Ethiopian literature and folklore in Addis Ababa University. Addis Ababa I walk your streets, but make no strides: I walk your streets, but make no strides: I ask myself, do they have food?

I walk your streets, making no strides, hands stretch out and hold me back, begging every step: I walk your streets, making no strides: Yes, I have walked your streets, I have made no strides.

Your secrets are endless, Addis! I will give in now, I will rest. Translated from Amharic by the author, in collaboration with Chris Beckett. After all, birds and insects have wings. We do not respect an old man for his white hair. After all, wood may turn white in cold air.

Amharic Poems

We respect a man for his wisdom, not his white hair. Liqoo Kefle Yohannes, translated by Chris Beckett. Finger and thumb are unequal brothers. But the cloud, so insubstantial, spoke. This poem is deals with Christ atoning for the sin of man, but its second meaning is that of a sensual love poem.

The translation was done by Donald Levine. What use is tejj? When you see the enemy, serve him coffee! Author unknown, Tella is a form of watered down beer, while tejj is a much more stronger wine made of honey.


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