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Half Girlfriend is an Indian English coming of age, young adult romance novel by Indian author Dedicated to "non English-types", as Chetan Bhagat wrote, the book divulges the sentiments and linguistic struggles of a backward rural. Steven Holzner is the award-winning author of more than books, including. Physics For Dummies. He did his undergrad. Half Girlfriend book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. HALF GIRLFRIEND (HINDI) Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy.

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The Half Girlfriend Book

Half Girlfriend: Chetan Bhagat: Books - Half Girlfriend [Chetan Bhagat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy called Madhav. He fell in love. Editorial Reviews. Review. It's again Bhagat's love love and love. But the twists, more Add Audible book to your download for just $ Deliver to your Kindle.

Cancel anytime. Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy called Madhav. He fell in love with a girl called Riya. Madhav didn't speak English well. Riya did. Madhav wanted a relationship.

The Thought Process of a Genius Once upon a time, there was a guy who wanted to be an author. He wrote a couple of decent works and then got caught in a loop. This reviewer is setting it down here, so that he can try breaking out of it and stop crowding out other better-written books. The Conception: He has convinced himself that he is supposed to be the common man's author 2. So has a responsibility to pick up mundane topics and themes 3. And they have to be cliched and not too intricate - becau The Thought Process of a Genius Once upon a time, there was a guy who wanted to be an author.

And they have to be cliched and not too intricate - because the common man's life is just not complicated enough for a Dostoevskian treatment god forbid! So it has to be non-literary and cliched. Got it? It also has to employ poor language because not only is he the common man's voice, but his readers are also the common men, who wants the processed goods, the easy stuff.

He has the recipe for an untapped new brand of literature - exploring the lives of the common men of India. Genius Idea. Sounds quite grand, if you ask him! The Execution: Having worked out his grand role thus, this self-appointed common man's author sits down to write.

He doesn't realize this, but the role he has assigned makes it very easy for him to crank out book after book with almost minimal effort. He might be able to finish an entire plot in one sitting. After all exposing cliches as reality without getting into the complexities that make them a part of life is his role.

He is surprised at the ease with which he is able to do this. His characters just seem to spring out of nowhere and fade into nothingness between the covers, doing exactly what he bids them in between. Complete mastery. Which author can boast of that? Must be a genius. He discovers that he is now also an expert in every national issue and can pontificate effortlessly. He does not realize that anyone can have an opinion, and by being allowed to mouth off on them, he is not being treated like an expert, but as a celebrity.

Being a celebrity in this country is license to be an expert on anything, and he gets disproportionate voice in the media, though usually a shrill and mildly pompous one. He becomes hated by the intellectual community of the country for this. Geniuses are always hated, right? Hence conclusion is reinforced. Oct 01, Ayesha marked it as no-thanks Shelves: View all 15 comments.

Aug 08, Sameer Kamat added it. I see that some folks have already rated this book, when it hasn't even been released. So I thought why not review it as well, before reading it. To be honest, I haven't read any of his books yet. So, I'm not going to be judgemental look Ma, no rating!

But I've read enough reviews to conclude that the reactions are generally polarised. For the lazy ones who don't want to type out a detailed review after reading it, here are a couple of templates that might help. Just edit it and you have your I see that some folks have already rated this book, when it hasn't even been released.

Just edit it and you have your own review ready.

Reaction 1: Loved it CB rocks!!! Wen i used to see his ads in papers with free chapters, i was like, 'yeaaaaah CB's new book is coming out!

And then many days later when I told mom that he's now getting a full-page editorial on the front page, she said, 'It's an ad' and i was like 'yeaaahhh, CB's new book is coming out!

Reaction 2: Hated it CB walks into the bar It is appalling to see the quality of writing. There is no plot, the characters are flatter than Coke left out in the open for 3 days. This has not been written for discerning readers. It has been written for Bollywood producers. Why doesn't he take us out of the picture and give his script directly to them? The part where I was the happiest was when the book got over.

I can now go back to reading The Fountainhead But hey, you know what, at least it's 'intellectual'. This is just a tongue-in-cheek review to entertain folks who are waiting impatiently for the book release. No offense meant to anyone. I think CB has managed to do for the struggling Indian publishing industry what no other writer has ever done. Hats off and good luck to him!

View all 22 comments. Oct 04, Rohini Karmakar rated it it was ok. I generally refrain from reviewing books because I know the hard work that goes into penning down odd pages of literature. I refrain from being unnecessarily harsh on someone, when I have a fair idea of the pain they must have gone through.

But this one compelled me to write, not to praise its excellence, or even to rant about its mediocrity. Infact, I was shocked at the insincerity of the author. To begin with, he didn't even attempt at writing a book, he wrote a screenplay.

But he should hav I generally refrain from reviewing books because I know the hard work that goes into penning down odd pages of literature. But he should have at least put in some effort to present it as a novel in its paperback format.

The story is as lame as the language it is written in. Forget nuances and layers, the structure is not even a straight line. It has no purpose, no journey and thereby no destination. And could someone kindly enlighten me on the significance of the title. As for the literary quality, the lesser spoken the better. For some unknown reason, Mr. Bhagat considers himself the common Indian's writer and as much as he defends them in the battle of masses versus the elite, he is the one taking them for granted.

HALF GIRLFRIEND | Rupa Publications

He considers the common Indian man to be IQ less, illogical and having no sense or appreciation of literature. There is no other way I can justify his coming up with 'Half Girlfriend'. I cannot fathom what moved Mr. Mohit Suri, who has already bought the rights of the novel for his next screen adaptation, to tears. The only kind of tears this book can draw out is those out of sheer frustration! View all 18 comments.

Nov 06, Saiber rated it did not like it Shelves: YES, I know it might have come across as a major surprise to all those who know me, I did infact read this book. I read it all. And I took some time out and did not post the review. But now it's here. Major Spoilers ahead. As I have ranted the whole story basically. But one of YES, I know it might have come across as a major surprise to all those who know me, I did infact read this book. But one of my friends with a fairly good taste in books said "This book was great.

Obviously I was flummoxed as to what came over her for to think that. And as a good friend I became obliged to tell her the same. I still can't get over the fact that she said it was great. AS a writer myself I know how much efforts and blood and sweat and time is needed to write a book. And I wouldn't just criticize a book if I just read the name of the author. I get a fair idea about the writing, the ccharacters and whether it suited my taste.

So ofcourse, I wasn't planning on picking any of his book, ever again. But I took one for the team. And read it for my friend who said it was great. Faced with this dilemma, I decided to read Half Girlfriend because I didn't want to be critical about something I hadn't read. So against all my better judgment, I picked up this book and started reading.

I had found a screenshot making the rounds of social networks with some verrry derogatory remark to the female protagonist and it had made me really angry.

So when my friend said the protagonist was romantic and charming - I wondered wha? But I am getting too far ahead of myself. Let me not comment on the originality, but then again thankfully he didn't name it Fate or Destiny. Meet Chetan Bhagat, the first character who you get to meet, who is a grumpy and in some random book tour. Yes, the writer is referring to himself in the book. This is not it, he does it again and again.

Thrice in total, with one being in the conversation of his characters along the lines of 'let's read some novel, you know the one by Chetan Bhagat. Or does seeing your name in the front cover wasn't enough? The whole book kind of lacks in originality you know? I am not trying to be mean but his character annoyed me the most, and thaaat is saying something.

Anyway, let's meet the Madhav - A horny, eyebrow fetishist basketball player who is also a prince of some random place in Bihar. He "falls in love with Riya" as soon as he sees her playing basketball. Because he is a basketball player who is trying to get in the same college via a sports quota just like Riya. He offers her pointers during the game and thus starts the whole stalking 'love story. They become quick friends and we read more about how tall and pretty Riya is.

And how sweaty she gets when she plays basketball in shorts. And how she has basically the best eyebrow game Madhav has ever seen. Not once, there has been any distinguishing factor to her. Their friendship grows. And the conversations grow even more bland. I have better conversations with my relatives than what Riya and Madhav have.

Anyway, Madhav is in love with Riya. Riya of course thinks of him as her best friend. He tries to make her see him in more than a friend way. And this is where the problem starts. Oh and why the novel is named Half Girlfriend. Riya is definitely "not comfortable" with his physical advances and yet he persists. This is from the book - " 'She stopped and glared at me until I let go', 'Madhav, please understand, I'm not comfortable with all this. I didn't let go. You are hurting me.

I want you. Now we come to the part of the very degrading and derogatory comment. The one making the rounds of the social network as I had previously said. You are using physical force on me. And you don't help when you say "deti he to de yato kat le. Thankfully, the heroine has the common sense and dignity to leave. God help me I was skimming through the whole monotonous dialouges and the whole "Oh shit, saying that was a bad idea.

Oh and here's a gem. So Madhav now realizing that I have disrespected the girl, degrading her in the process, and she is obviously mad and doesn't want to talk to me. So what will I do? Stalk her, Of course! In his own word, he justified stalking her because she wouldn't return his calls or reply or talk to him.

Anyway, finally she agrees to talk to him. After he had stalked her to some changing room and he asked her to talk to her. She hasn't, thankfully, forgiven him completely. But she wants to move past the whole incident understandably so. At No one is forcing her. She is dropping out of college.

Because she is rich girl and she has a money to fall back on if doesn't wanna do a degree. She just wanna get away from her sexist relative.

The irony, but okay. So she leaves for London marrying her childhood rakhi brother because he is such a great match. And Madhav ends up sad, messing up all the interviews.

Anyway he declines all offers and comes back to his village to aid hi mother run a school.

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Lot of monotonous narration with Bill Gates making guests appearances. And Madhav running into Riya again in 2 years. She is divorced and hence available. And Madhav is as horny as ever. She teaches him English by making him read Chetan Bhagat novel.

And she leaves him there with a Dear John note that went like - I'm paraphrasing, hey I'm dying of cancer. In 3 months. Sorry about not reciprocating your feelings. But now I love you. Dont try to find me. Marry someone and all. Ok bye now.

Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

So then like the crazy stalker he is, he goes after her. I mean at least respect the dying girl's wish. But NO. So he goes back to her place. Tries to find her. Using his "Royal" connections to make bank managers give him her bank details. Inquire in her work. Go to her house.

He does not find her. Then he receives these mysterious journals of Riya where she basically provides with all the backstory because the the writer was too lazy to develop the plot.

And oh hey view spoiler [ she ain't dead. To which Chetan Bhagat asks him to mind his language. Let me just mention- Chetan Bhagat chapters are from the first person pov and so is Madhav's. And they just happen anywhere and you're like wait who's head are we in? Neither place is nice to be in. Anyway, view spoiler [ Of course she isn't!

She just faked the whole thing to get rid of him in my opinion. Who wouldn't? Finally on the last day, he conveniently finds her while she croons You're beautiful by James Blunt. And Riya just falls right back in his stalker arms. Because hey, dude stalked me from India to Manhatten.

Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

And he found me in Manhatten. When I dont even perform with my real name. So yes, I will sleep with him. All communicated with no words and all stares. Because writing actual meaningful conversations is soo overrated. Anyway, something more happened with the lines of 'happy ending I think. I am keeping that much out so that I haven't basically ranted the whole plot.

You pick the book and READ to know. Why should I be the only one to suffer?! All I know is I was happy, jubilant, ecstatic that this ordeal ended.

AND the rant is over. I'm never picking up his book again no matter what my friends thinks. And CB fans who will say he makes people read, good for him. View all 17 comments. Aug 27, Ronak Gajjar rated it did not like it Shelves: Half Review - Full ka toh zamana hi noi hain! You cannot pick up a chocolate when someone has just mentioned a death. Why it always have to be the same cycle: You know what? For writing this trash out and misleading youth with these craps!

View all 88 comments. Oct 02, Ankit Dubey rated it really liked it. Half Girlfriend, the book, has Bill Gates visiting Dumraon The story of Half Girlfriend has as its fulcrum Bill Gates billionaire, the richest person on the planet, philanthropist coming to Madhav's hometown Dumraon in Bihar.

While you might have to really struggle to not choke laughing while reading the book, imagine a for-film Bill Gates waltzing into the Dumraon Royal School!

The book Half Girlfriend saw the royal family of Dumraon in Buxar district, Bihar up in arms against Bhagat back when it hit the shelves. Bhagat was sued too.

They have maligned our family, which has an unbroken and glorious history that could be traced back to over years, and which continues to be in the service of the people of the nation till date," Chandra Vijay Singh the heir of the Dumraon royal family told the media back in November Nothing quite happened except for a 'polite reply' from Bhagat to the Dumraon royal family: "Half Girlfriend' is a work of fiction. It is a mere coincidence that a character Madhav Jha belongs to a royal family.

Madhav Jha does not exist. It appears some old kings of Dumraon are alleging I have insulted the kingdom. They wrote to me. I have replied politely. I said they have been instigated by someone.

In order to change, I want to first reach as many Indians as possible through entertainment and then influence them with my non-fiction writings and views. For this, I want to be flexible with the medium, be it books, TV, films, stage or the Internet.

I do not see myself as an author alone, and my job is to reach and communicate with as many people as possible, using any available means. To me, everything I do fits in that underlying goal. Are you nervous before the release given the extraordinary expectations? Any release makes me nervous. With each release, you risk the reputation you have earned though past successes.

Plus it also scares me a little that millions of people will read what I wrote, and I have to meet their ever-rising expectations. The release date, or judgment day, is a reality of my work and I just have to deal with it. What is the overall message from Half-Girlfriend? Half-Girlfriend is an out-and-out love story so it is not a morality tale with a big message as such. It also talks about the state of primary rural education in the country.

Hopefully, the book will make people believe in love again and also make them more sensitive and less judgmental towards people who may not have the best language skills. What is your next project? To take a break! It is more releases than one can handle in a year. Besides, it was also an election year, so the column writing became intense in the earlier part of the year.

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