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Both the project kit and the supporting material have been carefully designed for use in KS3 Design . A manufacturer has developed a circuit for an FM radio. Build Instructions. Checking Your FM Radio PCB. Adding an On / Off Switch. Designing the Enclosure. Improving the Radio Tuning. How the FM Radio Kit Works. The AM/FM Radio project is divided into two parts, the AM Radio Section and the FM Radio Section. At this time, only identify the parts that you will need for the.

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Radio Kit Pdf

PARTS LIST. If you are a student, and any parts are missing or damaged, please see instructor or bookstore. If you downloadd this kit from a distributor, catalog. If you downloadd this kit from a distributor, catalog, etc., please contact Elenco® . The most important factor in assembling your AMK AM Radio Kit is good. PARTS LIST. If you are a student, and any parts are missing or damaged, please see instructor or bookstore. If you downloadd this AM radio kit from a distributor.

Give the students minutes to create a list of items that they think they would need in an emergency situation. If zombies, or real emergencies, are headed your way, it is important to be prepared. Have the students stand up with their individual lists. Start the following narrative, and ask the students to sit down if the item mentioned in the story is not on their list. The last person standing is the most prepared in the event of an emergency. Emergency Scenario: You and a friend are in the middle of a zombie invasion. There is no time to head to the store, so you are going to have to make do with what you have already put in your emergency kit. The zombies are starting to shuffle.

While trying to sleep, you hear loud noises and start to You try to turn on your radio for the latest updates. Why is the radio not working? You still need a light According to the radio report, the mayor has ordered an You quickly gather your supplies and make your way to the car. Wait, did the mayor say that Main Street is closed and to head east towards Franklin?

Assembly Instructions: Shortwave Radio Kit

Which road should you use? Pull out your map to navigate to safety. Who survived? Who did not? What was the most common item that knocked teams out of the running? Background and Concepts Discussion: What was the importance of each item on the list? The positive side should be be facing to the edge of the board. Using a helping hands is helpful here to hold up the board:. There is not enough vertical clearance to fit in the case, I later discovered.

The ceramic capacitor leads need to be long enough to reach but bent around to be compact as possible. Now this is an interesting component. Labeled V1 in the schematic, with a diode symbol adjacent to a capacitor symbol. Comes in a what looks like a TO package, but the middle lead is cut off. The BB is a variable capacitance diode, fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in the hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD68 DO package.

In electronics, a varicap diode, varactor diode, variable capacitance diode, variable reactance diode or tuning diode is a type of diode designed to exploit the voltage-dependent capacitance of a reversed-biased p—n junction.

Make sure the LED polarity is correct. Do your best to align it, and solder:. Another problem. How to tell them apart? This is where a fourth instructional guide image became essential, found on the Aliexpress comments:. Follow their example.

Zombie Preparedness for Educators: Emergency Kits | CDC

Incidentally, this is where I learned I needed to lie the caps on their side, so I fixed that too. Also solder the through-hole resistor R5 , and the inductor with magnet wire around a ferrous choke. There are two connections which need to be made using jumper wire.

I used left over component leads, and the assembly picture as reference, J1 and J Spray with isopropyl alcohol, rub with a toothbrush, then pat dry. Insert the battery springs and tabs, then solder the positive and negative wires. Plug in two AAA batteries, and the provided headphones:. Double-check the wiring, poke around while the circuit is live, and I found the problem: But I soldered to the insulated coating:. To make a proper connection, unless the insulation is stripped, the wire has to be soldered on the exposed tip.

After making this fix, the FM radio audio comes through! The two identical screws are used to affix the circuit board to the case. But not from the top, this is wrong:. Insert the knob holder so that the notch points towards the power LED when turned off, like this:.

This completes the circuit construction. To turn off the radio, turn the potentiometer far to the left, to turn it on or louder turn it to the right.

The radio is surprisingly loud using fresh batteries, I had to turn it almost all the way down to not go deaf. FM channels come in clearly when the radio is in my pocket and the headphones are in my ears. Detailed view of layout of the Circuit Board.

Attach bottom of coil to location B, top of coil to location T and middle wire tap of coil to location M. Also attach a wire from any of the 4 lugs on the capacitor to location T. The radio has monaural output, but the headphone connector is pre-wired to provide sound to both channels on stereo headphones.

Shortwave radio reception depends on many factors, including the time of day, sun activity and atmospheric propagation. The radio performance can range from almost no reception, to very good reception depending on the propagation conditions.

The tuning of the radio is very sensitive. It is important to use the plastic knob for tuning because touching the metallic components will interfere with the balance of the circuit. The regenerative feedback is adjusted using a small screwdriver to turn the potentiometer. You will find a sweet spot that is just short of oscillation for maximum gain.

The EE library

If you plan on using the radio for DX work, you may find it useful to epoxy a small plastic straw to the adjustment knob on the potentiometer to make adjustment easier.

Skill and practice are required for adjusting the tuning, and thereafter tweaking the regenerative feedback. If the circuit whines with a constant pitch the feedback is too high. The best course of action when using the radio is to start with low feedback and slowly increase as conditions permit.

Adding or removing turns of wire from the coil will change the tuning range of the radio. You may also want to experiment with a ferrite rod core near the tuning coil and antenna, as it will substantially change the tuning.

Circuit Board Qty: The most recent version of this document, and the instructions. Single Transistor FM Transmitter Design In telecommunications, frequency modulation FM conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its frequency. FM is commonly used at VHF radio frequencies for.

FM radio kit Build Instructions Issue 1.

The components. It is a fairly simple receiver for the 14MHz 20m amateur. Earliest radios used simple diode detector circuits. The diodes.

Required Parts Table 1 shows a complete listing of the parts required to complete this project. Figure 1 shows a picture of. It covers. The complete Sequencer is built. May 9, Initial release - Rev. It is a great one-evening project. Hendricks Code Practice Oscillator Kit This kit is offered to initiate the first time builder in the various techniques of mechanical and electronic kit construction.

At the end of the approximately one. That s not a problem with. Usually these. Toe Position Thin Clockwise: Heel Position Fat Unplug when not in use to save battery life. Description Quasar kit No. Build It! Or want to provide another headphone output to share the multi-track mix? Well, this Do-It-Yourself. Prepared by R. The digital. These kits are designed for wireless.

VC Sequencer 1. Frog sounds micro telegraph transceiver kit instructions Brief introduction This is a very small 40 meter band magnitude telegraph micropower transceiver, a 12V DC power supply, spread the good can be.

The kit includes all the parts you need. Total solder points: Sanford, North Carolina 8 A. BYOC, LLC guarantees that your kit will be complete and that all parts and components will arrive as described, functioning and free of defect. Soldering, clipping,. The Pixie "micro-power Telegraph transceiver kit instructions This is a very small volume of a simple 40 meter band micro-power amplitude telegraph transceiver, 9V square battery or external V DC power. Wideband Active Loop Antenna Amplifier with Passive Augmentation Transformer T1 is the inline transmission line current transformer, described on the next page.

Transformers T2 and T3 are the augmentation. How to build an effects pedal. Film-Tech The information contained in this Adobe Acrobat pdf file is provided at your own risk and good judgment. These manuals are designed to facilitate the exchange of information related to cinema. One Stage Superheterodyne Receiver with the SAN integrated Circuit If you ever dreamt of building a superheterodyne receiver, now you have the possibility of bringing to reality And this.

Lightning Detector Make sure to see the several readers' versions The following circuit is an improved version of my original Lightning Detector designed to run on a 5 volt supply. The new circuit features. An electric guitar cannot be connected to just any amplifier. While invisible to. Whenever JH adds a new pedal to their line, they. An Amazing Experiment in. Checks all types of diodes - germanium, silicon,.

Build a Fast Circuit Breaker If you operate a large layout, you probably know how frustrating isolating a short circuit can be. Of course there are many solutions for pinpointing a short, but not all of. JUST above the broadcast band exists. The high-voltage.

Assembly Notes Before you start building your kit, please take time to read the manual in full at least once to enable you to fully understand the procedures and avoid any mistakes. The following notes.

In this lab, you will create the power supply that transforms the AC wall. Verbruggen Rev 1. The contents for this script were developed by a review group of industry experts and were based on the best available.

The Manhattan Analog 'mix' is a 4hp Eurorack. Both the second receiver module and the Beltpac contain static sensitive devices. Comply with ESD safe handling. However, installation into a CD player or transport. Dashboard Digital Voltmeter November, This project is helpful to anyone who drives an automobile. I had found this project at the local libary

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