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Islamic questions and answers in malayalam, the big collections of islamic questions and answers in malayalam language. applications does not require. Islamic Quiz - Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Malayalam Islamic Quiz - Islamic Quiz in Malayalam language. first Islamic quiz Mobile App in Malayalam language. *The Prophet Muhammad.

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Islamic Quiz In Malayalam Pdf

Results 1 - 20 Quran quiz questions malayalam filetype pdf I Hope the following Questions Answers about Multiple choice Islamic quiz questions with answers. Questions Answers GK Quiz Jan history of Malayalam literature and In Urdu Islamic Quiz Questions Answers Malayalam Pdf questions islamic. Cf ahl albayt our mothers wives prophet online islamic quiz questions and answers malayalam pdf format sign download psc model questions and answers .

Quran quiz questions malayalam filetype pdf I Hope the following Questions Answers about Holy Quran will helps us in understanding ourselves and the religion Islam Quran quiz questions malayalam filetype pdf I Hope the following Questions Answers about Holy Quran will helps us in understanding ourselves and the religion Islam better. Islamic quiz questions. Multiple choice Islamic quiz questions with answers. Should we not ponder over the question: What was the source of prowave epb pdf knowledge. Editor used in style feature as trace sketch Save pdf Save a Copy of bet live. History Onix forex forum Option trading books free pdf ebook Free online binary options charts trading Free option trading account kotak Can you make money. Our dear Martha suffered a brain aneurysm on Jan.

Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Islamic and General Knowledge Quiz 1. Prepared and Conducted by Ehsan Ahmed 4th April 2.

Objective 4. Prophet Hud as was sent to the people of? The rate of Zakath for money is how much in percentage? Which is the first month of Islamic Calendar? Name at least 2 collections of Ahadees About which Companion did Prophet Mohammed pbuh said: Muslims first migrated to Habasha. What is the current name of this country? Who was a prophet whose father, grandfather, and great grandfather were also prophets?

What is the difference between a Rasool and Nabi? Oncology is the study of? ISRO stands for? Name the Current Vice-President of India?

Quran quiz questions malayalam filetype pdf -

What is the instrument used to measure intensity of an earthquake? McMahon Line is the border between which two countries? Name the missing country in this list? National Education day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of which Great Indian Freedom Fighter? The World Environment Day is celebrated on? PDF stands for? Clue No. His father Azar use to worship idols. He opposed his father and criticized the idol worship and as a punishment he was thrown into the fire.

Allah has saved him. Identify this Prophet Clue No. He along with his son built the Kaaba. This companion was the most charming of the Makkans, the most handsome and youthful, lived in a great luxury. Identify this Sahabi Clue No.

When he accepted Islam, his mother had withheld from him all the luxury. He was sent to Madina as an envoy teacher , his mission was to instruct the Ansaar who believed in Prophet Mohammed pbuh. When he was martyred at the Battle of Uhad, he did not leave behind anything except a sheet of shredded woolen cloth.

When his head was covered, his feet were uncovered, and when his feet were covered, his head was uncovered. Prophet Mohammed pbuh said: His brothers were deeply jealous of him and they threw him into a well, he was saved by a caravan of traders from Egypt.

The Aziz Governor of Egypt adopted him as his son. Later he became the Aziz of Egypt. His brothers approached him for their daily needs. He welcomed his brothers sincerely.

Later he was united with his entire family including his father Hazrath Yaqoob as. Before accepting Islam, full of anger against Prophet Mohammed pbuh , he drew his sword and set out to kill him. He became very much impressed with Islam when he heard the verses of Surah Taaha. Prophet Mohammed pbuh prayed: He was the second Khalifah of Islam? He lived for years and preached the message of God with immense zeal but his people refused his message.

God instructed him to build the ark as a preparation for the upcoming Floods. The disbelievers mocked and laughed at him as the water was far away from his place.

When the rain stopped, his ship rested on Mount Judi.

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Among the two uncles of Prophet Mohammed pbuh who embraced Islam, he was the first. He protected Prophet Mohammed pbuh in Makkah during the delicate moments with all his might. He was martyred in the Battle of Uhad.

He was sent to the people of Ninevah. When the people rejected him and his message, he became very depressed and left the town. The people in the ship decided to draw a lot, the one whose name would be drawn will be thrown into the sea.

His name appeared in the lot for consecutive three times. He was swallowed by a whale.

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During the last illness of Prophet, he led the prayers only Sahabi to do so in the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed pbuh. He was titled as-Siddiq by Prophet because his faith was too strong to be shaken by anything. He was the first among men to enter Islam.

He was the first Khalifah of Islam. Firown was informed by the astronomers that his kingdom will be seized by a youth. So he commanded that all the Israelite male babies should be killed. This great prophet was saved from this planning. He has been given the revelation of the Torah Sacred Book. He spoke to Allah at Mount Tur. He was provided with a miracle stick asa. He was the brother of Hazrath Ali ra. He along with his family migrated to Habasha Abyssinia.

He made a speech at the Court of Negus Najashi that was moving and eloquent. Identify the Flag? Identify this Cricketer? This is a Cargo Aircraft not a Passenger Aircraft, what is the simplest way to identify this? Identify this famous personality?

Identify the Logo? Identify this famous Landmark Name the state shaded in green in the Map What is common among these people? Identify this place The Topics are as follows: Capital Cities 2. Politics 4. Largest, Biggest, Tallest 5. Sports 6. Prophet Mohammed Pbuh 7. Other Prophets 8. Quran 9. Companions - Sahaba Islamic - Miscellaneous Which is the Capital City of Telangana? Which is the Capital City of Haryana?

Which is the Capital City of Germany? Which is the Capital City of Uttar Pradesh? Which is the Capital City of Australia? Which is the Capital City of Punjab? Which is the Capital City of Oman? Which is the Capital City of Malaysia? Which is the Capital City of Egypt?

Moscow Which is the Capital City of Haryana? Chandigarh Which is the Capital City of Germany? Lucknow Which is the Capital City of Australia? Canberra Which is the Capital City of Punjab? Chandigarh Which is the Capital City of Oman? Muscat Which is the Capital City of Malaysia? Cairo Who invented Blade? Who invented X-Ray? Who invented Vaccine? Who invented Telephone? Who invented Steam Engine? Who invented Elevator Lift? Who discovered Oxygen? Who discovered Proton? Who discovered laws of gravitation and motion?

Wright Brothers Who invented X-Ray? Wilhelm Roentgen Who invented Vaccine?

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Edward Jenner Who invented Telephone? During the afternoon of 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah. Which is the first cultural home built for human race, according to Quran?

What is the stone fixed in the wall on the corner of Kaaba called? Hajar al Aswad. What is iddah? The duration of iddah of a divorcee woman? Till the woman undergoes three menstruations after her divorce. Where did Ibrahim accommodate his second son, Ishaq Nabi and his family? In Palestine. Who is considered as the forefather of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims?

Hazrat Ibrahim. Quran calls the Christians and the Jews Bani Israeel. Because it is considered that they belong to the descendants of Israel. Easy Quiz Questions — Online Quiz. Top Geography Questions. Gk Online Quizzes and Answers. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Quiz Questions Religions Quiz. By Admin Last updated Jul 14, You might also like More from author.

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