Mar 27, Hex Hall Series by Rachel Hawkins (3 Books) – Free eBooks, ePUB, PDF, Downloads. Acemi Cadı – Rachel Hawkins PDF e-kitap indir. Bahasa asli: Inggris Terbit: 21 April Sophie Mercer pikir dirinya penyihir. Itulah alasan utamanya mengapa ia dikirim ke Hex Hall, sekolah. Hex Hall has 8 entries in the series. Hex Hall. Hex Hall (Series). Book 1. Rachel Hawkins Author Cris Dukehart Narrator (). cover image of Demonglass.

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Where can i download Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3) by Rachel Hawkins free ebook pdf kindle reader online book. Kindle Model style with Sound. PDF Rachel Hawkins - School Spirits School Sp - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd The Hex Hall series. Download PDF Rachel Hawkins - School Spirits School Sp School Violence PDF · School Violence PDF.

After Sophie's mother discovered that her father was a warlock, they split up and Sophie lived solely with her mother. In order to keep Sophie a secret from her mother's family, the two were forced to move quite frequently. Upon attending Hex Hall, Sophie became close friends with her roommate, Jenna Talbot, the school's outcast. She finds herself caught up in a love triangle between Archer Cross and Alexander Callahan. Sarcastic, clumsy, and lazy, Sophie struggles to control her powers and avoid succumbing to her true nature as a demon. Jennifer 'Jenna' Talbot Sophie's best friend and roommate. A lesbian girl, Jenna was bitten by a vampire girl who she had fallen in love with who was later killed by The Eye. Lonely, snarky and guarded, Jenna is an outcast at Hex Hall due to her inherently violent nature as a vampire. She exhibits most powers generally associated with vampires such as heightened agility and strength.

Selama enam bulan ini, aku menceritakan banyak kisah tentang Archer, tapi tidak semuanya. Khususnya tidak menceritakan bagian aku-yang-bermesraan-di-ruang-bawah-tanah-dengan-warlock-yang-siap-membunuh-yang-bekerja-untuk-Mata. Sophie Mercer sudah menyihirku! Dia dan keluarganya tinggal di Alabama, dan saat ini sedang mengerjakan buku selanjutnya dari seri Hex Hall. Sepanjang pengetahuannya, Rachel bukanlah penyihir, walaupun beberapa mantan muridnya mungkin tidak sependapat….

Kunjungi Rachel dalam jaringan www. Hai Andita, trims ya udah mampir ke blogku. Aku juga enggak tahu kapan Demonglass terbit. Tapi, penerjemahannya sih udah kelar tahun lalu. Mungkin sedang ngantre di jadwal terbit Ufuk. Hex Hall adalah karya pertamanya. Semoga Ufuk juga menerbitkannya dan semoga aku yang nerjemahin. Ada di Google Buku. Silakan membelinya. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Lanjut ke konten Penulis: Baca juga: Hex Hall 3: Spellbound Hex Hall Bagikan ini: Facebook Twitter. Sukai ini: Out of the corner of my eye. As the tall boy laughed and high-fived one of his friends. By now. One of those was the tall boy. Rearing back on one leg. Finley had always been better than me at the strength part.

That I could do. And with that. The ball we trained with back home was made of boiled. He threw it so hard that I actually staggered back a step when I caught it. I threw the ball back at him. But I did catch it. Ben hurled a red rubber ball directly at me. I meant to hit him in the arm. For a second.

Arms pinwheeling. It was heavy and required some real heft to get it through the air. This ball was rubber. Ben winced. So he was already out. I faced the coach. Straightening my shoulders.

Izzy Brannick. One of his friends was helping him up. His face was pale. There was no need to throw the ball at him. I glanced over at Ben.

Until the end of the period. Then his gaze swung back to me. You…just go run some laps. Suddenly I saw myself through their eyes—all in black. The sun was bright overhead. In addition to the running track circling it. My cheeks were still so hot. I jogged down the steps to the track. It was more like a well-worn path. What had Torin said about me going to a regular school? That I was a tiger and they were kittens? Not that this was real punishment. I set off. I could do. But with each thump of my sneakers against the track.

Picking up my speed. Mom always said that exercise was the best cure for everything. I started to feel a little more… okay. I rounded the. A couple of laps around a lame high school track was one thing. The February air knifed through my lungs. He was still there when I went around the second time. I ignored him. I glanced up. I pulled my hoodie up and kept. I only caught a few details as I jogged past—wavy black hair.

Lowering my eyes back to the track. Maybe Watcher Dude had found some other girl to creep on.? And would I even be able to hear the bell out— Suddenly. Watcher Dude was standing in the middle of the track.

I wondered just how many laps I was supposed to do. Did that mean I had to run until the end of P. His eyes were nearly the same shade of blue as he squinted at me. He took off his sunglasses.

This guy was wearing a navy peacoat. Breathing hard. I noticed that the arms were bright aqua. I whirled around to face him. I moved around with him. So why were you running? Coach Lewis is not the most creative man when it comes to discipline. Talking back. Pulling out an inhaler. But rather than just give me another elective. Shouting a four-letter word when you lost a relay race?

I could at least offer commentary on the athletic prowess of my classmates. Much like you. Coach Lewis. So I…hit him back. And there. A normal teenage boy wearing a cravat.

You are my new hero. I stepped back. But if anything. Would it be awkward if we made out? I thought of my cousin. I should have a one-liner. I might actually be in love with you now. The way they were always zinging one-liners back and forth. Squinting at me. You are my favorite person today.

I heard the electronic whine of the bell. Unless you have Algebra Two next? Bouncing on the balls of his feet. Until then. Dex smiled again. It was faint. I was still reeling. Our palms touched. I glanced down at my hand. My skin still tingled.

I decided to walk. It was a few miles. What kind of Prodigium. Wings were pretty conspicuous. As I unlocked the front door. I knew I should tell Mom. I tried to think of who I could ask about this. Probably something like. The house was quiet and dark when I stepped into the foyer.

My chance to prove myself. I wondered what Finley would say if she were here. I found myself walking softly as I made my way to the third bedroom. We were in the training yard. It showed us when I was around six. I walked.

Finn eight or nine. I wanted to go over to it. There was also her belt. I met this boy today. Torin was there. When I pulled it back. He was examining his fingernails. Pleasant day at school? It was. It was magic. I replied. I regretted them. I think. A boy touches you. Torin gave an elegant shrug. He had asthma.

Could he just be…like. If he were a warlock. But this guy. Torin radiated power. I can usually pick up on a Prodigium within a few feet. Getting into mirrors in other locations was tough for him. A counterspell or a binding charm. And something could be diluting his power. Did he seem odd? I can always slip into his mirror.

And I was here to investigate supernatural shenanigans. What if Dex was something dangerous? So I shook my head. I got up and went to cover the mirror. You are my key and my salvation. His voice. I can be very useful. He had been. Torin had a way of twisting words and promises so that he got more than you were willing to give. I opened the door and walked into the hallway. She was standing just inside the front door.

In other words. But his visions never came when we most needed them. I froze. But Mom always saw through those. That was your attempt at trying? I told you. I told her about the Paranormal Management Society and. If nothing else. Those types of kids always do.

Snyder himself. Either about Mr. Save me the hassle of going to the library. You know if there is a legitimate haunting happening here. And yeah. I had always been proud. Now I smiled. I stood up. I followed her out the door and said.

I wanted to tell her that I missed Finley. But in that moment. And maybe about Dex. I wanted to sit on the couch with her and tell her about my crappy day. She was tough and smart. I am so proud of you. See you at six for dinner? When I was halfway up. Mom called. I sank back against silken pillows. I was moving. I saw that once again. I was wearing a ton of rings that I had never owned. When I threw up my hand to ward off the glare.

Sunlight sparkled on dark green water. At the other end of the little rowboat. And quite a nice one. The sun felt good on my face. Torin grinned at me. He nodded. It was both annoying and concerning. Torin abandoned the oars and leaned back. But none of it was real. Torin was good at this kind of thing. She was wearing a heavy dress of purple brocade. I squinted at Torin. Leaning over the side of the boat. I let my fingers trail in the cool water. There was a flash of movement on the far bank.

Sitting up. It was too weird to think of Torin as just a normal guy—a normal boy. I was startled when he suddenly said. We were quiet for a long time. Worrying how to make them like you. Was that even possible? Sleeping inside of a dream?

With Torin. I was too stunned to do anything but sit there. I had three minutes before my. Be Isolde Brannick. I came awake almost instantly. According to my clock. Be myself? Be yourself. When Torin lifted his head.

Immediately, my eyes shot to the mirror, but there was no trace of Torin there. Which, considering how weirded out I felt, was a good thing. What the heck had that been? Still unsettled, I threw back my covers and headed downstairs. Mom had already left. This time, there was no huge breakfast spread. Just a Post-it on the freezer reminding me that there were frozen waffles inside.

I popped a couple into the toaster, then. As I stood under the spray of scalding water, I thought about my dream last night. Be yourself, Torin had said. I could do that. And hey, so maybe yesterday was less than ideal—ha! Kind of. So now all I had to do was talk to her about the ghost hunter club and see if she knew anything about the attack on that science teacher.

I felt better when I got out of the shower, but I also discovered that my. My waffles were burned and I was in danger of missing the bus. Throwing on some clothes—jeans, another black T-shirt, and, remembering the looks I got yesterday, the one pink hoodie I owned—I ran out the door.

The stop was down the block, and the bus doors were starting to close as I rushed up. My hair was still damp on my shoulders as I hoisted myself up the steps, giving what I hoped was an apologetic smile. The driver—Maggie, according to her name tag—gave a disdainful sniff.

I scanned the rows for an empty spot, and suddenly Dex stood up, waving his arms. I saved you a seat! I lifted my hand, acknowledging him. If I knew Dex was Prodigium, did he know what I was? Is that why he was so buddy-buddy this morning? The bus lurched forward just as I got to the back, and Dex reached out to steady me.

I think he was trying to grab. Even through my jeans I felt that low hum of magic. Finn had been chasing chose that moment to leap onto the hood of our car, and the rest of her talk had gone unfinished. I think Mom had been relieved. Blushing, I sat down next to Dex, trying to keep our thighs from touching.

Thighs were not in the bathing suit zone, but I was pretty sure they were still kind of scandalous. As I reached behind me to start braiding my hair, Dex propped his ankle on the opposite knee.

Today he was wearing gray corduroys and a deep navy V-neck that made his eyes look even bluer. The peacoat was balled up behind his head. I nodded at it. Bus gets to my neighborhood at six thirty, which is just inhumane, if you ask me. Who says stuff like that? People with names like Dexter and Isolde.

His hair was tangled in the back, and I had this completely bizarre urge to smooth it out. Just in case my fingers decided to do that, I clasped them together, laying my hands in my lap. So she thought a change of scenery would be good for us. Dex accepted it with an easy shrug. I moved here back in the summer.

Dex was twisting the strap of his bag around his fingers so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. Before I could ask anything else, a face suddenly popped up over the seat in front of me. Despite the insult, there was affection in her voice, and Dex was grinning at her.

And just wait, by spring break, the story will be that you tore off both his arms and shattered his spine. Romy rested her chin on her hands. Maybe today really would be better than yesterday. Doing my best to furrow my brow, I looked back and forth between them. There was something unnerving about their identical expressions of glee. This is actually a school-sanctioned thing. Romy looked a little chagrined. But then Dex sat up and said. Paranormal Management Society.

PDF Rachel Hawkins - School Spirits School Sp

I know the traditional definition. Anderson had already made the T-shirts. What do you guys do? Humans getting involved with the supernatural was bad enough. I just. We got to Mrs. Romy and I made our way to English while Dex sauntered off to his first class.

Should I look through it really quickly? As soon as she was gone. Watch my bag? I looked up to see Adam sitting there. I could just say I was looking for a pen. If anyone asked what I was doing.

My fingers were already reaching for the strap when something heavy landed on my desk. Why did Adam care who I was hanging out with? I just saw you talking to Romy and Dexter when you walked in. Especially you and Dex. He looked kind of… bummed. I drew back my hand.

Boys asking for your phone number. I was going to ask you this yesterday. Because this was normal. Adam grinned. I scrawled it across a sheet of notebook paper and handed it to him. So he could call me. Which he wanted. Romy leaned over. When she noticed Adam. Once he was back at his own desk. To me. Romy returned. But as I pulled out a pen and paper for Mrs. How could he?

As for Dex. And probably only interested in me because of that. He was sneaking a glance at me. There had been something kind of… dreamy in his expression.

And Adam had. I snuck a glance at Adam a few rows over. And why do boys ever call girls if not to ask them out? Regular people. I wanted to be both of those things. More DVDs. Those magazines always. The ones with glossy-haired girls on the cover and titles like American Teen and Sassy Miss. I was going to have to brush up on my Normal People Skills.

Maybe I should read that article about killer lipstick first. Ben was there. Making the list cleared my head a little bit. I followed Romy out of the locker room and into the gym. I waited for him to shoot me the Death Glare. Ben reached out with his uninjured arm to take her hand. Romy heaved a sigh. Ben McCrary is so terrified of you. Beth was shaking her head. Now Ben was raising his voice. Her movements jerky. It was a doll. But even from this distance I could see that there was something wrong with the doll.

Its plastic limbs looked twisted and mangled. I swear to God. I knew were the school colors. She whipped something out of her backpack. The coach was a similar shade. Ben gestured to his arm. Beth was crying too hard to talk. He turned around and blew his whistle. That was apparently enough for Coach Lewis. By this point. Romy tugged me toward the second group.

Grabbing my sleeve. Dex was on the bleachers again. When he saw us. Was there a riot? Did you gang up to tear Ben McCrary limb from limb? Izzy led the charge. Half the class had already starting jogging lazily around the gym. I never get tired of it. It was entirely too cold to be out there in a short-sleeve T-shirt and. Dex whipped off his coat and placed it around my shoulders. At first I thought it was a watch. Seeing me shivering. I caught a flash of silver on his wrist.

As he did. I blew on my hands to warm them. I had to seem interested. I took a deep breath. I understand how you can kill someone with lab equipment. Snyder nearly bit it. Snyder was alone in that room. Snyder had some. Dex looked over the top of his sunglasses at Romy. Which obviously made us think ghost. He swore up and down that there was no one in there and the microscope seemed to attack him on its own.

Dex still walking backward. And everyone knows that this place has a ghost: Mary Evans. When neither Dex nor I answered. She actually went to this school.

Romy gave a brisk nod. Mary fell in love with one of her teachers. Ignoring us. He was supposed to meet her in a cave right outside of town. Romy continued. There were versions of it all over the place.

It took me a second to realize that Romy and Dex had stopped walking. This had to be the ghost we were dealing with. I stopped and glanced over my shoulder. I realized Dex and Romy were staring at me.

And it mentions the local ghost story? The Mary Evans thing. But if. But then Romy grabbed his arm. Dex stopped. He took two deep pulls on it. He made a kind of wheezing sound.

One more pull and his breathing sounded normal. I think he has yearbook this period. If Coach Lewis decides to grace us with his presence. Now go. That ought to scare him to death. Dex waved her on. I handed it back to him and tried to sound casual as I asked. Miss Brannick. I was kind of grateful for the time. That gave me nearly ten days to wait. We were reading Macbeth. History was also okay. For one thing. English was good.

He drove to school himself. In addition to giving me time to figure out homework. I wondered if all kids made friends this quickly. But I sat with Romy and Dex on the bus every day.

I felt like I was already one of the group. Romy and I made our way out there. PMS was holding its meeting in one of the portable classrooms behind the school. It smelled like erasers and damp carpet. That is way. Romy turned to me with a broad smile.

Desy Rachma Indah: Ebook Hush Hush Saga Pdf Bahasa Indonesia

But when we got to high school I was ready. They study parapsychology at Duke. Mary Evans High had a forensics club that studied old-timey murders. Then his eyes landed on Romy. You really wanted to—I mean. He had blond hair that fell nearly to his shoulders. Then his eyes landed. He arrived about five minutes later. Izzy has only been at Mary Evans for about two weeks. Izzy and I observed something especially weird. Snyder and the frog. Reaching into her backpack. Several bullet points were listed below.

Romy closed the document. When I asked what that meant. That did seem like quite a leap from floating chalk to dismembering frogs. Next to me. Anderson tapped a pencil against his braces. It was really rare for a ghost to have that kind of control over its surroundings. But Anderson was right: Why Beth now? Snyder because he was. Dex turned in his seat and propped his feet up on the desk next to him.

Maybe Beth and Mr. Then Dex dropped his feet to the floor and proclaimed. Maybe history is repeating itself here. Snyder had a thing. Gross Teacher. Not hanging around here accosting chemistry teachers. Dex leaned over my desk to get a better look. They were standing on a big lawn. It showed several people all dressed in clothes from the turn of the twentieth century. Romy had clicked on something else now. In the back. Just like the rumors surrounding vampires.

If Mary Evans was stuck in this place. Romy shut down the computer. Anderson said. This place already had one dangerous spirit floating around. Maybe this weekend? And so is that Ouija board. EMP readers work. Once again. I wondered just what the heck Dex was. I was. He was chilling in the mirror as usual.


That has to mean something. He merely wants Leslie because he cannot have her. Once she succumbs to his charms. Hence the SpaghettiOs. I just shrugged. Kissing looked…nice. I scrubbed at the. I snuck a look at Torin out of the corner of my eye.

Now Everton and Leslie were arguing. My life had always been odd. That was a stupendously dumb idea. Torin was four hundred years older than me. I reached up and hit stop on the DVD player. And I was so sure Everton was moments away from throwing her over at last!

I scrambled to get it out of my bag. Is this…is this Izzy? What boy would be— and then I remembered my second day of school. To pick me up and take me somewhere. That was totally a date. A boy. My hands were starting to sweat. After I changed into something not smeared with tomato sauce. How come no one on Ivy Springs ever had these awkward. I could walk.

Hopefully Mom would be home soon. Finally Adam said. Or perhaps. Leslie had probably never had sweaty palms in her life. I tossed my phone on the bed and turned my attention to my closet. I leaned in and fished out a T-shirt. Gripping the closet door with one hand. A sea of black. Other than that pink hoodie.

The ghost and fitting in with these pathetic children. Torin—and he knew it—he acted as though I had been. So I threw him a very small smile before tossing a towel over my mirror. It was still back in the tight braid I wore every day. You are not fretting about clothing. I reached up to touch my hair. I took the towel off the mirror to look at myself. But no. I needed to look a little different than I did at school.

That fixed. I looked… Okay. Torin was still there.

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