Gabriel's Rapture. Home · Gabriel's Rapture Author: Reynard Sylvain. downloads Rapture. Read more · Rapture · Read more · Rapture. Read more. Read Extras (Uglies, #4) PDF. Read Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno, #2) Book PDF. Read Garden Spells (Waverley Family, #1) Full Book PDF. “[In Gabriel's Inferno and. Gabriel's Rapture] I found myself enraptured by Sylvain. Reynard's flawless writing. Gabriel's Inferno and. Gabriel's Rapture are books I.

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Gabriels Rapture Gabriels Inferno Professor Gabriel Emerson has embarked on a passionate yet clandestine affair with his former student Julia Mitchell. Sylvain Reynard - Gabriel's Inferno (Book 1).epub. KB. Sylvain Reynard - Gabriel's Rapture (Book 2).epub. KB. Sylvain Reynard - Gabriel's Redemption. Download and Read Free Online Gabriel's Rapture Sylvain Reynard Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read.

The story of how an angel and demon somehow set up home together. Notes: See the end of the work for notes. Work Text: It should never have worked. They were different in every respect. One was Heaven, the other Hell. Crowley had a watch that told the time in twenty-one different countries and was built to withstand pressures that would have given the Kraken itself a dose of the bends. Aziraphale was Puccini, Sondheim and Boccherini. Crowley was skinny jeans, black leather and pierced ears, while Aziraphale still clung to the belief that tartan was stylish.

Amateur night, compared to you. You have no idea how good it feels to be a little bit bad. It was like that time with the bathtub. In some other universe, one where he actually was a second hand bookseller instead of an angel pretending to be one, Crowley felt sure he was a member of at least one amateur dramatics society.

I threatened to splash them and everything. If a demon farts in your lift, that lift stays farted in for several centuries.

Crowley lifted a cheek. This bed was standing around collecting dust. It was the kind of place where a millionaire rock band manager or stockbroker was supposed to rest his money hungry, coke-addled head at night, and it suited Aziraphale like a pair of PVC trousers and a nose ring.

He must have done, because otherwise Crowley would never have gone to the trouble of lugging an entire church lectern to his flat as a…a memento? Poor angel had been scared stiff, and it had showed.

And not only scared, but bereft, too. Crowley lay there for a while on the crisp, white sheets, unable to get that picture out of his head. Out of place and out of sorts. As soon as the thought occurred to him, Crowley wanted to beat it to death with a hammer and stuff it into the waste disposal unit, but then Aziraphale stirred from his doze and everything was bliss again. If watching an angel sleep was fascinating, watching him wake was a revelation.

Crowley returned to loafing around the bookshop. If anything, he passively encouraged it. Sometimes he made tea. But most of the time he simply loafed. The young man — tight jeans, bad tattoos, reek of bubblegum vape juice — had been hovering around the Seamus Heaneys for some time now. Aziraphale, nose deep in the Decameron, sat wearing his best second-hand-book-seller expression, a combination of mild annoyance and withering disdain for whatever selection the customer brought to the desk.

From long experience, Crowley knew exactly how this worked. Crowley, who had just finished making a cup of tea, slunk over to where Aziraphale was sitting. The young man gave Crowley a quick once over.

Crowley blinked, grateful that his sunglasses at least partially concealed his astonishment. And I thought it was high time he knew that you were my boyfriend. I think so. What else would you be? But what else was I going to say?

Tempting is subtle. Yes, I know how much you wanted to do that. Drawing a complete blank. Aziraphile just smiled. Like sex? Just never…had time. And rampant fornication. A dull spark of something like inspiration flickered at the back of his mind, but it was swiftly extinguished by the hope that he might be able to persuade Aziraphale to come upstairs for a spot of — if not rampant, then at the very least energetic — fornication.

But Aziraphale had his glasses back on, and was smiling seraphically into the pages of one of the several volumes piled up on the desk. Crowley shook himself like a dog that had just had a bath, slunk back out of the cookery section and over to the desk. That was how they started reading in bed. After finding the Decameron as funny as advertised, Crowley was forced to admit that some good things had happened in the fourteenth century after all. He kept drifting back to the cookery section for some reason, perhaps haunted by the ghost of his vast, empty, expensive kitchen, in which no food had ever been prepared.

While Aziraphale sat purring with pleasure over his medieval Italian, Crowley puzzled over the unfortunate things that had happened to gelatin in the previous century, or worked his way through the lengthy works of Careme. Sometimes they sat tucked up side by side like an old married couple. Other times, like tonight, Aziraphale — pinkly naked in nothing but his glasses — lay stretched out on his stomach with his feet in the air.

A box of chocolates lay open on the bed between them. Aziraphale glanced at the card that came with the chocolates. Do you want it? Not if you do. Just eat the damned chocolate. You like the ones with alcohol in them. I know you do. Aziraphale reached for the card again.

That was your lot, and I know it. Sickly sweet and not remotely concerned with good taste. I always thought they were yours. He reached for The Joy Of Cooking and opened it up. A folded piece of paper slid out.

Crowley recognised it at once. It was the same pale cream paper that Aziraphale had been making his notes on. He went on reading, swinging a bare foot back and forth behind him. Crowley blinked several times, trying to bring the lines on the page into focus. The light fittings began to shake and Aziraphale glanced up. Did I do it wrong? The bed shook.

Let it out. The heavily traumatised houseplants had killed themselves. Dust had settled on the shiny glass table tops and on top of his expensive stereo.

A white feather, shed in a moment of near-seismic passion, lay on the modish, charcoal coloured rug. Crowley sat down on the bed and buried his face in the sheets, trying to find the scents of tea and antique books and warm, squishy angel flesh, but of course they were long gone by now. Once again he thought of Aziraphale, sitting stiff and frightened on the uncomfortable, expensive couch.

And finally he identified the emotion that had been chasing him for so long. The kind of concentrated cringe that occurs when someone who knows you — really, truly knows you — catches you out in your affectations.

This whole flat was an affectation. Out of the handful of things that really meant something to him, most of them were there because they reminded him of Aziraphale.

Feeling faintly queasy, Crowley went into the kitchen. The place had become accustomed to his absence and everything perishable in the fridge had turned into a science project. Stomach churning in earnest now, Crowley extracted a couple of bottles of excellent champagne and resolved to take them home. All of a sudden, he needed a drink. He opened one of the bottles and the convivial pop of the cork rang out loud and sarcastic in the cold, empty kitchen.

Had the place always looked so bloody bleak? Be much better when I get some new ones in. Better ones. Crowley assumed Aziraphale had a kitchen somewhere, but like most of the rooms in his place it had been swallowed by the steady acquisition of books. The closest thing Aziraphale had to a kitchen was a galley sized back room in which there was a kettle and a small fridge for pastries and sandwiches.

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Strange that a being who so loved to eat should have been so unconcerned about the mysteries of how food came into being. Crowley, on the other hand, had bought just about everything. He had Le Creuset pans and five different kinds of blenders, depending on what kind of smoothies were currently in vogue. Crowley should have in his flat.

These he actually liked. They had clean, sharp edges and called to mind words like flensing, words that made the demon part of him curl its toes and shiver happily, like a peckish angel sinking his teeth into a Portuguese custard tart.

Crowley took the knives and the wine and headed back to Soho, making a small detour to pick up some Portuguese custard tarts on his way back to the shop.

Aziraphale was somewhere. His glasses were on the desk and his notes on Boccaccio were spread out all over the table. After a moment or two he wandered in, frowning. Aziraphale fluttered and retrieved his glasses. Crowley, how nice. I was so caught up in Boccaccio.

And pretends to be Gabriel so that he can have his way with her. Julia, on the hand, also had a notable character development. She was able to handle things differently here and for that, I adored her. I loved Gabriel's Rapture as a whole.

It's one of the well-written sequels I've ever read because of the way it was delivered. I'm excited to find out how the series will conclude in the third book!

She is my better. She is my sticky leaf. They are not perfect, they made made mistakes, but they love passionately and with such intensity that makes you able to feel it in every page of the story.

They complete each other, make each other better and dream for a future together, despite having so much against them.

Being different made them special and brought them together, as in light and dark, making up one unique love story. He is the definition of complexity and I enjoyed this second installment because here I could see another side of him, the protector. Now, when Julia's future is being threatened, he is willing to do everything to not let it happen. The puts her first, having to face suffering and lost because he can't bring her pain.

I love him so much for this, and my admiration for him kept on growing. Although he is very stubborn sometimes, you can't seem to not like him, always finding ways of justifying his actions. Julia is the one who makes him feel alive and worthy of love, despite the past that he had.

This element of finding peace is still kept in the second book, because Gabriel tries so hard to make her happy and proud of being his lover. He searches for redemption in Julia's arms and his efforts are truly admirable. But I love you. But that was before I found you. I would rather spend the rest of my life drinking your love, then emptying all the oceans of the world.

Gabriel talks about loving as a whole, loving completely and giving in in all its aspects. Sexual satisfaction can be considered lust, but love is more complex, and enraptures more feelings and sensations. But your body is not your mind, or your heart. Julia on the other hand goes trough a lot before finding her happiness with Gabriel.

But these events made her grow as a women. I liked this strong side of her, the way she fights for what she wants, but also the way she let's go, trying to do the best thing for her and for Gabriel. Her loyalty to him is fierce and I admired her for her strength to move on. She begins with being a sweet young girl, to a women having to fight for her happiness and for the things she cares.

She also has the dignity of moving on, even though her heart is telling her she can't. If in the first book we witness the development of their relationship, in this one we get to see how they managed being apart, having to trust one another and in the end seek forgiveness for the mistakes they both did. I truly recommend this book and others from Sylvain Reynard because he is amazing and has one of the best writing styles ever.

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May 08, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: This was the joy that the world sought - sacred and pagan all at once.

A union between two dissimilars into a seamless one. Julianne and Gabriel are together at last.

Gabriel's Inferno - Wikipedia

Holidaying in Italy, Gabriel is lovingly guiding Julianne into the pleasures and intimacies of a sexual relationship. She proves an apt student. But with their return to the university, both Gabriel and Julianne are caught up in the administration's investigations into misconduct and inappropriate behaviour between staff and student This was the joy that the world sought - sacred and pagan all at once.

But with their return to the university, both Gabriel and Julianne are caught up in the administration's investigations into misconduct and inappropriate behaviour between staff and students.

One of the strengths of both Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture is the many references to food, wine, languages, art, architecture, music, literature and the knowledge of the local shops and eateries of the great cities of the world. Even fashion - and surprisingly women's fashion - does not escape the notice of author Sylvain Reynard.

Having read quite a few romance novels by many different authors across most of the sub-genres of romance, I have never come across any author who is so well-versed in the fine arts, with such a comprehensive knowledge of literature.

The 12th century love story of Abelard and Heloise for example, is not commonly known I think, but it was cleverly written into this story and parallels in many respects Gabriel and Julianne's own love story. This book also focuses on Gabriel's introspection, his quest for forgiveness and redemption.

Not only emotionally and psychologically, but spiritually. Where the conflict in Gabriel's Inferno was mostly played out between Gabriel and Julianne, this time the conflict comes from a number of external sources. Their love is established, yet still faces obstacles.

Gabriel's generosity and his gentleness towards Julianne is demonstrated in a number of ways.

The love scenes though not steamy, are sensual and romantic. Despite my enjoyment of Gabriel's Rapture there are a few complaints. Julianne is very teary and at times immature for a twenty-three year-old. This may be the author's way of demonstrating her innocent nature, but it does sometimes grate. Gabriel is overly-protective, almost cloying and treating her as if she too fragile and precious. There were also some unanswered questions about the final outcomes for Christa and Paul.

Finally, just a word about the author. In my opinion, very few male authors can write romance well. This is not a sexist remark, but a personal observation after reading many romances. I can count on one hand the number of romance novels by male authors that I have enjoyed. Both Mr Reynard's novels are in that number.

Perhaps other male romance authors simply don't write to my taste in novels. Whatever the reason, I have been mostly disappointed in romances written by men. I have no idea if Mr Reynard is as urbane, intelligent, educated and worldly as Prof Emerson, but he certainly comes across this way in his writing.

I'm a little bit awestruck at a man who knows the story of Abelard and Heloise, who knows about a certain dress worn by the late Grace Kelly in the 50s, a Bordelle chemise, a Michael Kors bag, and most importantly that no civilised person would drink coffee with milk after breakfast. After reading Gabriel's Inferno , I was convinced author Sylvain Reynard was actually Ms Reynard, and mentioned this on a number of occasions to friends.

Surely no mere male could write a romance so well and convey such depth of emotion that at least in my experience seems to be the preserve of female authors.

But take that as a compliment, Mr Reynard. View all 37 comments. Sep 25, Aly is so frigging bored rated it it was ok Shelves: Review for books 1 and 2. I can't keep reading this book, it's nicely written just not for me and researched but it smacks too much of a low budget soap-opera. He said-she said behavior are getting on my nerves and all those people conspiring to keep them apart or to break them up were too way over the top.

Gabriel really is a big A-hole, never thought I'd say this but he's too much of a douche-bag! I have a very high tolerance of BS and drama but this book just has too much of it. Julia is behaves herself like a very nice doormat: This woman hasn't found no unforgivable thing in anything that Gabriel has done view spoiler [not even when she found out that he kept banging the crazy lady who had been pregnant wish his kid! I mean that was even lower then low!

All in all he was a cold A-hole and she was a Mary Sue heroine taken to the extreme. Jane Austen had nothing on this author! Now my dedications to: Jan 12, K rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just like I said after finishing the first book, this one was better the second time around as well!

We get a wonderful portion of the book with Gabriel teaching Julia the pleasures of sex, but as anyone who read the first novel knows, it's never just sex with Julia and Gabriel. Everything they do, they do with love and it was a beautiful thing to read Even though it would break me. They just have this sizzling chemistry that leaps off the pages that makes me want to immerse myself within their poetic world. Just know that I can't even begin to use all the quotes I highlighted and that this found a spot on my favorites shelf the minute I finished it!

On to the highly anticipated conclusion View all 47 comments. Aug 25, K rated it liked it Shelves: There were wayyyy to many religious references and conversations going on and it made me sorta uncomfortable because religion is not something I like to read about. Once the disciplinary trial occurred I was hooked and couldn't put the book down!

It went from extremely mind-numbing boring to angsty and drama-filled! There was absolutely no transitio 3 Stars I feel so conflicted about this book. There was absolutely no transition at all and that drives me nuts! Paul is such a good guy and I really wanted them to work out! I never find myself rooting for the guy that's not the main character but I was definitely TeamPaul this time. What really annoyed me was that the conversation between Gabriel and Paulina when he was on his journey of forgiveness was never presented!

Gabriel and Paulina's "relationship" went from super charged and somewhat awkward to completely forgiving all because of this magical conversation that took place between them.

If the author would have included just a smidge of this conversation I would have felt like there was a smooth transition! And now lastly For the love of god I do not understand why the first book and now this book have a happy ending with no cliff hanger! I absolutely love cliff hangers and I was expecting something huge to happen at the end of this novel to persuade me to read the third and last book in the series Overall, I did not enjoy Gabriel's Rapture as much as Gabriel's Inferno but would still recommend readers to pick it up.

Jul 11, Shurrn rated it liked it Shelves: A snarky review by a sorely disappointed reader Is this a curse of the sequel? Or is it possibly the product of an Author who was given an offer he couldn't refuse to produce a followup to an amazing book? Some Explicit Language Be Warned This was a re-read for me I don't remember being so dissatisfied with it w Behold! I don't remember being so dissatisfied with it when I picked it up in I decided to re-read both books in preparation for reading the recently released final book, Gabriel's Redemption Because this work wasn't completely irredeemable, let's start with the things I enjoyed: I do get the warm fuzzys from Gabriel when he isn't being an asshole.

I usually include this at the end of my reviews, but since I'm talking about the good things about this book, I's like to go ahead at tell you: Some of My Favorite Moments: I didn't mean to injure you. I wear my love scars with pride. You must have been designed and not merely made. Like a blue tractor beam that froze her and pulled her in. Like she was the only woman in the room, in the world, the only woman ever. Like she was Eve. Her heart would heal with him. But in choosing Paul, she would be settling for the good and not the exceptional.

And even if the exceptional eluded her for the rest of her life, it would be better, she thought, to live the life of a Katherine Picton, than to be like her mother. In marrying a good man without loving him passionately and completely, she would only serve to short-change him and herself. And she was not that selfish. Julia wondered if such astronomical ass-like levels were humanly possible.

She was starting to grow a backbone Then I had to watch her spine dissolve into a puddle of self-pity Quit trying to "protect" Julia by keeping secrets How many times has that worked for you? View all 12 comments. May 08, Serendipitous rated it it was amazing.

Spoilers ahead! We meet up with the couple where we left them at the end of Warning: Glorious artwork, most of which is housed in the Uffizi museum, is highlighted. There are romantic dinners, and even more romantic and erotic tangos in museums and their hotel room.

When Gabriel and Julia have intimate moments in Florence or Umbria, readers feel as if we are right there with them, and it makes us wish all the more that we could be. Vacations never do, right? Neither does that heady sensation that comes when you find your other half and love them body and soul for the first time.

Surely enough, shortly after Gabriel and Julia return to Toronto and their daily lives, they find that reality has intruded in the form of a complaint that threatens to reveal their love affair, which is prohibited by University of Toronto policies that forbid fraternization between teachers and students. In order to spare her, Gabriel sacrifices himself at the altar of academic bureaucracy, but the ultimate penalty is that it means the end of their relationship. After so many struggles to acknowledge their love for each other — so many misfires and miscommunications, so much anger and fear over their separate pasts — they finally fulfilled the destiny ordained by their night in the orchard so many years ago, only to have it denied by the very institution that, ironically, reunited them.

And yet They were better off because they grew individually and were forced to mature emotionally on their own. The heartbreak they endured gave them a better respect for what they had and almost lost. In a way, they owe Toronto a debt of gratitude for it. Julia is understandably devastated by the separation.

She tries to reach him but the only communication is a brief e-mail from Gabriel that bluntly tells her to stop. But she perseveres and even thrives under the supportive friendship of Paul and the firm, guiding hand of her advisor, Katherine Picton.

Before their relationship, Gabriel lived an empty, dissatisfied existence — one with professional fulfillment but without hope of finding the love and grace he truly craved. Having finally known true joy and unselfish love, he feels the loss all the more bitterly. Reynard skillfully draws a picture of a man again skating along the edge of his own destruction, driven to despair by the loss of a woman who inspired the redemption he believed was always out of reach.

He returns to Italy, at first to mourn, but then to find faith and grace in his circumstances. A romantic alternative is offered to her, but Julia knows it would be unfair to both of them for her to settle when it comes to love. Julia comes out of adversity and heartbreak a smarter, stronger woman. If she and Gabriel are to truly flourish together, they need to confront their weaknesses and the issues that they tend to repress.

I came away from this book loving Julia almost as much as Gabriel does.

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They loved each other enough to allow it, and they put those lessons to good use once they returned to each other.

One last thought: His wry humor and asides are a welcome part of the series. View all 15 comments. It really is crazy how much I love this series. I find myself wanting to re-read these two book at least once a year. I think that this time make it the fourth time in total I have devoured this book. I dont think I have re-read any book that many times. And every time, they get better. Crazy, I tell you. For me, Sylvian Reynord is nothing short of a genius.

Embarrassing maybe, but true. And I love him for having writen these books. I loved it so much. Every syllable, every sentence, every page. The heroine in books can either crash it or save it. Julia definitly did not crash it. Together with Professor Emerson, Julia is one of my favorite characters ever. Gabriel is more sexy then ever in this book. The Professor gets an A in the art of seduction.. This book is so brilliant on so many levels. It is smartly written, in a poetic kind of way.

Since it is written in third person, it allows us to get many persons thoughts and reasons. The book not only focuses on the sexy, charasmatic Professor and his former student.

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