All the COMIC STRIPS you need! PLUS new videos, quizzes, toons, jokes & more on - Funny Stuff Every Day!. For more than 75 years The Beano has been part of British heritage. The first issue arrived on July 30th and from that point on comics would never be the . Publication Dates: 13 April -? Number of Issues Published: (#1 - #) .

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Numbering continues from The Beano Comic (D.C. Thomson, series) #1- The BEANO is a long running British children's comic. Found a Beano comic #1 dated 30th July stashed away and can't tell The Beano comic's publisher DC Thomson have published the original sales. Beano Comic Library was a digest sized comic that was released in and lasted for over issues. It was replaced by Beano Fun-Size in which was .

Fenrizilkree Computers were starting to be used for articles and speech bubbles, rather than the usual hand drawn ones. The comic chosen may not be one of the issues shown in the pictures. Quite often, one magazine will make a tongue-in-cheek jibe at the other e. In March the Royal Mail featured a selection of British comics on 1st Class stamps and Beano was one of the covers chosen. It got me excited. Marriage Man with three wives punishes them with month-long sex ban if they annoy him. Beanotown Battle book 2 The Beano. Beano Comics Learn more about site Prime.

By the early s, these competitions were named Comic Idol in reference to Pop Idol. Meebo and Zuky won, with Home Invasion finishing as runner-up, though only Meebo and Zuky were added to the comic. In the Dandy did a similar competition where readers voted for their favourite out of four strips, entitled Strictly Come Laughing a reference to Strictly Come Dancing. Posted by boutje on March 26, in Uncategorized.

Poor quality scans for all the Beano comics. Especially where the artwork from the other side of the page shows through. That happens on a lot of the scans unfortunately. It ruins it. Like Like. When it comes to valuing your Beano edition, experts at Comic Price Guide explain: Or there could be a clutch of people out there wanting to own a number one issue and willing to spend money.

Collector Phil Shrimpton, 35, from Seaford in East Sussex, owns a copy of every Beano published from right up to Speaking to MailOnline, he explained: Before I knew it, there was a need to get the full set — a hobby costing a few pence suddenly turned into a serious investment pursuit. Phil who has his own website Phil-comics auctions, says: The same goes for comics. If you want to download as an investment, get the best quality you can afford.

This piece is the number one trophy item. Dundee-based DC Thomson was also publisher of s sister comic The Dandy, which after selling two-million copies a week at its peak, ceased circulation on December with its 75th anniversary edition. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Baxendale, Joseph Leo. Belardinelli, Massimo.

Beano Comic Library

Burgon, Sidney William. Dexter Watkins, Dudley. Geering, John Keith. Jennings, Richard E. Lawrence, Donald Southam.

Beano Comic Library #1 – 3 (1982-)

Lewis, Brian Moncrieff. Lilly, Kenneth Norman. Oliver, John Edward. Parlett, Reginald Edward. Solano Lopez, Francisco. Sullivan, James Frank. British Comics Compilations. Comic Heroes of the Golden Age.

Horror and Mystery Comics. Movie and Television Comics. Newspaper Comic Strips. Space SF and Fantasy Comics. British Comics Comics from the UK. Skip to content. Beano Thomson, series History Founding, expansion In , D. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading New fonts were being used on the front cover, and the "Pocket money price" logo had been changed to a large "WOW!

No new strips were added this time, but the amount of reprints went up to 5, sometimes lowering back to 4 per week, and an extra Dennis strip was added on the inside back two pages. The fourth revamp, which happened with the issue dated 18 October , is the most major revamp to date.

Different characters appear on the 'O' each week in a cleaner and tidier embossed logo. New headline fonts were introduced CCZoinks ; the balloon font was also changed to Cloudsplitter by Blambot. But the main change was the paper style, which had finally changed from newsprint to a glossy paper , much in the style of the inside pages of the then companion papers Dandy Xtreme and BeanoMAX.

The only difference between these paper styles is the front cover, which was thicker on the Dandy Xtreme and BeanoMAX, but the same as the pages throughout in the weekly Beano. A mild revision of style accompanies this with balloon font changed to CCTimeSaleLower, an upper and lower case font and a much larger Beano logo on the cover.

The paper is still glossy, but the paper stock gives it a matte feel. At the start of , the Beano VIP pages were dropped from the comic, but the online features remain.

In the issue dated 12 October , there was another revamp. The comic was expanded to 36 pages, and the paper stock was made smoother. The Number 13 and The Germs strips returned as reprints. A reader's page was also reintroduced, this time titled the Menace Gallery. After two appearances, this was renamed The Treehouse. In the issue dated 28 January , The Beano's cover changed. The logo was now more like the logo from , but with "The" inside the B much like later versions of the logo.

The special "O"s that had appeared sometimes in the last year were also kept. In late , Craig Graham took over as Beano editor and revamped the comic. Auchterlounie soon took over writing Dennis the Menace and Gnasher also which had returned to its pre style with new characters from the TV series.

Puzzle pages frequently appeared in the comic now, with Jamie Smart and Lew Stringer originally drawing the puzzles, and later on other artists such as Steve Beckett and Barrie Appleby.

There is also a special page book available, The Beano Special Collectors Edition: 70 Years of Fun, giving a brief history of the comic. In the Beano's home city of Dundee , a special exhibition was held at the University of Dundee featuring original artwork and other memorabilia loaned from D. Thomson - it ran until 20 September There were events for children throughout August. As a result, all of the Funsize Funnies as well as the two new recently added comic strips Tricky Dicky and Big Time Charlie plus the reprinted Calamity James were all dropped.

Bananaman came out of Geering reprints after being in them for over a year with Wayne Thompson reprising the role of artist after drawing him previously in The Dandy from to Nigel Auchterlounie also took over as scriptwriter of The Bash Street Kids and Bananaman, as well as now both writing and drawing The Numskulls which itself had had a huge relaunch with one-off celebrities replacing the role of Edd starting with Ant and Dec.

Stu Munro also took over as both puzzle page artist as he did in The Dandy and The Dandy's Madvertisements were brought back with Stu Munro once again drawing them. There were several milestone releases for the 80th anniversary in As well as the 80th Year boxset full of prizes, [22] issue was guest edited by actor-turned children's author David Walliams [16] and had a large crossover story about Bash Street School opening the Beanotown's time capsule and discovering a map, which leads to robots and a giant tentacle monster breaking out to attack the residents.

UK, Franco-Comics Comic Strips for sale | eBay

There was also a flashback panel of the time capsule being sealed which featured a handful of comic strip characters from the first issue, later helping the present day characters discover how to defeat the tentacle monster, named Simon. Classic comics also returned in a three-panel format in issues, mostly starring Big Eggo , Biffo the Bear and two special holiday books were published: a summer special and a Christmas special.

Meanwhile, the annual included a double-page inner front and back cover full of characters that have appeared over the comic's publications. Further information: List of Beano comic strips A number of strips in the comic have run for a very long time.

Dennis the Menace's famous red and black jersey had formed the colours of a few of the Beano characters' clothes Minnie the Minx has the same, although the placement of the stripes is a bit different; Ball Boy's was a vertical red and black; Roger the Dodger has a chessboard design top, and Danny from the Bash Street Kids has a similar cap , but they have changed for Minnie and Ball Boy Minnie at one point had a red and yellow top and Ball Boy's strip is now black and blue. Many of the comic strips in The Dandy are drawn by the same artists, and crossovers between the two comic magazines also occur occasionally.

Quite often, one magazine will make a tongue-in-cheek jibe at the other e. In the strips, it is expressed that the two towns are rivals with each other and before The Dandy did a drastic format change they had an embassy in Beanotown which many of the town's citizens attempted to overrun, but failed the embassy had no existence in The Beano. This rivalry inspired the spin-off computer game Beanotown Racing , in which various characters from both comics could be raced around points in Beanotown, including the Embassy.

Occasionally there are longer than usual strips, for example, a strip of sixteen pages rather than the usual two pages. Reader polls started to appear in the s, allowing the readers to rate the strips in the comic.

These polls have been quite influential, as they indicate which strips the readers like best, and strips that have performed poorly in these polls were usually dropped. On a number of occasions, the Beano has allowed its readers to vote for which new strips they want to appear in the comic. This usually consists of three new comic strips being run for a number of weeks and the readers can vote on which strips they prefer and the one that receives the most votes stays in the Beano.

Readers have been able to cast their votes via telephone, or more recently via the Beano website.

Other books: COMIC BOOK DAY S

The first such vote occurred in with Vic Volcano emerging as the winner. In the competition, two new strips were added permanently, with Tim Traveller winning and Crazy for Daisy the runner-up.

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