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Author: Singh Nalini Nalini Singh - Psy 01 - Slave to Sensation · Read more Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changelings, Book 1) · Read more. Nalini Singh - Psy 01 - Slave to Sensation Nalini Singh - Psy 04 - Mine To Possess. Read more Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changelings, Book 1). Read more. Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling 01) - Nalini Singh - dokument [*.epub] A fresh new talent in the realm of paranormal romance, Nalini Singh dives into a.

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Nalini Singh Slave To Sensation Pdf

Slave to Sensation book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. ISBN: updated version found hereNalini Singh. Read Slave to Sensation read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Slave to Sensation is a Romance novel by Nalini Singh. In Slave to Sensation, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed or sentence herself to the horror of “rehabilitation.".

Bowen Knight the de facto leader of the Human Alliance gets his book. We left Bowen clinging to life following a catastrophic shooting and with a failing chip in his brain. We find him in the care of the BlackSea changeling group and meet Kaia. Given time is of the essence, I expected a fast paced romance with breakneck speed and passion. With absolutely no time to spare we find two people who above all become friends. It made my heart ache and was simply beautiful. Whilst the romance might be a slow burner, the story is a cracker with dynamite on board. If the romance made my heart swoon, the twists and turns made my head spin and my blood rush. Please indulge me what I talk about the international cover.

This book goes to one of the best pnr's I've ever read. The writing is phenomenal, so great that I knew just with the first book that I'll be reading all the others: I first heard of this series a few months ago, and my reaction was like this: I decided I definitely wasn't going to read something like that.

I was VERY, very, very, very stupid. The story very much remindes me of the movie "Equilibrium", in which the hero l This book goes to one of the best pnr's I've ever read. The story very much remindes me of the movie "Equilibrium", in which the hero lives in a society where all humans are without emotions, he is a member of the highest authority, and he deals with extinguishing everything that might trigger an emotional response great movie btw, one of my favorites, Christian Bale is awsome Here the heroine is part of the Psy society, they are genetically modified humans with some amazing psychic abilities, but no notion of emotion.

She was born different, and forced to hide her nature from everyone. Lucas is a changeling, a species of shifters, able to turn into animals at will. He is wild by nature and ruled by emotion, and he finds her irresistible. I mean, wow! Sascha was constantly trying to keep her facade of calm and emotionless, and Lucas was constantly trying to break it.

The touching, caressing, the dreams simply HOT. I wanted to pet him myself the fact that he's a shifter - didn't really bother me, in some books that part has an icky feel to it, but here it was perfectly ok: And so I have to say, this book is a beginning of an obsession, I can already tell I love the style of writing, the world the author created has me in it's grip and I don't think it will let go untill I reach the final book.

BTW, Hawk was in this one, the alpha of the wolf pack, I sooo want to read him View all 42 comments. Mar 18, Maya rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've heard a lot of good things about this series and since I'm already a big fan of this author's Guild Hunter series, I knew there would come a time to read this series. It's what I've been waiting my whole life for! And now I've finally found it! Thank you, Nalini!

Annnnd on to the next book it is!!! View all 36 comments. Jun 01, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sascha Duncan Psy and Lucas Hunter Changeling This was about murder… and the greatest lie that had ever been perpetuated by a race upon its own kind.

This book is an impressive start to a series that I have a feeling that it will become one of my favourite PNR series. Psy-world is an interesting different new world. I haven't read anything similar before to be honest. The Psy have great psychic powers, but not feelings or desires. They basically live in two worlds: The real world which also Sascha Duncan Psy and Lucas Hunter Changeling This was about murder… and the greatest lie that had ever been perpetuated by a race upon its own kind.

The real world which also includes Changelings shifters and humans. I would also compare it with the movie Matrix. Shifters are the normal shifters that we meet in most PNR books. They can transform into animals and they live in packs.

We learn about two packs: The DarkRiver leopard pack 2. The SnowDancers wolf pack These two packs coexist in neighbourhood grounds. In terms of mating, there can be only one lifemate for each Changeling. Lucas Hunter is the Alpha of DarkRiver pack and he is a black panther. He will meet Psy Sascha Duncan , while he tries to find the Psy killer who keeps butchering Changeling females.

When another girl is taken, Lucas runs out of time. Sascha lately is not well. Her main problem is that she has started having feelings, emotions, physical reactions in these emotions. This is not normal for a Psy. She is defective. The fact that she needs to work so closely to Changelings that they are overflowed with feelings and they are so close to their animal side, does not help.

Gradually we will learn that Psy have secrets. Their own lack of emotions is a deception imposed to them in order to make them less dangerous. I enjoyed the writing style and the way the story and the world building is exploited. The mystery with the serial killer has a obvious solution, but I really did not mind this.

I wad satisfied with everything else. I think I will start this series.

Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh :: NYT bestselling author

I heard it is good. Maybe this year, I will start it. It has shifters! I think I will try it next year. I have already started two new series. This is the year I will start this series. This January. After I finish this trilogy. And the new Black Dagger Legacy book. And maybe a couple of books I started last December. Why haven't I started this series yet? I am definitely starting this series next month.

Oh, look new books by Larissa Ione! Oh God! I am officially declaring Psy-Changeling series my challenge for this summer!!! View all 18 comments. I'm not usually a fan of romance and I'm pretty new to PNR so I didn't really know what to expect from this book.

I've had the whole series on my Kindle for some time but wasn't planning on reading it until Sarah and Angela ganged up on me. Ah, good old peer pressure never fails! So I decided to give the series a try despite the cheesy titles and ridiculous book covers.

Well, I have to say, thank you so much ladies because this was fun! I expected silly romance but what did I get?

Complex, well t I'm not usually a fan of romance and I'm pretty new to PNR so I didn't really know what to expect from this book. Complex, well thought-out, refreshingly original world building.

I've always been a shifter fan what can I say? Cold, analytical Psy vs emotional, tactile, unpredictable Changelings? This is one world with huge potential. I can't wait to see what Singh comes up with in the next instalments. Really good.

I think the main weakness of the book is the plot. Hold on, no that's not right. It's not the plot, it's the resolution. No, that's not right either. The plot is fast-paced and pretty good but its resolution is disappointing because of the culprit's identity. I guessed who it was very early on.

I kept hoping there would be a twist and it would turn out to be someone else but it didn't happen. This is part of the reason I didn't give this book a 4. It was still a very entertaining story though. Singh's writing flows effortlessly despite the changes in POV. They can ruin a book when badly handled but here they only add to the story dynamics.

The characters? Sascha is great. I just love how complex her character is, the way she constantly fights with herself and struggles with her arising emotions. She's very straightforward, strong-willed and isn't easily pushed around. That's my kind of girl! I have to admit that he's a bit on the light side as Alphas go and not as aggravating or overbearing as I expected.

It doesn't mean I didn't like him though and I wouldn't mind having this particular cat to tame;o As I said before I'm not very big on romance but I have to say this one was handled fairly well by Singh as it wasn't too overwhelming.

It's more insta-lust than insta-love which fits the story perfectly. Okay, so it takes a while to get to the steamy sex scenes but the dream trick adds just enough lust and sexual tension to make it worth the wait.

A surprisingly good read which leaves me wanting more. Next please! View all 41 comments. Pasada la mitad del libro, lo anterior se vuelve realmente cansador. Bueno, original, pero se cae estrepitosamente en un final que se resuelve en forma muy precipitada y sin ninguna vuelta de tuerca llamativa.

Romance paranormal: Estilo narrativo: May 15, Navessa added it. Friendships might be broken, chocolate could be withheld, fisticuffs might ensue. Also, your level of crazy far exceeds mine if you have a thing for Enrique.

If your name is Sarah, you were right. If your name is Beth, you should finish this damn book. If your name is Aly, you can stop harassing me now. If your name is Angela, I loved this book. View all 48 comments. Aug 12, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: The world is divided. It is populated by Psy and Changelings, and human races, all different in their ways of life, mores and codes, things they hold dear.

We learn nothing about the humans here, unfortunately. The Psy have been bread out of emotions, which are considered as weaknesses and flaws, a hurdle keeping them away from perfection.

Slave to Sensation

The Psy hold power by "linking" into a network of all Psy individual minds, feeding their mental state and supporting as well as spying on all of them. If a Psy is detected to "feel", they are either "rehabilitated" for life, or killed The Changelings on the other hand, OWN their emotions, experience all the levels of closeness to each-other, and live to what they see as the fullest. With the severe differences between them, it is easy to see how hostile the two can be to each-other.

It gets even worse when women from the packs of Changelings began being found dead, obviously killed by Psy, but a murderous Psy should not exist What has happen???

This is what the Alpha of the Panther pack Lucas has determined to find out and avenge! Sasha thinks she is dying She is a Psy, a daughter of one of the high Counsel, but she is broken Something is very, very wrong with her - she FEEL!!! She has been trying to hide it for a while, trying to belong, but lately it has been getting harder and harder She has a chance to prove herself to her mother by working on a business deal with the Changelings on a building project with DarkRiver.

This is when she met Lucas and her life changed for ever more This is a love story. A Changeling shifter and a Psy find out about each-other and their different worlds.

But even more than a love story, this is about the human attributes we put value to and what devoting to one extreme or another can do to our way of life. It is the constant battle we live between the thinking of our minds and the urges of our hearts It is about the conflict of being who and what we are I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.

Yes, it is a typical Paranormal Romance, and yes, it has many of the tropes this genre relies on, but after all, isn't that why we come back for more??? Why fix it when it works, right?: I am planning on finishing this series, so this is the best recommendation I can give: I wish you all happy reading and many, many good books to come!!! View all 32 comments. Jayne, Kris and Autumn. What took me so long to read this?!?! The merging of the unfeeling, emotionless citizens of the Psy community, and the touchy feely, possessive Changeling pack members, made for a very sensual, fascinating, and extremely gratifying read.

Amazing world building, memorable characters Thank you to Jayne, Kris, and Autumn! They pointed me in the direction of this series, and have been encouraging me to read it! View all 62 comments. This book receives so many rave reviews that I guess I was just expecting a bit of something more. In fact, I was fully convinced before I started that I would probably give this book a 4 star rating, it just shows that I should stop making predictions - I'm usually wrong.

I will say that I liked it enough to take a curious look into the rest of the series, it's not as if they're particularly difficult to read so I don't mind as much suffering through them.

Nalini Singh - Psy 01 - Slave to Sensation

The thing about this novel was that I This book receives so many rave reviews that I guess I was just expecting a bit of something more. The thing about this novel was that I found the first half to be at complete odds with the second half. I thought the story focus shifted, the strong heroine became weak and whiny, and the male love interest who I had previously thought was sexy to death became a misogynistic control freak.

Yeah, he did somewhat recover what I'd liked about him towards the end What is with romance novels today? Particularly paranormal romance novels, it seems as if they all contain a relationship where the man completely controls the woman and her lifestyle. Please say it's not just me who thinks these kind of relationships are stomach-turning?

I get the alpha-male attraction. I get the bad boy attraction. But that's all a sex issue It makes me cringe. The point is that Lucas mr hero guy started off as sexy-in-a-suit, he identified Sascha as a powerful woman from a powerful and dangerous race that should not be taken lightly.

They start off as equals and their flirtations and attraction to each other is hot to the point where I was on edge all the time and wondering where we would go next. The exact minute that Lucas discovers that the attraction is mutual, he has sex with her and, from then on, attempts to completely take over her life.

That's what I hated. They went to bed together admittedly - very hot! And not only him, but her too. She is from the Psy, a race of creatures that are just as powerful, if not more so, than the Changelings but as soon as he takes her virginity she turns into a dithering mass of patheticness.

Aside from being annoying, it also didn't flow or make any sense at all. The story that formed the bigger picture was fairly good. You can sort of imagine a future where a superior race has been developed, each member completely immune to the ultimate weakness: They are programmed to be this way and let only facts and logic rule their minds This is a good idea and I was loving it until everything turned upside down halfway through.

It's bad enough to be let down by any book that you were expecting to be good, but it's even worse to be let down in the middle of said book when the first half had been so promising. Ah well, I'll still see what the other books in this series bring and I hope they don't all fall into the same pattern.

View all 11 comments. Well I think the Psy's are jerks. Except for Sascha and a few others! Anyway, Psy's are made to feel no emotion, void, nothing, zip, zilch. Sascha has feelings and if they find out she is "broken" they will rehabilitate her or kill her. Because I'm broken. And the Psy don't allow borken creatures to live. The Changelings are the shifters and they are cool and then there are humans but they don't take on a big role in the book.

Sascha is sent by her mom who is on the Psy Council to oversee some business dealings they are doing with the Changelings. Sascha is going to be spending a lot of time with the alpha of the DarkRiver leopard pack, Lucas and he's yummy. And Lucas has some kind of feelings for Sascha that he doesn't understand because they all hate the Psy.

As I have said, Sascha isn't like the others, she's "broken" and I hate they think of themselves that way when they are actually normal. But I digress! Lucas and his panther self start having feelings for Sascha, he wants her as his and Sascha has feelings for Lucas. I felt really sorry for Sascha because she was having so much fun being away from the Psy.

She didn't know what it was like to touch someone. It would suck to be a Psy and have actual feeling like Sascha and be scared to death at all times that they will find out and kill you! But for now she is having a wonderful time with the changelings. Then she finds out about this serial killer that has been taking changeling women for quite some time and they are Psy.

She refuses to believe this at first because it never showed up in any of the networks. The changelings finally convince her that is is a Psy because they could smell them around the mutilated bodies. Sascha decides to help find out who the killer is and she does and I knew who it was: The ending was good, the book was good and I look forward to more of the series.

Melissa Martin's Reading List Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: PNR fans.

Slave to Sensation is a fabulous debut that sets the foundation for the war between the emotionless, cold, psychically powerful Psy race and the Changelings in the year When she works alongside Lucas Hunter, the alpha leader of the Changeling shifters that are both human and animal DarkRiver leopard pack, to find the Psy killer responsible for brutally butchering several Changeling women, including his packmate, it becomes impossible to resist her long denied emotions and feelings.

Sascha calls to the panther in Lucas, and he brings out her pent up passion. The two engage in a dangerous, consuming affair that could forever alter the precarious co-existence between Psy-Changelings. View all 16 comments. Edited to add further thoughts. Now, his changeling touch, she craves, Has sh Edited to add further thoughts. I had drafted a review for this, but unfortunately, it was on my laptop, which was among the items stolen in a recent break-in.

I kept seeing this series being hailed as a favourite PNR amongst my Goodreads friends. I must say, now I know the appeal! What a deliciously enjoyable first book in a series! This book was published in , so yes, I've been slow to jump on this bandwagon Slave to Sensation is indeed an apt title. And this book combines both loves! I loved this remarkably interesting, detailed and imaginative world that Nalini Singh created - Bravo, Ms.

The writing and the story were thought-provoking and evocative. This story is set in in San Francisco and its surrounds, where co-exist, though not without its tensions, three main groups of people: I loved that there was suspense and mystery in this story — of a serial killer targeting Changeling women. Lucas and Sascha meet as part of a Psy-Changeling business venture and end up working together to solve the mystery. And Lucas? Mmm, mmm, mmmm… He was dangerously sexy hawt , with a tortured past, determined to claim Sascha as his mate, and he was just so there for Sascha.

Brain buzzingly cool. I loved the cast of characters of the Changelings and the two packs introduced in this book — the DarkRiver pack leopards and the SnowDancers wolves. I had recently seen the prevalent love for Hawke, the Alpha of the wolf pack, and from his introduction in this book, I could already understand the fascination with him and am excited to get to his book….

I was also fascinated with Vaughn, from the leopard pack, who wears his beast closer to the surface than others in his pack, and just had to read his book, which was next in the series, Visions of Heat , straight away!

Then I thought about the kind of extreme society the Psy have created by eliminating emotion. It seems, though, that the Psy Council, the ruling body of the Psy, can be ruthless. Is ruthlessness a result of the absence of emotion?

But… the Changelings, who are emotional beings, are also capable of being ruthless. This is mostly evident in their ruthlessness in vengeance. One of the questions posed by this book is: Has the Psy decision, based on logical reasoning, to eliminate emotion in order to eradicate violence and mental illness, instead created the very monsters the Psy sought to control?

So, to feel or not to feel? Crimes of passion versus the cold killings of sociopaths? But I would like to live in a world without violence. With or without emotion, is violence an inevitable part of the human condition?

These are just some of the thoughts I had - mostly just rhetorical questions! Slave to Sensation 1. Visions of Heat - Review here 3. Caressed By Ice - To be reviewed. Mine to Possess Review here 5. Hostage to Pleasure - To be reviewed.

Branded By Fire 7. Blaze of Memory 8. Bonds of Justice 9. Play of Passion Kiss of Snow And there are also stand-alone novellas: I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review. They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun. If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will do so as soon as possible.

If I can identify the copyright, I will do so. View all 70 comments. Boy, I am so glad that I had read one of Nalini Singh's Silhouette Desire novels, and was searching for some more paranormal romances to read and finally picked this one up by her.

I kicked myself for having waited so long. I loved this book. Lucas is to die for. He's totally yum. I loved the combination of paranormal with science fiction.

I typically find science fiction a little bit dry at times, since I am more of a fantasy person. But there is a perfect mix of science fiction and paranormal Boy, I am so glad that I had read one of Nalini Singh's Silhouette Desire novels, and was searching for some more paranormal romances to read and finally picked this one up by her. But there is a perfect mix of science fiction and paranormal fantasy in this book. I love how Singh created this future world where there are three types of people: This story focuses mainly on the Psy and Changeling dynamic.

Most of the characters are of various ethnic backgrounds and interracial relationships have no stigma. I found this very refreshing. Singh's worldbuilding is so plausible that you don't doubt that in the future humans can reject emotions and build their psychic abilities to the penultimate. It takes a leap of faith to believe in changelings shapeshifters , but if you don't have that, then you shouldn't be reading this book.

If you do, then hang on. Lucas doesn't care for the Psy. To him, they are soul-less, conscienceless beings. But for the sake of business, he deals with the Psy.

When he meets Sasha, he is drawn to her. She doesn't have the stink of Psy they have a cold, deadly metallic smell to the Changeling breed. The Psy are hated because they have ruthlessly gained control of society and are not above killing those who stand in their way. So at first, Lucas is off-put by his attraction to Sasha.

Not for long though. It doesn't take this very confident cat to recognizes she is his mate, and he doesn't wait much longer to claim her as his. Their relationship was blistering hot. I was fanning myself during the love scenes.

Sasha has had issues with her powers, having blackouts and feeling scary losses of control of her emotions that she has been hiding from her parental units, because Psy who lose control and break Silence the lack of emotion are sent for rehabilitation, eventually becoming mindless vegetables. Lucas inspires violent passion in her which is unheard of in a Psy. She has no idea how to deal with this, yet she is required to work with him. Lucas seems to enjoy teasing her and inspiring sensual feelings in her.

I loved their interactions. I am a big fan of shapeshifter stories, and I loved the descriptions of the pack of big cats of which Lucas is the alpha.

I also enjoyed reading about their new allies, the pack of wolf shapeshifters, who is alphaed by the enigmatic Hawke can't wait for his story. Really, I cannot recommend this series enough.

The romance is the focus, and the science fiction elements teamed with paranormal is like marshmallow sauce on chocolate, just the right touch. Singh is a gifted author who has won my devotion as a fan. Jun 25, It's been a little over a year since I read this the first time. I'm glad I did. I might have been in a reading slump the last time I read Slave to Sensation , or maybe I just couldn't get past the cheesy and let's be real--it is cheesy title and book cover.

Whatever it was, second time was the a? Sascha is a Psy. That means she's been trained to be a It's been a little over a year since I read this the first time. That means she's been trained to be a Vulcan. But Psys, unlike Vulcans who as a race eventually "evolved" past emotional reactions, are born with emotions and are brainwashed out of feeling them. Or at least they're supposed to be. If a Psy is resistant to the brainwashing, they are rehabilitated.

And by "rehabilitated" I mean lobotomized. Lucas is a Hunter and the Alpha of the leopard pack in California. He is Changling. Changlings and Psys do not play well together. They have nothing in common. Psys are cold, emotionless robots while Changlings are vibrant and passionate and alive. Even the smell of a Psy stinks to a Changling nose. Until Lucas meets Sascha. He immediately senses she is more than the average Psy.

Romance and havoc ensue before the token para-romance happy ending. That's what I love about para-romance. No delayed gratification. A happy ending is coming and soon.

Sep 05, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: The cover of this book? The name of this book? I was like no-way-Jose. But, then Jose said to me, "jilly, stop being a snob. Your friends all loved this book for a reason. Now, go read it. Anyhoo, the world-building in this book is fun. We have humans boooring , Changelings shapeshifters , and people called "Psy's" who are psychically gifted and connected to each other through a network in their brains.

The Psy race undergoes a treatment The cover of this book? The Psy race undergoes a treatment from youth to erase all emotions from them. They are supposed to be walking computers, basically. This story is about a Psy with all the feels. And, that's just wrong! She needs to keep her feels to herself or the other Psy's will kill her. No broken Psy's allowed. But, our broken Psy girl meets a Changeling guy and all the feels break loose.

They have to work together AND solve a murder-mystery before the next girl is killed. Obviously there is a murderer loose that only our broken Psy girl can find. Oh yeah, and this is all set in the future, so hovercars!!

Yeah baby! I've been waiting my whole life for a freaking hovercar. They'll probably come out the year after I'm dead, so I'm all about the hovercars in books. I guess you could call me a hoverhead. I think this is the start of something good. View all 25 comments. Lucas is hunting a Psy killer, and he plans to use Sascha do get an 'in', however, Sascha is not what it seems.

Sascha is broken, her mind-shields are crumbling and she has little time left, however, Lucas makes her want more. Scooting forward on little baby paws, one of the cubs licked the tip of her nose in a quick movement. It made her hunger for things that could never be hers. And if someone went hungry for too long, they started to starve.

Started to hurt. Overall, I refused to stop reading until I was done. It's seven in the morning and I'm super tired, and here I am writing a review that probably doesn't make sense. The book was long, filled with a whole lot information but I still liked it. Now I can see why I liked it the first time. Sascha is such a likable character and Lucas is sorta perfect: All things I love. I do believe that the reason I didn't continue the series was simply because I hate - or used to - getting a new couple each book.

It's so stressful. Anyways, I'm gonna try reading book two. She was his and he was hers. They had under-the-skin privileges. Other characters: She became a Councilor at forty. His sister, Kylie, was the one who was killed and butchered six months ago and Lucas is on the hunt for her murderer. Nate, her mate? He had the scent of a future alpha. Kit works part-time as a general assistant. Rina 21 , his older sister, a curvaceous, sensual female with the rank of soldier.

She was marked by the scent of Lucas and his sentinels so that enemies and friends alike knew who she belonged to. He was an off-the-scale Tk-Psy with so much telekinetic power that he could crush Sascha without blinking. They were the toughest members of the pack. In a one-on-one fight, every one of them would lose to Lucas. But together they were formidable. Until then, they were his absolutely. Nate was already on the lookout for his replacement. His lieutenants, Indigo and Riley.

His daughter, Marlee. According to her information, Hunter had become the only ruling alpha in the DarkRiver leopard pack at twenty-three years of age. In the ten years since, DarkRiver had consolidated its hold over San Francisco and surrounding regions to the extent that they were now the dominant predators in the area.

Outside changelings who wanted to work, live, or play in DarkRiver territory had to receive their permission. No one survived the wolves by playing nice. First read review: Simply put: I actually liked the story, though the book was a bit too long. I am not sure if I'll continue the series since I think there's new couple for each book? The side characters were interesting Will I read this again in the future?

Rating - 3. View all 57 comments. Finding something as exceptional, unique and remarkable as what I read with a Slave to Sensation is rare. I worship the ground that Ms.

Singh has walked on since the Guild Hunter series. With a first introduction to a new world it is hard to not overwhelm the reader with too much information. But then there is also a lacking in the world that you want the reader to picture in their imagination. Singh feeds enough to keep us sated but keeps us curious about the world that we have entered and that we want to continue reading without food, drink and going for a pee.

Imagine a world with no emotion, no rage, no jealousy, no envy, no happiness and certainly no love at all. Sascha Duncan a Psy cardinal is different to the other Psy.

For years she has been protecting her shields not to expose her flaws to her mother, the council and all other Psy beings. She is beginning to fail. Lucas Hunter a changeling and an alpha to the DarkRiver pack, he is the youngest alpha, strong possessive and I loved all of his character. He is interesting, we see what he sees and what he feels. The Psy and the Changeling are entering a business deal and Sascha is going to be Lucas associate.

Lucas as well as his animal are fascinated with Sascha as she acts like a Psy but there are signs that not all is what it seems. Sascha feels even more then she should when she is around Lucas. Changeling women are being kidnapped and murdered and that other a certain period of time. One of his pack died and they want to find the killer. On top of that there was attraction but never instalove.

They complement each other. They have sparks, fireworks the whole shebang. Her eyes narrowed. What makes Sascha special will most likely get her killed. There were twists and turns to the book and my main concern was how it was going to be pulled off with the Psynet etc. Colour me surprised I loved that frigging ending.

Description… Dive into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind—and none of the heart… In a world that denies emotions, where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed. To reveal them woul 4.

Truth be told, I knew I would love this book before it even appeared on my kindle two days after the rest of the world! After all the pupcubs finally appear, and Ms Singh had promised updates on favourite characters.

With this book the author starts a new story arc, I just have to marvel for a moment at both her skill and bravery in doing so. Many of her PNR peers could learn a lesson or two.

So, three aspects stood out for me. Firstly, and this maybe fresh in my mind with the recent Brexit campaign debacle, Ms Singh shows us the strength in genetic diversity and how isolationist tendencies create inherent weaknesses. Absolutely the message of our age. Each psy changeling book has featured the story of an alpha male finding his mate. Not this time, damn these girls rock! The psy changeling world now has a fantastic new future, waiting for the next book will be a killer.

How many times has the romantic hero yearned to a better person for his love? Kaleb being a prime example. Yet, what resonated for me was the insight into family. Its a pretty easy stretch to compare this new family with those of the changeling packs. But I think Ms Singh is saying so much more. Can the bonds of family loyalty stretch to include others? What should you sacrifice for your child? You can love and accept someone who stands for all you abhor. How hard is that? And that was no doubt painful for both.

My kindle is full of highlighted text. Its only as you start to ponder who the architect of the drama is, that you appreciate how rich the psy changeling world is -there are so many candidates. And all of them valid. Clearly, her imagination runs riot thank god! Be very envious! Perhaps he really did see her as the perfect Psy as he intimated. Unlike the other two virtues — Charity and Hope — Faith is all about believing in something that you cannot know or prove and probably never will.

And when seen its a point of fixed point of clarity — something or someone to follow. Unusually for me this was a re-read. This time there was no rush to the end to see what happened. Ooh what a delight! The concept of sensation. Like the rest of her race psy Sascha Duncan has been programmed to shun all emotion. Think about it — no silk dresses, no freshly laundered sheets, no sand between toes, no sloppy kisses, no hazelnut lattes, no chocolate, no smell of home.

Certainly, no gorgeous male like Lucas Hunter to inflame all your senses! Want to see what all the fuss is about? Its open to readers everywhere — so no excuses for not entering! Changeling bears.

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