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Chosen Barbara Elsborg Epub

Barbara Elsborg lives in Kent in the south-east of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to. Chosen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. New Cover Edition. Old ASIN -BEM5YSome crimes can never be. Read "Chosen" by Barbara Elsborg available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Kate Evans doesn't take risks. She chose her.

Why this author is constantly overlooked beggars belief! This book would not be misplaced on the top shelf of the thrillers and suspense novels in my local WHSmith. Not for a minute. This book reads like a movie viewed in HD with full cinema surround sound and graphic imagery. I Why this author is constantly overlooked beggars belief! It comes with warnings of shocking content which are not to be ignored.

And the guys were strong and full of feelings and bravery. The background characters were also fleshed out nicely and I enjoyed them as well.

I've only read this author's MM books, but now I'll need to look into the rest of her catalouge. This was just a really fun read.

Well written, strong story, fantastic characters, and a good wrap up. So good. By Jennifer Brown BE does it again. She wrote a wonderfully exciting story with beautiful and sweet characters. I couldn't put the book down, I read it in one day and It's a something chapter book. You will not want to put it down!

Girl Most Likely to

You have been warned! She wears baggy clothes and walks with her head down. She has no friends except for the old lady that lives in her building. Both of her parents are deceased. So imagine her surprise when her door bell rings and there's a man delivering her flowers from a secret admirer. Yes people! She opens the door to this man and he crashes into her and asks her to marry him!

What a nut Jack was! Jack was a fucking nut!! His screws weren't loose! He didn't have any! They all had fell out!

Jack wants the fairy tale family. Wife and kids. So of course he has chosen Kate to be his lovely wife. Jacks been in and out of mental facilities since the death of his mother when he was a kid.

He was a regular good looking guy and very manipulative. He told so many stories I didn't know what to believe. I was fucking dizzy from this shit! He was an evil man! I wanted to jump in my kindle numerous times and kill him with my hands! Kate was strong and brave! I couldn't believe how this girl kept on trying and trying to get away. Nathan the PI and half brother of Jack. Nathan's been watching Jack since his release from a mental facility.

Nathan hates Jack! Jack slept with Nathan's fiance. Nathan can't get over what Jack did and is obsessed with trying to figure out why it happened. Nathan gets tangled up in this mess with Kate and Jack.

He's as dizzy as I was trying to figure out what to believe. Don is Jacks father. Don has done everything to help Jack. Gave him money. Tried to get him help. Has Don really helped his son or made things worse??

Does Kate finally get away from Jack? Who saves the day? You will have to read this bitch to find out! Something happened and it was too damn fast for me to believe. I hope you do! If you're like me and you love to jump on that crazy roller coaster ride then you better get to reading this one! View all 4 comments. I have no words. It's hard to review this without spoiling all the messed up amazing-ness that makes up this story.

It starts off with a "bang". Kate is already living a half life - trying to make sure history doesn't repeat itself when her worst nightmare shows up on her doorstep. What happens from there is a brilliantly twisted tale full of lies and secrets and hidden agendas. The only one who isn't holding any pieces of the truth is Kate. Most of the story is told from Kat 4. Most of the story is told from Kate's prospective, so you piece together this tale with her. Every time I thought things couldn't get worse - that things couldn't be more twisted, I was wrong.

There were so many lies, half-truths, and hidden truths. I created and discarded dozens of explanations. Not one of them ended up being right. I was surprised right to the bitter end. I adored Kate. She was a fighter.

She never gave up, never gave in, no matter what was done to her, no matter how hopeless it seemed.

The things she endured, both before during and after being taken by Jack - I cannot imagine how she survived with her sanity in tacked. None of the characters seemed to be working with a full sleeve of crackers, though certainly some were missing more than others. I read a book a while back The Sociopath Next Door and I found myself wanting to go back and refer to it. Overall, it was a brilliantly written, layered story that keep me in the edge of my seat from the first page to the last.

Highly recommended. I have no doubt that an experience like that could have bonded them, but it just all seemed WAY too fast.

But really, after all that, I need Kate to get some happy at the end of her story, so I'm totally giving that issue a pass hide spoiler ] View all 10 comments. This is not a romance by definition, though it isn't without love lost and won. The monster in this thriller is the scariest kind. He's charming, good-looking, shrewd, and broken. His victim, Kate, wrangled my admiration from the first page.

Her courage, her perseverance, was boggling, but believable in her reactions. I was constantly asking myself, "Could I do that? Would I be brave enough? But at the sam This is not a romance by definition, though it isn't without love lost and won.

But at the same time, you knew she was just barely hanging on. The complexity of the story, the way Elsborg wove the back stories of the characters, and the intelligent execution of suspense and horror showcases her versatility as a writer. She leaves you guessing throughout, a crumb here, a nugget there, and just when you're snapping your fingers, she twists it again. This is a must read for thriller fans.

What a hell of a ride this was. First of all it is not a love story. It's a disturbing story about Kate who is kidnapped by Jack a psychotic cruel rapist.

Edge of Forever by Barbara Elsborg

Jack wants to create the perfect family. The story kept me captivated but on edge from start to finish. There are so many twists and turns I didn't know what to believe. I did feel very uncomfortable about introducing the child into the story. This a fast paced story.. View all 5 comments. Oh hi! Have you met Mr. Mr Hide is the perfect author of erotic romances.

This author develops such strong plots-between bouts of sex,mind you-you do not even notice if it was kinky or do not care if you are not a fan. This author rocks my world. This author made me cry and laugh and read and read and read every single word that ever flew from his nibble fingers and fast mind. But now I meet Dr.

This person writes dark dangerous mysteries that leave me breathless for more. This person Oh hi! This person has the same spunk and imagination as Mr. Hide but erotica and fun are very far from this persons mind.

I am shocked, truly shocked that Chosen is a product of Barbara Elsborg. I have loved her from the first book that came in to my hands. I have been intrigued by her darker works, more cynical and frightening works like Strangers, Kiss a fallen star and Doing the right thing.

Still, let us be real, this was a very big step to the side when yo consider her usual things. On the other hand, I would have found B. Elsborg in this book without even reading her name from the front cover.

The persona and script evolution, as well as word play struck a chord in my heart that is forever connected to the special place that this author has in me. There is only one such master,surely But when first I was told that Chosen was something new, the horrible truth was- I was kind of prepared to find it mediocre or dull.

Nevertheless I am an avid reader of all genres and sat down to give it a try. Oh ye of little faith. I feel so ashamed for my doubts. Chosen is a gem among lesser known books. It is a gripping thriller mystery worth every one of it's five star reviews, mine included. First of all, the whodunit was very Gothic and chilly but it never back-seated the current horror ride.

It left you panting for more, but it did not make you skip pages in order to find it. Miss a sentence and you missed a peace of the ultimate thrill. Secondly, there were multiple person views. Rarely have I found a book with more that two voice a rush. Perfectly good ideas like the one behind 'Dearly departed' get sucked and butchered trough the blade of multiple person voice changes.

The author seems to conquer a grate problem-choppiness. She makes the transitions so subtle, you never feel ripped out of the story only to be put in an other place. The action flows undisturbed and even minor and one time voices like that of security guard Thad have a deep purpose. The main voices make you want to feel, and be them, even when they go trough unmistakable horrors. I caught myself muttering run, run over and over again when the scene with Charlie unraveled before Kate's eyes.

This was a braking point for me. Just a second. Before I move forward with my character development talk, let me make one footnote. You my think of me as horrible. You my point your puritan little fingers…But I was blown away by the first rape scene.

It reminded me of the horribly grand rape scene from Stand by Stephen King. If you read the scene where the devil rapes the woman he wants to impregnate then you know what I am talking about.

It was fantastically gruesome without being gauche. It was a peace of lethargic poetry in itself. I still feel the need to brake in to applause just recalling it. Now to get back to the previous…let me just say one word… Jack. He did not have as much 'in his mind' time as Kate, but Lord, oh Lord, did he stand out! The ultimate villain?

Yes…and no. The ultimate byproduct of abuse and repugnance? As pathological liar, rapist and sometimes killer you are bound to hate him, are you not? And that shows the depth of character development, the mastermind author and the brilliance of her new bag of tricks. You ask me why to read this book? Because of the crazy chase to save Kate? Because of the hunger for the revelation of past crimes?

Because of the sweetness that makes you sight when you read the epilogue? Because I dare you to not cry when view spoiler [Jack dies. I dare you to not feel sorry for his end when he says 'My mother was taking me, and your father was taking you. We would have been brother and sister.

And I wanted to love you. I dare you not to want to turn back time, make him whole and able to love Kate. I dare you to make the effort for Kate whose spirit you will admire and I dare you to not have the need to meet and cuddle Nathan. But most of all I urge everybody to pick this book up. Be you a Patricia Cornwell or Jami Alden lover…maybe even a 'Pretty when she cries' fan, I guaranty you, you will love this book.

I have read and read.

Coningsby: [NEbook] Free Ebook Taking Stock, by Barbara Elsborg

I review, I talk, I analyze, I obsess. I have been labeled a person that knows nothing of higher then 4 star ratings. I have been pointed at as somebody who critiques, chews and spits out widely loved books….

Chosen beat me with one well placed punch. I am happy to declare defeat before a mighty work, before a true treasure. And I am pleased to give thanks to the woman that made it all possible- Barbara Elsborg. A one of a kind author , with a vision. But more than that an author that not only stepped out of the box, but conquered the world outside it.

Oct 25, Cap'n Heather Holy Hell! Holy W. Uploaded with ImageShack. Kate is a single 20 year old woman living on her own, in her own safe and secure world. Or so she thought.

She has no family, no close friends, no boyfriend. She is the ideal introvert and the ideal victim. But sometimes the things you want and wish for come true Jack is a sick, demented, "missing all of his screws" whack job.

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Grade A certifiable. Jack has watched Kate from afar for long enough. She will be his. She will be his pawn to play when the time is right. She is his obsession. He is Jacks half brother from the same mother. He is obsessed with Jack, and hates him with such a passion. He has watched him and kept tabs on him for as long as he has known about him. But, Jack falls off the radar, and Nathan is on the hunt. What will he find? I was constantly trying to guess what was going to happen next and always on the edge of my seat.

Kate has balls. I will give her that. Attempt after attempt after attemp. Jack, he was a sadistic bastard. He knew just how to keep Kate in the game. He played her so well.

I nearly died several times throughout reading this book. No joke. I think my heart stopped on several occassions. GO get this book and read it! You won't be diappointed. If you like the mind fuckery, you will enjoy this book.

View all 3 comments. So hear are my thoughts, my rant or my explanation for my complete indecision. It was an intense, gripping story. It gave me the same feeling as the Silence of the Lambs movie; uneasiness and fascination. It was awesome and I hated it, it will stick with me and I want to forget it.

I finished it in a day and stayed up until 2am doing it, which is rare for me. It was definitely not what I expected, more creepy thriller than romance. It was so violent with so many horrible things happening throughout the first three quarters, I wanted to stop reading, but my obsession took over. It starts out with a vicious assault and abduction and there are so many plot twists.

All the families were screwed up with incest, rape, infidelity, mommy complexes, abandonment…on an on. The characters: I am going to start with the villain Jack; sick, demented, unstable, beyond abusive and cruel. I felt pure hatred for him. I felt helpless for the heroine. This might be what you feel like after a Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock book-- it sticks in your mind and creeps you out. After reading it I would recommend your next read to be about butterflies, rainbows, puppies and sweet kisses.

I know mine was. Just when you thought that Ms. Barbara Elsborg will put her signature humor with funny heroines and sexy bad boy heroes that have charms and wits err think again This is seriously Dark Thr 5 Swirling Stars 'cause it made me dizzy oh wait I thought I can see 10 Stars here this book should be on the captive shelves and not hiding 'cause it might explode This book is one HELL of a ride!

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