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Index of /sebe/Pathfinder Roleplaying Game/PZO Beginner Box. Parent Directory · Beginner Box - Character · Beginner Box - Cover . If you already have the Beginner Box, then all of this should look familiar and will hopefully prove to be a Download it and the optional battle tiles PDF for free. The PDF has everything that's in the Real McCoy (-Pawn bases and dice) the cover illustration with just "Beginner Box" (no Pathfinder RPG.

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Pathfinder Beginner Box Pdf

User summary: The PDF contains the entire contents of the boxed set EXCEPT dice and token stands. The page count above includes all the files except the. Beginner Box Rules These are the streamlined Pathfinder RPG rules and the best way to learn the Beginner Box Player Pack (expansion) (PDF) - Includes. So you've been playing with the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box and you want more—more spells, If you have the free PDF version of the adventure, you.

This PDF release is designed to help a player that entered the Pathfinder system through the Beginner Box to transition beyond 5th level and into the Core Rulebook. While I have played Pathfinder with my son in the past, the Beginner Box was the set that allowed me to hand him a set of books and he was able to read them himself and learn to play and GM his own games. Even many months later, my son still can be found reading his Beginner Box rule books, creating characters and designing encounters. The artistic quality of the PDF is excellent as one has come to expect from Paizo products. The PDF does include an index at the end to help find certain rules quickly. I was disappointed to see that there was not a bookmarked table of contents. Those can be very handy when looking to jump to a certain section of a PDF. Not a major issue, but it would be nice to see a Bookmarked table of contents, maybe in a future update. The PDF includes 9 chapters covering a myriad of topics from new rules to know when moving to the core rulebook, reading stat block entries from the core rules and bestiary, adventure conversions, leveling your character, and more.

Beginner Box Resources

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Each character is assigned a set amount of money based on their class and marched through the selection process for weapons, then armor, then other stuff.

Finally there's a discussion of in-game mechanics; movement, light, and environments. At long last it enters into a discussion of combat and the sometimes labyrinthine subject of "actions", attacks, saves and the beginnings of combat maneuvers.

Overall, the Hero's Handbook is fairly well organized in a linear way for people to get up and running in a fairly short time. There's enough depth for characters up to 5th level which it supports with a simplified selection of feats to provide some color in combat. The Game Master's Guide The Game Master's Guide starts off with Black Fang's Dungeon, a short adventure written so that the DM can boot-strap themselves while the players presumably without interrupting him get familiar with their pre-generated characters.

It contains frequent references to relevant rules by page number, also a plus.

Beginner Box Resources

After this it goes into the obligatory "This is what the DM does" section and then delves into the game mechanics; turn order, initiative, and so on. What follows includes ideas and suggestions on either expanding on the provided in-box adventure or creating your own adventures, campaigns.

There's even an index! What the book does exceptionally well is provide frequent references to pertinent sections of the rulebook where like rules are grouped together. While in an electronic format like a wiki you can simply connect everything with hyperlinks, this is hard to do in print and seems a bit repetitive after a while, but I can see the point of this.

As a beginner's tool, this sort of organization is a strength, since most time is wasted by looking up rules in your first few games. Additional Materials The 'Additional Materials' folder contains a smattering of other material; a blank character sheet, a flip-mat, the monster token sheets and four pre-generated characters.

The blank character sheet is a no-brainer, and if you use it in combination with the Hero's Handbook there's even a nifty guide the section on character creation that keys directly to specific areas of the sheet via letters circled in green. The pre-gen characters are simply four of the iconic characters from the Pathfinder RPG core rulebook. Kyra the cleric, Valeros the fighter, Merisiel the rogue, and Ezren the wizard.

The only problem with providing only 4 characters is this; what happens if no one wants to play the wizard, or if more than one person wants to play the fighter? Each character comes with two pages of material; a cover sheet introducing the character concept and their key strengths. The token sheets are useful since most people just starting off in RPGs won't have a lot of miniatures to fall back on, and Pathfinder is a highly tactical game.

The only problem becomes finding a way to stand the little critters up Maybe this isn't such a bad thing, since it would reproduce the 'fog of war' effect when moving from area to area, but not all the rooms and hallways will fit nicely on a single sheet of paper, and there are many places where people would be forced to play across the edges of 2 or more different sheets.

Overall the quality of the Pathfinder Beginner's Box is pretty high. If one of the players the DM is more experienced, so much the better!

It's worth noting that information is laid out neatly and there is a lot of color-coding within the book to break up different types of data, for example in the section on Magic Items the price is always highlighted in orange.

It's consistent and self-referential. It's also nicely decorated with lots of colorful pictures. For a person new to RPGs it will be helpful, and they will need that help since Pathfinder frankly isn't a terribly user-friendly system not that 3.

Beginner Box - Game Master's Guide.pdf

For someone interested in getting into Pathfinder for the first time, I definitely give the Pathfinder Beginners Box a thumbs-up, but if you are not an old hand at role-playing games I would recommend downloading the boxed version at your friendly local gaming store over the PDF.

Edit: It's worth noting also that Paizo has fleshed out some additional stuff for this set which can be found on the main product page linked above.

It's good to see that they are supporting this product and not just releasing it as a one-off.

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