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PDF Drive offered in: English. Pakistan Studies A full CIP record for this book is available from the British Library longer their feudatory 01 Prelims (pp. i-xviii). Pakistan Studies is the integrated, coordinated, and systematic area of study that The subject is based exclusively on books; teachers just convey that .. http:// LanguageEnglish. Note on Pakistan Studies by Virtual University. Identifier PakistanStudiesCompleteNotesByVU. Identifier-arkark://.

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Pakistan Studies Books In English Pdf

INTRODUCTION. This course of Pakistan Studies — which is a multi-disciplinary subject – OBJECTIVES: Broadly speaking, the Curriculum of Pakistan Studies is designed to: .. they have learned from their books or the teacher's lecture. Notes of Pak Studies in English Medium - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Ideology of Pakistan. Pakistan Studies Compiled by: Hafiz Ashfaq Ahmad. 2. Islam is a .. Class IX English Book Notes. Uploaded by. Here we have shared the 2nd Year Pakistan Studies Text Book in English pdf Download or read online. 12th class pak studies punjab text book.

Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. India Wins Freedom: Dead Reckoning: The Murder of History: The Sole Spokesman: Hybrid Tapestries: Sectarian War:

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. India Wins Freedom: Dead Reckoning: The Murder of History: The Sole Spokesman: Hybrid Tapestries: Sectarian War: Creator of Pakistan Paperback by Hector Bolitho.

Crimson Papers Hardcover by Harris Khalique. Islamic Modernism in India and Pakistan, R. Issues in Pakistan's Economy Paperback by S. Akbar Zaidi. The Struggle for Pakistan: Ek siasat Kai kahaniyan Hardcover by Rauf Klasra. I Am Malala: Muslim Unity: Muslims were dispersed in the 20th century especially after the failure of Khilafat movement.

The Muslims wanted to become united again because unity is also the basic teaching of Islam. But the unity of the Muslim world cannot be possible without the creation of Pakistan. In short the Muslims demanded a separate state only because of their worse conditions and to save their national integrity.

Explain the Ideology of Pakistan in the light of the sayings of the Quaid-e-Azam? Pakistan is the only state that came into being on the bases of strong ideology. Since its establishment it has been demanded to accomplish its basic aim. The social or political Programme of any movement that becomes a collective objective of any nation is called Ideology. Ideology means such an aim according to which human beings planned about their future. The Ideology of Pakistan The Ideology of Pakistan was the consciousness of the Muslims in the historical perspective of the south Asian sub-continent that they were a separate nation on the basis of the Islamic ideology.

No doubt Islamic ideology is the base of ideology of Pakistan so the basic fundaments of Islam are also the bases of the Ideology of Pakistan. Actually ideology of Pakistan is the practical shape of the teachings of Islam. Aslam Syed Dr. Aslam Syed defined the ideology of Pakistan as. He struggled for the separate state on the bases of Islamic Ideology. He himself explained this basic ideology.

Notes of Pak Studies in English Medium | Two Nation Theory | Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan and the Holy Quran: In the annual meeting of at Karachi Quaid-e-Azam said while clarifying the relation of Pakistan and Islam: What is that rock on which the structure of Muslim Nation is restored? What is that base which has secured the safety of the boat of this Muslim Nation?

That relation, rock and base is the Holy Quran. Islam is a complete code of life: While addressing the students, in March, he said,. We neither need any red or yellow flag nor do we need any Socialism.

Elimination of differences: What is the fun of saying that we are Punjabi, Sindhi or Pathan? We are only Muslims. Need of division of India: While addressing at Aligarh he clarified the ideology of Pakistan in these words: What was the cause of the division of India? Its cause is neither the narrow mindedness of Hindus nor the tactics of The British but is the basic demand of Islam? National Identity of The Muslims: In the light of the history of the subcontinent Quaid-e-Azam argued that Muslims have never been a minority.

They are a perfect nation and have the right to establish an independent state in those areas where they are in majority. Pakistan, A practical laboratory for Islamic system: Protection of Muslim culture: Addressing the army officers, in October, , Mr. Criticism of the Western Economic system: It has failed to provide justice to the people. We are to present an economic system based on original Islamic concept equality and social justice. A Staunch supporter of the Two Nation Theory: He was a great supporter of two-nation theory and he considered the Muslims a separate nation from every aspect.

He said: Origin of Pakistan.

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North West remained a homeland of Muslims. Separate Status of The Muslims: Demand for the Separate Homeland: Quaid-e-Azam said in his presidential address at Lahore on 23rd March about the demand of separate homeland for the Muslims as: They have different epics, different heroes and different history.

Therefore, the union of two nations is fatal for the sub-continent, because it is not based on equality but on numerical minority and other as a majority. It would be better for the British government to partition the sub-continent by keeping in view the interests of the two nations. Promotion of Islamic Ideology: Quaid-e-Azam once said while clarifying the root of Muslim unity. What is the rock on which the structure of Muslim Nation is standing?

What is the base which has secured the safety of the boat of this Muslim Nation? The Constitution of Pakistan The Quaid-e-Azam while talking to an American journalist said about the making of constitution of Pakistan.

These principles can be implemented on our practical life as they were years ago. Destination of Muslims. During the Congress rule from to , the treatment to the Muslims convinced them of their destination. Quaid-e-Azam in clear words said: Gandhi and the Congress want to rule India and the Muslims. We say that we will not let either the Britain or Mr. Strong Belief of Muslims Quaid-e-Azam had a strong belief in achieving his goal.

A Text Book of Pakistan Studies (Eng) for B.S. 4 Years, B.A., B.Sc., B.Com

ON that occasion, on 15th August, he said: Let us, on this day, humbly thank God for His bounty and pray that we might be able to prove that we are worthy of it. Once he said after the creation of Pakistan. There is no any power in the world who demolishes Pakistan. According to his ideas Islam was the only base of The Ideology of Pakistan.

Explain the Ideology of Pakistan in the light of sayings of Allama Iqbal? OR Ideology means such an aim according to which human beings planned about their future. No doubt Islamic ideology is the base of ideology of Pakistan so the basic fundamentals of Islam are also the bases of the Ideology of Pakistan. Actually ideology of Pakistan is the practical shape of teachings of Islam. He clearly explained the Ideology of Pakistan in his sayings and poetry.

Aflame Iqbal and Ideology of Pakistan: Separate Recognition of Muslims: Allama lqbal made it clear that the Muslims have the separate recognition from the Hindus on the base of religion and culture. Muslim nation has its own religious and cultural identity. Condemnation of Western Democratic Concepts: Allama lqbal was strongly against the western concept of Democracy. Despite flourishing all over the world, this system cannot provide solution of the problem of Islamic world.

Iqbal was of the view that all social and political problems can be solved with the help of Islamic system. He said, Western democracy is devoid of depth, it has merely an attractive out look. Concept of separate Muslim State: Muhammad Allama lqbal was great supporter and preacher of separate Muslim state. Whether India gets independences under the crown of England or out of it, I think independent state of western provinces is the destiny of the people living there.

Commendation of Idea of Single Nation:. To have the concept of single nation in India is no doubt poetic and beautiful but impractical regarding present circumstances. Concept of Two Nation Theory: Allama Iqbal explaining the two nation theory as: Once he said in this regard as: That is why Islamic humane objects are becoming dim. It is also possible that these concepts may destroy the real concepts of Islam. Allah, Universe and state all are the basic elements of single unit. Man is not so alien that he should leave worldly affairs for the sake of religion.

Islam is a lively power In his Allahabad address he said: If we understand this thing then we can be the leaders of prominent Indian civilization. Islam is the way to success Allama Iqbal said in relation to Islam: No other ideology of life than Islam. He rejected this balance firstly in his essay and then in a letter to All-e-Ahmed Sarwur in Islam is the only reality which is the reason of salvation.

To have a contract with any other ism is just like to be out of Islam. Opposition of Nationalism He described the reason of opposition of nationalism in the words: It is likely to bring less material gain to Muslims. Separate Existence of Muslims The fact is that even the enemies acknowledge that it was Iqbal who made the idea of a distinct Muslim Nationhood crystal clear in the minds of the masses.

Pakistan Studies

A bigoted Hindu leader Madan Mohan Malwiya once remarked. He also declared that there is no any concept of discrimination on the base of colour, cast and creed in Islam. The message of unity of the Muslim World can be seen in his poetry as.

Geographical Limitations of Mankind According to Allama Iqbal, Islam is a practical way to eliminate the artificial distinctions of race and nation and to transcend beyond the geographical. He wanted to established Muslim nationality on ideological lines:. He advocated the separate nationhood of Muslims. Describe the importance of the Ideology of Pakistan. Following are the bases of its ideology. Right of Self Determination In the decent civilizations of the world, right of self determination has got the place of basic human right.

Because of the ideology of Pakistan, the Muslims of India who had become a minority due to the western democracy became a great nation. Because of the ideology of Pakistan the Muslims of India got freedom and they got social betterment.

In addition to that other nations like Sikhs, Hindus and Christians had other benefits out of that.

2nd Year Pakistan Studies Text Book in English pdf Download

Ending of Hindu-Muslim Tension. After the creation of Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim tension which had been a part of Daily life ended. Along with that tension the events of terrorism also ended. They both got peaceful atmosphere which is necessary for the development of any society. Symbol of Security of the Muslims The ideology of Pakistan is very important for the Muslim of the Sub-Continent after the start of this theory the Muslims feel better and secured in the Sub- Continent. The people who believe the ideology of Pakistan although belong to different races and different areas, are united.

Because of this natural unity, they can defeat foreign conspiracies and enemies of Pakistan. Ideology of Pakistan is based on Islamic ideology and exemplary principles of Islam. There is no any discrimination on the base of colour cast, creed, state or a country in Islam and Pakistan is obtained on the base of Ideology of Pakistan.

So the unity of the Islamic world is the key factor of the foreign policy of Pakistan and Pakistan tried his best to create the harmony and unity of the Muslim World. Source of Power Islam gave the concept of two nation theory in sub-continent and secured the separate recognition of the Muslims in sub-continent.

Finally they succeed to achieve Pakistan. Muslims of India had a brilliant chance to build and exemplary society in Pakistan after the creation of Pakistan.

According to the constitution of Pakistan, government is responsible for the security of basic human rights. This thing is necessary for an exemplary society. In The British took-over the whole sub-continent and Muslim became their ruled.

In the 18th and 19th century The British increased their efforts to spread Christianity and Hindus started to spread Hinduism. Under these conditions the ideology of Pakistan saved them from such spreading. The protection of Muslim Culture and Civilization is only possible the ideology of Pakistan.

Symbol of Beneficence of the Society The progress of the Muslims of the sub-continent was hidden in the aim of getting Pakistan which was lightened by the creation of Pakistan.

Besides, ideology of Pakistan is ideology of Islam so it is in a way a source of beneficence on the Day of Judgment. Reason of Human Dignity The basic aim of creation of Pakistan was the formation of such state where Muslims can live their individual and collective lives according to the principles of Islam. In addition to that there they can make such a society where. This heightens the human dignity. Creation of Pakistan up to a high extent fulfilled this aim.

Source of Economic Development of the Muslims Ideology of Pakistan is source of economic development of the Muslims, because after the creation of Pakistan, Muslims got the freedom from The British, and Hindu landlords.

Exploitation of Muslims of the sub-continent came to an end. And they became strong economically. Industrial and Mineral Development After the creation of Pakistan, Muslims used their capabilities in finding and using the minerals blessed by God and made progress in the field of industry and minerals.

Establishment of Welfare State On the basis of ideology of Pakistan separate state for the Muslims was to be established. Success for the Muslims Ideology of Pakistan is the source of success for the Muslims in the world. Due to the separate state, the Muslims became prosperous and they adopted Islamic ways of life.

They obey the Islamic principles and follow Islam and start to spend of their lives according to Islam and introduced Islamic ethical system which led to the success of the Muslims both in this word and the life after the death. Write a comprehensive note on Two Nation Theory?

Though the Muslims and the Hindus both have been living together for centuries, yet they could not merge with each other. According to the holy Quran, the concept of one nation was produced before Adam. Quran says: Go down, all of you from here; but verily there cometh unto you from Me a guidance; and who so follow My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.

They will be therein. Islam has different character and temperament. The concept of Two Nations was given by Islam 14 hundred years ago. According to Islam there are only two nations in the world; Believers and Non believers.

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