Download a free grocery price book template for Excel. Track sale Make sure you understand how the spreadsheet calculates prices when using coupons. Looking for deal at the grocery store isn't too hard if you know them when you see them. Grab this free printable rock bottom price list. (Favorite List For Adults). Another way to keep track of grocery prices is to use a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You can find price book spreadsheet.

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Grocery Price Book Spsheet

How to use a free grocery price list spreadsheet (by volume & store) to dramatically cut your grocery bill & food costs in an easy & efficient way. If you've been wondering how to make a grocery price book, you've come to the right place. A simple price book can save you tons of money on. Keep track of what you pay for groceries (or practically anything you download on a regular basis), so you can determine the best price and best time to download for each .

Aside from housing, my largest expense category, by far, is groceries. In fact, I have respect for consumers who can stick to those plans. And there is nothing I hate more than going shopping. And the good news is that they are universal and can be repeated as habit by everyone! Sticking to these 4 behaviors will go a long way, but it will also allow you to bust out the secret weapon to cut grocery expenses: The concept is fairly simple — you price out the food staples that you download, on a per volume or per unit basis at each of the main grocery stores that are within a reasonable driving distance. Some items, i.

Weekend Money Tip: How to Start a Grocery Price Book

And for many years that system worked. Well, until I did an experiment. One weekend, my girls and I traveled to four different nation-wide grocery stores and wrote down the prices on 12 different healthy food items that we normally download. Then we came home and did the math.

Free Printable Grocery Store Price Book – Download Print – Save Money On Groceries

I was shocked and amazed at how the numbers crunched. My favorite store came in dead last, while two stores that take a bit of work to shop at were clearly the winners. If you want to see how my Grocery Store Showdown turned out, check out the e-course.

I like shopping there! A price book is nothing more than a process of tracking prices so that you know a great deal when you see one. Not just what you think is a great deal. Your price book can be as low-tech as a piece of paper and a pencil where you jot down prices. Or you can get a little more fancy with a spreadsheet.

There are even several apps that will help you track grocery prices. I decided to do my tracking in a Google Spreadsheet.

I can access it from my desktop computer as well as from the Google Sheets app on my phone. The price of milk does make a difference!

Do you keep a price book? The course includes: Encouragement and support to meet your healthy eating goals Easy, doable strategies to eat better and save money Video tutorials for healthy food prep A healthy living daily docket to help you track your sleep, water intake, exercise, daily schedule, positive intentions, and more. Deliciously simple recipes for main dishes, sides dishes, sauces, dressings, dips, spice mixes, and more.

That's where a grocery price book can come in. Put your brain on paper, so you can actually see if that advertised or unadvertised sale is really a good deal or not while you're walking through the grcoery store aisle or studying the week's circular ads.

Plus, once you've worked on your grocery price book for a while, and collected data for about three months or longer, you'll start to learn even more stuff by comparing historical prices, and being able to study and compare the differences in unit prices at various stores.

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Yes, you could figure this stuff out in your head, but having it all organized in one place, on paper, often can give you that "ah ha" moment that puts the pieces of the grocery price comparison puzzle together for you.

For instance, here are some advantages to creating and using a grocery price book: Detect price and sales cycle, including by season Know when you're getting a rock bottom bargain Find trends to help you decide which stores to shop at, for what types of items The book can help you stock up on items while they're the cheapest you'll find, and also lets you know how many of an items to stock up on between sales cycles to suit your family's needs Choose when to maximize your use of coupons by pairing the coupon with the low sale price for the biggest savings One reader, Holly, wrote in to share with me her experience with using a price book.

She said: This thing changed the way I shop and saved me a ton of money! Over the years as I've shared it with friends it has helped them too. Therefore, creating your own personalized grocery price list to compare prices will help you the most in maximizing your savings.

One of the keys to using a grocery price book effectively is to calculate the unit price.

Cut your Grocery Bill with a Grocery Price List Spreadsheet

We've all heard the general rules that downloading in bulk, such as at a warehouse store, is cheaper, or that bigger containers have a lower unit price than smaller containers. While these general rules do have some grains of truth in them, you may be suprised when you compare the unit price to figure out this isn't always the case, especially with big sales or when you also use coupons. You may find that while the bulk cans of green beans cost lest per unit at the warehouse store most of the time, when the grocery store has their rock bottom lowest sales prices on the smaller cans that this is actually the cheapest price.

Plus, these smaller cans are a more convenient size for your family's use. In such a situation the grocery price list will make you confident in your decision to skip the warehouse store and instead wait for the supermarket sale, and when it rolls around you can stock up enough cans for your family until the sale rolls around again.

To calculate the unit price a bit of math is required, so I tend to grab a caculator for this task.

To determine the unit price divide the cost of the item by the number of units, such as ounces, sheets, feet, etc. If you shop at a supermarket the unit price is often listed for you on the shelf itself, next to the price of the item.

But be careful -- always compare apples to apples when it comes to the unit price. Sometimes, especially if you're comparing bulk items with the smaller versions, different units of measurement are used, such as ounces versus gallons.

You've got to make sure you're using the same unit of measurement to compare, or your comparisons won't make any sense. You can go very low or high tech with your price list, from a small spiral notebook, to a computer spreadsheet.

I tend to be a middle of the roader and suggest a binder using a template, such as the one I've created for you below. Click here for free printable template opens in another window as PDF Print one page for each of the typical items you download on a regular basis, and fill out the product in the right hand corner.

Put them in a three ring binder, in alphabetical order.