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The Books. A SYSTEM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. Book Yourself Solid® is the original business building system created by Michael Port in More than. Book Yourself Solid®. By Michael Port Translated into 11 languages, in it's second edition, and one of the bestselling marketing books in the U.S., Book Yourself. [Michael Port] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The new edition of the bestselling business development guide Book Yourself Solid.

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Book Yourself Solid Michael Port

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port The Google Story by David A. Vise Nice. Following are my highlights from Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. Unless noted otherwise, you can assume I agree wholeheartedly with anything listed. Book more clients, earn more referrals, and build profitable, long-lasting professional relationships with Michael Port's best-selling Book Yourself Solid system.

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He said it was a huge success—customers loved it, as you might imagine. As a service provider you may not want to think of yourself as a salesperson.

Many service professionals also feel uncomfortable charging for services that either come easily to them or that they love doing. Add the fact that service professionals sell themselves as much as they sell a product, and the whole idea becomes even more uncomfortable.

In fact, developing the right comfort level also requires a shift in your perspective of the sales process itself. Most people who are successful get paid to do what they do well. You become successful when you exploit your natural talents. Rowling saying she should write the Harry Potter books for free because she enjoys it. You need to resonate fully with the prices you are setting so that others will resonate with them as well. To do so, you may need to work on shifting your beliefs so that you feel more comfortable with charging higher fees, rather than lowering your fees to eliminate the discomfort.

The Book Yourself Solid paradigm of sales is all about building relationships with your potential clients on the basis of trust. It is, quite simply, about having a sincere conversation that allows you to let your potential clients know what you can do to help them. Thinking in terms of solutions and benefits is the ah-ha to the selling process.

When you think in terms of solutions and problems solved, clients will beg to work with you. You are a consultant, a lifelong advisor.

When you have fundamental solutions and a desire to help others, it becomes your moral imperative to show and tell as many people as possible. You are changing lives! This simple four-step process is the secret to the Book Yourself Solid system. You execute a few of the 7 Core Self-Promotion strategies, which create awareness for what you have to offer. She needs some time to consider the consequences before she will actually trust you. As a potential client moves through your sales cycle, she will come to like you, trust you, and find you credible.

You have a sales conversation the Book Yourself Solid way and book the business. When a potential client expresses interest in working with you, open with a simple question. Part 1: What are you working on?

Or, what is your goal? Or, what are you trying to achieve? Once you feel certain you know what he wants to accomplish and by when, simply ask. Part 2: How will you know when you have achieved it? What results will you see?

What feedback will you hear? What feelings will you have?

Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training

Once you feel like the potential client has clearly articulated these benefits, make sure he is fully in the hiring frame of mind, and then ask. Part 3: Would you like someone to help you with that achieve your goal, and so forth? Part 4: Would you like that person to be me? Because, you know, you are my ideal client.

Well, you are someone with whom I do my best work. Because you are. Here is where you list the qualities that make him who he is and allow you to do your best work. That is so me! Thank you for noticing. Start small, end big, and remember—successful selling is really nothing more than showing your potential clients how you can help them to live a happier, more successful life.

And rarely do they download because of a sales pitch or something clever you said to persuade them.

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Do not let your guard down for one second. Think bigger about who you are and how you will serve your clients. Your service is important to the world. You are important to the world. Cut the crap out of selling and set yourself apart. Give each of these three intangibles freely and with no expectation of return.

Think about it: Whom do you want to give your business to or recommend to other members of your network? Expressing that compassion is the first step to a successful working relationship.

How do you do that? Listen attentively. Be fully present when making connections, smile as often as possible, make eye contact, and ask engaging, open-ended questions that express your curiosity and interest. Always have a pen with you. When you receive a business card, write a little note about any commitment to follow up, what you talked about, any personal bits or unusual things that will help you to remember the person and to personalize future contact, and be sure to include the date and name of the function where you met.

The cycle of complaining is easy to get drawn into, especially at events where almost everyone is a bit uncomfortable. We all connect constantly, with everyone, every day.

Now we just need to do it consciously, with greater awareness, until doing so becomes a natural and comfortable part of our daily lives.

Here, this woman, asked to friend me. Of course, my Facebook page explains what I do and lists all four of my books. We all have some ego around something. Instead of focusing on getting the callback, I was focusing on getting the part. I read Book Yourself Solid about a year ago, right as I had quit my job working for a law firm and started my own practice.

Also around the same time, I shifted my practice area to focus more on working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. In spite of the shift and the new business, I was busy from the get-go. Ironically, I only got slow once I stopped focusing in a disciplined way on the lessons you teach in the book. For example, as I worked to broaden my reputation by blogging and podcasting more frequently, as well as networking with others who have similar online goals, I failed to continue networking with others on a local level, who have served as my primary source of referrals over the past few years.

I need to either re-read BYS or pick up this new Illustrated version to remind me of the principles which were so helpful to me a year and a half ago. I love hearing a success story like yours. I have actually been thinking about writing up a blog post on this topic for quite some time, breaking down the concepts in BYS and showing what I did and what worked for me.

I have found writing those sorts of posts are really helpful for others and for me as well. They remind me of the stuff I need to be working on regularly. But I realize another value for people like me who just love to read: Michael, Obviously something is broken in my brain, because words work very well for me. It helps to have illustrations as a complement to the words, but honestly, I have no idea what your illustrations said.

I stared at them for a bit, and then asked myself why I am working so hard to understand this? My whole life I have quickly scanned charts and diagrams, and then looked for the information in the body of the text. I see big blocks of words and they look just like that — a big block. I love the visual steps although 6 needs to be truly thought about. I have noticed that smaller books get better reading.

I work with and am published on the Corporate Toolbox One thing I notice is that the smaller, easier to read books are more popular. I think that is why I like creating workbooks and story books. And given the Kindle and epub formats for books, the more visual a book, the easier it is to get the message.

I look forward to further connection. Well I admit it, I do hate marketing and selling…and I think the visuals are refreshing, especially with a lot of content. So yes, I think I will pick up a copy. The testimonials sprinkled throughout the comments have me convinced! Hi Michael, Do you find any difference in how well pictures vs. My kids grew up with graphic novels, avatars, emoticons, and memes. They are very image oriented. They understand icons much faster and easier than I do.

And when they scan a grocery aisle or a Netflix movie list they look at the images—not the words—to find what they want. I grew up with reading lots of books. I find images difficult to understand if I need information from them. Your book illustrations are clear and easy to understand, but I found myself wanting a written, deeper explanation.

I have read in many places that images are stronger than words, but I wonder if it is based on either age or the way information was processed as a child. In the book, I offer written descriptions and examples to support the images. You could also look at it in the reverse — that the images support my writing. I hope you do too. Hmmm… Good point. Well done wink. Good points.

The brain remembers pictures much better than words. Great point on how images help entice the reader to continue reading and increase recall.

Its crazy how much our society is image-based and what advertisers use to get us to download their products. Pictures worth more than a million words. We all tend to remember things we see than what we read. Your effort is great Michael! You have built the schemes that are generally created by the most attentive and probably wise readers.

In order to be successful in this work the author should put himself in the shoes of the potential readers, possibly with the help of an external supporter. And this seems to be the way you followed. The discipline of re-producing the article in a visual format is quite extraordinary although it seems the result was worth the effort.

Interesting post. Makes me want to get the book! Am I missing something? Yes, Carrie.

Note on Book Yourself Solid

In the last illustration the 6 Core Self-Promotion strategies are just the first step in the Book Yourself Solid system. The process repeats itself again and again. This is a perfect example of why just a little supportive text along with illustrations is so effective. Hi Michael, I was excited to read your post this morning! Book Yourself Solid is by far my favorite client acquisition strategies book.

Your ideas are what counts — presenting them in a more visual way is a great way to help more entrepreneurs.

Bravo and I look forward to seeing it and anything else you can develop! Interesting article and I think you are spot on — kind of. I prefer to read. Still others prefer audio. But, otherwise, heregoes.

So, for me, reading a story is amazing but time consuming. What attracts me to the illustrated version is all the diagrams and visual pictures to help explain a concept.

What worries me, is that it might not have much beyond the illustrations. Travis Provid Films http: The illustrations support the text and the text supports the illustrations. The original version had over 90, words and this version has just over 40, words. I hope you to a chance on the book. If you have ANY questions just post at http: Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. This is a problem. I had to create an illustrated edition of the book Allow me to introduce: And it worked.

Here are the first 4 out of 5 Steps to Developing Your Product. Previous article: It really happens, and it could be you. In Book Yourself Solid , Michael Port leads you to discover and set your business foundation, build trust with your target audience, and earn credibility within your marketplace. A Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Steal the Show offers a fast track to the skill set that will enable you to stand up and present in a way that makes people listen.

By sharing the go-to techniques of successful actors, Port brings even the most reticent speaker or wallflower the tools necessary to inspire and persuade.

In this fast-paced, accessible, and actionable guide, he walks through the essentials on how to give your presentations a clear focus, engage your listeners, manage your nerves, give your message maximum impact in every situation, every time, and much more.

Drawing on his MFA training at the prestigious Graduate Acting Program at NYU, Port engineered a system that the non-actor can use to easily shine during their most important high-stakes situations. By Michael Port Book Yourself Solid focused on the first basic function of business development marketing.

Beyond Booked Solid: It will help you discover your capacity to innovate in your business. Beyond Booked Solid gives you the strategies, techniques, and tips you need to build a bigger, better business.

And by the way, growth can mean many things—bigger revenues, bigger profits, bigger operations.

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