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Tintin Bangla Comic Book

Jan Tintin Bangla Comics Book, Download Bengali Comics Book, Bangla Comics Book. hallo i have some new tintin comics- soviet deshe tintin, panna kothay, krisnodeeper Rohosso and lohit sagorer hangor i will give you the comics if you add my. Specifications of Tintin Samagra (Paperback) Book Details Publisher Ananda Publishers Writer Herje Language Bengali No of Books Binding Paperback .

People may not read a book but they will never say no to a comic book. Human beings receive information through words and images. A comic book is hence a more efficient way to tell a tale. Bengali magazines have contributed a lot to its literature in the last hundred years or so. Later, the young-adult targeted magazines regularly featured comic strips from indigenous and foreign creators. The magazines in this way shaped the imagination of many generations. These Bengali comics were not only full of clean humour but also were great way of knowing the world. The comics became magical — it taught you all the knowledge of a book in the most enjoyable way. People who read comics also became more imaginative and had more emotional quotient. Here are some very loved comics from the bygone days. How many do you remember?

Batul to Tintin – comics that all Bengalis loved

Later it was broadcast in Arabic on state TV, channel 1. It was then broadcast in the original series episode order. When it was later published in a Scandinavian DVD box with Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish dubbings , the episodes were arranged in the original album order for instance, putting the episode "Tintin in America" as the first episode, even though it was the last one in the series.

A few years later, was part of the Latin Cartoon Network shows in the late '90s. Home media releases The full series has been available three times on video, with individual episodes released by Lumiere in and Mollin Video in , while Anchor Bay released a series of five videos, containing four episodes on each and five on the last one in — The series has also been released twice on Region 2 DVD by Anchor Bay, but unfortunately with no subtitles or extra features.

The second was a general disc release but with the soundtrack only in English. The limited edition 5-disc set places The Blue Lotus first presumably from looking at the back of one of the books , however, the disc set is in the canonical order.

On 10 October , Anchor Bay re-released the series in a 5 disc DVD set and released it for the first time on Blu-ray, also in a 5-disc set. The Blu-ray features a transfer that has been cropped from the image.


In France, the full series has been available for years on video, produced by Citel. The DVDs are packaged in two ways.

A full set was issued in a wooden box. The second packaging has two episodes on each DVD 3 on one. These have audio in French, English and Spanish, and subtitles in the same three languages plus French for the hard of hearing. Some of them also have subtitles in Portuguese. In Canada, the series has been released on Region 1 DVD on two 5-disc box sets with all discs individually available , with French and English language tracks with subtitles. Each DVD contains two episodes, arranged in two boxed sets of ten episodes each.

Tintin in America is not planned for release.

It is more French than English; for on-screen text, English subtitles automatically appear. The Canadian editions were released in the US on 18 August The first three discs had four episodes, the last three had three episodes. Each disc comes with information on the comic books, character profiles, and no subtitles.

The full set was issued in a wooden box as part of 80th anniversary celebration by Eagle. The second format is individual episodes sold separately with audio in English with English subtitles. The DVDs are region free in both cases. The tracks included are Spanish Castilian, different from the Latin America dub , Catalan a regional language in Spain Tintin was dubbed to and French.

Each season has been released separately on 3 box-sets. There's also a special deluxe collector's edition box-set with all 39 episodes on 9 discs. I've gone through many comics day by day. So I can feel the craze of Comics and what actually comics can do.

As , if you are sad for some reason , just take a Bantul The Great in your hand and get ready.

Tintin tivia: Did you know?

I bet you can not but finish the book. That will also make you feel better and will erase your sadness. Comics are like magic. But , if you want to read comics in bengali it is not so easy to find all that you want in a single place. It is not so easy to download them all too.

Sometimes many People who live cannot find what they want in book stores. So we've chosen and easier way to take all books to you digitally. This is my venture to provide you with the Comics you want in Bengali. Stay tuned with Bengalipdfcomics. Thank you Click here for the comics