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Starcrossed lovers and fallen angels are at the heart of the romantic New York Times bestselling Kissed by an Angel series by Elizabeth Chandler. An angelic romantic suspense trilogy in one volume! "Kissed by an Angel": Ivy and Tristan have the love of a lifetime--until Tristan dies in a car accident. Kissed by an Angel (Series). Elizabeth Chandler Author Claudia Max Translator ( ). cover image of Kissed by an Angel Loved by an Angel.

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Kissed by an Angel Elizabeth Chandler For Pat and Dennis, October 15, Chapter 1 "I never knew how romantic a back. Everafter, a Kissed By An Angel novel by Elizabeth Chandler - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The New York Times. Kissed by an Angel trilogy written by Elizabeth Chandler is a must read. It is my favorite novel. Male or female readers can enjoy this novel. The story is about the .

Elizabeth Chandler is a pseudonym for Mary Claire Helldorfer. She is the author of the Kissed by an Angel and Dark Secrets series. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The unbreakable bonds of love are put to the test in this romantic and suspenseful collection of the New York Times bestselling Kissed by an Angel trilogy. A love beyond life When her boyfriend, Tristan, died, Ivy thought she'd lost everything, even her faith in angels. But now she's discovered that he's her guardian angel -- his presence so strong that she can feel the touch of his hand, the beat of his heart. Ivy needs Tristan now more than ever because he knows she's in terrible danger.

I am glad I did! The book was downloaded to my Kindle, so I can't speak for the girth of the book. The size of some books are rather intimidating. There is nothing intimidating about Kissed by an Angel. I've been reading it for about a week now and I'm not tired of the characters.

I actually look forward to the moment when I can pick up the book again. It is great that the three different books are all wrapped up into one book. The first two books end on a cliffhanger. If I had downloadd the physical books separately, I would have been frustrated with the wait.

But having all three stories together is perfect! The only complaint that I have is the flashbacks, dream sequences, and inner dialogue are not differentiated from the rest of the story. Whenever there is inner dialogue, the narrative voice kind of hiccups between first-person present and third-person past. It is a little distracting, but not enough to ruin the story. I would recommend this book to everyone. This was my second time reading the sites. I feel in love with it when I was in 5th grade and have wondered why it hasn't been turned in to a movie.

Now as a 30 something woman I understand why it hasn't made its big screen debut. The basic storyline roused my curiosity, but the crude amateur writing style was annoying.

There were numerous typos, and points where the author just assumed things were explained well enough, though they were under developed. All in all this was a beautiful love story, I would recommend it to middle school girls, whom will graciously ignore the grammatical errors to believe love conquers all. I loved it!

I couldn't stop reading the book. As soon as I finished it I started reading the sequel Evercrossed, also a wonderful book. It mixes phantasy, supernatural events involving the action of angels, mistery, crime and is romantic in the core. The book is centered on Ivy, a high school girl whose mother marries a rich nice guy who has a boy of Ivys age. Ivy also has a small brother she cares a lot. She is not interested in boyfriends until Tristan a nice and handsome boy helps her at school when she almost fell in the swimming pool.

She can not swim and is afraid of the water, because she nearly drowned, when one of her mothers ex-boyfriends threw her in a swimming pool when she was a small kid. She believes that an angel saved her then. Despite Tristans does not believe in angels, causing him an argument with Ivy , they fall in love and they are on their way to a nice dinner, when they suffer a terrible car accident and Tristan dies and turns into an angel.

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Their love survives Tristans death. A lot of action, mistery and romance start from then on and keep you alert until the end. Paperback Verified download. As a preteen, I loved the heck out of this book. I always worry about which books are appropriate for that in between age of Nothing too babyish, but nothing to mature, either. It's often difficult to find a happy medium, but these books do the trick. They are interesting to her without being too "adult". Great set for the pre-teen set!

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What if he could destroy her hope of ever joining Tristan in heaven? The power is within you. The voices were wise, Gregory thought; they knew him better than he knew himself. Vengeance is mine! If Tristan had died, would her heart know it? Ivy, are you okay? Dhanya called to her, then opened the gate between the old Harwich church and its cemetery. Earlier, they had attended the funeral for Michael Steadman and served at the reception that followed.

It had been hard for Ivy to look at the faces of the lifeguards family and friends, most of them still in shock. The minister had preached on a biblical quote about seeing through a glass. Elizabeth Chandler darkly, telling them to trust in Gods inscrutable will.

But Ivy feared that the deadly lightning bolt had been an act of Gregory, not God. They were just fooling around, but looking back now, Ivy knew that was when Gregorys spirit had reentered the world.

Beth, who was psychic and the gentlest, most open person Ivy had ever known, had been the most vulnerable; Gregory had possessed her, forcing her to attack Ivy. It had taken the combined strength of Ivy, Beth, and Will to expel Gregory. Beth had gone home to Connecticut to recover.

In the last four days, Will and Ivy had seen no sign of Gregory on the Cape, but the demon knew how to hide himself. Ivys great fear in searching for Tristan was that she would not only reveal to Gregory that Tristan had returned, she would lead the policeand worse, the treacherous Bryanto Luke McKenna, the body which Tristan now occupied. Yesterday, the Cape Cod police had contacted Ivy, hot on the trail of their suspected murderer. From that, Ivy drew hope that Tristan was still alive.

The authorities hadnt found hisLukesbody. Dhanya joined Ivy at the grave of Gregorys latest victim. Aunt Cindy said the Steadmans are leaving the Cape. The Seabrights owner, Beth and Kelseys aunt, was. Everafter close friends with Mrs. How will they ever go to the beach again? Dhanya said sadly. How will they ever enjoy summer again? She and Ivy began to walk. The mid-July sun warmed the silent churchyard, reecting off the newest and shiniest gravestones. Here and there, a tall tree allowed dappled light to fall on the older memorials, stones splattered with lichen and leaning at odd angles.

Ivy paused to run her nger across the top of one of these, marveling that such gentle, slow-growing things as tree roots had the strength to topple granite. Cemeteries are lovely places, Dhanya remarked, watching two butteries alight on purple phlox, as long as you dont know anyone buried there.

That made Ivy laugh out loud. Over here, Kelsey called to them. They turned, surprised. Their roommate, who was supposed to be working at the inn with Will, was stretched out on a sunny spot near the center of the cemetery. Ive got big news. Youre not going to believe it!

What I cant believe is that youre taking a sunbath on somebodys grave, Dhanya replied. Kelsey laughed and rested her back against the stone, her athletic legs extended straight out in front of her and glistened with tanning oil. She combed her ngers through a mass of wavy auburn hair, then gestured to the markers. Elizabeth Chandler on either side. Have a seat. Rest in peace.

You guys have earned it. Instead, Dhanya chose a stone bench and sat down gracefully. She had a dancers body and a long dark curtain of hair. If she had rested her chin on her hand, Ivy thought, she would have resembled a classic monument to grief. Ivy sat on a marble curb that marked the border of a family plot. Did you hear from Bryan?

Ivy asked. He came over before heading to the ice rink. Dhanya looked disgusted. Kelsey, you swore you wouldnt even glance at Bryan after he stood you up and ignored your texts all weekend. But it turned out he had a good reason, Kelsey answered, her voice rising with excitement.

Saturday night, he jumped off the train bridgethe one over the Cape Cod Canal. Ivy exclaimed, sounding shocked, though she had witnessed the incident.

Thats his excuse? Dhanya said, unimpressed. Dhanya, the bridge was going up, Kelsey explained. He leaped fty feet down to the canal. Think about ithe could have broken his back and drowned if hed landed the wrong way in the water. It was what Ivy feared for Tristan. Standing on the canal bank, she had lost sight of him. Everafter Youll never guess why Bryan was up there, Kelsey went on. He was chasing Luke. Dhanya moved over to sit on the marble curb with Ivy.

Did you know he was still on the Cape? I havent seen or heard from Luke since June, Ivy lied. So Lukes now in jail? Dhanya asked Kelsey. Missing in action.

Kissed by an Angel Books by Elizabeth Chandler and Candace Thaxton from Simon & Schuster

Bryans been looking for him. And if he nds him, hell kill him, Ivy thought. What kind of story had Bryan concocted for the police and Kelsey? Why did Bryan chase Luke? Ivy asked aloud. I thought they were good friends. Not anymore, Kelsey replied. Bryan believes that Luke murdered that girl, the one police said jumped from the bridge a week agoAlice something or other. Alicia Crowley, Ivy thought. Bryan had already framed Luke for Corinnes death.

Now he was adding Alicia to the list. She was close to Luke, Kelsey added. Luke sure likes to knock off his girlfriends. Dhanya shivered. That could have been you, Ivy. Ivy simply shook her head. Her roommates condemned and feared the wrong person. But Bryan had already proven his willingness to kill anyone who learned the dark truth about him.

To warn Kelsey and Dhanyaand Beth and Willwould only put them in greater danger. The way to keep everyone safe from Bryan was for. Elizabeth Chandler her to nd the evidence that would place him behind bars, the evidence that would clear Lukes name. Then she and Tristan could be together, and Tristan could nd a way to redeem himself.

If he was still alive. Tristan, where are you? Ivy cried silently, though she knew, alive or not, her fallen angel could no longer hear her heart calling to him. His clothes were wet; the tarp he was lying on was damp and gritty. The place reeked. Unable to see a thing, he sat up and stretched out his hands. To his right and left, his ngers brushed against something moist and hard, surfaces that felt like rough plastic, walls that slanted away from him.

He realized then that he was rocking slightly, and heard a quiet lap-lap. He was entombed in the hull of a boat, at anchor on calm water.

He suddenly remembered the old lobster boat he had swum to, recognizing at least three ingredients of the stench: He had walked more than forty miles the last two nights, working his way from the Cape Cod Canal to Nauset Harbor, close to where Ivy was staying.

There were no private docks or marinas here; the boats were moored in a bay protected from the Atlantics fury by a long nger of dunes and small islands at the northern end of Nauset Beach. Everafter Before sunrise Tuesday morning, Tristan had spotted this dilapidated boat among the commercial shing craft and pleasure boats anchored here.

Hidden among the trees, he had watched it all day, as the other boats departed then returned through Nauset Inlet, but no one had claimed it. After nightfall, overwhelmed by a need to sleep undisturbed, he had swum out to the boat. Its curved, low-slung sides made it easy to board. The lobster traps piled in the stern were tagged with plastic rings that bore expiration dates from the previous December.

Checking the vessel from stern to bow, Tristan had gured it was more likely that the boat would sink than its owner suddenly show up. Hed retreated to the wheelhouse, a three-sided shelter with large square windows. When a party had begun on a boat a hundred yards off, he descended to the snug but smelly quarters below.

Kissed by an Angel

He gured he had slept for several hours and was glad to emerge now into the fresh air of the open deck. Looking south, he could barely discern the rise of dark land against the starlit sky, the bluffs on which the Seabright perched. He longed to be with Ivy, but he couldnt chance it, not yet.

It had been three weeks since his picture had made page one of the Cape Cod Times, but the stare of a Walmart security guard had been enough to deter him from downloading a new cell phone. His old one and the watch Ivy had given him lay at the bottom of the canal. All he had in his pockets.

Elizabeth Chandler now was a soggy bankrollfrom Bryan when he was pretending to be Lukes friendand a gold coin with an angel stamped on each side, a gift from Philip. Catch anything? Tristan swung around, startled. Lacey sat on an upsidedown work bucket, fully materialized. A lobster? A murderer?

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