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Read Bedside clinics in Medicine Part - 1 book reviews & author details and Sold by: UNIVERSAL BOOK SHOWROOMS by Arup kumar kundu (Author). 4 results for Books: "Arup Kumar Kundu" Pearls in Medicine for Students. . by Arup Beside Clinics in Medicine Part 2 X-ray ECG Charts Drugs Emergency Specimen Procedures and Instruments. Medical Book World India. Download >> Bedside clinics in Medicine Part - 1 (kundu medicine part How do I download the “Kundu Bedside Clinics” book in a PDF form?.

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Kundu Medicine Book

Bedside clinics in Medicine Part - 1 (kundu medicine part 1 edition December Gharelu Ilaj Book Home Treatment PDF Medicine Book, Free Pdf Books, Home. Bedside clinics in Medicine Part - 1 book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Please READ DESCRIPTION Before downloading. The item. ARUP KUMAR KUNDU Books on Law and Business in India - Jain Book Depot, Delhi based Pearls in Medicine for Students Mysteries Behind Diagnosis.

Bedside Clinics In Medicine Part 2 is designed for undergraduate students. It comprehensively covers a range of topics of medicine, and helps readers prepare for practical and oral MBBS exams. Bedside Clinics In Medicine: This book has been revised and updated to include the latest developments in the field of medicine. It covers case studies as well as specific content on answers during practical examinations. Undergraduate students of medical science will find comprehensive details about common procedures, drugs, and instruments in this guidebook. The author has not only covered the details of CT scans, X-Rays, and ECGs thoroughly, he has also included many pictures, tracings, and scans to help students comprehend the subject matter easily. Illustrations of instruments along with the text makes Bedside Clinics In Medicine Part - 2 a valuable book. Further, readers can learn about disease-oriented pathology specimens. Chapters on data interpretations show how medical data and charts are analysed. Bedside Clinics In Medicine Part - 2 thoroughly covers emergency medical management, and provides an outline on how to use drugs in such situations.

This book, very simply written in a concised and rational manner will greatly help the undergraduate students to establish the foundation of Clinical Medicine with ease and confidence. Neelakantan V. Parvathi Sulochana, Sundarapuram, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Really an excellent job by Dr. Arup Kundu".

Bedside clinics in Medicine Part - 1 by Arup Kumar Kundu

It is so nice that all clinical problems are completed in so small a volume This is not a book but something more than that. This is self-explanative and could be one of the best books in the field of Clinical Medicine required for our students. The book is indispensable for not only undergraduates and postgraduate students but also for teachers and practitioners in Medicine as well.

Kiranmoy Mitra, Ex-Assoc.

Ravishankar and S. A purist pedagogue, a massive mentor, and an exemplary exponent engrossed with an expansive professional expertise and competency, he has probed deeply into several cases along with history, diagnosis and management invariably in an easy-to-understand question-answer form.

This lucidity, sometimes in a literary, and mostly in a highly scientific manners, has made this work an invaluable medical contribution-cum-anthology for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Moreover a beginner may find it a crutch to have a naive rendezvous into this area of medicine.

The diagnostic procedures and methodologies are nicely delineated. This book will be a constant concise companion for all, students and teachers alike, in different Indian Universities and Medical Colleges as this treasure will elicit the clinical spirit of approach from a modest conventional way to highly sophisticated method.

It was nice and quite interesting I can recommend the book to my students as a ready reckoner I found that there is a wealth of information in the book which is difficult to get from other books I have been an ardent reader of both of your textbooks on clinical medicine, since the first day of my ward duty.

Pearls Medicine Students Mysteries Behind by Arup Kumar Kundu

To be very honest I have learnt more from your books than from Kamaalchand M, P. The book has in fact satisfied the need of a long awaited reference book for examinee being complete by itself in all respects Nath Barbhuiya Retd. Bedside Clinics in Medicine, Part I, which is highly informative, well-written with latest additions It definitely provides so much of knowledge and information, that everytime I close the book after reading it, I do so with an extreme sense of happiness and confidence of knowing so much It is unequivocal opinion that the book is outstanding and entirely removes the need to study multiple books in clinical medicine For my final year exams I just had to quote them to be appreciated by the examiners.

I wish to explain my gratitude as a student of medicine for your valuable contribution which is unfathomable The chapters on radiological diagnosis and ECG interpretations will certainly help all concerned. Emergency tackling of different cases also, will help the young professionals The book is likely to be well accepted and the second edition of the book supports that expectation.

Looking back, recollecting my MD days, I repeat my words I owe you my MD. Pradeep Kumar Shenoy C, Ex-clinical fellow and registrar. Department of Rheumatology, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

I am very happy to inform you that I have got selected for MD I owe my success to your book, and your in time valuable suggestion and advice. You have been my behind the scene teacher and educator and inspiration He also holds a fellowship of the Indian College of Physicians. Principles And Practice.

Kundu has also made contributions to the textbook of Medicine by the Association of Physicians of India. Certified downloader , Varanasi.

Missing remedies: on West Bengal doctors' strike

Explore Plus. Sale Starts in: Not Available. Currently Unavailable. Kundu A K. English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Academic Publishers Genre: Medical ISBN: Imprint Academic Publishers. Rate Product. He was awarded medals and distinctions on multiple subjects.

He received a gold medal for his MD Thesis work on lymphoma. He became a Professor in Medicine in Kar Medical College and Hospital. He served in the West Bengal Government Health service for more than 25 years and took voluntary retirement in Kundu continues to serve the medical fraternity through private medical colleges.

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