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Since Writing the two previous books in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari series, I have received countless letters Emil address: [email protected] "Robin Sharma has created an enchanting tale that incorporates the " MegaLiving!is a gem—a great book for those who want to discover the power within.". book.” Darren Hardy, publisher, SUCCESS magazine. In The Leader Who Had No Title, You Will Learn .

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Books Of Robin Sharma In Pdf

Check out this site: BOOKS FOR US: COLLECTION. Hope it helps:) Any queries, please ask!. Free download of Mega Living by Robin Sharma. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. Sharma, Robin Shilp, MegaLiving!: Sharma for showing me the way to MegaLiving! . financial mastery that you are seeking, this book will show you.

Robin Sharma believes that he can help you finally start living it. And Why? So, let us rephrase the original statement so you can catch our drift. However, if you really want an answer to the question of the title, then here it is: this book is about workaholics. Robin Sharma was one — and he realized that he was on the wrong path. The sooner you realize this too — the better. And this book may be the best way to do it. Simply put, the book can change your life. It is a business fable — you certainly remember the genre — about Julian Mantle, a semi-autobiographical version of Robin Sharma himself.

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That means becoming a purist, concentrating on a few amazing work projects rather than many good ones. So turn off your notifications and cancel pointless meetings that are taking you away from activities that really add value. That means that small things done daily are way more important than big things done once in a while. Consider enhancing one ability or skill by just one percent every day.

According to psychologist Anders Ericsson, a person must invest at least 2. So if you want to master yourself, you should spend your first hour each morning working deeply on you, your mind-set and also your approach to health, spirituality and love.

The entrepreneur and artist now understood much more clearly how the truly elite stay ahead, so the billionaire said it was time to take things to the next level: It was time for them to understand how to cultivate their best selves. How often, asked the billionaire, have you heard a guru talk about improving your mind-set? Your Heartset is your emotional life and well-being.

They are buried alive and they will come forth later in uglier ways. Next, give your Healthset — your physical health — some attention.

One of the key ways to get ahead in life is longevity. Committing to optimal fitness allows you a couple of extra ultra-healthy and productive decades to build a greater legacy. It ignites your energy, dissolves your stress and expands your joy. Your Soulset, the billionaire explained, is your spirituality. Too often, everyday life pulls us toward the superficial and the material. So take some time in the quiet moments of the early morning to remember who you truly are. Bond with the hero inside of you.

In the silence of the dawn, meditate on what you have to offer the world. The entrepreneur remarked that this framework really changed his perception of himself, leading him to ask how he could use the first hour of the day to effectively apply it. Just rising at 5 a.

You could rise at 5 a. The first step is to move — to perform vigorous exercise for 20 minutes. Then, make 5. Before the complexity of the day emerges, reflect on what is most important to you. Write these thoughts in a journal. Doing so will help you understand your vision and let go of toxic, negative energies. Take a few minutes to meditate. Research shows that meditation helps lower cortisol, reducing your stress. Here, you need to grow, so take 20 minutes to learn.

Study the lives of great achievers by reading their biographies. Learn about human psychology. Watch documentaries on innovation, or listen to audiobooks about business building.


One thing every billionaire has in common is a love of learning. So there you have it.

As the city of Rome slowly came to life, the billionaire, entrepreneur and artist ventured down into the depths of the city. The artist asked why they were there and the billionaire explained that they were surrounded by people in a centuries-old-slumber, so it was an appropriate place to discuss the importance of deep sleep.

Research has shown that sleep is one of the key factors in predicting life expectancy. How you spend the last hour of your day is almost as important to peak performance as how you spend the first. Too many people today are in a state of sleep deprivation, driven by technology.

The Greatness Guide By Robin S Sharma

Research shows that the blue light emitted by our devices reduces levels of melatonin — the chemical that induces sleep. Being in front of a screen before sleep will prevent you from sleeping properly, so turn off your technology no later than 8 p. Spend the rest of the evening talking with loved ones, meditating, having a relaxing bath or reading and go to bed no later than 10 p.

That way, you can truly maximize the value of your 5 a. In fact, a key to top performance over time is to oscillate between periods of passionate, focused work at the highest levels and periods of time for deep refueling through relaxation, recovery and fun. You can download this summary and read it anytime for free. Waking up at 5 am ensures that you spend time on one high-level activity without distraction. In a world of constant distraction, this is so important.

Also, at a peaceful 5 am start, the part of your brain which tackles rational thought, the pre-frontal cortex is inactive.

This means that you stop over-analyzing everything and you stop worrying. This state of flow means that you will be more focused and more productive throughout the day, not just in the morning. In fact, the curse of the side-hustler and entrepreneur is that you try to hustle your way though life, and sleep becomes less of a priority.

Talk to any farmer, or even any bodybuilder. The same is true for any high performer.

You cannot work at the same efficiency 24 hours a day. In fact, you probably become busier but less effective. So, you need to make sure that you are fully rested so you can make the most of the hours that you are working. To ensure you are rested, stop using devices at 8 pm. Yes, 8 pm. The blue light that comes from screens is a key contributor to disrupting sleep.

Instead, read, talk to loved ones, meditate, exercise… whatever you need to do. From there, look to go to bed at no later than 10 pm, so you can be ready to produce at 5 am the next day. That means for your hour, you should look to move for 20 minutes, reflect for 20 minutes, and grow for 20 minutes.

Look to exercise for 20 minutes as it helps your mind think more clearly; Sweat gets rid of cortisol, which is the hormone of fear.