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As they clean the house, Emily finds a strange amulet in the library and Luger, who seems timid and unable compared to the previous book. Amulet: The Stonekeeper is a children's graphic novel written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi. The book concerns the adventures of Emily Hayes, who must try to rescue Series, Amulet. Genre, Young adult . Among other recognition, a article in Book Links listed it as one of 26 "high-quality graphic novels . Parents need to know that The Stonekeeper is the first book in the Amulet series of fantasy graphic novels. Its prologue features the death of a parent, which.

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Amulet Comic Book 1

The Stonekeeper (Amulet #1) [Kazu Kibuishi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying 5 stars customer reviews. Book 1 of 7 in the Amulet Series. The term graphic novel is now generally used to describe any book in a comic format that resembles a novel in length and narrative development. School. The amulet is their guide and protector. Imagination, wow. This is some imagination. I really enjoyed this little book. I will be continuing with this series. I have to.

Sign in to use your custom avatar. Add a Rating Sign in to use your custom avatar. It is about a girl named Emily, who found a stone and became a stonekeeper. She faces many challenges, trying to save her mother. I have already started reading the other books and I am in love with them!! I can't wait to read more!! I hope whoever reads this has good reading experience with this book! This book was so interesting, I couldn't stop reading it. She also has a brother and he survived to.

Emily finds she must compete for a spot on the Guardian Council, a group of the most powerful Stonekeepers.

The Stonekeeper

While Emily and her friends and family are separated, they independently discover that the streets are deserted, the townspeople live in fear, and that there are deep, dark dangers and secrets in Cielis. Toward the end of this volume, Emily confronts one of those dangers in the form of Max Griffin, who has stolen the Mother Stone, which is the stone from which all the Amulet stones were cut.

Together, they realize that there are great dangers and challenges ahead of them that must be faced if they are to restore peace and order to the world. As both sides prepare for war, Trellis and Emily with the help of Vigo and others discover that the stone allows them to go into the past.

Emily, while always wary of the voice in the stone, is finding new evidence to support her misgivings. She and Trellis go into the past and find that Max is not exactly what he seems to be and that he has been controlled by the Voice of his Amulet. Emily also discovers that the Voice of her Amulet is more sinister than she originally feared. Navin and his classmates journey to Lucien, a city ravaged by war and plagued by ghost-like creatures.

The Stonekeeper - Wikipedia

In Lucien, they search for a beacon that is crucial for their battle against the Elf King. Meanwhile, Emily must go back in time again, this time with Max. He tries to convince them that he is actually fighting for the elf nation and that things still are not as they appear to be. Plot the challenges each face and the strategies they use when facing them. Discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies.

Brainstorm your own. You may want to do this for Trellis and Max as well. Over the course of the series, discuss how Emily and Navin have changed.

Have students bring in evidence to support their positions. Over the course of the series, we frequently question the motivations of Trellis and of Max. Discuss why Kibuishi has us question their motives, and discuss how Kibuishi creates these ambiguities. In each book the characters are forced to make decisions and must then deal with the consequences. What can you learn from them?

I do this to honor him. Give specific examples. You may want to compare other ways to write the same ideas in an effort to show the value of these devices. In Book One: The Stonekeeper p. How and why would you change it? Discuss how this poem relates to this scene here in Amulet. Literary Devices Foreshadowing can be found in each of the volumes both in the text and the images.

Search for and discuss examples of foreshadowing and have students create their own examples. Search, define, and discuss these literary devices and have the class brainstorm others. Modes of Storytelling and Visual Literacy In graphic novels, images are used to relay messages with and without accompanying text, adding additional dimension to the story. In Amulet Kibuishi weaves a story, full of emotions and insights through the use of text, image and design.

For example: Chart and analyze and discuss how Kibuishi uses color, font, and design to separate scenes. Discuss the effectiveness of these visual cues. Chart, analyze, and discuss how balloon shapes and font styles and sizes are used to relay information. Chart and analyze how flashbacks, dreams, and conversations with the Voice are created through the combination of image, design, and text. Chart and analyze how Mr. Kibuishi uses color schemes to help distinguish and shift scenes.

Discuss the form and design Kibuishi uses to make Chronos appear so formidable.

Amulet (comics)

Ask students: How are these cities and the daily lives of their inhabitants similar and different from where you live? Few in this adventure are completely evil, and everyone offers understandable motives for their actions. The most important detail of the book is that it's a well-done example of a swashbuckling fantasy adventure, which can be hard to find.

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Amulet #1: The Stonekeeper

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