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Abstract: Automotive vehicles are increasingly being equipped with collision avoidance and warning systems for predicting the potential. TECHNICAL REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE. 1. REPORT In this project, an intersection collision warning (ICW) system based solely on infrastructure manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) [6], thus ensuring safety by. Intelligent Speed Adaptation and Accident Avoidance System, Ask Latest System, ppt, pdf, report, presentation, source code, abstract, seminar, project idea.

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Accident Avoidance System Project/seminar Report/pdf/ppt

CAS is a system designed to help prevent rear‐end collisions with vehicles COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM SUBMITTED BY – Siddharth Mehta Like this presentation? Abstract—Collision warning and collision avoidance systems are . Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. more intelligent and interactive for avoiding accidents on roads system consist of number of real time sensors like gas, .. complete this seminar project report. Accident Avoidance System Project Seminar Report Pdf Ppt Download. Accident Avoidance System Project Seminar Report Pdf Ppt Download.

It uses visual and audio warnings to prompt the driver to take preventative action. It also initiates braking if the driver fails to respond to the warnings. Several studies have shown that driver distraction or inattentiveness is a factor in the great majority of rear end accidents. The system is aimed at alerting the driver to an imminent rear end collision both at low speeds, typical of urban driving, and at higher speeds typical of rural roads and highways. Abstract—Collision warning and collision avoidance systems are emerging automotive safety technologies that assist drivers in avoiding rear-end collisions. Their function is to allow the driver enough time to avoid the crash and yet avoid annoying the driver with alerts perceived as occurring too early or unnecessary. The purpose of this paper is to review various mechanisms under development or developed rear end collision avoidance of automobiles. Some of the reviewed work include an automatic braking system that safely stops an automobile while approaching an obstruction to avoid collision.

The Collection in a number of projects, it has become clear that the range of ways in. It is a high performance and low cost solution for network applications. Arduino Vocal Effects Box The system consists of different modules which are linked wirelessly with GSM modules. This post I will give you some best and mini project for mechanical engineering This article is about how to start programming for LPC micro-controller.

Our researchers constantly research on innovative project ideas that can be made using Arm cortex or ARM 7 boards. The example used in this guide allows users to select either the ARM7 List of mechanical projects with pdf: Download latest collection of mechanical projects with pdf,ppt,project report,seminar topics and abstracts for free of cost.

In the year , ARM was founded and become very popular. It is every human accountability to go after echo friendly systems as we know how our surroundings getting polluted. This thesis is a project based thesis. One of the echo friendly systems is avoiding paper usage as much as possible. The ARM family is the most advanced family of microcontrollers. The project is split up into two sections, programming and design. It consists of both a physical programmable development board based on AVR series of microcontrollers and a piece of software or IDE which runs on your computer and used to write and upload the code to the microcontroller board.

This entire project was developed with AVR microcontrollers within 3 months of time for final year innovative project submission. They are widely used in various industries and products from electronics devices to home appliances to automobiles. This workshop will be a firm stepping stone for implementing any kind of high-end embedded projects.

According to this project when a vehicle meets with an accident immediately Vibration sensor will detect the signal or if a car rolls over, a Micro electro mechanical system MEMS sensor will detects the signal and sends it to ARM controller. Such programmatic approach entails microcontroller based automated water level sensing and controlling.

Included are plans for 12 projects using the ARM7 microcontroller, plus details on the three most popular ARM7 manufacturers: In ways very different microcontrooler most desktop or mainframe programming, embedded programs make stuff do stuff, and to an embedded programmer, stuff doing stuff is endlessly cool. An Internet page has been setup running on a Web server.

The wheelchair unit also consists of ARM7 controller for controlling the movement of wheelchair. All those projects ideas are gathered from different sources and published here especially for final year engineering students. Can based accident avoidance system. A Components assembling The arm control by robotics is very popular in the world of robotics. Proper monitoring is needed to ensure water sustainability is actually being reached, with disbursement linked to sensing and automation.

The second gesture unit consist of ARM7 controller the controller can detect the audio announcement. The project includes the following objectives: This paper put forwards the design of home automation and security system using ARM7 LPC board.

Development firmware, bluetooth to integrate embedded applications. The websites are stored inside the program space of the ARM7 microcontroller and features a flexible pattern parsing algorithm.

So just browse through our list of arm based projects to find the best arm project to suit your needs. These innovative project topics are built on proposed industry as well as domestic applications to help automate various human needs. A text based password which will be known to the passport card holder.

Presented here is a MATLAB-based project where images taken by the camera are processed for colours and the position of a red-coloured object is extracted out of the image. There are many systems for remote monitoring and control designed as commercial products or experimental research platforms. Arduino LCD Metronome It consists of Carbon monoxide sensor and LPG sensor.

Useful for detection of terrorists hiding inside buildings. This section is humble effort for explaining basic features of ARM These boards are ideal for developing embedded applications like high speed wireless communication, real time data monitoring and control, interactive control panels and USB based data logging.

Included are plans for 12 projects using the ARM7 microcontroller, plus details on the three most popular ARM7 manufacturers: This book is a very good introduction to the and contains many programming examples with Keil C Additionally, the Cortex-M3 is more memory-efficient, so silicon licensees can make less expensive designs.

Pick and place robot. Everyone has marks o their fingers. Currently many controllers and processors families are available like , AVR, PIC, Motorola, etc, latest arm7 lpc based final year projects.

DTMF based humanless Robotic boat control for ocean research application. Several projects are then developed using a combination of these features to show how these work together to build a complete system. This system uses a finger print scanner for authentication of the customer. This project provides a voting machine that is reliable and secured. It uses finger print scanner to provide unique identity to every citizen. A touch screen based digital control of devices is shown here.

Real-time Posture and Activity Recognition by Smart Shoe :In this paper, we discuss a method for performing automatic posture classification using Artificial Neural Networks operating with fixed point precision arithmetic.

The computational time is optimised through application of forward feature selection for determination of the most significant predictors. This system uses some wearable sensors and portable wireless devices. Among them solar energy is the best source. Boost converters are required to increase the output. It has very good advantages compared to others in efficiency, reliability etc.

Average current control technique is used in this. Results are verified in mat lab. Though it has many advantages this multi level inverter MLI has number of power electronic components. Increased number of switches increases over all loss as switching losses increases.

This paper mainly focuses on decreasing the number of switches in MLI. This paper shows a UPS system that uses solar and wind power instead of mains supply as there is energy crisis.

Cyber Security in the Smart Grid :The smart grid is revolutionary in the existing power grid. The smart grid system enhances the future power system. Due to number of inter connected devices, there is a problem in cyber security. This paper focuses on the cyber security in this smart grid.

But it has some draw backs like high torque ripple, acoustic noise, speed oscillations. The functional blocks of PSS are developed in Simulink and simulation is carried out.

This paper explains an extension to this method. Initially water is held in captive in an enclosure. Then it is raised to high potential energy using wind or water. This project uses timer in mono-stable mode which drives GTO Gate Turn-Off thyristors driver circuit so as to change the mains three phase supply from start to delta. This project operates in three modes namely manual mode, auto mode and set mode. In manual mode, various loads are controlled by the input given by user by switches or remotely through GSM.

In auto mode, loads are switched at regular default timings while in set mode loads are controlled based on the timings set by the user.

The microcontroller continuously monitors the three phases of input supply for over voltage and single phasing conditions and accordingly switches the relays to switch the motor.

By receiving the feedback signal of speed, microcontroller will give PWM signals to the IGBT inverter bridge in order to drive the motor at desired speeds. According to the set limits for leading and lagging power factors, microcontroller switches set of capacitors to improve the power factor. This design uses the concept of Ohms law for detecting the change in voltage across the cable whenever fault or short circuit takes place in the cable.

This project uses timer as a main controller which resumes the load when a temporary fault occurs in three phase system while it makes the load to be remain in tripping mode during permanent fault. This project uses ARM controller for measuring electricity consumption a given period of time.

Further, this billing information is sends to utility companies as well as to the customers using GSM module. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that it compares the actual speed get from hall sensor with desired speed and accordingly genrates the PWM signals to the motor driver unit. Microcontroller acts as a data acquisition and control device which forms the bridge between PC and electrical appliances.

Microcontroller receives the command signals from PC and appropriately controls the respective load.

Collision Avoidance System

In this project gas sensor monitors the gas leakage which gives the input to microcontroller when it senses the gas leak. Then the microcontroller activates the tripping mechanism to shutdown the power supply. RF module used in this project to transfer the information remotely to the alarm circuit and tripping circuit. By receiving the signals from the sensor, microcontroller performs the switching of pump using relay. Sensors like temperature, LDR and gas detection sensors connected to the microcontroller unit continuously monitors the weather parameters.

The home appliances are automatically controlled when these parameters exceeds their set limits. Remote monitoring and control is also facilitated with Zigbee communication. A set of sensors along with microcontroller unit continuously monitors the solar energy and also allows the user to access the remote monitoring of these parameters.

The RF communication module attached with robot sends the sensed data to the central monitoring area. Transformer parameter like temperature of the oil, oil level, voltage, current, etc are continuously monitored using various sensors.

The sensor data is transmitted to the central controller using Zigbee module. The power generated by the solar panels is stored in batteries during the day time and at the night this energy is supplied to the street lights. As the traffic on roads decreases from peak hours to late nights, this projects controls intensity of street lights based on timings.

In this project, magnetic resonant coupling method is implemented to transfer the power from the source to a load. This inspects fire accidents, obstacles, supply failures, presence of harmful gases, etc of the cable. GPS module facilitates finding of fault location and this information is further transferred to the main controller through the communication module.

Bluetooth module attached to the control circuit receives the control commands from user mobile. Microcontroller receives these signals and controls the motor speed by varying the triggering pulses to the TRIAC.

IR sensors at particular positions on the track, gives the input to the microcontroller about the train arrival and departure information. According to these signals microcontroller controls gate operation as well as traffic lights. In this project, the overloading resulted from power theft is detected and this information is conveyed to the authorities through communication network. Further, these monitored values will be sent to the remote mobile using GSM modem.

RF communication module transfers this data to remote PC where it is recorded and stored. This circuit also uses MPPT system for maximum power generation. The microcontroller unit along with Bluetooth module receives the control signals from user Smartphone and then controls the home appliances.

Ultrasonic sensor gives the sensing information to the ATmega controller which further processes the data and indicates the level information. Zigbee communication enables the monitoring the various load consumptions and accordingly controls the load depends on the availability of power.

This circuit also regulates voltage to protect the battery from overvoltage and do not allow the battery to go into deep discharge. DTMF decoder with microcontroller unit achieves this operation. Microcontroller adjusts the direction of solar panel towards the sun based on the signals from LDR.

Microcontroller unit with GSM modem receives the request from vehicle owners and sends the acknowledgement including the password to user mobile. At the time vehicle reaching the toll plaza, microcontroller asks for password, upon authentication it deducts the amount from RFID attached to the vehicle automatically, and then opens the gate.

For the assessment of transient stability, a multi-machine system is implemented in this project. The environmental parameters like temperature and humidity are monitored with sensors. This project also facilitates to monitor the acquired or logged data through GSM module. This ARM controller with touch screen enabled design is very helpful for physically disabled persons to control their wheelchair.

This work is useful for conducting operating tests as well as for analyzing the results. Battery parameters like voltage and temperature continuously monitored using slave microcontroller unit while master controller gathers all the batteries information. In this embedded electronic circuit is implemented for the parabolic dish to track the sun continuously in order achieve high efficiency.

The Speech recognition module along with RF transmitter sends the voice signals to remote robot. RF receiver in the robot correspondingly receives the signals and controls the robot movements.

Android application based control commands received by Bluetooth module enables the microcontroller to control the DC motor speed and direction.

International Civil Defence Organisation

Microcontroller with set of IR sensor detects the vehicle movement and with this sensed data microcontroller switches the street lights. The power generated from the piezoelectric sensors is stored in the battery and inverter converts the battery voltage DC to load operating voltage AC. Microcontroller unit measures the power generated by these sensors and accordingly displays the amount of power generated.

In this, all the motors are equipped with RF transceiver module along with microcontroller unit.

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