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Скачать / Download: Speakout. Advanced. Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book. Clare A., Wilson JJ. (, 2nd.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3). Speakout Advanced Student's wm-greece.info MB. SB wm-greece.info MB. Speakout Advanced wm-greece.info 66 MB. WB wm-greece.info MB. Speakout. your favourite book and film titles and rewritten them for English learners, using Check the topics covered in each Speakout Advanced unit. Find the relevant.

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Speak Out Advanced Students Book Pdf

Speakout Advanced Speakout Extra provides downloadable worksheets that meet learners' individual Students' Book with DVD-ROM and MyEnglishLab. Speakout Advanced (TB) (Advanced ONLINE Teacher's Download PDF Advanced ONLINE Teacher's RESOURCES Resource Book un it of the Students' BookDescription of the other componentsTeaching. Speak Out Advanced - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SpeakOut Upper-Intermediate Student's Book [PDF].

IT Read an article about names Read a questionnaire about. BBC content Video podcast: How has your family influenced you? How did you get them? E 3 Why do you think people change their names?

Workbook 74 MB https: Audio Video and Interviews Scripts. BBC Interviews Worksheets. DVD Clips - Worksheets.

Workbook 75 MB https: Pronunciation Extra with Answer Key kB https: Jump to.

Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Teachercom's Library on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Related Pages. PDF Drive: Teachercom's Library Education. Free Children's Books Community College. The Kingdom of Paid books Library. Matlab Tutorial Book. English Through Videos Community College. Education Mania Public School.

English Teaching Education Website. Interesting Coronary Angiography Snapshots icas Publisher. Pages Liked by This Page. Rachel's English - American Pronunciation. PL 4 You discover that your colleague is the lead singer in a successful band.

Are they 3 She knows everything about everyone. I E busybody.

She has never mentioned it. C Compare your profiles with other students. Tends to act first. Sometimes Joe could be a real Enjoys spending Finds being with others pain in the neck. P 1 Translation — are any of the idioms in Exercise 8A the J same in your language?

Judging Perceiving 2 Group by topic — do you know any other idioms for describing personality? Approaches life in a Finds structure limiting. Enjoys the colleague is reluctant to change the way he does things. Mark your position on each meanings. C Use the expressions in Exercise 8A to talk about people in your own life. You M hate doing it.

Tends to relaxing. Looks to the future and present and tends towards 2 You feel sure that you can trust the person you have asked E tends towards idealism. He agrees with anything the boss B Turn to page to read more about your profile. Which of the idioms in Exercise 8A would you use in the following situations?

U and find their own information around them to 1 You have suggested a new way of working. F 6 Your young nephew shows you how to play a new T computer game. Here are four ideas to help you try to remember idioms. Thinker Feeler 7 Your postman is always asking questions about your Makes decisions using Decides by listening to their private life.

Check you understand the meaning of the of this language. Read what the sitters said about their portraits and match quotations 1—3 with portraits A—C. But when I look at that now. And that this whole 3 is trying to make a statement: Were they happy with their portraits?

D Listen again to check your ideas. But they say they are going to do a 6 is trying to make a point about how ridiculous or SA portrait for the National Portrait Gallery. But of course absurd his life is? I immediately think.

Teacher's Book (Advanced)

Read audio script 1. PL It was unveiled when I was forty. Work in pairs and If I had to make a guess. Can you use other words to explain them? List completers: Vague numbers: Vague nouns: What kind of portrait would you like to have? He could be a novelist or a playwright. Look at the portraits on page and This guy looks kind of … intellectual. Then listen and repeat.

Try saying the phrases. Why do the speakers use vague language?

Speakout Advanced Teacher's Book : Damian Williams :

Does it sound formal or C Mark the links between words in the following casual? I just have a couple things to do. How might it be c He walks through the house.

Number the scenes in the questions. Look at the photo and discuss the 4 Watch the DVD. Why do you think Francesco is a good person to host the programme? During the series. They used it to store goods before selling them. The living room was on the first floor. In E particular countries or cities?

Which ones? Would you like to go? U fortunes have been 2 What did you find interesting about his story? Francesco da 3 4 What happened to the house in ? Apart from living there.

Think about its a Francesco stands on the balcony and looks geography and history. They used it to show goods to clients. When he died. What is the object? What does she say about the points below? N furniture. It was a piece of I should repair it. It sat in the corner of the living room where It was bequeathed to me. IT My grandmother inherited it. I will always treasure it. Why is the object treasured family possession. Tell each to you.

While his grandchildren were running and bellowing all over the house. Use the key phrases to help. CDs and iPods.

Make notes on the points in Exercise 7A. ActiveBook or on the be like this. I work hard and make s in the sentences above. E Some verbs are in the negative. There is one mistake 1 I reckon 1 He was innocent but it took him in each sentence. Change information politics. B Work in pairs and take turns. He refused to do what I asked. Can your partner guess website.

Discuss why we the word? In the office. B Write two or three sentences speculating about things that might PL week. Compare b Harada is Japanese. U your sentences to check.

Speakout-Students-Advanced Book Units 1-2-3 y 9.pdf

Use one simple A: What is your favourite place? When they saw us. Anthony McEvoy was in Cuba for work and a short holiday. For me this photo captures the essence of Havana: Cuba 3 Matera. E bombing diving competition. When I got there. There 1 How did Alistair arrive at the scene? I waited until it drew closer before pressing the shutter. When several adjectives come before the noun.

A noun can be used to modify a noun. A noun phrase is a group of words which functions as a unit to describe 3 The shop serves delicious hand-made PL the noun. Prepositional phrases: Add more detail to the When the noun part is plural. These occur after the noun. Information can be added before or after the noun in different ways.

Sometimes these are written as M 4 The old pastry shop in central Lisbon two words. What parts of speech IT in Exercise 4 have been added each time? C The shop serves tarts and coffee. Value adjectives which give your opinion come first. Each stall has mountains century mansions.

Villag y pat io res taurants. Try to use a rich range of vocabulary U and add details colours. Nightclub three-wheeled motorised vans the local the air and riverside docks or r tow n ma ke fin e use of old spaces. The sweet smell history is youthful. Details help to make your Nwriting more colourful and interesting for the Lisbon reader. Just outside Lisbon. Underline the E sections in the article which add colourful tree-lined their way through curvy s bright yellow trams wind A detail to the description.

M singing perfor m in the bac chase the ghosts e. Huge windows. He lay on the mattress. What qualities does it need e. It also got quite chilly at night. Sleeps four. Others do not have a root word. Sunny living room. Do the adjectives in exercise 2A have a root word? It makes me feel happy. Some come from the root word.

Spacious M living area. This looks like a good place to die. One day I arrived to find 7 We watched the election. Even the leather c whose result chair. Home is the best work space for me. IT 1 In what kinds of clauses can you sometimes use that instead of who. Why is this possible? I just need big windows.

Jean-Paul Sartre. To say that the Hotel Chelsea has an interesting history would be an understatement. Arthur C Clarke spelling of the root word usually changes. E non-conformity. SA doors. One of numerous examples of 4 There are rules that tell us which prefixes we wild adventures behind its closed can add to each root word. Jackson Pollock.

Frida Kahlo. Its proactive new managers soon got it up and running again and. Its famous unhappy. PL and Jack Kerouac wrote. You can walk nine miles along it from Camden Market to Little Venice.

Jimi Hendrix. Since the early twentieth century. Bob Dylan. Although prosperous at first. The fame of the building itself pre-dates its fame as a hotel. We use un. A Space Odyssey and On 2 We cannot add more than one prefix at a time the Road while living in the hotel. The Interpreter. IT Environmental psychology is a field of science amenities infrastructure congestion that looks at the ways in which we are affected by abandonment tolls regeneration our surroundings. What problems might there be?

Sometimes less is more — towns such as Bohmte in Germany have found that the best way to slow traffic is to remove all road signs and markings. Almost every aspect of the built environment. By removing visual clutter and making spaces easier to navigate. The transport links are poor teaming up with designers to build spaces that are safer E and the power supply often fails. The idea soon caught on.

To start up with. M The aim of the project is to … e Is there any way we can reduce the costs? What we plan to do is … 2 Which two expressions ask if there is flexibility to change a plan? PL Just to give a bit of background information. Does anyone have any questions? Manor Studios was where some great films were made in the s. Think about: Is there anything that needs the clarification? Africa on a 7. He starts his African journey percent a year for over a decade.

What are the best 1 How is Bamako changing? Would 4 How is cheaper technology transforming the lives of you like to live there? How would your people in Bamako?

Jonathan Dimbleby returns to two million people. During the festival. Think about your audience — who is the documentary for? Think about your purpose — what issue would you like to focus on?

What do you want people to learn from your video? What attitude do you want them to leave with? Think about your plan — how will you make your information engaging and appealing? Will you include interviews? What will you call the documentary? There are musical performances. It On the downside. You need to pitch a plan for a short documentary about your country. What are they? The aim of the documentary would be 6 What are the similarities and differences between your country to film the four-day festival in order to and your neighbouring countries?

U dances. The music of our heritage 1 What is special about your country? This documentary would examine the 2 What are the highs and lows of living in your country? What Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in features would you focus on in a documentary about your Panama. Nowadays though. I suppose. The documentary would highlight the E I would describe Canada as geographically … atmosphere at the festival.

Do you feel strongly about any of them? The mejorana is a small guitar. I have to 3 I bought a computer. Set in a picturesque part of the city.

Are you asleep? IT 3 Bangles II is a bright. Vietnam is a top park. What am I? What did they add? Someone added plans and experiences time. It has no doors or windows 2 They bought the house. U live has been run by the same couple cocktails.

People come to chat. Do you do PL anything creative in your life? The Culture Show: Tate Modern is 10! What do you think of the project? Have there voyeuristic watching people go about their daily lives. I admire them for their courage. IT onlookers. Answer questions 1—4 below. Group B: While the debate went on. Which three last was a medical photographer. Should it be a statue of another British hero 2 These are normal people acting as if they were artists. What do you think it is 1 Would you rather somebody took you to a film or to 5 people who are watching paragraph 2 to light up his suit.

The plan was to develop a compelling 1 Which tense are the final verbs in each underlined N meaning of unknown words. Not e What to do with the fourth plinth been any similar projects in your country? She overran her hour.

Emma Burns. What do you think of each should go on it. David Rosenberg. Would you? Which seemed to be challenging the idea that only famous old soldiers one? In English. These depict old soldiers — British heroes who helped build its empire. Rather than select from the Group A: I 2 Gormley decided to offer the plinth to members of the think it would be hard.

Gormley also clause? One of the verbs is a different tense. All I could hear was 4 If someone from your home town said. Cooper said. Lockwood said. I felt like I was did something cultural. Antony Gormley. What would you have said? Think of as many as rubbish collectors. Which ones do you agree with? Use a dictionary to check the for twenty-four hours.

It was an unconventional project. A rock concert or a ballet? Think of films. Darren Cooper performed a silent disco for an hour. Then compare your answers birthday party. Which would you choose? Heather Pringle.

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