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Mahakala Samhita Uttara Khanda Kama Kala Khanda Dr. Kishori Nath Jha. by javanesegraviton. Usage CC0 Universal. Book Title: Mahakala samhita, Guhyakali khanda. Book Author: Gopinath Source URL: Year: - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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Mahakaal Mahakala Samhita - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Mahakala Samhita. Download Mahakala Samhita Mahakala Samhita. April 24, | Author: Андрей Вознесенский Invalid or corrupted PDF file. More Information. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Mahakala Samhita 2 Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by site · Book of Life.

This is said to be from Sri Prakrishtanandoktagama. Sivakumar Thyagarajan from Dubai who sourced this Sahasranama from his contacts. He has also managed to source a few other texts not in print for me and I will share some of them in due course. In fact we are working together to source yet another rare Sahasranama on Lord Shiva of Thirukodikaval a famous Shiva Kshetra near Kumbhakonam — where Lord Shiva absolves the three crores of Mantras from the curse of Sage Agastya. Thanks will be too cheap an utterance for this invaluable service by Sri Sivakumar. Thank you once again. This Phalashruti of this Sahasranama is very elaborate and specific benefits are given for chanting this hymn at various places in Ujjain.

Kashmir Shaivism speaks of twelve Kalis, while in other parts of India she is and was worshipped as Mahakali, Dakshina Kalika, Shmashanakali, Bhadrakali, Kamakali, and Guhyakali, amongst many others.

The Guhyakalika section khanda of Mahakalasamhita is a voluminous work, comprising many thousands of shlokas verses and with Guhyakalika Secret Kalika as its focus.

But the work also covers a number of other tantrik topics in equally great detail, and along the way also includes subjects rarely referred to in other published tantras. The work follows the usual tantrik formula, with Mahakala answering questions posed to him by his spouse, Kali. Mahakala opens the Guhyakali section of the Mahakalasamhita by saying he will reveal the mantra, yantras, meditation forms dhyana and rules of worship relating to Guhyakali, which, he says, have been previously hidden.

There are eighteen Guhyakali mantras, he says. Guhyakali, he says, has forms with , 60, 36, 30, 20, 10, five, three, two and one faces. Different mantras correspond to these different forms, which he then reveals, using the usual codes for the different letters of the Sanskrit alphabet employed in other tantras.

shAkhAs of atharva veda according to guhyakAlI upanishad

Mahakala starts to talk about Guhyakali when she is on her lion seat simhasana , and gives meditations for the guardians of the directions dikpala , and the five great corpses, forms of Shiva, upon which she sits.

There is a sixth pitha, Bhairava. He is described as black in colour, with four arms, terrifying and the cause of fear. He has five faces, each with three eyes. In his left hands he holds a skull staff khatvanga and scissors, and in his right a skull and the hourglass shaped damaru. He is adorned with a garland of skulls, and is fanged. Lying, on an eight petalled lotus above Bhairava is a two-armed form of Shiva, clothed in tiger skin and holding a skull-staff and a trident.

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The four petals of the major directions represent dharma duty , jnana knowledge , vairagya dispassion and aishvarya dominion. The faced form of Guhyakali is then described. She has 27 eyes, with some faces having two, and other three, eyes.

Each of her faces represents a different female animal aspect of Guhyakali and is of a different hue. For example, her upper face is called Dvipika a leopard or possibly a panther , then comes Keshari a lion which is white, Pheru jackal which is black, then Vanara a monkey which is red, Riksha a bear which is purple, Nara a woman which is of a cochineal colour, Garuda which tawny, Makara a crocodile which is turmeric colour yellow , Gaja elephant which is of a golden colour, and Haya horse which is of a dark or dusky shyama colour.

The human face is on Guhyakali's shoulders. All products.

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