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confound all at once, India presents an ex- 1 Don't let fears of tour buses or hordes of visitors get you thinking you .. book a fixed-price taxi. Incredible India Home» E-Book Ministry of Tourism. E-Book Ministry of Tourism. Print · Download ( MB) pdf ( MB) pdf Icon · View All. Don't worry because we have compiled the best India travel tips and insights for westeners that will guide you through your You can even download these epic tips as a PDF to refer to it later. .. A Hindi phrase book will prove highly useful.

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India Travel Guide Book Pdf

slump, government data indicates that India's foreign tourist arrivals in were pegged at the most lucrative growth sectors is that of medical tourism (foreign travel to India for .. Hindus dress in yellow and place books, musical .. merous magazines and Lonely Planet guides, including South India, Goa and. Istanbul. INDIA. TRAVEL GUIDE. AN INTRODUCTION. Whether you're new to travel or not , every country comes with a unique set of challenges for its visitors. India is. INDIA TRAVEL AGENCY & TOUR OPERATORS OFFERS EVERYTHING YOU . a set of qualified staff, travel guides conversant in multiple languages, local.

Planning a trip to India? You can even download these epic tips as a PDF to refer to it later. A lot of our foreign clients coming to India ask us what should they know upon arrival. It made us realize that there is lack of information online about what you should do and expect when coming to India. So we got to work right away and produced this fantastic piece of content to help everyone have a trip of their lifetime to India.

At no point did we ever feel rushed, and were given plenty of time to soak in the sights and take photos. Is a Golden Triangle tour right for me? In my experience, the hotel rates that the travel agency was able to secure was lower than the sticker price on hotel booking websites.

We often started sightseeing in the morning at 8 or 9 am, and finished in the early evening. The reason why we did it this way is because we would have been in Agra on a Friday, which is the one day during the week that the Taj Mahal is closed.

Top places to visit in Delhi More often than not, your Golden Triangle itinerary will begin in Delhi.

We started our trip here and was picked up at the airport by our local guide, Honey and yes, he is as sweet as his name suggests , and our driver, Mr. Because we arrived in the late afternoon, they dropped us off at the Le Meridien Hotel and we got some rest before a big day of sightseeing.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and the service is outstanding. Their coffee shop serves up an extensive buffet as well as a la carte options.

Six month tourist visas can be arranged in advance but it can be tricky to get them outside of your home country; the exception is Nepal where it is still very easy to get a six month Indian visa.

I managed to get an Indian visa whilst in Pakistan and oh boy… I would never try that again. Indians like bureaucracy, for some reason, and applying for a visa from a country such as Pakistan can prove very tricky indeed.

My six week visa, issued in Pakistan Money in India There are lots of international ATMS but they can be tough to find once you are outside of the cities and are in more remote areas. Getting around India One of the biggest challenges facing backpackers in India is simply getting around!

India is a truly vast country and sometimes the travel distances are absolutely massive. I once spent thirty two hours crushed into a third class steerage carriage on a long-distance train, it was an interesting experience… The most comfortable way to get around India is usually by internal flights but for backpackers on a budget, the trains are usually a better bet. There are also VIP tourist buses, super cheap local buses and, of course, hitchhiking is always an option.

Transport in India has suddenly got a LOT easier! Powered by 12Go Asia system Read this article for more tips on how to save money while travelling in India. So it is better to just keep walking or give a stern look if anyone tries this scam on you. Fake doctor scam is not so common but is a scam nonetheless and it is always better to be aware than being a victim.

In this scam, a fake doctor will offer to make fake medical documents which supposedly will get you a lot of money from your insuarance company. The problem is, companies are smart and already aware of this scam. You are more likely to get yourself into legal trouble than a room full of cash, if you try to pull this off. You can get all sorts of information — how to get from point A to point B, phone numbers of near by hospitals, advice in case of an emergency, you get the idea.

Carry a door stopper if you plan to stay in a cheap hotel or hostel. During monsoon, most Indian roads turn into swimming pools faster than a seemingly unrelated group of people turn into a flash mob, thanks to waterlogging.

Therefore, it is advised to keep a pair of slippers to get around when the water is logged.

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Another danger one faces is falling into open potholes when the water is logged. Although they are left open to drain the water faster and improve the situation, a mishap can take place if an unsuspecting person falls into it. Be Extra Careful while clicking selfies near dams, cliffs, and similar places. There have been cases of people getting washed away with a strong current of water or falling off the cliff. Unfortunately, not many could be saved due to lack of safety measures at these Tourist points.

As strange as it may sound, but most of the selfie-related deaths happened in India.

91 India Travel Tips to Guide You Through This Complex Country (2018 edition)

There is a monkey menace in a lot of Indian cities and towns like Dharamshala, Vrindavan, and Jaipur. They snatch away your food and may even hurt you while doing so.

Something similar happened with Jonny Blair. Read more about his experience here. Lock your day backpacks with number locks because many travelers report that petty thieves often try to open the bags from behind.

This usually happens when you are in a crowded tourist place. It is a good idea to use number padlock instead of key and lock ones because there is no risk of losing the keys. India is a very religious country, and people can go to extremes when it comes to their religion. There has been an instance where a Russian tourist was beaten to a pulp for hurting the sentiments of the locals by ringing the sacred bell at the wrong time of the day. This is an extremely rare case which should not happen, but it does teach us something — one should be careful with religious matters.

Their commission to bring you to the hotel is passed on to you, and you will have no idea how far is the place from the main tourist points. Not saying that every one of them is a liar or selfish but you cannot distinguish among them either.

Both Kashmir and Leh are breathtakingly beautiful places. Almost Always covered in snow and surrounded by peaceful valleys, one should avoid these places near Indian national holidays due to increased risk of terrorist attacks.

Keep your hotel room number confidential and make sure hotel room doors have chains, deadlocks, and peep holes.

When possible, travel around the area with groups of friends rather than alone especially during the night. I do it all the time just to be on the safe side. If you plan to rent a car and drive by yourself, then forget it. Simply forget it. Rent a car with a driver instead. India is notorious for its driving etiquette and traffic. Unlike, western countries where traffic flows smoothly, Indian traffic is erratic at best. Not only erratic but dangerous as well thanks to lack of obedience to traffic rules.

Only a driver brought up here can handle this traffic. Other Insightful Tips for India Expect things to go wrong. Even the best-planned trips will be thrown off course by traffic jams, bad weather, road closures and so on.

Have a backup plan and remember: misadventures make the best stories. Carry multiple photocopies of your passport for Indian Sim card and bike rentals.

Grrrltraveler who has been 3 Times to India recommends packing with you the following items — Banjees wrist wallet Sleeping bag because some parts of India get frigid Melaleuca spray for beds and train beds Bonus tip: If your baggage allows it, having a good air mattress on hand is always a smart thing, especially if you are travelling on a budget. Chances are that you will come across some questionable sleeping arrangements on the lower spectrum of accommodation.

In the scenario, just pulling out your trusted air mattress and inflating will put your mind at ease. The best air mattress for the scenario would be something light but durable — you can check out TheSleepStudies. Carry earplugs! Muffle the sounds of crying babies, drunk people, barking dogs, honking horns, dormitory sex, and more.

Do not entertain the beggars. You give some alms to one, and dozens more will start following you. Good luck getting rid of them. Even if you have no problem in giving some money to the poor, you must know that your money does not put food in their stomach but fill the pockets of human traffickers who force these people to beg.

Sometimes, they will ask you to download them some milk from a nearby store. One might be tempted to do so. After all, the poor guy is getting something to eat, right?

The Complete Travel Guide to the Golden Triangle for First Time Visitors to India

Carry a scarf to cover your head because in states like Delhi and Rajasthan the sun can be unrelenting. India is a country full of temples. Narrow it down to the big-hitters if you want to stay sane and get most out of your trip. Remember that India is about more than architectural splendour, the street-life and shopping are just as much a part of the experience.

Your Indian tour cannot and should not end without a trip to Indian country side. Living here for even just one day will show you different side of India- a side with less chaos and more refreshing. You get to work on tea estates, coffee estates, and vegan agricultural communities and have your basic needs — food and accommodation met as well.

If you want to tip anyone in any restaurant or hotel, give it to the person directly as the service tax included in the final bill goes to the indian govt.