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Detailed notes on the changes implemented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Available Formats. Single Page HTML · Multi-Page HTML · ePub · PDF. Documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is comprised of 18 separate documents. Each of these documents belongs to one or more of the following subject. Single Page HTML · Multi-Page HTML · ePub · PDF Installation documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beta A guide to configuring basic system settings on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Product Version. Beta; 7; 6; 5; 4.

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Rhel 6 Documentation Pdf

Fedora. 6. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Related Products. 7. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Edition .. Making Manual Modifications to the Kickstart File. Cluster Administration wm-greece.info Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/pdf/Cluster_Administration/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Li . Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - Red Hat Customer Portal technical release documentation edition 1 last updated: red hat enterprise linux 6.

Uninstalling Anaconda Silent mode install You can use silent mode to automatically accept default settings and have no screen prompts appear during installation. Using Anaconda on older operating systems We recommend upgrading your operating system. Most OS that are no longer supported in the latest Anaconda are no longer getting security updates. Upgrading your OS allows you to get the latest packages, performance improvements, bug fixes, etc. To use Anaconda on older operating systems, download from our archive. You will not be able to use conda to update or install packages beyond the Anaconda version noted in the table below, unless you limit it to versions available at the time that particular version of Anaconda was released. You can see what was available by checking the package table archives. Download from our archive. Note Qt and other packages released after Anaconda Distribution 5.

Examine the files.

In the following sections, you will populate these SPEC files. Note The rpmdev-newspec utility does not use guidelines or conventions specific to any particular Linux distribution. There are three examples below.

Each one is fully described, so you can go to a specific one if it matches your packaging needs. Or, read them all to fully explore packaging different kinds of software.

Software Name Explanation of example bello A program written in a raw interpreted programming language.

Installation on Unix-like systems — Apache CouchDB® Documentation

It demonstrates when the source code does not need to be built, but only needs to be installed. If a pre-compiled binary needs to be packaged, you can also use this method since the binary would also just be a file.

It demonstrates byte-compiling the source code and installating the bytecode - the resulting pre-optimized files.

It demonstrates a common process of compiling the source code into machine code and installing the resulting executables. Increment the initial value whenever updating the package without a change in the upstream release Version - such as when including a patch.

Reset Release to 1 when a new upstream release happens, for example, if bello version 0. The disttag macro is covered in RPM Macros. The Summary is a short, one-line explanation of what this software is. The Source0 field provides URL to the upstream software source code.

It should link directly to the version of software that is being packaged.

There is no building step for bello, because bash is a raw interpreted programming language, and the files are simply installed to their location on the system. Just delete this directive. Requires specifies run-time dependencies for the package. The bello script requires only the bash shell environment to execute, so specify bash in this directive.

Since this is software written in an interpreted programming language with no natively compiled extensions, add the BuildArch directive with the noarch value. This tells RPM that this package does not need to be bound to the processor architecture on which it is built. In our example we will use only a short description. This usually involves expansion of compressed archives of the source code, application of patches, and, potentially, parsing of information provided in the source code for use in a later portion of the SPEC.

However, since a bash does not need to be built, simply remove what was provided by the template and leave this section blank. Here we should create any directories that will contain the installed files. Since for installing bello we only need to create the destination directory and install the executable bash script file there, we will use the install command.

RPM macros allow us to do this without hardcoding paths. Within this section, you can indicate the role of various files using built-in macros.

This is useful for querying the package file manifest metadata using the rpm command. They log packaging changes, not software changes. Each item begins with a - character. Before we start down this path, we need to address something somewhat unique about byte-compiled interpreted software. Since we will be byte-compiling this program, the shebang is no longer applicable because the resulting file will not contain the entry.

Docker Documentation

Red Hat's documentation publication system recently went through an upgrade to enable speedier, more mobile-friendly content. We decided to re-evaluate our commenting platform to ensure that it meets your expectations and serves as an optimal feedback mechanism. During this redesign, we invite your input on providing feedback on Red Hat documentation via the discussion platform.

Hide Table of Contents English English. Documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is comprised of 18 separate documents. Each of these documents belongs to one or more of the following subject areas:.

The CentOS Project

Release Documentation. Installation and Deployment. High Availability. Desktop Where did the comment section go? Here are the common uses of Markdown.

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