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They went to school together but never knew each other, perhaps just a glance in the hallway. After all what would ever bring them together, she was popular and he wasn't. "Its Jordan" I hear him say softly just before I go into my class. Meet Kathryn, na sa kanya na ang lahat! She is so rich, popular, loved by so many people but she's not that so he met Daniel, the OPPOSITE of her. Editorial Reviews. Review. "John Hughes fans will love this read!! Teenagers as they maneuver It made me laugh, swoon, and desperately wish for a hot nerd of my own." -Farrah .. The Stand-In Boyfriend (Grove Valley High Series Book 1) .

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My Nerdy Boyfriend Ebook

Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. What do you get when you throw together a Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction .. He offers to pretend to be Amanda's boyfriend, but they can't keep their hands off each other and. Cassie Mae is fast becoming my go-to-author for when I need a young adult .. Shelves: book-boyfriend, contemporary, cute, nerd-geek, romance, young-adult Shelves: contemporary, young-adult, romance, humor, own-ebook, reviewed. books based on votes: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park, Pressing Adalyn by Jenn Hype, Battersea Parker by Jimmy Tudeski.

Exactly why is that though? Are you prepared to shun good looks for reliability and utility? What can you expect when you exchange your old boyfriend for a new geek version? Unfortunately, data on these rare creatures is still quite scarce, so we will not discuss them today. You have an expert at your disposal here, not a replacement search engine. Girls not willing to learn for themselves need not apply for a geek boyfriend — your Facebook will be checked, and you will be Googled! While they may not be of much use in emotionally troubled times, you can depend on them to make logical decisions when the water level climbs. When the floods come, who would you rather be with? Someone to offer a shoulder to cry on, or a geek who can seek out the nearest high ground, upon which to set up an ad-hoc wifi communications protocol? You might want to be open to the naughty side yourself though, or be in for a shock when things go down below. At the very least embrace his kinky side, and keep a healthy collection of sci-fi costumes supplied.

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We will then contact you with the appropriate action. The consignment number is emailed to you along with the invoice at the time of shipment. Amanda Rykowsky is a woman with a plan and finding a man isn't part of that plan. William Sloan is successful in his career but not in his personal life. And then Amanda gets a Valentine's card that she doesn't want and she finds out she has a stalker. Oh my!

This story is a fast read. The characters are funny, annoying, smart and interesting.

50 best literary gifts for modern-day book lovers

I enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone looking for a simple contemporary romance. Q Cute. Jul 25, Luz Trevino rated it liked it Shelves: It was an okay read. The hero was supposed to be nerdy, but I don't think he really was. The story was mostly about a stalker who was after the heroine. I liked the hero, who you can tell he instantly fell in love with Amanda. She was an okay character. She turned into a different person once she became physical with Will.

I didn't like that. Feb 13, Lori rated it it was amazing. A good sexy love story between a college student interning at a sex therapist's office when she meet a nerdy stock broker over spilled vibrators she downloadd for her boss. As they start to fall for each other, she discovers she has a stalker. Will moves in to protect her and that's when they get sexy. Eventually the stalker makes his move, but Will saves Amanda.

A great read in the series. Will and Amanda are nerds at heart, although it takes them awhile to admit it. Gloria took some getting used to. Mavis and Chester are a hoot. Geekland sounds like fun. Jan 29, Liz Clappin rated it it was ok. While cute and entertaining this book, especially the deranged stalker was a bit much.

While the sex therapist boss was entertaining, at points it got to be way too over the top and obnoxious. The ending was also beyond ridiculous even for a romance novel. Feb 21, Kathy Newcomer rated it it was amazing. This book has it all; romance, humor, plenty of heat, and great characters!

Vicki Lewis Thompson has been one of my favorite authors for years, and this book is a perfect example of why! This book gets two thumbs way up!! Mar 23, Sandy Lipinski rated it it was amazing. Romance with hot sex scenes ,a touch of danger, but mostly the funniest book ever.

Jul 30, Deanna rated it really liked it. Silly, but it made me laugh. Mar 20, Bradley rated it really liked it. Excellent blend of story and tension. Definitely a keeper. Feb 16, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Neither Amanda or William struck me as particularly nerdy. Amanda was rather single-minded about her schooling and career, and Will wears glasses, a hat with ear flaps, and has a good memory for trivia.

In spite of this, I found it very hard to be disappointed with the book. Will makes for the sort of romantic hero I enjoy reading about: He's the type of guy who's willing to put his desires aside in order to do what's be Neither Amanda or William struck me as particularly nerdy.

He's the type of guy who's willing to put his desires aside in order to do what's best for the woman he's interested in, and if you ask me, that's hot. Amanda was interesting too, a woman who consciously cuts herself off from everything that might distract her from her end goals.

Watching her slowly admit her attraction to William in spite of her determination to avoid a romantic entanglement was a lot of fun. In spite of her fairly conservative nature, she found herself in a number of ludicrous situations but always managed to land on her feet. She was just overall a really fun protagonist to follow.

Amanda and Will seemed very well suited for each other, and it was easy to believe in a happy ending for the two of them. The secondary characters were colourful and brilliant and constantly threatening to overshadow the heroes. Gloria was hilarious, her overbearing manner constantly embarrassing either Amanda or William or both , but she really was a decent person underneath it all.

Amanda's two elderly neighbours cracked me up, too. Mavis is a retired third-grade teacher who tries to create a sense of community in the apartment complex, and Chester is a crusty bachelor who resists every one of Mavis's attempts to get him to show some community spirit. They're both quite protective of Amanda, and go out of their way to annoy each other. I'm not even kidding when I say I wanted these two to get together more than I wanted Amanda and Will to.

I only had a couple of minor quibbles with the story. First, I kept waiting for Amanda to hit number recall after her stalker phone her or to invest in some caller ID. She was trying desperately to figure out who it was, going through all the files at work for suspects and talking to the people at Geekland, but never once did she think that the phone number could be a significant clue.

I had a creepy phone call once, and the very next day I ran out and invested in caller ID so I'd never be caught unaware like that again. Evidently Amanda's intelligence only goes so far. My other nitpick is that everything wrapped up too nicely at the end, with a big red bow on it. Not only is everyone and their dog happily in a relationship, they're all talking marriage, even the most unlikely candidates.

And I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I like to date someone for awhile before I start thinking about exchanging vows. This didn't seem to be a problem for any of these characters, though. Those few things aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was really a lot of fun, and the characters were more vibrant than even the yellows and reds on the cover. Which, let me assure you, is saying something.

How to Date a Nerd

My Nerdy Valentine had me on page one, when Amanda's bag of sex toys and porn broke and scattered all across the floor. It really was the perfect way to open this funny and irreverant book. Jul 01, Angie rated it it was amazing Shelves: My Nerdy Valentine is easily my favorite book in the Nerds series, and probably my favorite Chick Lit novel ever.

I absolutely adored it the first time I read it a few years ago, and I loved it nearly as much the second time around, too!

Dad's Nerdy New Boyfriend by J.M. Snyder

This one is probably the most over-the-top in terms of cheesiness and sexuality, but I think that just made it even more fun! Amanda is an intern for an extremely unconventional sex therapist, a full time psychology student in her final semester, and a bartender My Nerdy Valentine is easily my favorite book in the Nerds series, and probably my favorite Chick Lit novel ever.

Amanda is an intern for an extremely unconventional sex therapist, a full time psychology student in her final semester, and a bartender at Geekland. Her schedule is tightly packed so there's no room for romance. Then she starts getting cards from a secret valentine, who she thinks is the stockbroker in the office downstairs, William.


Well, it's not, and the cards start becoming more overtly sexual and downright creepy, so William offers to pose as her boyfriend in hopes of derailing this creep. Needless to say, it's not long before they're not pretending.

One thing that I had forgotten, and ending up really enjoying, about My Nerdy Valentine was that we know who the stalkerish secret valentine is from the very beginning. It's one of Amanda's boss' clients who is extremely delusional.

He believes Amanda's polite and friendly behavior towards him is more than that. He believes she's been flirting with him, and that she may be in love with him. Harvey is thrilled by this idea and wants to steal Amanda away for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway, and prove to his less than appreciative wife that he can get a young woman like Amanda's attention.

His parts are dripping with creepiness and it's scary how delusion some people can become when it comes to what they think is love. I really liked Will.

He's probably my favorite "nerd" from the series. He doesn't think of himself as one until Amanda's boss, Gloria, refers to him as her Geek of the Week. Will isn't socially awkward, but he is very work focused and amazing at trivia. He also has a pretty dorky hat, that he likes because it's practical, even if it's not stylish.

He also respects Amanda's choice to focus on work and school to attain her goals. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't take much needed breaks to fool around. I'm sad that this series is over, and I would absolutely love more sexy nerd books, especially if they're similar to My Nerdy Valentine.

I'm a huge fan of stalker plots, so that's probably why this is my favorite. Gloria's not-so-subtle sexual advances on Will also provide a ton of awkward and hilarious situations. Although I suspect that her over-the-top sexuality may put off some readers.

I did enjoy her, especially when she set aside her raging hormones to help Amanda with her crisis. Nov 30, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: This was not my favorite of the series, and I was a little sad to see Nerds end on this book.

It certainly wasn't horrible, but there were other books that were much better. Amanda Rykowski is barely making it through her schedule, between going to grad school, interning with a sex therapist, bartending at Geekland, and somehow finding time to study inbetween all that.

So when she meets William Sloan, it is definitely a case of "right guy, wrong time," and she has to turn him down.

Turns out it w This was not my favorite of the series, and I was a little sad to see Nerds end on this book. Turns out it won't be quite as easy to get him out of her head, though - her boss, the oversexed Dr. Gloria Tredway, has decided to snag herself a nerd as her latest conquest.

The most obnoxious book was Nerd in Shining Armor. The most defining reason why some books shined and other books weren't so great was the heroine's attitude toward her man. My main issue with this book was just how pushy and oblivious Gloria was when it came to Will. I can honestly say that I have never seen school activity stop because a popular kid did something unpopular-like.

Popular kids were normal kids with a lot of friends. Unpopular kids were normal kids with one or two friends. The End. If things in the US schools are indeed how they are depicted in movies and books it makes me really happy to have been born in a country with so much less racism. About the book The story was easy to read and although you did feel sorry for Zoe through the whole of it, the angst never became so much as to frustrate you.

I thing I like Cassie Mae's way of writing. The story seems like it was in reality written in the journal of a teenager.

It makes it seem authentic. Zoe is a pretty messed up girl. She is a dork, who knows that is a dork, who likes being a dork BUT she hides all that behind an "evil cheerleader type" of girl just because she can't take the bullying any more. What I liked about this heroine was that she knew that by pretending to be a bitch she had become one two.

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