IFS Food is a standard for the auditing of companies that process food or companies that pack loose food products. IFS Food is only applied where the product is. PDF | Modern way of living made it almost impossible to know where One such initiative is the International Food Standard (IFS), which has. of our IFS Food Standard. We are in a middle of a journey that in- volves our main stakeholders – from retail, industry or certification bodies in the different.

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The development of the IFS is based on the ever-rising demands of consumers, the increasing liabilities of retailers and wholesalers, the. No translation may be made without official permission by the IFS Standard owner. The IFS Food is available online via: wm-greece.info Or by Mail . I am new for IFS food standard and please let me know the latest version of wm-greece.info GFSI is the lastest version of food standard.

Retail companies have developed evaluation systems for their suppliers to ensure that the final consumer receives safe, quality products. Certification according to these schemes is a key element of large national and international retailers' product selection process. What is IFS? International Food Standards IFS are food quality and safety protocols developed by German HDE , French FCD and Italian retailers, in order to have a uniform evaluation standard, ensure comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain, and reduce the times and costs for suppliers and retailers. It is a requirement which many retailers like Carrefour, Aldi, Lidl and Metro demand of all their suppliers. We analyze the clients' needs so that our auditors, who are specialists in each field, perform a service that provides the maximum value evaluating your organization's compliance. Our teams develop specific certification plans according to our clients' structure, processes and activities. Our international presence, extensive product portfolio, and accreditations allow us to offer global and expert service, tailored to your organization's needs.


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