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Cinderella Audio Story. Fairy Tale Audio Stories for Kids. Listen to the Story! The Classic fairy tale of Cinderella-a young girl, mistreated by her step-mother and. The story of Cinderella has the perfect recipe for a fairy tale romance - poor little I leave in Iran AND I must thank you for this audio book, I glad to listen all of. Written by Disney Press, Audiobook narrated by Cassandra Morris. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this.

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Audio Book Cinderella

Listen to "Cinderella" by Disney Press available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Cassandra Morris. Start a free day trial today and get your first audiobook free. Listen to Cinderella Free Audio books for Download. Get Cinderella Free Audio books for Download on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. You Can. The Cinderella Arrangement Audiobook The Cinderella Arrangement Download The Cinderella Arrangement Free Audiobook The Cinderella.

Regular price: Cancel anytime. Belle wants more out of life than the small provincial town of Villeneuve can offer. There she stands out from the crowd with her unique point of view, her strong-willed independence, and her love of books. She longs for travel and adventure, for a life as exciting as the stories she reads. But when Belle's beloved father is taken prisoner by a beast in an enchanted castle, her path is forever changed. The little mermaid Ariel wants to be human, and nothing - not even a nasty sea witch - is going to stop her. Disney's The Little Mermaid is a complete retelling of this beloved Disney film. When the stepmother queen, who thinks much of her own beauty, hears the magic mirror proclaim that not she but Snow White is the fairest in the land, she jealously plots to destroy the young girl. But beautiful Snow White finds protection in the woods living happily with the seven dwarfs - and ultimately living happily ever after with the handsome Prince. A beloved classic comes to life for a new generation in the upcoming Walt Disney Studios live-action Aladdin film, and this thrilling novelization invites fans to revisit Aladdin's tale over and over again. Disney's The Princess and the Frog puts a new spin on a classic fairy tale! At first, beautiful, hardworking Tiana is not impressed when she meets spoiled Prince Naveen.

There came there the finest princess, the most beautiful ever was seen with mortal eyes. She was a thousand times nice to us, and gave us orange and lemon blossoms. At this Cinderella, smiling, replied: How happy you have been!

Could not I see her? Dear Miss Charlotte, do lend me your yellow suit of clothes which you wear everyday. I should be a fool. Cinderella indeed expected well such answer, and was very glad of the refusal; for she would have been sadly put to it if her sister had lent her what she asked for jokingly.

The next day the two sisters were at the ball, and so was Cinderella, but dressed more magnificently than before. She then rose up and fled, as nimble as a deer. The prince followed, but could not overtake her. She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the prince took up most carefully. She got home but quite out of breath, and in her nasty old clothes, having nothing left of all her finery but one of the little slippers, fellow to that she dropped.

The guards at the palace gate were asked if they had not seen a princess go out.

They replied that they had seen nobody go out but a young girl, very meanly dressed, and who had more the air of a poor country wench than a gentlewoman.

When the two sisters returned from the ball, Cinderella asked them if they had been well diverted, and if the fine lady had been there.

He sent out his most trusted advisers from the palace, who began to try it upon the princesses, then the duchesses and all the court, but in vain. It was then brought to the two sisters, who each did all that she possibly could to thrust her foot into the slipper, but neither sister could manage to do so.

Cinderella, who saw all this, and knew her slipper, said to them, laughing: Her sisters burst out a-laughing, and began to tease her. The gentleman who was sent to try the slipper looked earnestly at Cinderella, and finding her very handsome, said it was only right that she should try, and that he had orders to let every girl try.

He asked Cinderella to sit down, and putting the slipper to her foot, found it went on very easily, and fitted her as if it had been made of wax. The astonishment her two sisters were in was excessively great, but still abundantly greater when Cinderella pulled out of her pocket the other slipper, and put it on her foot. Now her two sisters found her to be that fine, beautiful lady whom they had seen at the ball.

They threw themselves at her feet to beg pardon for all the ill treatment they had dished out to her. Cinderella took them up, and as she embraced them, cried that she forgave them with all her heart, and desired them always to love her.

She was brought by carriage to the young prince, dressed as she was. He thought her more charming than ever, and a few days after, married her. Cinderella, who was no less good than beautiful, gave her two sisters rooms in the palace, and that very same day matched them with two great lords of the court. I love this story. I was sooo excited because this is my favourate story. I enjoyed it alot because it had so much description.

It is as lovely as a pie in a house decorated with apples and cherry blossoms that smells like the sweetest blood red cherries that vampires eat. I love this book cause how u treat people they will treat u back the same the step mom was so jelous. My daughter really likes this reading and asks to listen to it every night before she sleeps. Thanks Storynory and Natasha! Bertie — December 6, Can you send an email to me if you have a new fairy tale story.

But I really believe it will help them to have a good english pronunciation.

Ladybird Tales: Cinderella by Ladybird Books | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I whish to aknowlege Storynory, Bertie and Natasha for allowing us download all those beautiful stories for free!! I wonder , were to find boyfriend to my sister?

Hey I got an idrop ipod on the weekend, they rock so does this story it rox!! Colin if can read my massage please do change ur bad habbit,if u treat others nicely they will treat u nicly too u knoe colin. Thnx alot. It is famous in Korea for children. Crossword puzzle clue, would be grateful for answet!

I suspect you need to find the cast list of the Disney version. Bertie — January 4, Bertie — January 10, This story is very good! I like it very much! I want the story will liked bu more people! I used the stories, but I thank it is a little difficult for a second language speaker, so please prapear some simple and short stories.

Hi all!!! This story was wrong. The story I want was Cinderella but what you read to me was wrong! I want to listen to Cinderella NOW!!!! I hope that you have easier… thank you…………. I enjoyed the story alot and it was very good and my favourite part was when the prince got married to Cinderalle because it was happy.

This story had adjectives but not that much like , beautiful,large, remarkable,smallest. It was written in paragraphs. It has a familiar traditional story start and end. It was cool and amazing. I dont like the storie I love the storie because it is my favrite verson of cinderella. My favorite part is is when her fairy god mother came and made cinderella have the best night of her life. Teacher says: Thank you very much.

I am looking forward to meet more classic stories here. And I want to download the audio files in my computer.

Anyway, I will visit here from now on and listen to the interesting stories. What a nice story! I read it in Chinese when I was a little baby.

But I think this is better than that! We do hope that times get better for you soon. Bertie — April 24, I know Cinderella everybody all read ,but this story in english is better than in chinese. Its is very niceeeeee but quite long…i suggest that make it shorter and interesting,that would help stop comments of SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are redoing the really big classics — and when come round to doing Cinderella again, we want to make it really, really special — as well as shorter!

Bertie — July 21, Thank you for putting this story in this website bye thank you. Elizabeth — August 20, Charles Perrault wrote this version of Cinderella in the 18th Century.

The Brothers Grimm wrote another one. Bertie — October 4, I think her step mother is very bad. But u think think this syory is not good. Victoria — October 5, The story worked a dream, and eventho my littlen, jenna, had fallen asleep i carryed on lisening, it is marvosly constructed and the reading has a lot of enthis on the inportent words which made it easyer to follow, extreamaly inportent for a five year old i can tell you that.

Iam from england and are thje best audio stories for kids and a great way to make my english better and learn fairy tales for my child.

I enjoyed listning to the story. Sorry, I did email you but it bounced back.

Natasha is an actress, and does appear on stage in London from time to time. This background has really helped her develop her story-telling skills.

Bertie — November 29, Thank you so much for putting up the audio of this story.

Dana of http: Best Webhost — December 18, My english listening is not very good and this story and such as it make it better. Noor — January 26, Hello my name is jenny. Kim — January 27, Sonic and Amy — February 6, I have often hear the story of cinderella in Indonesia for a long time ago.

You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you would like to receive our stories. If you confirm, you will then receive one very week. Bertie — March 11, Dear Bertie, I have not recieve your email. Sorry Bertie. Dena — March 25, Bertie — April 17, Very good story for learing and improving english listening and pronunciation while you are entertained. Carrie — June 2, See ya later! How the lovely story! MAXI — August 10, Monmon — August 13, This story was very interesting.

However, I would like romantic stories. I love romantic stories. I luv u da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cute Princess — August 15, Nice story, I was googling for cinderella costumes and I ran into this story. How weird. Halloween Costumes — August 16, Goodmorning natasha I have conquered another Bertie stoy and have come to realise that Bertie storys are so much better than Fairytales but I have also come tto relise that my atoshios spelling has probably conqered you so just a quick note to say hi and you are brilliant please write back to me.

Cinderella - A Grimm Fairy Tale 1812

They are our centre-piece. Bertie — August 27, Will there be a story about launguges. Hope there will be soon Harry. Princess Emma — August 31, They are my favorite 3 Bertie stories.

Princess Emma — September 9, Dear Princess Emma, I think those are good picks for your favourite Bertie stories. Mine would be similar. Bertie — September 9, Jeanette — September 17, FIFI email: Thank you Natasha, the story is beautiful. I learn translation and interpreting from storynory. Thank you again. I have a little pumpkin at my house.

I dream that someday it will turn into a carriage and I can go to the castle for a ball just like Cinderella.

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Thank you for the great story! Wow what a great story! If you said it was awful your notin but stupid. I wish I was a cinderella! Tamara — December 9, I dont see why cinderallla coundnt go in the first place. Very nice Stories. Thanks for the link to audio download. Good efforts. Poon — February 26, It is a old story. And the prince about consuming..

There are lots of old and famous story in there and there are lots of people in there..? LittleDoll — April 16, It is fantastic the stories are really amusing however they could get beter and more new stories should be designed,and nice pictures about each story should be added, Thanks.

My children love listening to your stories on my mobile at bedtime. They are in a hurry to get to bed now to listen to a story. These are fantastic, so nice to listen to. Hi it,s Dominic again. I seem to be having problems subscribing to your stories can you help? Thanks so much for your help.

This follows the convention for web players. Bertie — May 8, If you could add more old stories like goldilocks, oliver twist, town mouse and country mouse. You guys are doing a great job. This is a very helpful source thank you storynory, my class loved alll the comments and would love to meet Natasha. This is one of my favorite fairy tales. Although it has been re-told many times, many of the stories do not capture the pure good-ness of Cinderella.

Therefore, this has to be the best version of the story I have found yet. This is an excellent site. I love the stories and the way they are read. But could you please include some more pictures to make it more interesting.

Also, is it possible to present some of the stories especially the greek mythology ones,in the form of a film. Amy, We are investing in more pictures, but we have limited resources. Bertie — June 22, Ashley Romero — June 28, Thanks for letting us know your opinion. Bertie — July 14, Stephanie — July 17, All of the stories are great and worthy, especially for me as an English teacher. It really helps me in improving the listening capability of my students, honestly before knowing this site I get trouble how to find the material for teaching.

Last but not least, I hope in this page can be added more worthy stories. My deeply honor and thanks. Thank you very very very muchhhhh Natasha. I love these stories in the website thankyou natasha aunty i like reading stories in this website i am an indian girl from A. That remind me about Cinderella. I think the most important character is her godmother. If there is no fairy godmother Cinderella is a unfortunate child and her life will be misery.

She will never able marry the prince. I believe in God and good spirits. How about you prince Bertie, the frog? I liked the story very much indeed because it have a happy end and it had really different words in it! Thank you for the time and effort you put into maintaining this site. Cinderella is perhaps my favourite story.

This story is immortal. I am adult but I love all those stories for the kids. I always try to tell them for the children. All of you are perfect. I learn everything with you. Only I have to say is a warmth and very special thank you all. God bless you all. You are true angels. This story is just romantic that the prince went after cinderella that would be awesome that a prince coming after you because he liked you for you and then he marries her soon as he knew his maiden was cinderella and they lived happily ever after.

God bless you always. Gustavo — September 19, Hi i love cinderella its such a magical story with the prince and the glass slipper a enjoyed it very much Thankyou. What a wonderful tale and how beautiful has it been narrated. I did notice that a piece of the audio part is missing. There where the invitation is received and the sisters decide what to wear.

But other than that, I think storynory is a great initiative, which I hope many children will not only enjoy. My daughter has dyslexia and this is a good way to help her in her reading skills. Omar — October 3, But, I gees it is o-kay.

Oh, yippee…: What a wonderful story. But please make the duration shorter…Thank you…. Hanifa Miranda — October 19, This was a good story 4 kidz! Thx 4 putting it up! Check out my blog http: Stories for Little Kids — November 9, And again Thank-you……………….. Great site with great stories. Would be even better if you could have visual aids also. Would really benefit children with auditory difficulties!

Quynh LeNguyen — December 17, This story was beautiful!!! I did not like the sisters because they are horrid!!! I like this story. She left her slippers and went into the night. Kattia — January 26, This story is very intersting and the person who read makes the story very interesting.

This story makes everybody thinks that this story is very interesting and I wish there will be some commented story that Natasha has read. Is there any story that is very interesting? Is it only Cinderella the most popular story in the world or there are some more such as Beauty and the beast? Nadine Koh — January 30, I think that this story has alot of excitement in it.

And that is my honest opinion. Im a diabetic whos only ten years old. And i love reading. And when i found out about this website,i already new that i would be very interested in all of the stories. I dont have an email address so im happy kids can comment easily.

And i love telling people how much i enjoy there work. And so this is a perfect bed time story. Not very interesting in the afternoon. Im giving my honest opinion. So all i want to know is the author of this story and i want the author to know how much im enjoying there work.

Thank you. I like this story, but it is a little bit long. The reader reads it very good.

I liked her voice. Thank you for reading it. I like your website. It has more good bed time storys. I think that it was very good but it has a lot of writing it is also very exiting it was great as well and the pictures were very good.

When i was a boy, i dreamed every night that i was a handsome prince and i could meet a beautiful princess. This kind of story was the most miraculous flower in the garden of my childhood. Now i have grown up but i never forget these wonderful memory.

Thank a lot to these fairy tale. Terrable story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so important that Cinderella helps her bad sisters in the end. Good story! I already read that story from a book but I wanted to read that again because it was so good. My name is odd but that was the name of my littel puppy that just got killed saterday so im still sad but all in all this is a good story.

It does take a while to get over these things. Tell me, now, are you pleased with it? Two footmen opened the carriage door, and assisted the now beautifully dressed Cinderella into it. Her godmother, before she took leave, strictly charged her, on no account whatever to stay at the ball after the clock had struck twelve; and then added, that if she stopped but a single moment beyond that time, her fine coach, horses, coachman, postilion, and footmen, and fine apparel, would all return to their original shapes of pumpkin, mice, rats, lizards, and mean-looking clothes.

His Royal Highness hastened to the door, welcomed Cinderella, and handed her out of the carriage. He then led her gracefully into the ball-room, and introduced her to his father, the king.

Cinderella received them with great grace. When this was over, the prince requested to have the honour of dancing with her. Cinderella smiled consent; and the delighted prince immediately led her out to the head of the dance, just about to commence. The eyes of the whole company were fixed upon the beautiful pair.

Gracefulness seemed to play in all her motions; the airy lightness with which she floated along—as buoyant as thistle-down—drew forth a general murmur of admiration. The hall rang with the loudest acclamations of applause, and the company, all in one voice, pronounced her the most elegant creature that had ever been seen. Cinderella drew near her sisters, and frequently spoke to them; and in her goodness of heart she offered them the delicacies which she had received from the prince: but they did not know she was their sister.

When Cinderella heard the clock strike three-quarters past eleven, she made a low courtesy to the whole assembly and retired in haste.

You see how fortune befriends the good-hearted, and even out of such unpromising material as a pumpkin and mice, can make a coach and six, with which to honor her worthy favorite.

Obedient to her engagement with her godmother, she returns in all the splendor and honor of the coach and six. On reaching home, she found her godmother; and after thanking her for the treat she had enjoyed, she ventured to express a wish to return to the ball on the following evening, as the prince had requested her to do.

She was still relating to her godmother all that had happened at court, when her two sisters knocked at the door. There came the most beautiful princess ever seen, who loaded us with polite attentions, and gave us oranges and citrons. Oh, do, my Lady Javotte, lend me the yellow dress you wear every day, that I may go to the ball and have a peep at this wonderful princess.

On the following evening the sisters again went to the court ball, and so did Cinderella, dressed even more magnificently than before. She rose hastily, and flew away like a startled fawn. Yet he knew something was wrong. He had met many of the young women.

All heads turned. Who was that lovely maiden stepping down the stairs? She held her head tall and looked as if she belonged.

But no one knew her. The Prince felt a leap in his heart. He and Cinderella danced. When the song was over, they danced again. And then they danced again, and yet again. Soon the other maidens at the ball grew jealous. But all the Prince could see was Cinderella.

They laughed and talked, and they danced some more. In fact, they danced for so long that Cinderella did not see the clock. Cinderella looked up.

She looked up again. She ran to the steps. Up, up the stairs she ran. But Cinderella kept running up. Then she rushed out the door. It was midnight. He picked up her glass slipper and rushed out the door. He looked around but could not see her blue dress anywhere.

He saw that it was made in a special way, to fit a foot like none other. Then I will ask her to be my bride! From hut to hut, from house to house, went the Prince. One young woman after another tried to fit her foot inside the glass slipper. But none could fit. And so the Prince moved on. One of you must be the one to fit your foot in that slipper.

No matter what!

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