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zom b underground zom b book 2 Zom B Underground. Download Zom B. Underground PDF/ePub eBooks without registration on our website. Instant access to. Zom-B Underground. Zom-B (Series). Book 2. Darren Shan Author Emma Galvin Narrator (). cover image of Zom-B Underground. Learn more about Zom-B Underground in the wm-greece.info digital Title details for Zom-B Underground by Darren Shan - Available Zom-B Series, Book 2.

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Zom-b Underground Epub

Epub Download. Ebook 54,32MB Zom B. Underground Shan Darren Epub. DownloadScanning for Zom B. Underground Shan Darren Do you really need this. Zom B Underground Shan Darren is big ebook you want. You can download any ebooks you wanted like Zom B Underground Shan Darren in. ZOM-B Underground, EPUB eBook Part of the ZOM-B series Format: EPUB; Pages: pages; Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK; Publication Date: 03/01/.

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My Account Sign in Register. Out of Print. Pre-release title. On Special. Firm Sale. Internationally Sourced. If you receive an error message, please contact your library for help. Error loading page. Try refreshing the page.

If that doesn't work, there may be a network issue, and you can use our self test page to see what's preventing the page from loading. Learn more about possible network issues or contact support for more help. Search Search Search Browse menu. Sign in. Recent updates. Zom-B Underground. Languages English. Details Publisher: Darren Shan - Author. Why is availability limited? I like the hair, Vinyl says. Number 3? Sod that. Number 2.

Vinyls got long, curly hair. Hed love to shave it but his mum would cry and he doesnt want to upset her. Hes a soft git, Vinyl. But hard when he needs to be. There arent many who get the better of him in a punchup. Hows the new school? I ask. Vinyl rolls his eyes. I should have failed that bloody test.

I laugh. You wouldnt believe it. Vinyl took a Mensa test in the summer. Turns out hes smarter than the rest of us put together. His mum went gaga she thinks hes the new Einstein and begged him to switch to a posh school. He hated bailing on us but she turned on the tears and he caved. I ask as we stroll, punching each others arm every now and then. All right, he shrugs. I thought theyd be full of themselves but most arent much different from us.

Im doing okay, not the best, not the worst. What about the teachers? He shrugs again. They wouldnt last long in our place. Id give them a week theyd be head cases after that. Vinyl still thinks hes one of us. And at the moment he is.

But that will change. You cant switch schools and carry on as if noth ings happened. Hell make new friends soon and start hanging out with them.

Another few weeks and we wont see a lick of him.

Zom-B Series (1-3) by Darren Shan [MU]

Way of the world. You must be crapping yourself, I tell him. What are you talking about? The zombies. What about them? They go for freaks with big brains. He laughs sarcastically. Know what I like about you, B? Youll be dead one day. We snicker, knock knuckles and head for the park.

Were too young to get into pubs and theres not much else to do around here. Theyre hanging out by the swings, trying to look cool. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to look cool in a park? Strewth, its the Bster, Trev hoots. And whos that with our cheery old chum?

Strike me pink if it aint our old mate Vinyl! Evening, guvnor. Trev loves a bit of oldtime cockney slang. Sometimes its funny but it gets stale quick. Anything happening? I ask, taking one of the swings and lifting my feet up so that everyone can admire my sneakers. Sod all, Copper says. Looking for zombies, Kray yawns. We thought Vinyl was one of them, Ballydefeck says.

Eat me, Vinyl retorts. I wouldnt even if I was a zombie, Ballydefeck sniffs. Anyone else coming? Trev shrugs. Talk of a curfew has scared a lot of people. Im not expecting many more. Surprised to see you, B. I thought youd have been kept in. Itd take more than the threat of a few zombies to keep me in, I sneer. Arent you afraid of the living dead? Kray asks. Im more afraid of your killer breath. Laughter all round. I grin. Its great to have friends to slag off.

Copper produces a packet of cigs and passes them around. Hes good that way. Hed share his last butt with you. He used to take a lot of flack for being a ginger before he butched up, but I always liked him. I slagged him off, sure and I gave him his nickname but in a nice way. Ive given a few of my friends nicknames over the years. Im good at it.

Youd be amazed how some people struggle. It doesnt take a stroke of genius to look at a redhead and call him Copper, but even that simple task is beyond a lot of the kids I know. Im prouder of Ballydefeck. His familys Irish. Most of us have a bit of Paddy in our blood, but his lot act like they still live in the bog, spuds for dinner every night of the week, Irish dancing compe titions on the weekend, Daniel ODonnell blasting out loud in every 14 room of their house if you pop round.

He was known as Paddy or Mick for years. Then one night I was watching a rerun of Father Ted. An old priest in it kept cursing, saying, Feck!

I put that together with the name of an Irish village and came up with Ballydefeck.

Hes answered to that ever since. Kray digs out an iPod with a plugin speaker. Its brandnew, the latest model. I whistle appreciatively. Fall off the back of a truck? I dont know what you mean, Kray says indignantly, but his smirk ruins his show of innocence. Weve all nicked a bit in our time but Kray would have been Fagins star student.

We listen to some good tunes Kray has great taste and talk about TV, zombies, music, sex. Vinyl tells us about the girls in his new school. He says theyre hot and easy. Trev, Copper and Bal lydefeck listen with their mouths open as he describes what hes been getting up to with them.

Me and Kray look at each other and roll our eyes we know bullshit when we smell it.

But we dont tell Vinyl to shut up. Its fun listening to him stringing the fools along. After a while I spot a skinny black teenager entering the park.

Its Tyler, a kid from our year. He stops when he sees us, hesitates, then backs up. I shout. Get your arse over here! He grins nervously and taps his watch. Vanishes before I can call to him again.

Books by Darren Shan - Wheelers Books

A pity, I sneer. I fancied a lynching. Vinyl says. Only joking, I reply. Tylers all right, Vinyl mutters. No, hes not, I growl. Whats wrong with him? Vinyl challenges me, then smiles with icy sweetness before I can answer.

Its not the color of his skin, is it? I scowl at Vinyl but dont say anything. Because to an extent hes right. Dads a racist and proud of it. He hates anyone who isnt from England, especially if theyre darkskinned.

In his ideal world the ruling party would be the Ku Klux Klan and hed go riding through the streets of London on a horse every day with a load of hood wearing buddies, keeping law and order with a thick length of rope.

Dads always warning me of the dangers of racial tolerance. He pushes Aryan books and pamphlets my way. The first picture book I remember reading by myself was Little Black Sambo. I dont believe the same things that Dad does. I dont want to be like him, not that way. But at the same time Ive got to live with him. I learned early on not to challenge his word. So I put up with the ranting and raving. I read the hate lit. I laugh at his crude jokes.

Ive even gone to a few meetings with him, rooms full of angry white men muttering bloody murder. The trouble with putting on an act is that sometimes its hard to tell where the actor stops and the real you begins.

Its rubbed off on me to an extent, the years of pretending to hate. Vinyls black as the 16 ace of spades, but hes my only friend who is. And its not just because I know Dad would hit the roof if he saw me hanging out with black kids or Muslims. Part of me genuinely fears the menace of those who are different.

Ive read so much and heard so much and been forced to say so much that sometimes I forget that I dont believe it. To be honest, Im amazed Im still friends with Vinyl. We hung out together when we were tiny, before I started selecting my associ ates more cautiously. When Dad beat me a few times and told me to stop having anything to do with that horrible little black kid, that should have been the end of it. I tried to avoid Vinyl after that but I couldnt. We got on too well. He made me laugh, he never teased me, I could talk to him about anything.

I learned to sneak behind Dads back, never mention Vinyl at home, not be seen with him close to where we live. Hes my secret friend. If Dad knew, hed knock the stuffing out of me. Even one black friend is one too many as far as hes concerned. Come on, Vinyl says again, bristling now.

Whats wrong with Tyler?

Books by Darren Shan

I dont like his face, I snap. What difference does it make? I ran into your dad a few days ago, Vinyl says. He recognized me, which was a surprise. I thought we all looked the same to him. Hey, Trev says uneasily. Lets drop it. He told me hed heard about my new school, Vinyl goes on, ignoring Trev and staring hard at me.

Said it was amazing what 17 they could teach chimps these days.

Asked me if I could peel my own bananas now. I feel my face flush. Im ashamed of my meanspirited, foul mouthed father. But Im even more ashamed of myself, because I instinctively want to defend him. I know its wrong. He shouldnt have said that to Vinyl to anyone but part of me wants to take his side, because no matter what, hes my dad and I love him.

I cant control what he says, I mutter, dropping my gaze. But do you agree with it? Vinyl growls. Of course not! I spit. Tylers a whiny brat. He gets up my nose.

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