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The sad truth is that most organizations view their web sites and the people who design and build them as part of the “cost” in cost center. “No,” they say, “the. Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into downloaders & Prospe and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. So why aren't businesses laser-focused on designing their sites to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI)? Web design can do more than make a site look good. During my flights to and from San Jose last week, I started reading Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into downloaders & Prospects into Leads.

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Web Design For Roi Pdf

Drives ROI Learn how to plan for your website redesign, establish the right goals, and thought that the freshness and “wow factor” of a new design will. WEB DESIGN FOR ROI PDF. Pdf roi design for web. black should be them if i readers will be and semi colon its value of marks, they are. because of this, that the. maximize design ROI. KEYWORDS: Data mining, electronic commerce, information foraging theory, IT value, return on investment, systems design, Web- based.

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We'll often see multiple updates per year from Google, including this year's mobilegeddon update from Spring Ebook in danish about explainer videos. Here you can read about tips and tricks and also read about a customer case where the customer went from 0 to 20 leads Last month, I reviewed over websites. It was tasking, but the findings have been worth every minute spent. I ended up realizing that most website mistakes follow a similar pattern. With this e-book, I want to help you look in the right direction.

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Did you get put off the idea because you don't know html? Or was it the idea of paying someone thousands of dollars to build it for you?

Whatever it was, I have the answer for you You do NOT need any WIN the ultimate Audiobook experience! Enter here no download necessary.

Join Now Login. Sort by: Showing results: The impact of systems design on business individual and group-member user profiles [e. Literature review [e. Dependency modeling develops preliminary The effective design of an information system depends descriptive models representing dependencies that on a deep understanding of how users are using and occur among variables describing Web site use and should use the information system.

However, one of the the Web site user [e. Fortunately, Web servers log low- usage mining literature has not been tailored towards e- level system requests i. For example, the general literature potentially used to indirectly show how users are using the on Web usage mining has focused on extracting Web site.

However, making sense of such low-level log information only from Web server log data. Hence, the data is not without problems and presents important proposed Web usage mining techniques may be used to research challenges. In this section, we review the key uncover interesting data patterns in terms of association literature on Web usage mining to investigate the issues rules, user clusters and navigation patterns of users of the related to using Web log data for extracting usage patterns Web site.

However, the uncovered knowledge from the and then turn to the literature on online consumer behavior mining process cannot be linked to business performance to gain an understanding of how to make sense of online of e-commerce Web sites such as customer acquisition, usage patterns. Recent development in the Web usage mining literature has addressed this lack of 2.

Web usage mining integration of Web log data with marketing data and knowledge. Early Web usage mining techniques e.

For attraction i. What are the most requested web pages within the customer retention i. On complementary products.

Similarly, Berry and Linoff the World Wide Web, users typically forage for [12] propose market basket analysis. This technique information by navigating through pages of a Web site via examines the content of Web shopping carts to infer hyperlinks. The actual content of the pages associated patterns of product co-occurrence so that cross-sells and with these hyperlinks can only be inferred by snippets of up-sells may be targeted on the fly via recommendation text or graphics that are presented to the user as systems [13].

Foragers use these proximal cues to assess the Even though the integration of Web usage mining distal content and follow the link with the strongest techniques with marketing data provides important information scent given their information need. E-business proximal cues. So, given an information goal of a user management is an on-going process of understanding and knowledge of the structure and content of a Web site, consumer needs and developing online solutions to meet we may predict how a user will navigate through the site those needs.

Hence, e-commerce Web sites need to be in order to satisfy her goals: The purpose of current Web usage of the structure and content of a Web site, we may infer mining techniques for e-commerce is to identify marketing what the information goal of the user was: Who are our customers? What are they problem.

And what are they likely to download given foraging theory, two algorithms have been developed for their demographic segment? This can help determine solving the inference and prediction problems [15]. However, as outlined in the exact reverse.

WUFIS takes as input a set of user Introduction, Web sites cannot be assumed to perform at information need keywords and Web site topology, high business value standards.

Customers frequently drop linkage and content information to output a predicted out of the downloading process, not because a particular navigation path through simulation. To make the analysis of Web site and predicting browsing behaviors on the World Wide usage managerially-actionable, the focus of our systems Web [e.

Hence, they may not capture improvement to increase business performance. The information foraging model and accompanying algorithms 2. Online consumer behavior i. In other words, to discover ways to depending on the stage of the consumer behavior process improve a Web site, we need to understand in detail how [18; 19] or on the phase of transaction [20].

For example, users are using the Web site e. Did they succeed? If not, why did they fail? This commerce transactions consisting of information i. For commerce systems design, we conducted an exploratory the agreement and settlement phases, the goal shifts to task case study of an Internet-based seller of groceries. Even the The company made its first delivery in April , and by information-seeking goal may not be at the appropriate mid-July , it had over customers generating level of aggregation in e-commerce contexts.

Currently, typically shop for multiple products, implying that that OnlineGrocery.

All the phases of the transaction process need to be effectively supported by the e-commerce Web site. Web site design at OnlineGrocery. All employees are also but could not complete the downloading transaction due to regular customers of the online service and, hence, have problems in the checkout process i. The employees identify and suggest not fully support all phases of the transaction process value areas where the site may be redesigned to improve the leakages may occur.

Value leakages occur when the realized overall shopping experience for OnlineGrocery. Other sources of ideas to improve the Web site with the potential value that was envisioned when an include the online feedback forms that permit customers to investment was made [21]. These approaches: The first extension budget at OnlineGrocery. This completion goals. As a result, we may detect a new more significant role than it should, given the critical atomic task by estimating significant deviations in the importance of ensuring that the firm has a high- information need or task goal.

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E-commerce systems design 1 Due to the limited sample size, we make no claims as to the To provide a realistic context and motivation for our generalizability of this case description.

However, our discussions with proposed value-driven systems design methodology for e- several other e-commerce companies, as well as recent articles in the commerce, this section provides a brief description of the popular press [e. The rationale for this section is to 2 The name of the organization has been disguised for confidentiality.

Web site performance evaluation at example, OnlineGrocery. Do they use the specials page, the order Currently, the data for estimating business metrics are history page, browse through product catalogs or conduct derived from two separate systems: The data warehouse, which suggest whether a particular product was bought or not, contains customer, product and transaction data, is used to whereas the Web site analysis tool can only tell how many conduct market basket analysis.

For example, final sales hits were generated at the catalog pages or the order statistics are used to answer questions such as: To effectively our best selling products? Where did profitability for each customer segment?

Where did she go to first? Did she look at valuable for assessing the overall performance of the other similar products? What were the prices of the other online service. However, it provides very little products? Was the product the same brand as the one she managerially-actionable information about how to had previously downloadd? And when and where was the improve OnlineGrocery.

The Web site analysis tool is employed towards this This data and analysis required would need to bridge second goal. Moreover, it is important to Web server logs to generate Web site hit statistics. The recognize the critical issue.

Substantially all of the most analysis tool offers a series of pre-packaged reports that actionable information that Web site evaluation and usage show various aspects of online activity.

For example, mining tools need to deliver to improve management is in some reports list the most requested pages, whether the this unmapped middle ground. It simply is not being made page hits come to OnlineGrocery.

These reports are used Our exploratory case study of OnlineGrocery. What are the most reveals several interesting insights into the requirements popular product categories? What are the most popular for measuring the value of systems design in an e- products? When do customers shop? Importance of business value. Lessons and insights Web site analysis tool provides useful information to infer customer interaction with the Web site. We see that the analysis tools and techniques that However, it is difficult to associate behavior with OnlineGrocery.

The Clear understanding of consumer behavior. For example, knowing that product X is the effectiveness. In contrast, the Web site analysis tools are best selling product for this week is good to know, but only capable of depicting inflexible, low-level raw there is nothing that can be done about it.

Instead, it statistics of site usage. It is difficult to bridge the gap would be more appropriate to have specific between high-level business performance and low-level information that indicates the effectiveness of the site usage.

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What is the conversion rate of promotions? What are the top X searches with results? Infer customer needs Frequency Dollar ring What are the top X searches that yield 0 results? Populate product synonym list Frequency Improve product descriptions Dollar ring Infer customer needs Where are people aborting?

Identify technical problems Frequency How many abandoned carts are there by age of cart?

Web Design for ROI - Unknown.pdf - Index of

Guide design to reduce technical problems Do people shop in one trip? Or several? Dollar ring What features are customers asking for on our site? Prioritize development projects Frequency Web availability problems? Identify technical problems Frequency - System up 24 x 7?

Explain variance in order volume - Peak hours? Design to service maximum usage Web response time? Identify technical problems Frequency - During shopping? Identify situations where unacceptable site - During checkout? Develop style guides Conversion - What browsers are people using? Understand technology design space - What platforms? Understand customer shopping experience Conversion Linking consumer behavior to business performance.

Value-driven e-commerce systems design OnlineGrocery. However, the most pressing questions were design methodology for e-commerce Web sites.

We at the middle ground where low-level click stream distinguish between systems development methodologies information is mapped with high-level site and systems design methodologies.

Systems development performance. The development: The results and the effective management of such processes. We of Web site evaluation should guide the generation of focus on systems design methodologies where the focus is ideas for improving the Web site in this way. An important input into the design of an information Web Site Meta-data Web Server Logs system is the understanding of how users are actually using the system. The integration of several heterogeneous data sources is necessary to provide this comprehensive Product ID Cookie ID view of usage and performance.

Hence, an important Marketing Data precursor to our proposed systems design methodology is the ability to recreate an accurate depiction of Web site Product ID Customer ID usage behavior and performance.

We start by describing Product Database Transaction Database Customer Database the data requirements, pre-processing procedures, before we discuss the details of our proposed systems design methodology. Figure 1. Data integration 4.

Data sources marketing information systems could also store promotional event data which tracks what marketing Consistent with recent advances in Web usage mining events e.

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