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The Third Eye - Kindle edition by Sophia Stewart. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Start by marking “The Third Eye” as Want to Read: Sophia Stewart's epic story that was (purportedly) stolen and used to create two of Hollywood's biggest franchises, THE MATRIX and THE TERMINATOR. Also contains additional information such as Court documents, letters of access. While the other people in the shop, they are not exactly sure to find this The Third Eye By Sophia Stewart straight. It may need more times to go.

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Sophia Stewart The Third Eye Pdf

Mother of the Matrix as she is affectionately known, wrote her Epic The Third Eye while she was studying cinema at the University of Southern. The Third Eye (The Mother of the Matrix, Volume 1) by Sophia Stewart, , ALL EYES ON ME, Inc. edition, Hardcover in English - 1st edition. Fill Third Eye By Sophia Stewart Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No.

Someone would probably contact us if we tried that. Stewart because they did not have copyrights to "The Matrix" franchise. Stewart refused. Ironically, when I searched for counsel, Kate Chilton, I found an article stating she issued a cease and desist letter to Charlie Sheen, demanding he stop using their photos for his show, "Anger Management. Stewart openly uses the images of the stars from both "The Matrix" and "The Terminator" for profit. We also found interviews dating all the way back to where Ms. Stewart is excoriating Joel Silver, the Wachowski siblings, James Cameron, and others, calling them liars and thieves, among other vile names without consequence. To have a story running this long, with this much on the table is newsworthy. Isn't it?

The artificial intelligence wanting to survive on its own. You have to understand I am very subtle with the way I write, I work on the subliminal. Look at Octavia Butler the most famous black female science fiction writer they never put her work on the big screen. Actually my friend James Perry read the "Third Eye" and said "wow, this is The Terminator movie" but initially I never paid much attention to him.

I currently work as a paralegal so I know about the law. These concepts have been around for thousand of years but what my copyright protects is the expression. My story is a science fiction story, its created in a science fiction form and all the subliminal esoteric stuff is unique that is my expression, so the concepts may not be new, nobody can own a concept but it is how these ideas were presented, the expression which the law protects.

Copyrights last for about. Stern asked where did it come from. He said one of the directors or producers on the set just told him to say it and he has been saying it ever since. I can prove that, my manuscript is physical evidence of who had it first.

What other similarities from characters in your book and the Matrix can you tell us about? The FBI investigators used this to establish things. Icon gets blinded and the gold light comes out of his eyes, Neo has the same experience.

I can show you the page and all of that in my book. Will you speak about the difference between the spirit, the soul, and the astral body? That is the spirit body. When the sun casts a shadow on your physical body, you can see the astral body, which looks exactly like a physical body, which they call a ghost.

So somebody walking around, coming in your room, may be somebody using that astral body. And they might not even be dead. But if they are dead, their energy is still in the room, maybe because they might have been killed in that room.

These are living things. So, this astral body is a living thing. Have you ever seen any of the Wachowski siblings other films?

The Third Eye

Oh my God. Let me tell you about them. They are so horrible. They have never written anything. It was his book that was adapted to the screen. And Matrix is my work. James Cameron is a thief and he has admitted that he was a thief in the news. James Cameron never wrote "The Terminator.

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If they did any interviews they would be caught on tape at the deposition lying where it could be used against them in a 'RICO case. They said they watched a lot of Kung Fu movies.

Different people were laughing about that. I wanted to mention the fact that Jupiter Ascending lacked all traces of Matrix type mythology, but thought it best to move on. What do you have to say to people who give the Wachowskis credit for the fight scenes? Yeah, the martial arts came from me and I can prove that. Back in the day, Hollywood would only show martial arts fighting in martial arts movies.

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For it to come into the mainstream, that idea came from me. It was already written in the book. They adapted my script and my book to the screen. They never wrote anything. They just happened to steal my work. And they knew I was a black person. And they knew where I lived in the Bronx because I had copyrights. It was copyrighted work. And on my copyright, you could see my name and that I lived in the Bronx. My address is there.

The FBI told me about that. But I did go March 31, And I saw "The Matrix" and I contacted their legal department. And of course, they knew it was me. And she told me to abort it, told me not to, not to settle with them because the copyrights were worth billions of dollars. I studied law under Brooklyn and Manhattan attorneys. And I did beat Warner Bros.

And I beat them in the second court case. They told all these lies and smears on the internet and got all these people brainwashed. In some of the interviews, they asked me if the judge awarded me "The Matrix". How are you going to award me my own property? And they need to pay you for the damages. The copyright is the title of ownership.

And then guess what? Everybody gets quiet at that point. In a interview, you stated that you thought we should fight the good fight, to not reinvent the wheel and bring people into the studio system as opposed to creating an independent film circuit. Now, with New Media and streaming capabilities, do you feel the same way or have your ideas for 'Matrix 4' changed regarding distribution?

Yes it has. I was telling people in my interviews that that old distribution system is going out. These studios are going to end up in the thrift store with their equipment and everything, mainly because they were set up to monopolize all the money. I love what 'site' and 'Netflix' are doing with streaming. But you need a model to shatter that whole streaming thing to make it big, make it huge.

And something like 'Matrix 4'could do that. Are you planning on using the same cast? Have you talked to them?

Book review: Sophia Stewart, “Matrix 4 The Evolution: Cracking the Genetic Code”

How would that work? Everything works with money. You get the money. When the incoherent rambling gets around to the source material for the claims, we're treated to a vague outline, with no real story to it. This repeats, once with 'artwork' and another time with a dot matrix copy, I suppose to make it look like it was published in the 80s. The only interesting part of the book was the section where the author lists the parts that infringe on their work in an This isn't a book, it's a collection of correspondence with possibly the most patient legal teams ever.

The only interesting part of the book was the section where the author lists the parts that infringe on their work in an itemized list.

Hm... Are You a Human?

The best part is where it lists a character that wasn't in the story at least the version in this book and describes them as 'Non-descript woman' then cites the character Switch from the Matrix as infringing on copyright. There's a few other gems like this, and it makes me wonder if the author even watched the movies or not.

If you're interested in this, try to find it in a library, don't feed this copyright troll with money by downloading it. Feb 23, Alexander McLeese rated it really liked it. Includes many official court documents and other legal paperwork including a summary of the FBI investigation in to the theft, all of which details author, Sophia Stewart's battle and struggle in taking the Hollywood moguls and film companies to court.

Jan 03, Taylre Malloy rated it it was amazing. One of the most powerful books of all time. I saw myself in this book and Sophia Stewart is a creative genius who is truly a gem in this world!!

Jan 14, Gematria Ankh Amen rated it it was amazing. Sophia Stewart remains one of my greatest inspirations to write Sci-Fi. I absolutely loved the book, and am grateful for a clear third eye. May 12, Tim rated it liked it. Mar 06, Adrien rated it it was amazing. I can some similarities between the movie and the book.

Aug 02, Sedrick Maurice rated it it was amazing.

View 1 comment. Valderes Pou rated it did not like it May 28, Jaylee Morr rated it it was ok Jan 10, Jonathan Butler rated it it was ok Aug 09, KmtQCrum rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Shabazz Pizazz rated it it was amazing May 17, Shawn rated it really liked it Jan 13, Kit Wolfe rated it did not like it Jan 25, Robert Davenport Jr.

Thrillhouse rated it really liked it Aug 27, Sweetpea Miller rated it really liked it Mar 30, Roselyn V. Yung Success rated it liked it Aug 17,