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Seducing Cinderella. Home · Seducing Cinderella Author: Maxwell Gina L. downloads Views Seducing Sampson. Read more · Seducing Reagan. how to approach, attract and seduce women during the day. Seduce Her With Text will teach you Seduce Attract And Seduce. Pages·· There is no question that publication Seducing Cinderella (Fighting For Love) By Gina L. Maxwell will certainly still offer you motivations.

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Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell - Free download or read online Seducing Cinderella pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of this novel. 01 Seducing Cinderella - dokument [*.pdf] Seducing Cinderella Gina L. Maxwell This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the. Ebooks Gratuit > Fighting for Love / Premier Round T1: Seducing Cinderella de Gina L. Maxwell - des livres lectronique PDF Doc Epub.. Tom 1 - Gina L.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell Goodreads Author.

Jun 06, Ramona rated it really liked it Shelves: You know that time when you don't want complicated?

I felt exactly like that last week and my wish was granted. Who be You know that time when you don't want complicated? Who better to help him out that Lucie, his best friend sister, who is a physical therapist and can reshape him in no time. What Reid forgot to consider was how natural and beautiful Lucie is, but considering he has to focus on his career, the attraction for her had to be kept aside.

The solution? Reid offers Lucie a complete make over in order to get the man that she loves, a doctor colleague of her that doesn't give her attention. She reluctantly agrees and as you can imagine, they will end up falling for one another: I know, it was not unpredictable, surprising or whatever.

But it was soooo sweet: I loved Reid duality, the fighter and the lover. The way he behaved towards Lucie and the confidence he inflicted in her by making her aware of her qualities.

I liked Lucie as well, a great girl with a lot of insecurities, but the way Reid helped her was amazing and totally transformed the shy girl from the beginning to a very cool chick. I loved the chemistry that they had, the love scenes were actually impressive and I liked Gina's interpretation of them. They were bold and hot and different in every scenario.

You didn't have that feeling " here we go again", no.. They were diverse and actually very fitting for the plot and characters. In a few words, I totally liked it, just that I won't give it 5 stars because the plot was too easy but it deserved a royally 4 stars for everything I have read there: For more reviews please check https: View all 4 comments.

Lucie Miller has been pining after her co-worker, Dr. Stephen Mann for years. At his prodding, Lucie con Lucie Miller has been pining after her co-worker, Dr. At his prodding, Lucie confesses why she was crying figuring her chances with the doctor are non-existent. Reid was injured while training and needs to be fighter ready in two months before he has to fight a challenger for this title.

To accomplish that, he needs one-on-one intense therapy. Much to his dismay, Lucie has other patients and duties. Never one to give up, Reid suggests a bargain: I loved this story. It was the perfect mix of humor, romance, and HOT all wrapped up in one. She truly felt plain and boring and had no clue about wooing the opposite sex. Reid on the other hand was strong, confident and sweet. Not to mention sexy with an edge! His dark blond hair was cut close to his head and brushed forward and to the center, creating the tiniest of faux-hawks, and giving his model-perfect good looks a slight edge.

Then there were the tattoos…good Lord, the tattoos. I love it when romance includes humor and this one is packed full. I found myself highlighting in my kindle so many good lines! Wait, why does my chart say Randy Johnson? Where do I sign up?!! Maxwell writes! Definite recommend! I just want to say thank you to my friend Bethany who is always ready with something scrumptious whenever Laura and I request a naughty read-along! View all 56 comments. If you like it hot and quick then this is the book for you.

Seducing Cinderella will entertain, hit you where it counts, and leave you very "satisfied". Reid is Lucie's fairy sexmother he can bibbity bobbity boo me any day.

He and Lucie move in together so he can give her lessons on how to seduce her long time crush insert douche-cough here in return for her helping him get ready for the fight of his life. A fabulous concept that could have been executed a little better, but hot MMA fighter If you like it hot and quick then this is the book for you. A fabulous concept that could have been executed a little better, but hot MMA fighter sex really makes the negatives easy to overlook.

The dialogue went a little too Harlequin at times I completely burst out laughing when he called it her honey I want to hear every hitch of your breath, every moan. And I won't be satisfied until you scream my name. I mean the ending was sweet, but knowing Prince Charming has shoe'd Cinderella from the front, the back, and everywhere in between makes the sweet fairy tale ending seem very YA!

Definitely gives new meaning to the phrase "some day my prince will come ". All negatives aside, Reid This book won me over. It's a great book to turn to when you're in between reads or when you want something fun, hot and quick!

You'll be turned-on entertained to the point where you'll be very forgiving of a few minor flaws. I got my eye on you! Reviewed at http: View all 13 comments. Passionate and memorable with emotion that will make you forget to breathe.

How are the story lines? Entertaining and character driven. Seducing Cinderella constantly revolves around the hero and heroine's relationship. Summary Reid needs full time physical therapy and Lucie needs Dr. Stephen, her sexy co-worker who's romantic intentions are currently towards Lu's uninterested friend. To achieve their goals, they s "Seducing Cinderella" is book 1 of the Fighting for Love series How are the sex scenes? To achieve their goals, they strike a deal: Luce will get Reid ready for his rematch and Reid will help Luey nab Dr.

Clueless Dumbass Review Gina Maxwell's "Seducing Cinderella" is a modern romance with scene-stealing characters and chemistry that proves everyone is having sex all wrong.

Her writing is impeccable, but she had me at the dedication: Good for you, Gina. Reid is beyond hot. There's no other way to put it. With his body and hair and tattoos and confidence and words In their first scene together Reid tosses Lucie on the exam table, stares deep into her eyes and breathes, "So, Miss Miller, tell me where it hurts.

We find out fairly soon that Lucie more than fancies Dr. Stephen - she loves him. This is expounded upon and picked apart later, but thank you Gina for giving us a heroine who truly wants another guy.

Gina's writing is seduction on paper with lines like, "His breath feathered the drying strands tucked around her ear, and when he spoke, the vibrations from his voice rippled along her neck. I felt I wouldn't survive Gina's writing. Her meanings are so layered and her descriptions and comparisons are so original that it took two days to read pages. Reid pursues Lucie from the beginning, though he and I never noticed.

Gina uses the best unique phrases. My favorite: Reid is seducing his Cinderella and she is sometimes clueless to his seduction. So she says careless things, mentioning Dr. Stephen at inopportune times. Now we get to read great emotion and actually see Reid and Lucie struggle. Then when Reid demands to know why Lucie chooses Stephen The ending almost threw me into a seizure. What did happen was an ending that became predictable only right before it was read and a few lines that may remind you of a Young Adult romance.

The title is Seducing Cinderella, after all. Gina did not end this novel on a Young Adult note, but she ran head first towards that line and thumped it. I sat there with tears in my eyes, my adult mind being completely at peace with the heart-tugging journey and my teenage heart beating staccato from the melodramatic ending.

Food for thought - despite my usual dislike, Seducing Cinderella contains the most erotic and beautifully written oral scene I have ever read. Now go forth, download, and find it. Oh, and read my my site text , too. No compensation was received for this review. Novel downloadd by Sallie. View all 37 comments. He needs to get better FAST so he can reclaim his title. He needs one on one physical therapy. She has been married and changed her last name. Reid and Lucie come to an agreement she will work with him and get him ready for the fight, only of he teaches her how to seduce the Dr.

Of course they agree. Badda bing badda boom you end with an awesome story. This story had the 4 things I normally look for in chick lit.

A- Amazing Alpha male with a filthy mouth- but can also be sweet. I want to learn your likes and dislikes — to know your fears and your dreams — and I vow to peel back each beautiful layer until I discover everything about you.

I want to hear every hitch of your breath. I want to live inside you and never leave. LOL C- Lol moments. He stepped closer and framed her face in his large hands. View all 8 comments.

This was a yummy 3 star read for me. Any fighter can win against any odds if he has more heart than his opponent. Reid is a highly successful, smokin' hot MMA fighter. He works hard at his job, is dedicated and right now does not have the time to be injured. Which is what leads him to Lucie. Lucie works as a physical therapist. She's a cute, clumsy bookworm who is utterly infatuated wit This was a yummy 3 star read for me. She's a cute, clumsy bookworm who is utterly infatuated with another doctor at her clinic who won't give her the time of day and lacks the confidence to do anything about it.

I'm guessing I don't need to spell out where this all going, riiiight?? P "Maybe the best way to teach you how to seduce,is to let you feel what it's like to be seduced.

I mean, its got "Cinderalla" in the title But at the same time, if you just approach it as a fun, light read then its pretty cute.

I did really love that Reid wasn't just pure fighter - he cooked, painted, sculpted etc. He wasn't afraid to show all his sides and it only added to his hotness! Seriously, I need to find me some more MMA fighter guy books! I want to hear every hitch of your breath Every moan There were several moments where I wanted to slap or throttle both of them but the ending is all wrapped up in a little bow and there are no surprises or twists to the story.

I liked it, but I found it very easy to put down and I prefer my stories with a little bit more depth. But if you are looking for something light, short, with steam and a HEA, then this is might be the book for you. View all 17 comments. This book was so fun to read!!!

It pretty much pulls you in hook line and sinker from the very beginning. It's steamy, steamy good! Some of the things that come out of his mouth leave you feeling week in the knees! This book was really sweet and had so many amazing moments in it I loved it! Can't wait to read more by Gina Maxwell: I have a new book boyfriend And his name is Reid!

Loved the parts with his pov. Tattooed MMA fighter? Yes please! The book was fun and steamy and somewhat predictable at times, but overall a nice quick read I really enjoyed! View 1 comment. The only hang up I have with this book is an MMA fighter helping a woman with a makeover.

Guys in General can express what they like on a woman but picking out a new wardrobe and giving a beautician advice about all the different makeup looks? Luckily this fantasy spin on an otherwise sweet romance didn't last long! Reid and Lucie were believable as a coupe surprised to fall for each other while hatching out a plan for Lucie to land her dream man, while providing physical therapy for Reid. Little did she know that her dream man was under her nose the whole time.

Advice soon turns to lessons in intimacy and what Lucie thought she wanted for a successful relationship was not even close to what she ultimately needed.

Reid never knew he could want the normal things in life but when the right woman comes along The book did get more interesting in the last half when the stakes got higher and the emotions ran rampant.

Not to say it wasn't good in the first half but rather just picked up. They seem to be more tender in nature, more fulfilling, maybe due to the history involved or the bottled up passion lain dormant for years. This of course was a best friends sister tale, with the story continuing in Rules of Engagement, book 2 in this series.

01 Seducing Cinderella - Pobierz pdf z

But don't fret, the story is resolved here between Reid and Lucie, ending as beautifully as I'd hoped for. Their tale continues but isn't the emphasis in book 2 since Lucie's best friend gets her chance there. And with Jackson, Lucie's brother and best friend to Reid, being the lucky guy ;- looking forward to continuing this series! View all 14 comments. Seducing Cinderella was a wonderfully fun, often funny, seriously hot book!

Reid and Lucie are both likeable, sympathetic, and well-developed characters with a ton of chemistry between them. I love friends to lovers, brother's best friend and childhood crushes turned adult affairs stories, and this one has it all. Add to that a hero who is seriously molten hot while at the same time having a real sweet side, and Seducing Cinderella was an all-around fun, fast-paced read! Definitely recommend! So sexy and sweet!!! I loved this story!!!

It was so relatable for me!!! I can't wait to review this one!! Yes, it was highly predictable and it went by way to fast for my taste, but that was just peachy with me. Reid was all kinds of sweet and sexy. And Lucie was just adorable. Oh, Lucie. She loves that feeling of helping others. Lucie is beautiful inside and out. She has such an amazing heart, but alas, she is a wallflower.

They work closely together, but not once has he ever noticed her that way. She tries to patiently wait for the day that he will. That is until Reid walked back into her life.

Reid Andrews is desperate to win back his title. Since his trainer is out of commission for a while, he has no choice but to seek outside therapy. She explains her situation regarding her doctor crush and he comes up with plan. She agrees, takes time off work and off they go. They each contemplate if what they want out in life is really what they want. Lucie begins to see her doctor-crush in a whole new light.

When comparing the two, Reid wins easily wins, but they have nothing in common; that would ruin her plan to start a family with someone more compatible. Plus Reid would eventually tire of living a quiet life with just one woman. As for Reid, he starts to question whether or not to stop fighting all together. Can he give her what she wants? There are lots and lots of steam in this one for everyone to enjoy, but that wasn't the best part.

I absolutely loved the ending. Yes, it was a little cheesy and very Cinderella -ish, but I love that fairy tale, so it was just fine by me. View all 20 comments. Really liked this one - borrowed it - Thanks Melissa - but would have paid money for it Good dialogue, sex, interactions, - did I mention SEX Will check out more by this author.

View all 3 comments. What a great little read.

A huge shout out to my Smut Monday girls for asking me to join them in this read along. I am so glad I agreed. This was a really sweet story. I adore Reid and the sweet things he says to Lucie. They made such an awesome couple and thankfully had their happily ever after. Will be looking forward to reading more from this author.

Seducing Cinderella

View all 16 comments. Jan 15, Len rated it really liked it Shelves: He made a deal to Lucie she will not refuse. Lucie Miller has a crush on doctor who didn't notice her for so long. She agrred to Reid to help her boost her self confidence and learn how to seduce the doctor she wanted for so long.

All went well until Reid want for himself the improvement of Lucie. They grew up together and he is her's brother's bestfriend 4 Stars Reid Andrews , a mixed martial arts fighter need a help to reclaim his belt of therapist Lucie Miller to heal his injury in short time. They grew up together and he is her's brother's bestfriend so he's afraid to risk the friendship.

He think that Lucie deserved better than him. This is cute and feel good read. I enjoyed it. Though the irony of MMA fighter teaching a woman to choose a dress and flirt seems funny. But it works for me, like it. I love the writing. But Lucie didn't matter to me much. I find her cute though weak sometimes. Her insecurities of everything is annoying. She was a successful woaman after all. The story was predictable at times but still okay.

Onto next book ; What a wonderful spin on the Cinderella fairy tale. I hate to give any of the plot away other than to say this was a wonderful "friends to lovers" book. Reid is a MMA fighter recovering from an injury. He's sexy as hell and multi talented. He turns to Lucie, an old friend and physical therapist, to help in his recovery.

This was an erotic yet romantic story of a girl learning that Prince Charming wasn't as beautiful on the inside as he appeared on the outside.

I loved Reid taking on the role as t What a wonderful spin on the Cinderella fairy tale. I loved Reid taking on the role as the fairy godmother while he trained to get his belt back. Lucie was in much need of self confidence and I loved her transformation. And Reid was the man to show her the way. This was an adorably hot read. I love reid's how to seduce a guy lessons.

But karma works and it all bounce back to him!: Fin qui tutto chiaro, no? Ah giusto, forse stava esagerando. E' forse pretendere troppo, porca, porchissima vacca???? View all 12 comments. Apr 27, Filiz rated it liked it. Gina Maxwell is a friend of mine, and when I met her she wrote paranormal romance. She still does, but that's not the point. Then one day, she sat down to write a contemporary, and bam! Check out her debut with Entangled's Brazen line if you like humor, great dialogue, hot heroes with a bit a real-world-male edge, and heroines who find their feet and their confidence and start kicking ass.

Can't wait for the rest of the installments in Gina's "Fighting for Love" Gina Maxwell is a friend of mine, and when I met her she wrote paranormal romance. Can't wait for the rest of the installments in Gina's "Fighting for Love" series.

I would just like to start off by saying, all I want for Christmas is my very own real life Reid. That man defines the word delicious. Lucie is a physical therapist who is head over heels for a doctor she has worked with for awhile but he just doesn't seem to notice her.. Until Reid, who is an MMA fighter, comes to her with an injury he needs worked out before he tries to reclaim his title. He teaches her how to seduce, and in return, she helps him get ready for the big fight Easy right?

Oh so s I would just like to start off by saying, all I want for Christmas is my very own real life Reid. Oh so so very very wrong. Reid is Lucie's older brother's best friend and is now wondering why he never noticed her before. Lucie is beautiful but lacks the confidence and conviction she needs to carry herself with the knowledge of her beauty, Reid is there to help her along Their chemistry is undeniable. To carry out this arrangement, Reid is moving in with Lucie for a couple of months so she can devote all her time into getting him ready She is not prepared to have this gorgeous, sculpted, tattooed, Michelangelo of a man in her house and teaching her the art of seduction, but sometimes, people are just naturals She tipped her head in a coy manner and looked up at him through those sexy spiked lashes.

He is flirtatious, confident, sexy, an alpha, and definitely a fantastic lover Yes he is ALL of that and much much more I haven't been able to keep my eyes off you since the moment I saw you. I'm wondering how I could've been so blind not to have noticed how truly gorgeous you are.

Taken from the book description: Soon Reid finds him himself in the fight of his life I will tell you right now this would have won my heart ten times over, "Since when has my heart been with you? I'm not sure if that last quote would have ruined it for those who have not read it, but I hid it anyway: Once you have read the book, read this quote and tell me you wouldn't have just completely melted!

I know I did!.. View 2 comments. This was just a fun read. Thanks to the girls from my Smut Monday group for reading it with me even though I jumped the gun on it. It was that good! Reid is an MMA champion who needs to get back into shape to take back his title.

Lucie just happens to be a kick butt Physical Therapist who he is sent to and is his best friends little sister. You can tell where this will go right? When Reid and Lucie realize they are in a interesting position; him needing to get better fast and Lucie wanting to la This was just a fun read. When Reid and Lucie realize they are in a interesting position; him needing to get better fast and Lucie wanting to land the doctor of and for her dreams Reid gives an offer she can't refuse.

The teasing was adorable and sexy at the same time, a perfect combination. The way Reid speaks was just perfect, it was perfect for his character, completely believable. He was protective of Lucie from the beginning and it just got deeper for him as their story progressed. Everything about her -humor, awkwardness, klutziness, compassion, dedication-all of it, made her far superior to any woman he'd known.

I loved that the majority of the steamy scenes were from Reid's POV, a nice change for this reader. You get some hot lines from him, one of my favorites: Thanks, Lucie.

In fact, being overlooked for someone else was typical. By now, she should be immune to the hurt that came with it. What was that phrase? Old hat. But it still hurt. A lot. There was no fooling herself any longer. He listened as she gave him directions and thanked her as he set off. The closer he got to his destination, the more his muscles bunched in irritation.

He should be back in Vegas, working his injury out with his coach and team doc. Not Sparks, Nevada—which was practically Reno and way too close for comfort to his hometown of Sun Valley to the north.

Now he would be working with someone who had no concept of his sport or how important it was for him to get back in the cage as soon as possible to prep for his rematch. Fighting in the sport he loved above all else—Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA—to get to the top, and then fighting his ass off to stay there. Fifteen years later, he was one of the richest light-heavyweight fighters in the UFC, with a record of and a fanbase of millions.

A doctor talking on his cell and checking his pager crowded Reid around a corner and bumped into him. Reid clenched his jaw and held his right shoulder as he waited for the pain to subside. Even from an impact so small it hurt like a bitch. He had one of the most aggravating injuries a fighter could have: Sidestepping an old lady traveling at the speed of a land snail, Reid cursed his trainer, Butch, for sending him here.

His mottos were more than just your average motivational fodder. He refused to accept the possibility of not completely healing in the next two months, thereby losing his shot at ever reclaiming his title. Every year the sport produced younger and better fighters, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for the older fighters to compete.

There would always be some guy who wanted his belt and was working his ass off for a chance to take it, so he had to train and prepare that much harder to keep it. He was pissed as hell Butch had given him an ultimatum: Fine, whatever. He needed to get back to Vegas a. Reid pushed open the double doors and walked through a large room resembling the inside of a YMCA.

Treadmills, ellipticals, weight sets, and exercise balls. No sparring cage. No floor mats. No punching bags. However there was an old man of about eighty-plus years walking so slow on a treadmill that he was practically immobile. He raised his hand to give a quick rap before announcing himself, but paused when he heard soft sniffles coming from the bowed head of a brunette sitting behind the desk. At least he assumed it was a desk. It was hard to tell what was under the stacks of files and papers.

Instead of knocking, he cleared his throat. When she grabbed a Kleenex from somewhere on her floor and blew her nose he was reminded that she was in a vulnerable moment.

Finding the room, Reid leaned his hips on the padded table, absentmindedly cracking his knuckles as he waited. It was only another minute before she breezed in, eyes on his file, while making a beeline to the small desk along the wall. It was just barely visible under the dark- rimmed, rectangular glasses she wore. He returned her hug, tucking his head down to hers. Her hair smelled like a mix of flowers and summer, so different from the heavy perfume concoctions he was used to women wearing.

She released him, taking a seat on the swivel stool in front of the desk while tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear. Wait, why does my chart say Randy Johnson? The shocked look on her face was totally worth it. And be forewarned: You in the witness protection plan or something? I was married briefly in college.

Capricious youth and all that. I just never bothered to change my name back. But at least I still have the same initials, right? Something or someone had hurt her, and it instantly called on his protective instincts.