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Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia (The Story of Lex and Livia #1) Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Maya Sloan (co-author) Science. Rebels: City of Indra (e-bok). Format: E-bok; Filformat: EPUB med Adobe- kryptering. Om Adobe-kryptering; Nedladdning: Kan laddas ned under 24 månader. where can i download Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia free ebook pdf kindle reader online textbook epub electronic summary of the book.

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Rebels City Of Indra Epub

where can i download Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia free ebook pdf kindle online textbook epub electronic book Rebels: City of Indra: The . бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, stars on the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, present their debut novela. Find out more about Rebels: City of Indra by Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Elizabeth Killmond-Roman, Maya Sloan at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews.

In a world of the far future, the great City of Indra has two faces: a beautiful paradise floating high in the sky, and a nightmare world of poverty carved beneath the surface of the Earth. Lex grew up in an orphanage deep in the dark. But even as a child, she instinctively rebelled against her fate—the time when she would be judged either useful to Society or forced to live among the mutations in Rock Bottom, the lowest level. When she is chosen to become an elite cadet of the Population Control Forces, only her fellow cadet Kane truly understands her longing for freedom. Unknown to her, one girl secretly shares her defiance. Livia Cosmo, the Orphan Airess, may live on a sky island surrounded by wealth and privilege, but she is just as restricted as Lex. Her future is assured, until an intriguing encounter with a young man named Kane changes everything. Approached by an old enemy to help save Kane from mortal danger, Lex sacrifices her Special Ops career to find him in the Islands among the clouds. Her search, high above in the beautiful spires of the City of Indra, brings her instead to the airgirl Livia. Lex and Livia should have nothing in common, and yet they share a kindred yearning for escape from the strict rules that bind them Brought together by danger, they set out to find Kane, but what they discover is even stranger than either dreams.

That looks like a boob. In fact it's just another Kardashian. Rebels city of indra about a rich girl who lives in a city in the sky? The rich girl does not want to attend her Emergence Ball, which has nothing to do with an Emergency Kanye Dance Party, sadly, but does make me want to kill myself, because every single Term of Worldbuilding Significance is Kapitalized.

We are gifted with such glorious kharacter names as Etiquette Tutor, Andru, and my personal favorite, Waslo Souture. No, seriously, every single element of every single sci-fi book you've ever read is here.

It's absolutely horrifying to keep straight. It's almost like a game, really, seeing how many things can be rebels city of indra in here until the poor book just gives up and sags to the floor and dies. This book wasn't fun.

Not even in a, "Oh em gee, Kendall and Kylie are so hilariously terrible at this words-putting-into-sentence-doing, and it's hilarious! The rhythmic thumps of her hooves grow faster. A frenzied, unrestrained drumbeat. My mother loved music just as I do.

She spent entire days on her air harp, her fingers dancing along its cords, weaving songs while painting her studio with colorful beams of light. My mother, according to Governess, was a charming conversationalist and graceful dancer. Governess tells me all about my mother, and she often repeats herself. There is only so much to tell. Only so many stories.

Rebels: City of Indra

I know that she designed her own formal wear, and enjoyed berries and chocolate after dining. That she favored the color blue, and wore one long braid down her back unless the occasion dictated a more formal updo. I know a great deal about my mother, and yet nothing at all. A sudden rush of cold smacks me across the face, the air off the clouds growing stronger. I pass the hedge maze and Tranquillity Pastures. Roar underneath the welcoming gate.

Not that anyone is really welcome. Not to Helix Island. I want to go faster than I ever have. Farther than I ever thought possible.

Now, Governess will have gone from displeased to frantic. This is worse than skipping penmanship, worse than rolling my eyes when one of the debutees expresses her unfortunate opinion during Etiquette Training. This is the farthest I have gone without a chaperone. Beneath me, Veda snorts with elation, and fear. I hold my own fear tight, letting it surge through my body and push me farther. He is sure to engage me in a Discussion. They have good reason to keep their distance from the legacy he left behind.

Waslo has been around for as long as I can remember. There have also been Discussions as long as I remember.

Rebels: City of Indra

No, those are not suitable enough. Not for an offense this bold. What would your father think? Instead, I will stay silent, head bowed in shame, waiting for him to finish. I will feel inadequate, just as he intended. Perhaps this is why Waslo is so important: he has a gift for making others feel unsatisfactory. This will be our last Discussion, I suppose. In a few hours, I will reach my seventeenth year of life. Tomorrow is my Emergence Ball; within the week I will have a cohabitant.

But I do it anyway. I shake the pins from my head, letting my hair fall against my shoulders, allowing the wind to whip it into tangles, and surge forward. Proper Young Women of the New Indrithian Society are happy to practice elocution and become versed in etiquette. They will memorize flower sonnets, never questioning that real flowers have not existed for centuries.

Once flowers even had a scent, like perfume. There were more strains than we have selected to synth. I often wonder if anything is in Indra. Proper Young Women of the New Indrithian Society understand that penetrating questions are unnecessary. Curiosity is rude. Proper Young Women need not think beyond the gift of each magical Indrithian day: the lovely blooming of the synth-trees, the filtered air, and purified water. I want to question everything. I want to rip off my sashes and shriek like a hellion.

I want to roll in the grass and soil my spotless white frock. Nothing is more pointless than a white gown. I will play at embarrassment, put the fault on my nervousness, willingly submit myself to her itinerary of torture.

Even better? I will pin the blame on heartbreak. You are the closest I have ever had to a mother. Strangely enough, the sentiment is true. I often wonder how she felt, after all those years of training, for the High Council to assign her to an orphan. An impossibly strange one at that. An odd little girl who, when choosing her leisure pastime as a child, insisted on swordsmanship. Not social dancing or needlepoint, as practiced by the highest ranks.

I would wager Governess has regretted her assignment every day since. With every slash it barks. In the hands of a skilled swordsman, it would weave dangerous melodies.

The more adept, the more sophisticated the song. The dissonant chorus of my practice must haunt her waking moments. Raising me cannot have been an easy task, but tomorrow is the day Governess has been planning since my infancy.

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My birth into the social stratosphere, my official welcome into the realm of Indrithian Citizens of Importance. My Emergence Ball will be spectacular, and that is all that matters.

As for me? Living, breathing memorial to the great Armand Cosmo. My father was a true Indrithian of Importance. Before he died. The dead are never as important. My mother is at his side. And yet, I have no memories of them. I never knew them. You cannot miss something you never had in the first place. Orphans are rare in Upper Indra. Life expectancy is long here. Citizens are limited to a single progeny per cohabitation.

Like with our lives. Kylie: points at a picture on the page Look, me! Wait, that's you. Or is it Kourtney? Kendall: I'm being super serious, Kylie. Kylie: Wanna go to Kankun? Kendall: We went to Kankun last week, duh. Besides, Kankun is soooo lower klass these days.

And I want to do something meaningful. Kylie: Hey, it's me! Oh wait, no. That's J. Klose enough. Kendall: Books! Books are so fetch nowadays. Kylie: That J. Law is so hot right now. Kylie: Write, like Kendall: EW. Kylie: Oh, thank GOD.


Kendall: But, like, we have to make sure it's just like all the things people already like. Like there has to be a And it's bad. But like there's this girl. Kendall: Wayyyyy less hot. Kylie: But we have to make sure we're, like, super serious about this, and in no way at all will this book be any fun at all at all. Because then mean old poopie heads who are way less hot than we are will make fun of us on the internet. So, like, everything has to be really komplicated but like futuristic because that is soooooo hot right now.

Kylie: And she is SO not invited to the launch party.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I am even that girl that takes some sort of strange, vicious pleasure in reading and watching terrible things.