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wm-greece.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. PPDT: Look at the picture below for 30 seconds and write a story in 3 minutes. Also, while SSB Interview Tips_ Word Association Test Examples at SSB. For sample PPDT stories you can visit wm-greece.info I would For OIR - download the RS Aggarwal verbal and nonverbal reasoning pdf from google. Home> SSB Tips>SCREENING TEST>PPDT. Writing, narration and discussion have to be done in English. After initial briefing the candidates are shown one picture which is black and white and wm-greece.info Picture is shown for 30 seconds.

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Ppdt Examples With Stories Pdf

I have uploaded a series of PPDT sample Images with Story for Practice you can refer to my previous stories for better Practice. here i am uploading three. Guys i have uploaded many PPDT or TAT images earlier for practice, the key point to get success in screening test or in TAT is to Practice more and more PPDT. Check out 7 golden tips for writing best PPDT stories in SSB Here is one such story of PPDT picture shown above which is best example to.

He observed open defecation in his village. He assembled senior lady teachers and villagers with the help of pradhan of village to discuss the matter. They selected time place and date to address the ways to resolve it. They started construction of toilets with the help of share of money among villagers and finally got approval of 10 toilets from govt after completed survey by govt authorities. After 06 months all villagers were able to use their own toilets. All thanked mohit and others to eradicate open defacation in the village. He spent 30 years of his in this social service and after so many years when he finally came back to his village he saw a woman of his village reading a newspaper The village is draught affect from previous 2 to 3 year because of which no crops were grown and many farmer family have to sleep with out food and water some time and farmers attempting suicide also. As increase in death in village ram decide that he will go to Jaipur and take his issue to Cm of state. But Jaipur was very far so all villager arrange the money to finance the journey of ram.

The candidates have to observe the picture very keenly and note down all possible details of the characters in the picture through their story, in a sheet that will be given to them. Candidates should provide the main theme of the story, the central character and describe it very clearly in a way the assessor will be able to associate it with.

The list of parameters that have to be taken into account during the story writing are the number of characters, age, sex, the past, present and future of the character etc.

These parameters should always be clearly specified in your story during the SSB interview. You must endeavour to write positive stories.

Group Discussion This part is the continuation of the former story writing where each individual has to discuss the story they have written with the other candidates. The group has to discuss among themselves and come up with a common story. The single picture can be perceived by many individuals in different ways with different background themes, but essentially toward the end they have to come up with a common story.

The skills such as listening, communication, coordination with the group members, tolerance, patience, and leadership and initiation aspects of the candidate are assessed during this group discussion. Tips for Story Writing and Group Discussion When you write the story always try to write it in the past tense. Write the story with a positive outlook and also make sure that it has a positive ending.

When you are writing the story, write it with a good introduction like what has led to the happening of the events in the story. Story for Picture no Ramesh is an average academics student from Harchanda village of muzzafarpur dist of bihar, as he is not good in academics but he have a social worker spirit. After completion of his 12th standard, he takes his admission in nursing One day he just sitted on the Village common area he just noticed that many of the oldies persons of his village are problem with eye Further ramesh say that their are a number of NGOs those are worked under these conditions and seeking these problems which have a number of skilled doctors who checked and treat the patients, Ramesh said the sarpanch to applied any of the NGOs to visit their village and give a prior treatment and check up of the respective persons Sarpanch appreciated the idea and apllied for a NGOs After 3 weeks a group of ophthalmologist Eye doctor visit their village and check up the villagers regarding eye vision, eye sight After which they suggest some of them spectacles and some of them drops This all is with the help of Ramesh..

What story can be framed around two persons who are seem to be thief and one of them is holding a gun while other one is making a route through wall. Hero is hidden in his room he is looking from the window You are given 30 seconds to view picture. With in next one minute, you have to fill a ractangular box and action of the story. Inside ractangular box, you need to fill age, sex and mood of the charaters you see in the picture.

Next 4 minutes are given to write the story. Include innovative ideas to solve that problem 4. End the story properly 5. If you are female, then make a female lead character in the picture you would not find a picture where all are males in picture 6. Also remember that story must represent you, how do you think, how do you react in that situations, include these things in your story.

50 PPDT and TAT Original Pictures

They also instruct you to add your emotions and feelings in story. Remember these are psychological test, I do not know what actually they look for and how they read stories, but I am giving you my versions of the story to the best of my knowledge and belief.

If you are unprepared for the PPDT exam, give this trick a chance it will work: I don't recommend this but unfortunately this works! Samunder used to make ceramic surahi and sell them.

50 PPDT and TAT Original Pictures

He obsered a great decline in his earning since very few were interest in downloading ceramic surahi even in the rural areas he was not selling many. It was because of the growing no. The surahi had been losing its position from the households. One day while he was taking rest he felt something in his pocket is bothering him. He checked and found it was stone, but that stone was glistering.

He put stress on his mind and found it came from the river he visited in morning. There he got the idea of making surahi which also shines like this stone. He ground that stone and mixed with clay and made a surahi.

He liked those surahies and offered samunder to sell them online. Now he do not wander place to place to sell surahis.

Ramesh has just come out from the prison after serving his sentence over theft attempt. He tried to snatch a lady's purse and run away but a woman hold his leg and fought with him till crowd captured him and hand him over to police. Now he seeks revenge from the lady.

He bought a knife and went to her house in night. He observed that woman's husband is no longer alive and has only one child.

He introspect himself and asked himself what he has been doing in life. He felt very bad about himself. He then woke that lady up and told her about everything and asked lady to hand him over to police, but she apologised him.

He told her about his plan of starting a NGO who will support the man after sentence serving. They together started a NGO which looks after the family of man who are behind bars and help them to provide jobs after their sentence completes. John works as a software engineering in encrpt pvt.

One day he got a call from the director of music company. They decided to meet at a coffee shop. The director told him that they are going to launch an album after six months which is being produced by some of the top musical artists in our country and this album is going to be huge hit.

But there is a inevitable problem of piracy they face because of which we loses a big amount of money in market. John asked a time period of three months. He made a team of engineers of web technology, data encrpytion and data transfer over internet. They made a presentation and presented in front of music company. They informed them music will be distributed over web rather on disks, registered user can listen song once for free, after that they have to pay 1 rs.

To listen. They can download as many time as they want for 1rs.

Each time, and each song can be listened only once after that it would erase itself. John and team developed a sophisticated website for music to launch and launched music successfully. Later this became the most favourite way of launching music for music companies. Ankur is studing in his final year of mechanical engineering. One day while he was going to his college his bike tire got punchered.

He went to nearby bike mechanic and asked him to make tire good. Mechanic opened tire and saw the tube has been torn. He recommended Ankur to replace tube with new tube, but ankur had not bring that much money and also he was getting late. The mechanic somehow repaired tube and bike was again ready to run.

While ankur was riding back to his college, he thought about the mechanic that he has been working as mechanic for a long time, not moving to higher rank, if he had been in a company he might have been promoted to upper level till now. Also his skill level has reached to much higher level as he has been working for so long, and still not getting as much salary as deserved.

Ankur shared this thought with his friends. They decided to help that mechanic and many such other people who are uneducated but skilled. After they helped him to bring loan from the bank and started his own shop. Later his shop became the most popular in the area.

Mukesh is a medical student lives in a colony where garbage problem is creating a lot of health issues. Many parents are often visiting doctors about the health of their children. Most of these problems are associated with uncleanliness of place. He decided to launch a drive to clean their colony. He went to schools where children of this colony are studying and took their classes about health issues and made them understand how cleanliness leads to health.

He then asked children to bring their parents to the playground on a specific day where they would all formulate a procedure to effectively remove garbage from the places. He then went to all the rag pickers who roam around the colony. There in the meeting he suggested that outside every house there would be two dustbins, each for wet and dry wastage which would be picked by these rag pickers daily. All the residents agreed and formulate an amount of money which each house will pay to those rag pickers at the end of the month.

Just after one month the whole scenery of the colony changed and there was a huge drop in the no. He was suffering from blood cancer, His blood type is very rare among population and they could not find donor at the time. He consulted doctors about availability of donors, doctors told him that donors are available but we are only restricted to our storage capacity, there is no way to find more donors though there are many people who will help if asked on time.

Then he decided to create a website that will show the blood groups of people of that area along with their contact numbers.

He knew school conducted blood group test of admitted students. He appealed school authority to share that data with his website. He grew database school by school and from children to their parents. Later that website was linked with the website of government hospitals. This information helped a lot in cases of blood cancer and accidents. Anup lives with his wife and children. Just along with their house, there was a house of Mr.

They often fight and shouting could be heard in the whole neighbourhood. One day there was a big fight between the couple; Anup heard the noises of breaking things. Mehta came out of their house weeping. Anup and his wife also came out of their house and tried to calm Mrs. Her husband was too drunk he went to hit his wife but Anup restrained him from doing it. Anup threatened Mr. Mehta to complain about him of domestic violence. Mehta left that place.

Anup told Mrs. Mehta that domestic violence occurs because wives endure it. He suggested Mrs. Mehta has been always an incorrigible drunkard. Anup with some other members starting spending time with Mr. Mehta so that they can help him leave drinking.

As time passed Mr. Mehta has improved himself a lot and now living happily with his family. Krishan was a farmer of a village. Many farmers of this village used to grow vegetables and fruits.

Many farmers were having a huge loss as stray animals used to come to fields in night and ate their fruits and vegetables and also there were many thefts of fruits and vegetables were going on in the night. Krishan called panchayat to address this issue. Krishan proposed that those who do the farming of fruits and vegetables out of them 4 or 5 members will be selected to watch the fields every day turn by turn.

Recent PPDT picture of NDA 132 SSB interview shown at Allahabad

That day weather was very upset. He asked other farmers to come with him and everybody refused and thought today no animals or thieves can come because to storm. But krishan decided to go to fields alone. When he went to field he saw that the river bank has broken and water was being flooded into the fields. He immediately started repairing it but was not able to do it alone. He then cut some trees and along with the bank and pour leaves and mud between them to make a temporary stoppage.

He then rushed back to village and called others farmers. All of them together were able to repair the flooding of water into fields. Manish hails from a small village. His village used to receive much water from rain in rainy season but they often felt the shortage of water as there were no lakes to provide water when needed.

His village was surrounded by hills. He suggested his father that they can build a concrete pond high above the ground which will collect water coming from hills in rainy season and that water could be used to facilitate fields when needed.

His father called the panchayat and brought this issue. She was looking for the news. They had no money to reach the collecterate and get the help. Gokul enquired about their need and he accompanied them to the collecterate and he bore all the expenses. Reetah was year-old. She is a government tracher. One day while she was reading news paper, an old man age about 60 years come along her house with no hopes.

Reetah saw the old man, drop her paper and enquired about his whereabouts and found that he was searching for a money for treatment of his son. She was moved with a compassion, took him to her home, gave him a drink and food. She assured him to give the amounts to be spent in treatment.

She went with him and help him treating his son. His son recovered from his illness.

Everyone thanked Reetah and Reetah knows the value of helping. She continues to help others. Neha was reading newspaper sitting on the chair in front of her house. She suddenly saw an old man passing nearby and his condition was very pathetic.

The old man was struggling very hard to walk on that road because the old man did not had a slipper to wear. Neha noticed it and she stopped that old man and took him into her house and gave some food and water. She also gave him a slipper and dropped him to his home.

SHE teach sociology to students. She read news paper daily in the morning. ANJU asked him what distance of his house from her home? Manisha 43 year old man waiting for her train in the railway station. Manisha went to that old man and took him along her ,give her food and water.. Sunita was year lady. At that he was walked in ruler in different person. He find out the one of person was studying news paper and cried.

Shalini was a 40 year old women. She was well qualified and worked as a professor in IIT Delhi. After years of work she realized her duty towards the country and also she need to provide environment for people in villages to grow for raising the condition of India. As a result she took voluntary retirement and moved to small town of kanhama in south Bihar. There she established a NGO to help people of village.

In her great deed she was helped by many people of the village and most importantly a 90 year old person called Brijesh Chacha. Brijesh Chacha was one of the wisest person of the village and as every one followed his teaching , it helped shalini to form deep bonds with the villagers. Due to shalini's hardwork and brijesh chacha moral support she was able to decrease illiteracy in the village, form a community bank and provide modern technology tools for agriculture.

Her work was recognized even by the the government and she was awarded for the same. Radha is a 36 year old lady.

She was Seemapur village pradhan. She was very agile and concerned about the livelihood of the villagers.

7 Tips to Write the Best PPDT Story in SSB interview

She was the one of the few who could read the newspaper and used to share this information with the villagers through village gatherings. She used to help them at every step. One day while reading the newspaper she found an article related to Krishi Vikas Yojana she read it in detail and got to know that under this all the villagers who were below poverty line can get stipend of rupees per month if they enroll themselves to new skill development scheme ran by govt.

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