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Download PDF-XChange Editor for Windows now from Softonic: % safe and virus free. More than Compatible with your OS; Full paid version; In English. The Free Version of the PDF-XChange Editor is a light weight, easy to use application with many free Click the thumbnails below to view full-size screenshots. The smallest, fastest and most feature-rich free PDF viewer/editor on the market. Create, view, edit, annotate, OCR and digitally sign PDF files - and that's just the .

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Pdf Xchange Editor Full

PDF-XChange Editor (bit) is a simple tool to edit your PDF documents. It features full page content editing, PDFRichEdit for RTF support. The new PDF-XChange Editor - successor of the legendary PDF-XChange Viewer - now has the option to . A full license enables the foliowing editing features. Download cracked PDF-XChange Editor () plus full version for free, PDF -XChange Editor crack, PDF-XChange Editor pro serial for.

If there is something we have learned here at Softonic, it's that a good PDF creator is hard to find. They are either ugly, slow, lack functions or, more often, all three. Advertisement It is! Viewing PDFs with PDF-XChange Viewer is fast and smooth - you can skip through and back pages, view documents in a variety of layouts, and search and find pages and keywords seamlessly. PDF-XChange Viewer's toolbars are totally customizable, and there is a considerable range of configuration options. Although the free version doesn't allow you to create documents from scratch, it does let you edit extensively, with a few exceptions, mainly the ability to add or remove pages. Commenting, underlining, stamping, attaching files and creating text boxes are all easily done, and can be modified and removed in the click of a button. There are also tooltips, so you know what you are doing before you click. Additional cool features include a snapshot tool, document preview when opening PDFs and a huge range of interface language options.

Customisable Interface Menus can be edited or deleted but not added , icons can be added and moved, and shortcuts can be assigned to tools and commands or changed in the command properties dialogue.

To start customising, select Customise Toolbars from the View, Toolbars submenu. Select the commands tab to edit the shortcuts. Select any command to edit its properties. Start by assigning a shortcut key to the Customise Toolbars command itself, then you can quickly refine your custom setups as you get used to the interface. The dialogue will show a warning if it is already assigned to another command.

Add customised shortcuts to show facing-pages and show the cover page on the right. These shortcuts will also work in Fullscreen mode, which on a wide-screen monitor offers the best use of screen real-estate for reading books. The screen shot to fit this web page shows a small window with two PDF files loaded. The menu toolbar is docked at the bottom. Some buttons for navigation and viewing are on the same toolbar — the down arrow will display the icons in a flyout.

The page dimensions popup in the bottom left corner on mouse-over a neat feature. Tabs can be detached from the main window by dragging, or grouped with other tabs.

Download and Review of PDF-XChange Editor

Tabs can be split horizontally or vertically to provide two views of the same document. There are so many ways to rearrange tabs and tab groups, that I have not figured them out yet. The first icon can be used to drag tab groups out of the window. Customize UI The main workspace background, the page background, and the dialogue background can be modified.

Choose a sensible size for the dialogue font or your dialogues may grow bigger than the window. Choose patterns and colours for workspace backgrounds, select colours for tabs and toolbars, for highlighted menus and toolbar icons.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus 7.0.327.1

Active and enabled tools will show the highlight background colour. The text and window colours change the appearance of dialogues and toolbar. Fullscreen Mode If you just want to concentrate on reading, enter the fullscreen mode F Even with the toolbars off, you can switch to other documents with Control Tab, and use the Pan and Zoom Window to navigate the current document.

Press Escape to exit from fullscreen mode. Fullscreen mode was added to the Editor in version 5. Tiling, N-up, and Booklet Printing Large documents can be tiled onto several sheets. This powerful feature makes it easy to produce posters from the same standard document used for handouts.

Click on the image to show all four tiles. N-up printing allows printing of multiple copies on a single sheet. The document will automatically be scaled down to fit 2, 4, 8 or a custom number of copies onto a single sheet. The document can be rotated automatically to use the sheets more efficiently.

Booklet printing will automatically arrange a multipage A4 portrait document for printing as an A5 booklet on A4 landscape. Set the resolution to 72 dpi or 2, Change the page background colour or make it transparent. Automatically assign file names to the images with variables. This very powerful feature is available even in the free version of the Editor. Now all I have to do is to remember to update the thumbnail each month. High Resolution Snapshots You can change the default resolution for snapshots from Edit, Preferences, Snapshot Tool, Use Fixed Resolution for snapshot images, to print quality resolutions of or dpi and up to dpi instead of using low screen resolution of 72 or 96 dpi.

Then, whenever you use the snapshot tool a high resolution bitmap is copied to the Windows clipboard. This is useful when you wish to capture fine detail from a PDF file. The same resolution is used when you take a snapshot from the Loupe Window or the Pan and Zoom Window. The options also allow the snapshot to be greyscale. Either or both options can be disabled. Navigation of Views You can navigate back and forth between different views on the same document.

This is very useful for finding your place again after searching for something elsewhere in the document. Click the middle mouse button to place the scroll anchor anywhere on the page, then drag in any direction.

Scrolling long documents is fast and smooth, with excellent control. On reopening a document, whether from Windows Explorer or from the recent files menu, it reopens at the same place as last time, and at the same zoom level. This is a huge time saver.

I wish all of my favourite programs had this feature. Open at last editing position is available in OpenOffice, and open fonts from last time is an option FontCreator , but a similar feature is not yet available in MainType or PagePlus. Customise Recent Files List Favourite files can be pinned to the Recent Files list, and recently opened files can be deleted from the list.

In the Viewer, the maximum number of files on the list can be set in Preferences, General, at a very generous limit of up to files. The number of pinned and recently opened files is shown on the Open file fly-out.

Recently opened files can be managed via a button to open this dialogue in Edit, Preferences, Documents. The number of files to display on the recent files list can also be set here.

In the Viewer, there is also a button in preferences to clear the list. This brings up a confirmation dialogue where you can clear the entire list, or leave just the pinned files the default. The most productive method may be to keep the number of files fairly low, and to pin the files that you need to open frequently. In the Viewer, you can reopen all files that were previously open in the viewer when restarting. The setting is on the General Tab of Preferences.

The Editor forgets the last session. In the Viewer, Manage Recent Files list lets you move pinned files to the top of the list, show extended tool-tips with previews , set the confirmation before clearing the list, clear the list on exit, and if any recently opened files have been deleted, they can be cleared from the list automatically by checking the option to remove all broken items on startup. The toolbars can be enabled or disabled from the view menu, or collapsed by clicking the little arrows.

However, if you just want to open one or two PDF files from the Internet and display them directly in your browser, the plug-in is a neat way of doing this, and you still have access to all the comment and markup tools.

If you open a file in your browser, then change your mind and wish to open it an external PDF viewer, you can do this from the icon at the bottom right on the Launch toolbar.

The Browser Plug-in is quite broken in Opera Many misinformed PC users complain about high memory use of programs, so we need to point out a few facts about memory use. Using more memory is good, not bad. If your PC has lots of memory it can be used to cache pages and make the viewer display pages faster.

The important point is that if other applications request memory the viewer should release it. When scrolling and zooming large documents the action is smooth and almost instantaneous. In Foxit Reader there is a noticeable jerkiness.

Memory use will drop immediately below 2 Mbytes. There is also an option in Preferences, General, to minimise it to the system tray. Conclusions PDF-XChange Viewer has reached the end of its development and is now replaced by the Editor, which is still free to use except for Pro features. Added a new "Enhanced OCR" module that is much faster, provides better quality, recognizes text styles and tables, supports creating PDF files with editable text and images, and more.

Use it from the context menu for the selected area on a page which was made using the Snapshot or Crop tool s. SharePoint: added options for a default version and comment used during automatic Check-In. SharePoint: added an option to auto-create all necessary folders when saving file s to a non-existing path Full History of Changes Professional Edition The professional and free versions are the same program.

Features in the free version, such as adding comments and highlighting, can be used without any watermark being added. The professional features are also available in the free version, but documents are saved with a watermark until it is registered. A warning dialogue is shown if you attempt to use the professional features in the free version. In the Viewer, security options can be changed in Preferences, in the Editor, they can be changed in Document Properties, Security.

When a secure document is open in the Editor, a padlock icon is shown on the Tab Bar indicating that there are some restrictions on modifying the content.

No preview thumbnail is shown for PDF files that need a password to be opened.

The Proximity search lets the user specify whether to find only adjacent words, words in the same paragraph, page, or document. To highlight the first, second, and subsequent words in the search string that have been found, the Coloured Search Results option displays them in different colours.

This may be overkill for ordinary users, but for those who have to trawl through large collections of PDF files it may be very useful.

Shortcuts F4 and Shift F4 will find the next and previous search results. I never noticed the Adobe Reader shortcuts before. There is an option in Preferences, Page Text to preserve ligatures on copy. Read Aloud The Editor can read selected text using a computer generated voice with a male or female American accent, or a female British accent.

It works well on standard English text, but it fails to recognise non-standard ligatures, and foreign words are hard to understand. Optical Character Recognition The process takes a few minutes — perhaps 15 seconds per page — but the resulting document is then searchable without any obvious visible change to the document, and without much increase in file size.

A typical 20 page PDF of 5.

Recognition was accurate, except on some small text. This feature is available in the free version of the viewer and the editor.

No watermarks are added when using it. I successfully used this feature to deskew a scanned PDF of a book in Burmese. Although the Burmese text is obviously not recognised by the OCR engine that would be too much to expect , it still managed to deskew the Burmese text, while the header in English text became skewed.

Search Providers Custom search engines can be added, manually sorted, or deleted. The last used search is shown on the context menu, with other searches being available on a submenu.

Click the buttons to change the current zoom level. Click on the camera icon to take a snapshot of the zoomed area. The loupe window can be resized and positioned anywhere on the monitor, even outside of the PDF-XChange window, so if you have a wide-screen monitor or a dual monitor setup you may find this tool even more useful.

Resizing the loupe window simultaneously resizes the transparent rectangle. Resizing the rectangle changes the zoom level in the loupe window. Moving the transparent rectangle pans the view in the loupe window. The Pan and Zoom Tool This is another very convenient way to view magnified documents. It is the inverse of the loupe. Zoom in to the main window so that the page is bigger than the window, then the Pan and Zoom Tool shows a thumbnail of the page, with a transparent rectangle that can be dragged around to pan the document in the main window.

The Pan and Zoom Tool window can be resized and positioned anywhere on the monitor or on another monitor. It has buttons for navigating the document pages, zoom buttons, and a drop list for selecting the zoom level. The Camera icon will take a snapshot of the zoomed area. Resizing the transparent rectangle will change the zoom level in the main document window and simultaneously change the viewed area. Preview Thumbnails In the Recent Files list hovering the mouse cursor over a filename displays a preview thumbnail of the file with information about the file.

If you have many files with similar names, this may help to find the right one. In the Browse Files dialogue, the PDF file size and date are shown in the tooltip, and the entire document can be viewed in the Preview Pane if it is enabled in Windows Explorer.

Page Thumbnails Page thumbnails can be shown in a panel at any edge of the screen or in a floating window. The thumbnails can be resized and displayed in several columns if you have the space to spare. The thumbnails panel can be moved to a second monitor, and maximised by double-clicking its title bar for an overview of the entire document, allowing quick and easy navigation to any page by clicking the thumbnails.

To dock a floating panel again, drag it by its title bar and drop it onto the Arrow icon at left, right, top, or bottom of the PDF-XChange window. At the top of the thumbnails panel is a toolbar with buttons for zooming, and printing, rotating, or deleting selected pages.

The properties button shows the properties of the selected page. The Options button offers more actions for working with documents.

When viewing PDF documents in single page or facing pages modes, when one drags on the scroll handle, a thumbnail of the current page pops up by the side of the scroll bar showing the page that will be displayed when the mouse button is released.

The orange rectangle shows the view port for the current zoom level. Although of limited usefulness when browsing reams of plain text unless you know the page number that you are seeking, if documents contain at least a few pictures, tables, or illustrations, it is an aid to quickly finding a page without using precious space by opening the thumbnails panel on a single monitor.

The thumbnails do not appear when viewing documents in continuous modes. When using thumbnail mode in Windows Explorer, the thumbnails are shown instead of PDF document icons. The installation program offers an option to install the Shell Extension for viewing thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

Installation of this extension is the default, but if you decide not to install it, you will lose the option to view PDF thumbnails in Windows Explorer. You can highlight, strikeout, or underline selected text. Comments and mark-up are saved with the document and can be modified or deleted later. No advertising watermarks are added to the PDF file when you save comments and markup. Latin Extended characters can be used in document markup. If, like me, you need to work in languages other than English, this is very useful.

Copy and paste annotations within the same document or between documents. Clone existing comments by holding down the control key and dragging them to a new location. This currently seems to work with most annotation apart from sticky notes. Sticky notes will be labelled with the user log-in name by default. The name can be changed by adding a name under log-in name in Preferences, Identity.

The properties of comments and markup can be modified and saved as the default. Other users can reply to comments or sticky notes using their own ID or name, and a different colour. Comments can have its opacity reduced so that the original PDF text is still legible behind the comments when they are open. Double-click any markup to add a comment about it. A new sticky note comment with the same colour as the markup will point to it.

All comments show a tool tip when the user passes the mouse over the markup. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Results 1—10 of 17 1 2 Next. Pros Quickly imports pdf files from images and other pdf files. Cons The license expired, but when I downloadd it they didn't make clear that I was only renting the software. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Cons I selected the option to "appear in browser" or something like that.

The problem is that it doesn't work for some sites so I can no longer "view pdf" from certain siites Reply to this review Was this review helpful?

Cons Most texts are not displayed. Pros Great basic pdf editor. Cons That I didn't find it earlier! Summary Paper size took a while to figure out but other than that it is a well written program.

Pros This Editor is new product and I decided to try it because I work with other tracker-software products. Cons Waiting for some new features. But no cons for existing. Summary This is the best PDF package for the money anywhere. Pros I have tested several alternative PDF viewing tools - and must say the Tracker products are the best ones I've found.

Cons I can't think of any major drawbacks - maybe some things are not yet exactly the same as in the previous product they had - the Viewer - hence the 4.

Summary I use the Editor daily and it is really helping me with all my with the multitude of files I have to handle every day! Summary I love it! Pros Free Version allows direct text editing of text based pdfs no charge. Summary I use this product for Sheet music and Bass Tablature, I was surprised at how great this software is can make custom stamps of music notes and markup up sheetmusic scores!!! Pros Fast, intuitive, easy to use and powerful Cons a bit large installer Reply to this review Was this review helpful?

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