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Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - pdf. Huong Nguyen. o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w o m z. Ngu Phap Tieng Anh Mai Lan Huong. Mai Anh Nguyễn. w w w y a.d q m e k y u h n n o o c.u m o c z. w w w y a.d q m e k y u h n n o o c.u m o c z. w w w y a.d. o m. z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w. o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k . d a ww w. o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w. o m z. c c o n. u h o.

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Ng? Phap Ti?ng Anh Mai Lan Huong Pdf

Download Giải Thích Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương. Download Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong, free Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong download helps you to store and share. View Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - from ENGLISH at Foreign Trade University. m o n y o h a d. w w w m e k y u q c. z o c u.

HCM Email: The sun rises in the East.. They live in England. She likes coffee. The ngh! He is a good student. I've got the tour details here: We spend three days in Rome.

As I ialreadv sell 14' my house and arrange 15' a new job. One of the first novels in history of literature be lil written in England in Ill Supply the correct verb forms. She just. A friend of mine. When Daniel be a schooiboy. He asked the guard what time the tram. He says that he finished7 will finish the project by May. He told me the morning that he is going' was going with us the following day. I hear that Kate: This science of visible speech form '7! Bear m in Scotland in Mary have 1 1 to go to New York last week.

Alexander Bell become '21 interested very early in the methods of human communication. He just takeP an exam If he passes. Jack London bear!

Two little boys: He use 6 sketches of the different positions of the lips and tongue. He begin 2 his educa-' tion at the university of California. Tell us what happened to you yesterday? Last Sunday. He travel 13 much. He be excited today because his parents come '81 tomorrow to stay with him for a few days. Rob Fellow come m from England. Naturally we stop H! He run l as fast as he could. He live Q! Mr Green fae 13 in the garage. He explain 1'5' his-difficulty to a man who stand on the platform.

She plant '41 flowers in her. She be 6 there twice before. On the table stand a jar of mustard. She arrive '51 in London last Saturday. He be U bom in When the train reached the sixth. Mrs Green be l3: Yesterday afternoon I go! Maria is Spanish.: English on a one-month intensive course in London. At Ihe moment. Mary and John are neighbours.

Albert Malta was a progressive American writer. They know 1" each other for several years. When I tried take '51 the young eagles oui: Wher you come home after classes. Eric bear in in India where his father worked for the civil service. Mary move '2'. I see 'J Tom. Not having seen mustard before. It was against wars. While I walk to ciass yesterday inoming. Two friends went on a trip to London. I iook t7 round and see 1? Tears immediately filled His eyes and his friend asked him what he cry H about His first article appear '51 in Lemon in October white he live in Pans.

At the moment she siudy '. She be '3' with this Company for 2 years now. Si and the roof leak You have to listen to your teacher while.

I he tiain had k t v. The children play Ci in the front yard. The dog has followed us master ever since. He set off for another journey as soon ar. He be u! John could use the computer to write essays.

I greel B:: He rent a cottage-in the country. You shpuid do a goog deed whenever. Short after the war. Today there bej m more than 3. When that happened.

He work 12' for a textile firm which have '3' to close because it not have '" enough orders. IV Complete each of the following sentences with an adverbial clause of time. The cottage have no comfortable furniture in it. Recently he top SI his classmates.

It began to rain just as. If you don't study hard.. I'll help you. If I were you. Unreal 1. I would come there. If you arrive ter min'Ates earlier. I type it mysdf. If I see him. If we had more rain. As long as. If they were stronger. I shouldr.. On condition that Unless we had more rain. I give him a gift.. If you should ruii into Peter. Provided that.. If I know his telephone mjinber. If I had a typewriter.

I'd give it to you. If I won a big prize in a lottery. I wouldn't build a school for the poor. If you speak more slowly. If I were the Prime Minister.

IV Complete the following sentences. If they had asked me I would have helped them. What you do if you found a burglar in your house? If she not hurry. If you had told me that he never paid his debts. If John had played for our football team. He could download a new car if. The police arrest him if they cafch him.

If she does noi hurry. Would you visit me if I were sent to prison? III Make conditional sentences without conjunctions. What would you do if today were a Holiday? Would you have written to her if you had known her address? If she had asked you. If it were nice. The crops would have been ruined if the flood had risen higher.. If he had known your telephone number He would have rung you..

He might get fat if he stop smoking. If you are. If I try again. They could have passed the exam if they. I wouid come to her wedding if I were invited.

Tell him to ring me if you see him. If he had come yesterday. We couid have come with you if we The world would be a better place if. Without the sun. He had a flu because he went out in the rain last night. This chair. Be calm. Without money. I call a policeman. V last. The church bells keep me from sleeping. I don't kfiow her number.

Be careful. His friends were so late. As she is often absent from class.

The fridge keeps the food from spoiling. Morning exercises make me feel better. Smoking makes him so weak. Without a visa. It is very cold. Without the air. The heavy rain kept everybody from. But I am poor now. I can't swim. I wish I could swim. Ben isn't here. We wish that we didn't have to go to class today. We have to go to class.

I wish I hadn't failed my exam last year. I failed my exam. She wishes she had had enough money to download the house.


She didn't have enough monev to download it. If only I had met her yesterday. I didn't meet her. She wishes could have been there. She couldn't be there. I wish someone give me a. We wish we understand. He missed an exciting football match on TV last night.

He wishes he ri watch it 8. If only I have more time to do this job. I want him to be here now. You talk more than you work. The teacher wants you to work more than to talk. John would like to be an astronaut when he grows up. You drive too fast. You are too iazy. The teacher wants you to be more studious. Tomorrow is a workday. We have to work this Saturday. He does morning exercises. She got 'JD early so as not to miss-this bug H? I try all my best to study English in order that I can find a botter job.

He hurried so that, he wouldn't miss the train. She wants to learn her lessons. We learn English. We want to have better communication with other people. He was in a hurry.

Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 9 Mai Lan Hương

He wanted to catch the bus. He gave me his address. He wanted me to visit him. They whispered. They didn't want anyone to hear- their conversation. He gave me his address in order for me to visit him. They whispered in order for no one to hear their conversation. We hurried to school so as not to be late.

Mary locked the door so that she wouldn't be disturbed. The hoy stood on the benches. They wanted to get a better view. We lower the volume of the radio. We don't want to bother cur neighbours. These men were talking in whispers. They didn't'van!

The mail spoke loudly. She idcsn't want her mother to wait for her, '. Ti -r;;';. Mai7 hid the neve! She didn't want: Alice, prepares hei 'esson carefully. She wants-to get high iir. The robber changed his address all the time. They did their jobs well. They hoped the boss would increase their salary. You should walk slowly. Your sister can follow you. I want to keep pace with my classmates: We turned out the lights.

This pupil read only for shortperiods each day. The clown took off his mask. My father drove carefully. Sue dutifully Mowed her parents! Mr Thompson is learning Vietnamese. He wishes to read Kim Van Kieu. Please shut the door. The farmer buiit a high wail 'around his garden. The police stopped the traffic every few minutes. The pedestrians might cross the road. The notices are written in several languages. Everyone may understand them. I-want to download a new house. Dick is practising tht: He can play for the'dance.

She needs a job. She wants to support her old parents.. He could hear the speaker better. She put the meat into the oven.

She wanted. II Rewrite the following sentences, using phrases of purpose. This man changed his address constantly so that he could avoid the police. I shouted in order that I could warn everyone of danger.

Mary went to the library in order that she could borrow some books. Yesterday father went to the bank so that he would open a checking account. I went to see him so that I could find out what had happened. Tom is saving up so that he can download a new bicycle. III Change phrases of purpose to clauses of purpose or vice versa.

He climbed the tree in order to get a better view. You should get-up. Some young people tike to earn their own living in order that they will be independent of'their parents. We should do morning exercises regularly so as to improve our health. He is saving monev so that They are in a hurry so as not. Mary asked her parents for permission in order. The teacher explained the lesson again so that. They're studying English so thaL Mary isn't old enough to drive a car.

We study hard in order. She locked the door so as not to be disturbed. Mary has made a big. She speaks Spanish well enough to be an interpreter It is cold enough to wear a heavy jacket The firemen rushed into the burning house to.

This book"feftoo dull for you to read. They went to Paris to. Me stood up to. The workers went on strike so that. Tom hurried so that He has invested so much money in the project that. The student had behaved so badly that he was dismissed from the class.. It was so hot a day that we decided to stay indoors. I had so few job offers that it wasn't difficult to sciecL one. The grass received so little water that it turned brown in the heat.

The Smiths had so many children that they formed thoir own baseball team. THAT qua The soup tastes so good that everyone will ask for more. There are so many people in the room that ] fed tired. It was so interesting a book that ho couldn't put. It was so dark that I. The litiie girl looks so unhappy-that we alt fee] sorry for her.. This song is very simple. She has such exceptional abilities that everyone is jealous of her.

I coulchi se? The -. IV Combine two sentences. The sun shone brightly that Maria had to put. This is such difficult homework that I will never finish it: The room was very dark. The house is very expensive. There are such beautiful pictures that everybody will want one. The work is very hard.. My broLhers and sisters were very excited about the trip. This novel was very interesting. We had wonderful memories of that place that we decided to return.

We all like. There were many people on the bus that we decided to walk. All of us can sing it. The sun shone brightly. The boy is very nice. It was such a hot day that we decided to stay at home. The lesson is ven. Those were difficult assignments that we spent two weeks finishing them. Nobody can download it. It is such an intelligent boy that wc all admire him..

Mana had to put on her sunglasses. We deckfci tQ go to the beach. Dean was a powerful swimmer that he always won the races.. The day was nice. Ray called at. There were few students registered that the class was cancelled.

Jane lookedsick that the nurse told. Nobody can understand it. I ate a Jot of sandwiches. He sddom takes any medicines. He is so clever thal he can answer all my questions. I felt uneasy. Mary has a beautiful voice..

The house was beautiful. I want to see it again and again. This is a good film. Keller is so rich that he can give the charitable society one million dollars.. That fish. My father has a very good heaiih.. He can't v. David has a iot of work to do. That day was so nice that ail of us went out for a walk. This coffee is strong. He is always at the top of his class. Ilis conduct is very good.

My friend is very strong. Bill-is an intelligent boy. Dean was a powerful swimmer. It was very dark. Everyone ate too much. The play we saw yesterday was so bad thal we went out by halves. Your dog is so fierce that nobody dares to approach it.

That lesson was so difficult that. There were few students registered.. I look a picture of it. There was a lot of food. He was sent to the hospital. He always won the races:. He has very wide knowledge. Jane's conduct is so good lhal everybody likes her. All his teachers love him. We all like:. There is too much noise. The class was cancelled. Our car is so old that we must repair it Ihree times a monlh. We can t icam our lessons.

There were a lot of guests. John is still very weak. Complete the following sentences.. He was very sick. The goods were so good thal. Yoiir handwriting is so bad that r can't read it.

The mountains are so high that. VIII Rewrite the sentences below.. He is such a busy man that.. There is so much noise here that. This is such a difficult lesson that.. It is such a warm day that. They are such high mountains that.

This bag is too heavy for her to cany Distances are so great that The land is too poor to grow aopsl 9. We had such a good time LhaL. The test-was too difficult for them te do 7. He spoke so fast that!.

That book is so interesting that.

They are such big shoes that.. He is too old to wear this coloured shill.. Pike is so vveak.. The room is too noisy for US lo study.. Bill is too fool'ish to understand whal 1 say. She speaks with such speed that. These shoes are so big that I can wear them.. That sentence was too long for me to memorize.. He worked so hard that. She is such a busy person that. This pen is too expensive for me to download 4.

There was noise in the room that ] couldn't work. She stayed at home because of fooling unwcJi.: She was worried because it started to rain. There are planets in the universe that we can't count them. This room is loo dark for us lo study.

It took Jane time to listen. We were there because of him. Why have you got lumituvc? He studied too badly to pass his exam. This road is too dangerous for her to. They didn't take part in the trip because the weather was bad.

There was food that everyone. The water in this pool is too dirty to drink. He came ten minutes late because he missed the first bus. Why did he di ink wine? The shelf is too high for Ihe boy lo reach. These oranges are too sour for us lo eat. Martha is. He missed the first bi: IV Rewrite these sentences. His mother was sick.

Rescue attemps were temporarily. Well have no class tomorrow. She phoned ihe police. Mary looks happy. They'll leave early because. The train was. Her leg was Injured.

She saw the wanted man in a small coffee shop. The leacher is sick. We decided to. He stayed at home yesterday. It rained heavily. Slie likes him because he is kin. He came lo the office 10 minutes late. She has just got good marks. It was difficult to deliver the letter the sender had written the wrong ad dress on the envelope. The climate in he country is healthy. The pupil understood that-mathematical probfem vejj?

It's raining.

Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 9 Mai Lan Hương -

They visited their friends often they enjoyed their company. II Combine each pair of sentences. Paul may not go to the football game. She stayed at home because she was sick. There was a traffic jam. Rice plan Li grow well because the climate is wani and damp.

Margaret stayed home because her mother was sick. Wo understood him ill spite -of his accent. All the teachers love him because his conduct is good. He came laic because it rained heavily. In spite of having a headache I enjoyed the film. I couldn't read the letter because it was dark. She went to bed early because she felt tired. I like him because his father is kind to me. John succeeded in his exam because he worked hard and methodkaiiy. A computer can be used for various purposes.

She cani answer my question. Rven though I didn't know anybody at the party. He was not. He was not successful. No matter who you are. She says anything.

She will refuse to consider our proposal even if we made any kinds. She waits for yow. No matter what he says. He is very rich. He tried.. He was wise and experienced. He got good jobs. She can't answer my ifuestion. He always tries his best. No matter what happens. His fife is hard. Whatever others may say. She is very intelligent. I don't believe her. He didn't wear warm clolhes. She says anylhing. He is ahvays careful: You should do it. He does anything. I had a nice timo.

He often tells lies'. I still love you. He was taken in. He lived anywhere. She is very itv.

No matter what. You do any job. His life is hard. He is determined [0 study well. The old woman told interesting stories lo the children although her memory was poor. Although he had not finished the paper. You should review all your lessons before taking yotir exam although you have any kinds of difficulties.

Everybody has great regard for him Ihough he is poor. Although his Knglish was good. Although he had taken any kinds of exercises. You should always study hard although you encounter difficuUiss. Although others may say anything. He always studies hard though he encounters difficulties. Although he. Although it was noise. Though he had been absent frequently. I kepi on studying. He studied very well though his life was hard al that time.

Although the streets are narrow. I went lo school on time.

We did Hie test well though it was difficult. Although i. The child ate the cookies even though his mother had told him not to. Although the prices are high. Although he had much experience in machinery. Although he chose any job. She didn't eal much though she was hungry. Although Mary was sad. Although it got dark. The Right was not delayed though it was foggy.

He ate the chocolate cake even though he was on diel. The plane look off though the weather was bad. She drank coffee to keep herself warm although she iiisliked ii. Mary will take a plane even though she dislikes flying. Ill Change clauses of concession to phrases. He ate a! Although the weather is bad. But he is not rich. He behaves as though ho owned the place. He looked as if he hadn't taken ii bath for months. Tom looked tired as if ho had worked vciy hard.

But it is not winter. How long have you been working here? For about three years. But now I need a new job. What tim e will you be back? Im sorry you had to w ait all th a t time. Oh, its all right. Complete this text with the correct form of the verb. Try 6. Choose the correct answer. Ann is interested in young children a. I finished the book and went to bed. Dad allowed Dora ' to the party. My teacher always expected me well in exams.

I put d. Look at those windows! They reay need. Vm tired. Fd rathe r out this evening, if you dont mi ld. I must go now. I t isnt safe for children ' on ladders. Famous people et tired of everywhere they go. Kevin teaches 1 a t a high school. Everyone thinks th a t it 6. Kevin ban he 8 at the high school. The new company is 9. Furtherm ore c. Consequently d. However Write the second sentence so that it has a similar 'meaning to the first.

My father said I could use his car. Dont stop him doing w hat he wants. You can try to get Jim to lend you his car, but you won't succeed. Theres no point: Ill fmish the work tonight if you like. Would you like 7- The teacher didn't allow the class to leave before 4: The teacher made: I hate to get up ill the dark.

Seeing Nelson Mandeia will always in my memory. Choose the word that has the underlined lcttcr s pronounced differently from the others.

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others. Physics b. History c. Biology d. Chem istry 2. Geography di Literature 3. Dont worry me. Ill be fine. The main post office is not far the library. Phong is interested. How long b. Where c. How often ",d. She is. Approximately half the people interviewed were in manual occupations, a. English is an international ' a. Most people start to lose their memory as they get older, a. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentence.

I didnt like it in the city at first. I got used to living b. Im used to living c. Im used to live d. I used to live 4. Theres nothing you can do about, the situation, so its no use. Finding b. After finding c. Found d. We found 8. I English for four years now.

Its a beautiful country. Do you h ear it too? Are you looking forward oil your vacation? Dont fo rg e t. Identify, the one. In order to not forget things, I gut a string around my finger. Where you worked last year when you were going to school? A B c D 4- The doctor called this morning while you slept. Ive been studying- French since Fve started high' school. I succeeded in to find a job, so mv parents didnt make me go to college.

Get more exercise appears to be the best way to lose weight. Why you call me so late last night? Did you study all la st night? I watched TV and went to bed. I did th e same. All right- 6 , for a drink. Have, a good G. Good luck d. Wliat dboufc you ' 2. Like you. Same to you. Same of you. OI do: Yes, I did. I not do that. What about you? How are you? And you did? What did you? Choose the one option a, b, c or d - that best fits each o f the. Sometimes I was very disappointed 4. I loved my poor little students.

Oil c: They say th at it is unnecessary for children to work at home in their free time. Moreover, they argue th a t most teachers do not properly plan the homework tasks they give to students. The result IS that students have to repeat tasks which they have already done at sphool Recently in Greece many parents complained about the difficult hamcwork which teachers gave t tbeir children. The parents said th at m ost of the homework was a waste of time, and they wanted to stop it.

Spain nd Turkey are two countries which stopped homework recently In Denmark Germany and several other countries in Europe, teachers cannot sot home work a t weekends. In Holland, teachers allow students to stay at school t d their, homework.

The children are Tree to Help one another Similar arrangem ents also exist in some British schos. Sost people agree th at homework is'unfair. A student who can do his homework in a quiet and comfortable room is in a much better position than a student who does his.

Some parents help th eir children with th e ir homework Other parents take no interest,at-;alI in their childrens homework. According to many p a re n ts , a. In some countries in Europe teachcrs are allowed to give children homework only at weekends.

Only a small number of p ople. I d not their students too much homework. Which of the following sentences is not-mentioned ip th e passage? Stodente sometimes have to repeat th e homework tasks th a t they have already done in class. Choose the correct sentence - a, b, c or su g g ested 'w o rd s. C- You consier why dont visit me. Why dont you consider visiting me? W hat best subject you like?

W hat subject you like best? W hat subject do you like best? W aat subject do you best like? I really dont like get up early in the morning. Really I dont like to getting up early in the morning. I dont really like getting up early in th e morning. I dont like really to get up early in the morning.

Son was learning the language for four years, so he can speak English quite well. Son has spoken English for four years, so he learned the language quite well. So Son has been learning English for four years, he can speak the language well. I love teaching profession because the children are interested lii working with. I am interested in teaching profession because lov working with children.

I am interested in teaching profession because I ve the children working. I love working with the children because I am interested in teaching profession. Complete the passage with correct form of the words from the box.

English d. One day she decided th a t she wanted to become a doctor. That was nearly 2. By , Elizabeth an d her sister, also a doctor, along with another female doctor, managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children. Besides being the first female 9 r in the United States and founding h er own hospital, she also 10 the first medical school for women. Add a sentence with the past perfect, using the notes.

Clair looked very suntanned when i saw her last week. I didnt have an umbrella, but th at didnt matter. When I got to the concert hall, they wouldnt let me in. I was really pleased to see Rachel again yesterday. We rushed to th e cinema last night, but we were too late, i Put the verbs In the past perfect or past simple.: I felt better by the summer, but the doctor warned IC not to o u ,0 ' much.

A t last the committee were ready to announce their decision. They "- make up their. Was Tout at the party when you arrived? No, he go home. V 6i Sorry Im late. Everybody - V go out for dinner. Last night, I go to Jim s room and knock on the door but there be no answer.

Angela asked me how to use the photocopier. All of the-sentences have one verb in the wrong tense. Cross and correct, them. I t was lucky th a t we has-deeide4 to download our tickets in advance. I was pleased to see my old friends last week as we didn't see each other since we finished our coursft3L We have to wait for hours a t th e airport because the bad weather had delayed all the flights.

We missed our train, so by the. At the end of thcir mcai tliey. The children were, thrilled when they. When I came out of the cinema. I iiad found th at a th ief had taken my car rad io. When the film sta r came into the restaurant I didrift recognize heT because didnt see any of her film.

When we reached the city ceiitcr we couldn't find parking space, so ;we had decided to go by bus the next tim e. Choose the correct form of the verbs. Choose the correct answers.

L "Was Tom there when you arrived? Who was the woman in red dress? Did you know? Did you say th a t you. I was playing b. I had played c. I play d. I played 7. They ' in Scotland for te n years. Now they live in London, a. Sorry were? Put a circle round the letter f the correct word or words to use in each blank. Liiidlaw had always had a lot of good ideas. After he 3 a highly successful computer business for two years, he started his second business in a small garage, soiling and installing, kitchen furniture.

Then he went on to earn over five million in three years. But, after 5 with the m anagers of his company, he suddenly dismissed them.

W ithin six months the business had gone bankrupt. I was just unlucky to lose it later. All companies 8 through good times - aiid through bad times. New 9 several lessons which Ill never forget.

He said th a t he 10 to call his new company Office-Fit and was already very successful. I learn b. Ive learned c. I learned d. Id learned His father was a farm er who died when Newton was. His mother, uncle and grandmother took care of him. When still young, Newton was more of a mechanic than a scholar. His neighbors thought he would probably become a well-known ciockmaker, because he had already made clock his neighbours had never heard of before.

It worked by water. Besides the water clock Newton also made a sundial. When he grew older, he became interested in mathematics and physics. His first physical experiment was carried out in , when he was 16 years old. Chi June 5th, Newton entered the University of Cambridge where he studied mathematics and soon became famous at the ag of When Newton was 22 years old, he began studying the theory of gravitation.

In he was appointed professor and began giving lectures on mathematics a t Cambridge. Isaac Newton died in at the age of Newton was not a physics, he was a mathematician. He was bom in the town of Cambridge. When he was young he was very intelligent. He wasnt very interested in mathematics until be grew older. His first physical experiment was carried out when h was not yet twenty. Newtons Laws explained the relationships between force, mass and movement 7.

Complete each of the following sentences, using the words given. Choose the word that has the Ictter s pronounced differently from the. L- chemistry B. SL trouble b. Harboured harboured obtained 3.

Marie Curie was the first woman professor the Sorbonne. Our thanks go to everybody who has worked this project, a. She earned a degree in Physics and went on to take another degree in M athem atics. Computer modelshelp to determine whether a particular area is likely to flood a. Let me give you a little about the president of the company. Jane is always determined to do anything she wants.

She harboured her hope of being a tea chi. He behaved iike an adult. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence. The man looked familiar. Last night a tornado swept through Rockville. It everything in its path, a. When we the bill, we left the restaurant. Aimie Annie.

Could you pfease come over? John F. To be born b. Born c.

Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - TOEIC BOOK STORE.pdf

Being bora d. Be born I B. Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, c or D - that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. Before she became a film star, she has been a stand-up comedian. Im trying to persuade my sister to drive, but I cant get her do it. After a week, wefinally got to Miami, th at my aunt lives. Since I begin school, I havent had much spare time.

My mother makes me doing my homework so I cant go out. My family lived in Hue since to, but weare now living in Sai Gon. Can you tell me where were you bom? Computers are often used to control, adjustment, and correct complex A. In a house near Brighton. He spent most of his time to paint in the studio. We went to Stands holiday party last year,hadnt we? For three years. The house we had before was too small. We need somewhere bigger: I work in a bank.. I doesnt earn much.

Just about Whats, your address? Where are you? Where you live? Where do you live? You have lived there for how long? How long have you lived there? How many years have you lived there? How long do you live there? Why did you xnove?

Why you moved? Why did you moved? Can you tel me the reason why did you move? W hat do you work? What your job is? What you do? How much money do you take? C- How about money do you earn? Do you cam how much money? Choose the one option - a, b, c or d - that best fits cach of the numbered blank. They the Nobel Prize for Physics in Many people cannot imagine life without them.

Bill Gates was born in in Washington State. He grew up. There he. When they were in the eight grade, they were writing programs for? In , Gates was accepted at Harvard University. His parents were happy. They thought he would get over his obsession with computer and become a lawyer like his father. Two years later, Gates dropped out of Harvard to work on a computer program with his friend Allen. They worked eighteen hours a day in a dormitory room at Harvard- They were writing the program th a t would run one of the first personal computers.

Alien became ill with cancer and left Microsoft in He recovered a few years-later and started his own company. Meanwhile, Microsoft became a giant company. By , at the age of thirty-four, Gates was the youngest billionaire in the history of, the United States. He was the King of Software. He achieved his success with a lot of hard work. For more than ten years, he worked sixteen-hour days, seven days a week.

He had a dream and the will to succeed.

By , he was the richest man in the United States. Bill Gates is the most im portant people in computer science 2. According to the passage,. Bill Gates parents wanted him to become a computer programmer. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, creatcd Microsoft because they want to sell their program for personal computers c. Bill Gates m et his business partner at Harvard. How old was Bill Gates when he becamii the richest man in the United States? Which of the following is not mentioned in the text? Bill Gates and Paul Allen first wrote programs for business computers when they were about fifteen.

Bill Gates earned his success by working very hard. Choose the sentence a, b, c or d which is closest in meaning to the sentence printed before. In spite of her difficult living conditions, she worked extremely hard, a. She worked very hard in difficult conditions. She worked very hard bu.

She worked very hard even though her living conditions were difficult. She worked very hard because her living conditions were difficult. It was impossible to find Tom anywhere. Tom could not be found nywhere. It was possible to find Tom. Tom could go anywhere he liked. Fewer people came to the meeting than we had expected. Too many people came to the meeting.

There were more people at the meeting than we had expected. There were not enough seats for all people as we had expected. We had expected more people to come to the meeting. The results of the research are not only impressive, but also alarming.

The results of the research. The results of the research are alarming, but not impressive. The results of the research are not either impressive or alarming d. The results of the research are both impressive and alarming. Mark is not interested in teaching.

Mark would like to teach. Teachingis not interesting to Marie a Mark didn't think teaching is interesting, d. Mark knows how to teach. Choose the words that best answer the following questions. Which of the following words has the underlined part pronounced differ sntly? Which of the following words is stressed on the first syllable? Which of the.

Which, of the following words is stressed, on the third syllable? Choose the one word o r phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

Marie Curie harboured the dream of a career which was impossible for a woman a t th a t time. In he was appointed Even though b. Nevertheless d- Despite We gotthe plane at People are fleeing the area in panic.

How much c. My morning is to got up at seven, have breakfast, then leave home a t eight. Shes upstairs getting ready to go out. B etter than before? Do you mind if I borrow a chair? I'm sorry. Not at all. Yes, I do. Yes, I would, She only allows the children television on the weekends. So funnily. Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, c or D that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

Im usually right about the weather, am not? An old man walking along the road stopped talking to us A B c D Mike usually drives to work, but today he walks. Hypnosis is sometimes employed as a means of helping people to '. Despite most mushroom are edible, some spdes cause serious poisoning.

Today we know that the earth is one of nine planets whose orbit the sun. Do you want to get UP by yourself, or would you like me to wake UP you? A B c D I bought this new software for learning Chinese.

Arc YOU ready? It's tim e we go. Fro tired because Fm not usedto stay up late. Choose the one option - a, b,c or d that best His each o f the numbered blank. The table tennis m atch was very enjoyable before 36 lit a cigarette and ruined the- evening. After 37 smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wooden floor. Soon, however, there was 40 smoko. Someone immediately ran out of the room Two or three men got some buckets of.

Everyone in the large hut 44 very frightened. The next moment people rushed towards the main doors. Before the fire brigade arrived, the whol- building was on fire.

J Few men have influenced the development of American English to the extent th a t Noah W ebster did. Born in W est Hartford, Connecticut, ; in , his nam e has become synonymous with American dictionaries, Graduated from Yale in , he was adm itted to th e b a r in and I there after;began to practice law in Hartford. Later, when he. In response to the need for truly American textbook, W ebster pub- I lished A Grammatical Institute o f the English Language, a three-volume I work th at consisted of a speller, a grammar, and a reader.

The Compen- dious Dictionary o f the English Language was published in I In Noah W ebster began his greatest work. A n American dictio- nary o f the English Language. Published in two volumes in I , An American Dictionary o f the English Language has become the ' recognized authority for usage in the United States. W ebsters purpose in ; writing it was to demonstrate th a t the American language was develop- i ing. He is responsible for advancing simplified spelling forms: Which of th e following would be the best title for the passage?

W ebsters Work b. W ebsters Dictionaries c. W ebster's School d. Websters Life How old. He wanted to supplement his income. There were no books available after the Revolutionary War. He felt that British books were not appropriate for American children. The children, did not know how to spell.

Two volumes c. Three volumes d. Four volumes To respond to the need for new schoolbooks. To demonstrate the distinct development of the English language in America. To promote spelling forms based upon B ritish models. To influence the pronunciation of the English language. W hat can we do to feed people who do not have enough to eat? Braille is a reading system for people who are unable to sec.

Complete the sentences using the adjective in brackets. Put in e. Rich nations can afford to feed the hungry. The homeless people whose story appeared in this payer last week have now found a place to Jive.

What is the government doing to help. Write a sentence for each of the following using u sed to or d id n t use to. Dennis gave up smoking two years ago. Dennis used to smoke a lot. When Babara was in Italy, she stayed with an Italian family.

We seem to have lost interest in our work. Since weve lived in th: It is sometimes said thatiihere is nothing new in the world of fashion. Annabelic was a well-known model during the seventies.

When her children were in th eir early teens they 1 were en. And those ugly platform shoes! Match the sentence pair and join them with w h ic h.

My phone is out of order. It; means he cant get about very easily. Rachels mother paid for the meal. This was good for th e garden. Its made h er very depressed. You left the. That was very kind of her This surprised everybody. That seemed to amuse everyone. The police blocked off the road. That was rath er careless of you. It rained all night: That caused a traffic jam. David helped me clear up.

Tom pushed Nick into the swim- Its a real nuisance. That was very kind of him. Jim passed his driving test. My phone is out o f order, which is a real nuisance: Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Yes, I do, although I often miss 2 see my old school friends. Dont you mind 31 travel so far everyday? Dont you find all the noise and people prevent you from 6 if concentrate? Not really. I usually do a bit of reading. Are you still a t school or have I y o u got a job? Im still at school.

I hope 7. W hat subjects are you studying? Physics, chemistry and biology. I would recommend i l , apply to Newton University first of all, but why dont you apply to one or two other universities as well? DC Read text carefully, then choose the correct answer. Hearing-impaired people cannot hear sounds well. How do they hear words and talk? They talk with th eir hands. Sometimes two hearing-impaired people talk to each other.

They both use ASL. Sometimes a person who can hear interprets for hearing-im paired people. The person listens to someone talking, and then he or she makes hand signs.

There are two kinds of sign language. One kind has a sign for every letter in the alphabet. The person spells words. This is finger spelling. The other kind has a sign for whole words. There are about five thousand of these signs. They are. Some of the signs are very easy,, for example, eat, milk, and horse. You C3. L see what they mean. Others are more difficult, for example, star,egg,or week. People from any country can learn ASL. They dont speak words.

They use signs, so they can understand people from other countries. The whole body talks. American Sign Language is a beautiful language: He listens to someone talking, and then makes hand signs b. He talks through a special equipment used for the deaf. H listens to someone talking and writes down the words. He uses hand signs to translate what hearing-impaired people say 31 How many signs are there for finger spelling?

Because they speak different languages. Because they can not hear. Because they understand each other. Which of the following sentences is not true? Hearing-impaired people cannot hear sounds b. There are more signs for words than for letters. A person who interprets for hearing-impaired people can hear. Africans cannot learn ASL because they dont speak English.

What is , the main idea of the text? ASL helps hearing-impaired people talk, but it is difficult to learn. There are twp kinds of sign language. ASL is a beutu language tibat helps heanng-impaired people talk to others. People in different countries can use American Sign. Language to communicate with each other. Complete the second sentence sothat it has similar meaning to the first one. No one has seen Peter since the day of the party.

The fog prevented He used to depend on his parents for money. It is the most interesting novel Ive ever read. I have: Although she lived in difficult conditions, she worked very hard.

It T,-vis. The weather was so bad that we wouldnt go sailing. The plane took off before we arrived at the airport. TT'j j. C hoose th e word that has the u nderlined letter s pronounced d ifferently from the rest.

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