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Principles of Multimedia. Front Cover · Ranjan Parekh, Ranjan. Tata McGraw-Hill Education, - Multimedia systems - pages. 10 Reviews. Principles of Multimedia. Front Cover. Ranjan Parekh. Tata McGraw-Hill Education, - Multimedia systems - pages. 6 Reviews. Principles of Multimedia. By Ranjan Parekh. About this book · Get Textbooks on Google Play. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Read, highlight .

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Multimedia Book By Ranjan Parekh

Key Features: Ranjan Parekh MULTIMEDIA v Introduction to topics on image . The Þrst objective of this book is to meet this requirement, i.e. to explain as. PDF | | ResearchGate, the Book · September with 45, Reads Ranjan Parekh at Jadavpur University. Table of contents Chapter 1 Multimedia-an Overview Chapter 2 Digital Home Ranjan Parekh Principles of Multimedia View all 2 copies of this book.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Ranjan Parekh. Principles of Multimedia, 2e This edition additionally focuses on programming concepts using which practical tasks and tutorials related to media processing and presentations, can be carried out by the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying theoretical concepts. Key Features:

Audio 5.

Video 6. Animation 7. Compression 8.

Multimedia Architecture Multimedia Database Multimedia Documents Multimedia Application Development Virtual Reality From the earliest times, humans have attempted to communicate their ideas through various means like gestures, sounds, paintings, writings, etc. The multiple sense organs of humans also enable them to comprehend and support such kind of multi-modal communications. In the real world, non-textual form of communication, like cave paintings, were used much before the written form originated.

In the computing world, however, the trend has been just the reverse; text was the predominant form of communication over most of the earlier part of computing history. Dealing with text through computers was much easier than dealing with non-textual media like pictures or sound.

Principles of Multimedia - Ranjan Parekh, Ranjan - Google Books

In recent times, many technical barriers have been overcome and practical problems have been solved. Principles of Multimedia gives an insight into these solutions and highlights the landmarks achieved, a theoretical treatise of humankind!

By multiple means, we now imply the following media: text, image, graphics, audio, video and animation, all in the digital form. At the basic level, this lets the viewer interact with a presentation and decide how he or she wants to view it, e. Good examples of such interactivity are computer games and simulation packages like aircraft-training simulation.

Principles of Multimedia

A multimedia presentation! This makes it an important tool in education. Other possible uses of multimedia include home entertainment, industrial training, information kiosks, corporate presentations, computer-aided design applications, video conferencing and telemedicine only to name a few. Objectives With increase in the processing powers of today! This is evident by the large number of digital repositories of images, audio and video growing up all over the world.

Going along those lines, a video should be worth a million. Added to that is sound and interactivity.

Unlocking Potential

In order to use multimedia to its fullest extents, a thorough knowledge of its internals is essential, especially for people who are willing to take up multimedia production as a career option.

It is expected that after going through the book, the reader would comprehend the issues and standards related to the digitization, processing, compression and playback of various media components, as well as be competent enough to design multimedia presentations for a variety of applications. However, it being a relatively new subject, the number of related books in the market is still limited. The situation is aggravated by the fact that multimedia deals with a large number of different concepts put together.

In fact, multimedia is often seen as a meeting point of three different work areas: computer, communication, and entertainment. The second objective of this book is to provide a full and comprehensive view of the most important and relevant aspects of the subject to cater to curricula of educational institutions written in a way that it might be used as a textbook or reference book at the graduate and post-graduate levels.

It is well known that the capabilities of our computers are increasing in leaps and bounds.

Keeping pace with this, the functionalities of multimedia hardware and software are also improving day by day. People often come across a variety of terms in their day-to-day lives without fully understanding what they stand for.

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Principles of Multimedia 2nd Edition (Paperback)

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