Lucy Monroe - The Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement (harlequin) Lucy Monroe - Bought the Greek's Bride Lucy Monroe - Married to a Greek Tycoon. Lucy Monroe - Bought the Greek's Bride. Home · Lucy Lucy Monroe - Book 02 - Willing Lucy Monroe - The Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement (harlequin). Lucy Monroe's books have hit national bestseller lists in both the US and England. Her highly charged, sensual stories touch on the realities of life while giving.

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Flag for Mientras corre con la luna sola Lucy Monroe FreeLibros. El anhelo de la luna — Lucy Monroe Descubrir que su jefe, Run with the Moon Children of the Moon, 0. Saga Hijos de la luna de Lucy Monroe 5.

Why is it that we either have a heroine who makes a complete fool out of herself stuttering and tripping all over the floor because a man is so yummy or the heroine who has no respect for herself or him and assumes that just because a guy shows appreciation for her looks it automatically means he wants to have sex?

For one, he could already have a girlfriend and here she is parading around naked in front of him. Where are all the normal girls in these books that don't come across so desperate or annoying? The storyline flopped and the characters fell short. I didn't care if they ended up together because there was no connection to begin with. They both have a couple of loose screws in their mentality so maybe they are perfect for each other in the end. Hot Mess 1 star I was annoyed by both characters in this book.

The title is perfect the book was just one big hot mess. Alyssa and Noah were two people I just can't understand or root for. First off, she makes a stupid mistake that sets off a chain of events that are her own fault. To be fair, Noah goes along with it but it's for a good reason and she didn't exactly give him a chance to speak because she kept cutting him off so he figured he'd tell her after they lost two people who were following them.

She is another brainless heroine claiming to be smart but gets them into trouble by going to the first place their tails will look for them. She sucks as a bodyguard because he's the one planning their escapes and is pretty much a dimwit throughout the whole book but we're supposed to believe she graduated from law school when she can't even keep track of the work schedules accurately??? Sorry, not downloading it. As for him, he got caught up in the wrong situation and made the mistake of impersonating someone else for the job.

That's forgivable, but he crossed the line when he had sex with her. Another thing, what are these people thinking, having sex with someone they just met? Seriously, the issue itself is addressed in the book but that doesn't make it any better.

At least in a one night stand hookup, both parties make sure the other person is clean and that they are using some form of protection. These two just went at it and hoped for the best. When everything is revealed, she stupidly put both their lives in jeopardy, if Noah had gotten distracted by her coming back in the room and the two guys were really dangerous, her overdramatic reappearance could have gotten them killed.

I don't understand where those proclamations of love came from when they spent half a day with each other, didn't talk much or get to know each other at all except through their bodies that is, and hadn't seen or talked in 4 months.

They don't know each other!!! How can they love the other person??? Thinking about someone is NOT the same as being in love with someone. The ending was fitting for these characters, weird and irrational.

I'll end it here. Acapulco Heat 2 stars The storyline was somewhat interesting but Lauren tries to come off as more than just a pretty face and nice body but fails. She had me going when she had her little monologue about who she was, where she came from, what she had seen in life that set her apart from other models. Basically scolding Finn for how he stereotyped and misjudged her without giving her a chance. But that all changed when this "intelligent" woman thinks it's a fantastic idea to take a swim in the lake when people still out to kill them and entice her bodyguard that's trying to get her safely home I can see if they had been in the jungle for DAYS without a shower or had been trekking in the heat for HOURS and common sense flew out the door for a precious gift you took for granted.

But come on Oh and said girl who claims not to be a diva complains several times about losing her shoes not because it means she might step on things that will hurt her feet or prevent her from keeping up with Finn.

No, it's because they're "Givenchy" shoes for one, and apparently have sentimental value but we never find out what it is. Go figure. Lauren was an idiot and pathetically desperate. Finn might have just been attracted to her, it didn't mean that he wanted to have sex with her. He was on the job, he could lose his job if he slept with her and she outed him for being unethical, he loses everything she loses nothing.

I don't blame him for being cautious and guarding himself around her. She is no better than Sylvia, she manipulates him into doing what she wants, and she throws a hissy fit because he doesn't want to act on his attraction in case something goes wrong or he can't stay focused.

The only thing I didn't like about Finn was that he saw women having meltdowns in a crisis as weak and a huge flaw as if it's wrong. It makes things harder to get them to use their head but in no way is that a bad thing it's normal. Who wouldn't freak out at seeing someone killed in front of them???

Other than that, I liked him. I get that this is a novella but sex was all there was between them. I don't see them having a relationship, just a two week fling if that. There was no connection. She wanted him because he was the only guy who didn't fawn all over her, he wanted her because she was hot and willing. Anyone would have done for either of them. I'm no prude and love a good sex scene but when that's all there is between a guy and girl I feel cheated. I want to see the feelings then buildup to that moment.

This book has none of that. It's a short story but it can be done, it just takes a certain writer that can accomplish it. Elisabeth does great at full length novels but short ones I've found are not her forte. I loved Acapulco Heat!! Jun 06, Sassafrass rated it really liked it Shelves: A review for The Romance Reviews. Someone broke into her apartment and she's freaked out.

Instead of running to her over-protective family, she decides to hide out at her brother Roman's apartment for a while. Only one problem Max is Danusia's ultimate fantasy, and she decides that she wants to experience mind-blowing sex, so she sets out to get him. Max knows his friend's sister should be off limits, but the young professor really turns him on. She deserves better than him, but he can't resist her.

And when the people who break into her apartment turn up the heat, he realizes he'll do anything to protect her I really liked this story. It was fun, comical, and sexy. Danusia and Max have a bit of a history together. Watching her go after him and him trying to do the noble thing was hilarious. His nobility certainly didn't last long. Max and Danusia's chemistry was great. Danusia has felt like an oddball for a long time, so it was nice to have her find someone who actually "got" her.

It had a sweet ending that made me smile and warmed my heart. I felt that the whole break-in plot was tied up a little too quickly, and was hoping to get more with that, but it's my only complaint about the story.

This book is connected to the Atrati Series as well as the Goddard Project Series, and while I don't think that you need to read those other books to enjoy this, I think this story has certainly piqued my interest for reading those series.

Lucy Monroe - Married to a Greek Tycoon

Hot Mess by Jamie Denton Alyssa has really done it this time. However, while she's expecting a geeky pencil-pusher, she runs into the hottest man she's ever seen. It's just her luck that he's also the man she's supposed to be protecting Noah knows he shouldn't let the woman waiting for his witness think he's someone else, but it seems to fit his needs right about now.

He just never expected to be so attracted to her. And while they are running from goons, they find their attraction is undeniable. Giving in to that attraction however, causes one big mess. Noah's character was great. He's in a bad situation where he can't tell Alyssa who he really is but wants to badly.

He doesn't handle things well, and they end up blowing up in his face. I felt for him then. The story was interesting with the whistleblower being the center of the plot. I didn't like how the relationship between Noah and Alyssa progressed however, I just don't think they had enough time together to get to that HEA, but other than that, I enjoyed the story.

Acapulco Heat by Elisabeth Naughton Lauren is a famous supermodel in Mexico for a sexy photo shoot, but her bodyguard Finn would rather be anywhere else. Watching the hot little body on that woman in a barely there bikini while he's been having x-rated dreams about her every night is pure torture. He'd rather be saving hostages in South America or even traipsing through the jungle with people he'd rather kill than save Well, he gets his wish when some really bad men come after Lauren.

Finn does whatever he has to keep from harm. Keeping his hands off the woman he's been dreaming about is a whole different story. This story had tons of action. It was supercharged and moved quickly. The chemistry between Finn and Lauren was obvious from the beginning and I liked how they danced around each other and their feelings for one another. I liked Lauren's character because she was much deeper than what appeared on the surface and she was a lot stronger than Finn gave her credit for.

She also didn't take his crap when he tried to lay it on her. I also liked the relationship build up between Finn and Lauren. The sex between them was as heated as the rest of their relationship and was super steamy. Their ending was realistic and appropriate for the length of the story. All three novellas feature heroines who are strong in their own way, and the hot heroes who have captured their hearts while protecting them.

It was a quick read and the perfect companion for some great beach reading. Mar 13, Jamie P rated it liked it Shelves: May 22, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. The problem? She feels like an outcast in her loving family. With an IQ that is off the charts and the youngest in the family, she is loved, but treated differently. Cosseted, she never feels quite apart of her family. Danusia has secretly had a huge crush on Max and to her confusion and surprise he is really attracted her, too.

Danusia can't believe Max is attracted to a boring geek, but she isn't about to question her luck either! This was a steamy romance and the chemistry between the two main characters had me turning the pages. I really liked how Danusia feels unsure because she still sees herself as a nerd and not really attractive. However, Maxwell sees her as a woman! I also liked that the author has an interracial relationship. For such a short story, this story was fully fleshed out and even includes a mystery that made it feel like a full length novel.

At her latest job for Primo Security, she is the official jack of all trades, filling in where needed.

But a mess up in the scheduling has her stressed when she is tasked with picking up a last minute VIP at the LAX airport.

As she rushes to find him at the airport, she meets a very attractive man who turns out to be her client. She can't believe her luck, because he certainly is eye candy! Noah is assigned to stay with Alyssa and keep the bad guys distracted from finding the real witness. But passion runs hot as these two flee from danger. This story took me by surprise. I really liked Noah, he was super sexy and felt bad deceiving Alyssa.

Fun and outrageous, this is a quick and satisfying read. In reality, this assignment is sheer hell as Lauren is high maintenance and spoiled.

Lucy Monroe - Married to a Greek Tycoon - PDF Free Download

But what really gets Finn is that he can't help himself from wanting her just like any other man on the planet, and that makes him a very grumpy man, indeed. He is just waiting until he can leave this assignment and the maddening lust he feels when she is near.

But on his last night guarding her, they go to a club where one of the other models is killed. Now the killers want Lauren, too This story was fast paced and I liked both characters, but because it was a short story, I did not think the author had enough time to do the plot justice.

I never got the depth of the characters that I think I would if the author had written a full length novel, which I felt this story deserved.

So, while it is a solid read, I felt it could have been even better. They were rushed, didn't give you time to get to know the character at all. It left a what the heck just happened feeling. Sep 12, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It still stands alone well though. Danusia shoots them all down pretty nicely and I liked how she did that! Without even realizing it, these two enter a relationship.

So, Max becomes her bodyguard. Alyssa is indecisive about her career and has a tendency toward bad luck and accidents. This was pretty decent. Alyssa walked that line on the border of irritating but I could tolerate her for such a short story. Especially since the only reason for it was because neither of them were willing to set aside pride to go after the other. But then they find themselves on the run from some drug lords in Mexico and they learn a lot about each other and throw aside all preconceived notions.

This was really well-written and very action-packed. She starts out playing all kinds of jealousy games, trying to get Finn to have sex with her and then throwing a sort of tantrum when he rejects her. She does prove it later on, but I kept thinking of her as a game player. Jul 11, Jessica rated it really liked it. The main characters includes a very young and smart PH. After having her apartment broken into, Danusia goes to spend time at her brothers apartment only to find out that Max is also staying there while her brother is away.

Danusia is working on her doctoral thesis about the use of nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals while Max is waiting for his condo to be ready. They soon give into their attraction and then Danusia finds out that her apartment has been broken into again and trashed. She begins to think that one of the companies Luminescent Pharmaceuticals might be involved with the break ins as their research doesn't seem to be adding up to what it should be.

Libri elettronici download pdf gratuito And Able by Lucy Monroe PDF CHM

The 2nd story is called "Hot Mess" by Jamie Denton. Alyssa Cardellini works for Primo Security Services just one of her many jobs over the years and messed up the date for Charles Rolston, a former accountant for Bastian Pharmaceuticals, to come in by flight to be a federal prosecutor's star witness. Not knowing what he looks like she instead picks up Noah Temple. Noah is an FBI agent with an assignment to 'follow Rolston and make sure the guy testified at trial, them bring him in for questioning' but he lost Rolston somewhere in Kansas City.

After landing and finding Alyssa with a sign that has Rolston's name on it, Noah decides to talk with her and plans on telling her that he isn't Roland but that's before he notices the 2 big men also looking for Roland.

They give them the slip, give into their attraction to each other, and are being chased by the 2 men. Who are the men and will Noah ever tell Alyssa the truth?

The 3rd story is called "Acapulco Heat" by Elisabeth Naughton. Main characters include bodyguard Finn Tierney and supermodel Lauren Kauffman. Finn is in charge of guarding Lauren and they both find it hard to fight their attraction.

After Finn makes it clear that he wont do anything with her, Lauren takes Javier Santiago a male supermodel she's been modeling with all week up on an offer to go out. Things heat up between Finn and Lauren while at the club but the night ends with some shooting, the death of Javier, hot wiring a car, and them being on the run from men dressed up like cops. Who are the guys dressed up like cops? What do they want with Lauren? This book was very good. All of the stories have action, attraction, love and conflict.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes there romance with some action. I, personally, thought that Elisabeth Naughton shined with the most action and the closest to the title of the story. I would give this book a 4 out of 5. Sep 24, Virginia Campbell rated it really liked it Shelves: Sometimes, I read just for escapism-style entertainment, and that usually means a fun, fast, and sexy read like "Bodyguards in Bed".

Three tantalizing tales from a trio of skilled storytellers, each a multi-genre author, are served up for your reading pleasure.

In each novella, the protector is unprepared for the sensual awareness they feel in the vicinity of their surveillance subject, which gives a whole new meaning to the word "bodyguard". Each couple is a well-matched pair, with plenty of ve Sometimes, I read just for escapism-style entertainment, and that usually means a fun, fast, and sexy read like "Bodyguards in Bed".

Each couple is a well-matched pair, with plenty of verbal sparks and fiery passion. In "Who's Been Sleeping in my Brother's Bed", by Lucy Monroe, sweet and scientific Danusia seeks refuge in her brother's apartment while he is out of town. She discovers that her brother has another houseguest, the gorgeous Max, best friend to her brother, and the object of Danusia's sensual daydreaming. Max has not been unaware of Danusia, and she has been the subject of his many potently erotic dreams.

However, a guy just doesn't mess with his best friend's sister--right? When circumstances force them to work together to solve a threatening mystery, their erotic fantasies are brought to vivid life. In "Hot Mess", by Jamie Denton, accident-prone Alyssa works as a "glorified gopher" for a security firm. Due to crossed wires that she helped to create, she is the only one available to pick up a security-seeking client at the airport.

The man who responds to the name placard she holds up is the most attractive man she's ever seen--far too rugged to be the corporate whistle-blower she was expecting. DEA agent Noah didn't know what to think when he received his latest assignment, but the last thing he anticipated was a seemingly ditzy, beautiful blonde bodyguard.

By the time he figures out that Alyssa is a blonde with brains and beauty, his professional detachment has long since fled the coop. When Alyssa discovers that he is not the client hired by the security firm, the two of them are already on the run from bullets and bad guys. Increased adrenaline from their dangerous dilemma leads to heightened sexual attraction, and soon the danger comes from the emotionally erotic response they have for each other.

Lauren longs for a man who will see beyond her looks and want the woman behind the face.

Finn, a tough-as-nails professional protector, has been burned before by becoming involved with a woman in his care. If Finn takes a chance with Lauren, will history repeat itself, or will Lauren prove to be his model mate? This is a book to be enjoyed when you want to be alone and pamper yourself with a romance read, a good cup of coffee and even better chocolate.

Review Copy Gratis Kensington Books Jun 30, Vicky rated it liked it Shelves: This anthology of three stories by three different authors is all about sex. Nothing wrong with that, but be forewarned that they are erotic in nature and not for the under 18 crowd. All three are about bodyguards and the people they're supposed to protect, not get involved with. The first story, "Who's been sleeping in my brother's bed?

He has Hot. He has issues about going to bed with the "little sister". At least they have a relationship of sorts before they get down and dirty. The story line is a little hard to believe, but it's still enjoyable. The heroine is strong minded, knows what she wants and goes after it.

The second story, "Hot Mess" by Jamie Denton, is a little less believable. Thinking he's a whistleblower she's supposed to meet, she picks him up at the airport, doesn't make sure he is who he says, and takes him off to a hotel.

Next thing you know, they're doing the hot and heavy. I think this story would have been better if it had been longer, allowing a relationship to develop. But it reads more like short scenes spliced together.

Other than the sex, there's not much here. The heroine is a ditz, the hero a liar okay, he was following orders, but still The third story, "Acapulco Heat" by Elisabeth Naughton is also about the sex, but there's more of a story line here.

At least this body guard is protecting the woman. Yes, there's sex, but there's also a story. I guess what I had an issue with was not so much the sex - after all, it is supposed to be erotic, but that I actually like story with the bedroom scenes. And I prefer the participants to at least know each other's names before they jump into bed. If all you're looking for is a hot read, then definitely pick this up. It's very good for that. The erotic scenes are hot, heavy, and well-done.

They're short stories good for a quick read in the sun - or under the covers. Apr 21, Samantha March rated it liked it. Bodyguards in Bed is a book made up of three different novellas from three separate authors, all with the same theme: Her eye has b Bodyguards in Bed is a book made up of three different novellas from three separate authors, all with the same theme: Noah skips telling her she has the wrong man, but knows he made a mistake after they end up sleeping together.

Bodyguards in Bed was a quick read, and I thought all three stories were interesting. I think my favorite novella was the third, probably because I thought it was the longest and I could get more into the story and characters.

I thought I was going to really like the first, but it seemed to end as soon as it began. If you like short stories and are looking for a hot summer read, I would recommend Bodyguards in Bed to you. Jared use his 6 foot of "oversized " muscles frame, scar in his face to keep the world at bay. But the Angel could always see beyond the facade. After a disastrous marriage, Calantha decided never to remarry and despite been known as the Angel, due to her amazing beauty, she makes the effort to remain cold to all around Love it This is the amazing final book of the Langley family series that tells the story of 3 siblings.

After a disastrous marriage, Calantha decided never to remarry and despite been known as the Angel, due to her amazing beauty, she makes the effort to remain cold to all around her, in the background observing life but not participating. I won't say more but I promise you won't regret given this book a chance. The scene of Lucas teaching Calantha to kiss in the garden is so erotic in a romantic wait. Highly recommend it It's full of tension, drama and heart!

It's so obvious to the reader that this author feels deeply about her characters. Each time I pick up one of her books, I'm amazed how she personally touches my heart and those of her fans.

Romance Junkies has given it a great review alo Lucy Monroe is a master storyteller and this book, Take ME and what a title is no exception.

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