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Layout Design Ebook

Rule #1 of designing an ebook is make sure the topic is f*%^ing interesting to Hyatt used one of these when he made his super successful life plan ebook. Choose from 13 different ebook designs to create beautiful ebooks in time writing awesome content and less time getting the layout right. Free ebooks for designers: Attention-Driven Design . It explains how size, colours, space, layout, and style affect visual understanding.

We all want our websites, emails and ebooks to help us look professional, stand out from the crowd, get recognized and, ultimately, delight our audience. And hopefully we all know how offering a giveaway on your site can significantly increase the number of people who signup for your email list. Can you tell where we started promoting the Audience guide? Click here to learn more about freebies, opt-ins, lead magnets or giveaways. So in this post I want to share all sorts of ways you can put something into the hands of your readers, something they will love to read , something that will grow trust with them and make them more likely to choose us when they need our products or services. Did you hear that? She did it herself using free software. Then she used it and it worked.

If you want to eliminate unwanted distractions from your websites, this book hopes to help you out. Gardner outlines techniques for achieving visual simplicity through psychology and interaction design, with plenty of real-life examples to help you ramp up your conversion rate. The Shape of Design Frank Chimero's book will inspire you to look at what you do in a whole new light Starting life as a talk in , Frank Chimero's self-published The Shape of Design was an early design community Kickstarter success, getting funded on its first day, and has since become essential foundational reading, not just in design education but in other creative practices, too.

Focusing on the mindset of making rather than tools and methods, it asks: what are the opportunities, problems and possibilities of the creative practice? And once the work is done, what happens when it is released into the world?

The DesignBetter. This collection of definitive books, written by Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery, explores how the best companies approach product design, design thinking, design leadership and more. It also promises to reveal which fonts the designers never use. Is it Comic Sans? We guess you'll have to download it to find out. Brand House Book The Brand House Book breaks branding down into six manageable stages If you're having problems getting to grips with the world of branding, this free ebook by Roger Lindeback can help you out by taking away all the jargon and relating it to everyday experience.

Make Smart Progress and Avoid The Worst Pitfalls

In the Brand House Book, Lindeback aims to make branding tangible by comparing it to building a house. He breaks it down into six manageable stages — dreaming, planning, starting work, designing, building and finally getting the details right — with a branding summary at the end of each stage, setting out all the important issues to think through in your brand building process.

The Practical Interaction Design Bundle Get three helpings of interaction design advice for the price of none Not one but three free ebooks in one handy bundle, The Practical Interaction Design Bundle consists of three free volumes from UXPin , comprising over pages of design best practices and with over 60 examples of the best UX design.

Volumes 1 and 2 of Interaction Design Best Practices will take you through techniques, theories and best practices relating to the tangibles of interaction design - words, visuals and space - while volume 2 tackles the intangibles: time, responsiveness and behaviour. Topping off the bundle is Consistency in UI Design, covering how and when to maintain consistency in your design, and when to break it to draw attention to elements - without suffering the drawbacks.

This book will tell you If you're after a beginner-friendly guide to getting started with Photoshop, this free ebook by Steve Bark will explain the fundamentals for you, from panels and tools to layers and basic printing.

19 free ebooks for designers and artists

If it's just a little too basic for you, never fear; there's also an intermediate guide available that covers more advanced subjects such as vector tools, smart objects and clipping masks.

The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy Learn to create accessible, intuitive layouts If you're designing for the web and want your layouts and interfaces to be accessible and visually intuitive, this free ebook from UXPin is an invaluable resource.

It explains how size, colours, space, layout, and style affect visual understanding, provides tips for designing clear visual hierarchies, and includes 18 examples of great sites including MailChimp and RelateIQ. The Freelancer's Bible From marketing to tax, plan out your freelance career with this book Whether you're already freelance or thinking of making the jump, this ebook from Route One Print is full of useful freelance advice.

PDF ebook design - layout

It includes tips on how to market your business, find your USP, licence your work, manage client relationships, complete tax returns and much more. The design team compiled advice from experts and illustrated their points using examples from 40 companies such as Google, Squarespace, and others.

Houdini Foundations Add that extra dimension to your designs with this free ebook on Houdini If you're looking to add a touch of 3D art to your designs, this free ebook on Houdini will help get you started. Learn all about the tools and techniques you will use as a Houdini artists then run through three lessons that teach you how to build simple projects from scratch.

Design's Iron Fist This free ebook will help you get the best out of yourself Jarrod Drysdale is a designer writer who focuses his articles on getting the best out of your work. This is a sort of continuation of his previous book Bootstrapping Design now discontinued , in which he collects all of his previous essays into one, free ebook. The vertical design makes it well-suited to any device: smartphones, tablets and e-readers. In addition, the bold black text against the light-colored background makes it easy to read.

Colorblock Creative eBook A grid-based layout is perfect for a variety of industries including architecture, photography and consulting. Even better, this modular layout means you can create a truly unique design.

You don't like how the blocks are laid out? No problem—with the Lucidpress editor, you can easily 'snap' each block into a new position. Additionally, the use of elegant font styles, as well as a minimal color scheme, makes this eBook template easy on the eyes.

The pops of blue color on each page also add a unique element without cluttering the layout. In fact, this is the very template we use on much of our in-house content.

However, be sure to pick contrasting colors to ensure your content is legible to readers. Global Photography eBook A horizontally designed template can be love-it or hate-it for many readers. However, this particular template is great for immersive photography or other media-heavy topics.

You can create beautiful collages and even split your eBook into different sections.

19 free ebooks for designers and artists | Creative Bloq

With 20 pre-made pages, you have plenty of space to feature your content. And, with the use of white space, you won't have to worry about cluttering the pages or overstimulating your readers. Using eBooks to promote your business and attract new leads can be incredibly effective. However, the quality of that eBook will play a large role.

With the help of Lucidpress's design software, you can create beautiful templates that rival even InDesign and Photoshop creations.

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