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In this HSK 3 vocabulary list, you must have mastered words and related grammar patterns. Download the HSK level 3 words list PDF. wm-greece.info HSK Level 3. Chinese Vocabulary List Character. Pinyin. English. 1. 1. 阿姨 āyí maternal aunt. 2. 2. 啊 a interjection of surprise. 3. 3. 矮 ǎi low. wm-greece.info HSK Word List - Level 3. 1. 阿姨 āyí maternal aunt; step-mother; childcare worker; nursemaid; woman of similar age.

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Hsk Level 3 Vocabulary List Pdf

1, wm-greece.info, (This HSK Level 3 list was produced by Lingomi. Definitions provided by CC-CEDICT). 2, Order, HSK Level-Order, Word, Pronunciation. Enjoy a full table of all HSK 3 words in Chinese, Pinyin, and English. Included are 2 example sentences for each word. The table is. HSK Level 1. Download the HSK Level 1 Vocabulary List PDF HSK Level 3. Download the HSK Level 3 Vocabulary List PDF.

What does the HSK 3 Test look like? HSK level 3 vocabulary builder. Learn most common Chinese words. Check the free trial units below to know more. Please send your instructors a message with your Quizlet username after enrolling in. Our course is progressive. What that means is that each lesson continues where the previous one left off. So as we teach you new words we are going to use them in later lessons. This way you will be forced to review what taught earlier. On this course, the HSK vocabulary is made available in a variety of formats: You can learn to read, speak and use this vocabulary whenever you have time. You will be able to pass the HSK exam so long as you have a test plan and master the vocabulary. The vocabulary and grammar taught for HSK forms the foundation of daily conversation. Following this course, it will help you organize and review what you have learned.


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