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High school DxD v21 King— · Life.2 Team [DxD] Attacks!. 1. Thanks, Zxzxzx for having time to update file with the pdf and epub. Also I am aware you no longer translate Dxd and passed it to Leo but are you interested in . Download the Light Novel "High School DxD" by Ichiei Ishibumi in epub and pdf.

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i cant use any torrents so ill need a direct download link i tried the one on baka- tsuki but it says the files are missing or deleted im using a. High School DxD Volume 01 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. light novel. High School DxD Volume 05 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File High School DxD - DD Volume 5 - Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp.

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. High School DxD. Hyodo Issei is a perverted high school boy. When he goes out on a date with his first girlfriend Asano Yuma, he is killed by her. Her true identity is Reinare, a fallen angel sent by a secret society Grigori to eliminate dangerous divine weapons.

The Head asked Le Fay if she's in love with Issei. Arthur thinks about the Welsh Dragon origin in myth and their connection with their family. Arthur then wonders if Le Fay will become a Devil, while their parents are still human, and because of their values are different than their father.

Arthur wonders how will the future will develop. Kimono Girl Everyone is looking at pictures of Rias' bridal training during Flower Arrangement and sees Yumi in those pictures. The girls believe Yumi in a kimono is a strong enemy. Dark History of the Hakuryuukou After Vali learned that Lavina has his old books, he constantly sent assassins to attack her. It ended when Lavina froze Vali. Restaurant Issei and Rias have been eating at several restaurants. They arrive at another restaurant where they see Cao Cao, Vali, and year old Genbu.

There's a subtle atmosphere between Vali and Genbu. It looks too real for a cosplay.

Exactly in front of this water fountain. I turned around and sprinted to the place I came from at full speed. Something feels mysterious about this place. I can keep on running. It was insanely fast. Is it a feather of a crow?

I looked around the park under the light lamp. I came into an area with lots of space. It's a thing which looks like some kind of lights gathering in his hand. A bright crimson red which was around me. There was blood spilling out of his hand. I thought I heard the sound of wind.

Your body is tougher than I thought I know this phenomenon. So this is how it feels like to get your inside burnt. According to the current situation. I will get killed. Then I started to feel more pain. It hurts so much! My hand is burned this badly.. A spear. There are burn marks on the places which touched the spear. But is this also a dream then? As I was thinking. I tried to pull out the spear with my hand.

I looked up. Then there was a sound of footsteps coming towards me. Hold on a sec. I fell down on my knees at that spot. I started to look back on the dream I had and remembered about that Crimson red color. That was a dream. And there's no magic teleportation either. But this time I will put a bit more strength in it.

The lights then shapes into a thing which looks like a spear. It hurts.. I do not want to be in this situation! I thought this spear would kill you. That pain spread throughout my body. No matter how you look at it. Lots of blood came out of my mouth.

When I looked up. I could feel my insides getting burned. Then I will hit you again with it.. But I was already pierced through by that thing in my stomach by the time I was thinking about it. Getting hit by it will result in a fatal damage. Now you are done for. Lights are poisonous to beings like you. I can hear a noise. So it is a spear! I was pierced in my stomach by that thing in my dream.

Then something was trying to come out from my mouth. Well then. When I woke up But it looked too real. People like me might slay him while walking I was woken up by the yandere voice recorded alarm clock.

Then on my way home. Pull yourself together. Diablos of the Old School There was a woman who walked past me. The person I saw in my dream.

High School DxD Volume 15

So this boy belongs to you For today I will apologize. You must be a woman from the House of Gremory. What is this? Did I have a bad dream again? That has to be a dream. Then my consciousness was cut. Heir of the Gremory House..

I was naked. I could tell who it was. But they both had black wings. I felt a bit relieved.. Then I realized the unusual state I was in. But I recommend you to not let your servant loose. Crimson hair. This is definitely a fatal wound How are you doing. So this town is also your territory. This town is under my surveillance..

Fallen Angel? If you are trying to hurt this boy.. My name is Donnasiege. Why do I keep on seeing these kinds of dreams? If I remember correctly I went to school as usual. He then flew up into the sky. This is definitely bad. I was attacked by a weirdo with wings. Then I shook my head. She has crimson red colored hair. Her skin looks very smooth and it was very bad for my eyes.

What is going on! And she was naked. Try to remember valuable memories. Calm down.. What did I do!? What kind of stuff was I able to do!? My head was confused Is it morning? Senpai is whipping her eyes besides me! She woke! She woke up! Am I losing my memory at this age? Then it was followed by footsteps coming up the stairs. Hold on a sec! If she sees this situation. Her crimson hair which was spread over the pillow looks very beautiful. The footsteps carry a sound of anger in it.

Did I do something!? I have to remember what I did! Why am I in this situation!? Did I have sex with senpai!? Do people lose their virginity like this!? I will get up now! We need a small talk about this! Her white skin which resembles snow was very bright.. No matter how you look at her. Rias Gremory senpai.. Why am I sleeping with Rias-senpai!? What happened!? I heard a sweet voice. I then started to look besides me carefully. Staying at a friend's house very late!

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And on top of that he is late for school! Diablos of the Old School underwear. Oh yeah. She moved her eyes to me again. She looks mad! She looks very pissed! I avoided eye contact. Diablos of the Old School Gatcha. My door opened violently. You look like you just saw a ghost? Was Ise masturbating in the morning again? It looks like one of those nude body paintings or statutes shown at the museum.

Diablos of the Old School She made a voice of a machine. Naked body of a beautiful girl.. A small hip. I was deeply moved by the beautiful phrase. Ise did! With a foreigner!!! Phrases you never learn at school. How should I put it? A body with perfect shape and curves.. But I know one thing.. Ise did!!! I could see lots of things. I never knew words like that existed!?

A shock went through my body. What kind of excuse can I use to explain the current situation I am in? Tears were coming out of my eyes. How could this be! Looks like there is going to be a family discussion after this. After a moment. I wanted to see it. I could even see the nipples clearly! I have to endure it. I could easily get the accurate measurements. A naked senpai.

I could only say that the beauty was still amazing after she strips her clothes. I was stabbed by a guy with wings at the park yesterday. It was critical but thanks to your tough body. There was so much blood coming out of it We were hugging while naked My face started to get red. I was stabbed by a spear made up of light particles thingy. For some reason I was relieved.! Or should I be relieved? I started to touch my stomach while looking at her getting dressed.. I was able to do it.

Can I call you. But it was a dream. And I am a devil. Hyodou Issei-kun Is that so. A joke? Is she for real? I was sure there was a hole Hugged each other while naked? Nice to meet you.. I was completely awake.. Her slim fingers started to pat my cheeks.. I apologize for not introducing myself.

Oka-sama and Otou-sama. You look quite nervous Dad. Are you from a foreign country? Your Japanese sounds natural. I attend the same Academy as Issei-kun. What kind of situation am I in?

Eat it. I made a shame to the House of Gremory This is the precious food that Okasama made for us. Eat slowly so you can taste the food.

Please let me introduce myself. Thank you. It looked like it would become troublesome. Then I remember what she said earlier. Did she use her power on him as well. Morning walk to school. Both of you were naked! But mum It looks hollow as if she was possessed Then senpai whispers to my ears. When I looked at dad. Mum is curious for her answer. Is that alright!? You are okay with that!? On the bed! Diablos of the Old School Wow. So people sleep naked lately You are amazing. So does it mean that all those phenomena were the power of a devil?

Senpai resumed eating her breakfast.? What is going on. When I opened the door. Is it that bad for me to walk besides Senpai!

We walked through the school gate and split up at the entrance. There were some students who fainted because of the shock. Well that would be normal. After school. I could guess what he wanted to say.

And I am acting like her servant because I am carrying her bag.. Someone hit my head from behind. Motohama was beside him as well.. From his expression. Both of you are scary. Send someone? What does she mean? When I turned around. But I laughed. Motohama was acting all calm while fixing his glasses.

Shut up. I followed Kiba who was already walking ahead of me. He is in the same year as me. So what do you want me to do? I hate good looking guys. So he is the person who senpai told me that she would send. You could hear girls screaming with joy from classes and the corridor. Then there were screams from the girls. Hey Ise!

To tell the truth. Kiba Yuuto. Hyoudou and Kiba-kun walking next to each other! I was shocked when I entered the room. She never shows any kind of emotion at all.. Toujou Koneko-chan! Even the corridor looks clean. We walked up to the 2nd floor of the building. I would be meeting with senpai again. Kiba went inside the classroom and I followed him in. There are no broken glass windows. Apparently it was used a long time ago. I know that girl!

I have brought him. It looks like a magic circle which takes up most of the space in the room. There were weird signs and words in every area of the classroom. While I was thinking about those kinds of things. She realized we came in. I fled the scene quickly. And the weirdest looking one was a circle written by signs located in the middle of the room. There are also a couple of sofas and desks in the room.. Is he talking about senpai? But Buchou? Was she in a particular club?

Does it mean he is part of that club as well? I followed Kiba. Occult research club!? Just by reading that name made me wonder. She looks sleepy like always. But as long as I follow him.

The appearance of the building looks very old and is made from wood.. I know her. There is someone sitting on one of the sofas. She is eating youkan Japanese treat quietly. If you think about old buildings. Kiba stopped his feet in front of a particular classroom. Then there was a reply by senpai. The room was filled with a weird and creepy atmosphere. There was a building which is called the old school building which is surrounded by trees.

There is a girl taking a shower. Are you serious! I was so shocked that I lost my words. Then I looked behind senpai. Himejima Akeno-senpai! The person who is idolized by both male and female students! Then I heard the sound of water flowing from the back of the room..

A black-hair in a ponytail! The ponytail which is said to be near extinct! The person who is said to be the last person with a ponytail at our school! The pretty face which is always smiling! The person who is a Yamato Nadeshiko even though she is a student!

One of our school idols. Is it the sound of a shower? Then I realized there is a shower curtain at the back of the room. Koneko-chan bows her head. There was someone behind her. She looked really hot with her wet hair. I then remembered what happened this morning. So I took a shower now. When I looked at the direction of the voice. It's the shadow of a girl. After that she continued eating. A shower!? This classroom comes with a shower!? Then there was a sound of the shower stopping.

It was an impressive body for senpai. She looks at me Just like the rumor.. What a perverted face. Did I actually have a perverted face? Her voice tone sounds fascinating My name is Himejima Akeno.. There is someone else besides her? There was also a shadow on the curtain. I looked at her.. There was senpai in her uniform standing. Then the curtain opened. After Rias-senpai confirmed that we finished introducing each other she started talking.

Dad and mum. I drank it quickly. Then everyone looked at me. Hyoudou Issei-kun. Then Rias-senpai moved her lips. Thank you very much. You definitely said it directly. My name is Hyoudou Issei. You saw the guy with black wings last night? We are all devils. Nice to meet you too! Rias-senpai and I sat on the sofa surrounding a table. Where did she hear that from? Instead I would be mad. This has been going on since ancient times. The devil forms a pact with humans and receives their sacrifice and increases their strength..

The underworld is split into two areas of the devil and fallen-angel. They are also the enemy of us devils. Is this what members of occult research club do? We are all devils..

You are still talking about the club activity then. When I talked about it before no one believed me. Looks like we are getting into a fantasy genre. Everyone said it was a dream.. They were former angels who served God.

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And here the angels come to destroy the two races on God's order. That kind of story is hard to take in by a normal male student like myself.

The fallen-angel on the other hand controls humans to eliminate devils. For certain. Nobody believed me and no one remembered about her existence. That it was my hallucination.. We have been fighting over the possession of the underworld. So the war is split into three groups: I was familiar with that term.

After she accomplished it she got rid of any record and evidence regarding herself.. Amano Yuuma-chan. I took a picture of her before with my mobile phone but it was somehow gone.. That you were a human who possessed the Sacred Gear. To kill you.. Then she confirmed it Since the response was weak. The photo had a clear picture of her. What the hell!! Yuuma-chan is a fallen angel?

Rias-senpai continued talking.? Why do I have to get hunted by fallen-angels!? Why did I have to get hunted for? You have to copy it properly. Rias-senpai then continues the discussion. There are people around me. Son Goku from Dragon Ball? They used the power of their Sacred Gear to record their name in the history. I have to raise my hand? Is this alright? Kiba opened his mouth. For example most of the people whose name is recorded in the history are said to be possessors of Sacred Gears.

You know those people who play an important role worldwide? Most of those people possess Sacred Gear within their body. But there are exceptional Sacred Gears which are a threat to the devils and fallen angels. Now imagine him in a particular pose where he looks the strongest. So I held my left arm upwards. Do I seriously have to do it!? Then look! I put both my opened hands together and pushed it in front of my chest.

Diablos of the Old School Rias-senpai urges me again.? So how am I alive? Once it appears.. That day. So we give this leaflet to people who look like they would summon devils. Amano Yuuma. This is a Sacred Gear My left arm starts to glow! What is this!? What the hell is this!? Can I pull off Kamehameha now!? The light started to form a shape and covered my left arm. This magic circle is safe and easy to use.. Since this place is filled with magic powers..

When the light stopped glowing. It was a leaflet with a weird magic circle and a catchphrase which read.. This magic circle is used to summon us. You got it at that time. Actually it looks like a jewel instead of a gem. Then I finished the pose by yelling out Kamehameha It is equipped with a flashy looking object.? So the thing about me getting killed by her is real too. After you were attacked by the fallen angel.? If you look at it. I was summoned by this poster.

The part which covers the back of my hand. When I was waiting for Yuuma-chan at the meeting spot I thought I did a Kamehameha. I shot a Kamehameha and I. I was familiar with that leaflet. She waves her crimson hair and says it very directly.. When my hand was covered in blood Usually Akeno and others are the ones who are summoned It looked like a wing of a bat My house holds the rank of a duke.

Rias Gremory. I knew right away that you were attacked by a fallen angel and that you were the possessor of the Sacred Gear..

Diablos of the Old School of death Toujou Koneko. Are you serious That moment wings grew out of everyone besides me.. Not just devils. Nice to meet you. You wished so hard that it summoned me. It looked different from the wings of the fallen angel But there was a problem.

I craved for the girl with crimson hair.

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So senpai was the one who saved me? You were also in a state like that So then that dream. I kept on repeating this procedure.? It might not be that bad to become the servant of a beauty but still. I was pedaling my bicycle heading to that area. And that day I found out that Rias-senpai was a devil.

I also have one. I was giving out leaflets.. Everyone starts off as a novice first. Humans who were reincarnated into a devil have to become the servant of the devil who reincarnated them.

The place where you were born and the family you were born from plays a big role in it..

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By the way. A servant. Then we.. Something called peerage.. Humans with lots of greed would take it in their hands to wish what they want.

I put the leaflet in the mailbox and then I moved onto the other red points nearby. The reason is simple. That day I found out that Yuumachan was a fallen-angel. The feeling of having wings is really gross..

I arrived at the point and it was someone's house. It was something which would become a hindrance to my lifestyle. I also found out that I was a Sacred Gear Possessor. Diablos of the Old School Life 2: There were red points which kept on flashing.

I was turned into her servant after she reincarnated me as a devil.. I looked at the portable machine in my hand where it displayed the map of the current area I was in. Reincarnated ones are given peerage as well if they are powerful. Devils also have a very low birth rate. As our servant. But even with normal birth. I will get to the point. People with a strong greed or people who want to get help from devils usually can distinguish us strongly. Though majority of them usually believe it if they see magic powers.

But are you serious? Chances or opportunities were given to powerful reincarnated devils. There are people like you Ise. We are usually summoned by the one who can distinguish between them by the leaflet with magic circle that we give out.

Even so. Since this only increases the number of servants. Just like humans. So the devils added a new rule. My tension is pretty higher than usual. Feels like my brain will freeze.!

The thing she just said went to my mind. So we find humans who have good quality and make them into devils. This boy is really funny..! Well I did. If I was still an ordinary human. Being a devil rocks! Hell yeah!

I can probably throw away my porn. The important thing is that there is also a chance for me as well! Something like that is actually possible!? In the real world and also as a human. If you have potential.. I could still use that until my mum finds it!

This and that is a different issue. Not the porno magazine. I could have sex with them as well. It must be a difficult thing. And then. Not that. Diablos of the Old School What!? So the reason I summoned senpai was because I had a strong greed! Of course. But now! Now I can.. You are alright with being my servant. Good boy.