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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, often shortened to Dream Chronicles 5 or . The faster how players can complete the game, the more Dream Jewels and .. streak at Dream Chronicles series by gave The Book of Water 2 stars out of 5. download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water - Standard Edition [Download]: I have played all 5 Dream Chronicles and enjoyed all of them but wish the play was. The Mac version of Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water is here! 0, 1, May 27, 11 AM by bfgImbrium · Your Comments and Reviews for Dream.

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Dream Chronicles 5 The Book Of Water Full

Get delighted with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, a Hidden Object Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water is a hidden object adventure game Pick up the 5 CARVED STONES strewn about the ground to add them to . and switch part way through in order to complete the puzzle successfully. Play Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water and travel through a beautiful environment while facing challenging puzzles.

Lyra is in despair! You are the only one to help the poor girl! Start playing Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water immediately before it's too late! Lyra wants to free her native place from the dark forces' influence. The Queen of Dreams has cast a spell on it.

In such cases, the button does not require time to recharge. Puzzles may be skipped after an allotted amount of time has passed. In the bottom right corner of the screen, you can find your Journal.

This will give you access to your Journal outlining important events and notes as they occur in the story , your Dreams, and a Map.

Dream Pieces are circled in yellow in the walkthrough below. There are 70 in total, and they are all shown below. At the end of the game, you will receive a score based on your gameplay time, number of Dream Pieces found, number of hints used, etc.

Inventory items are shown at the bottom of the screen. Throughout the game, you will discover Dream Jewels. These are magic spells that can be used to help you through the game, and are powered by Dream Pieces.

Dream Chronicles 5 – The Book of Water Collector’s Edition

The Illuminate spell will give light to a dark area, the Weld spell will repair a broken item, the Reveal spell will reveal secrets hidden in an area, and the Vision spell will allow you to briefly see other areas associated with the story. The Vision spell is not key to the main gameplay however, and thus is not outlined in the guide below. Please note: Chapter 1: The Town of Wish Airship. Subscribe to GameZebo. Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats Adventure. The Book of Water Walkthrough by.

Known for his expertise in potion-making, the Herbalist has recipes for very powerful magical concoctions. The Barge City: This is an enchanting fishing village built over the water, well south of the Village of Wish, is the home of many fishermen and merchants, and where houses float on water, connected by wooden boardwalks.

The Obelisk: This imposing structure holds a magical figurine inside, but it is not easy to access or open. This is also a very arid and quiet place, in the middle of the desert, but people must still live in those houses carved into the rocks. Merrow's Cottage: Merrow is an inventor who left the fairy realm, but took one of the mystic figurines with him.

He keeps it locked up with a special magic gramophone. Merrow's cottage was once a sanctuary for fairies escaping into the mortal realm.

The Clockmaker's House: This is a distant frozen tundra from where the Clockmaker, a powerful if solitary fairy, synchronizes time both in the mortal and fairy worlds. The low temperatures at the Clockmaker's House are useful for slowing any clocks that might consider racing ahead. The Crater of Time: This barren area holds the seven magic symbols needed to stop the Eternal Storm spell. They are locked inside seven mysterious caves.

Dream Chronicles 5 – The Book of Water Collector’s Edition

The Nexus Gateway: This is the transportation hub that fairies use to travel quickly from the fairy realm to the mortal realm. In The Book of Water, the Nexus only appeared in the bonus chapter, and connects to the Herbalist's house. The Observatory: The magic telescope is used to convert constellations into molds. Faye is writing notes for her daughter Lyra before leaving to find a cure for her husband Fidget An year-old half-fairy half-mortal girl named Lyra had a strange dream in which she could not seem to wake.

A man called the Clockmaker sent her searching through a strange, unearthly realm to find golden keys and return them to the Crater of Time.

Now Lyra had found her way home but as she approached her beloved Town of Wish, she found it beset by a terrible storm. Waking up from this dream, Lyra soon realizes her real-life situation, and lands her airship from the storm safely. Entering the Town of Wish, Lyra finds out that her hometown is completely isolate as everyone has left. She enters her house, and sees her father Fidget lying terribly ill on the sofa.

Lyra picks up the note left by her mother Faye, and surprisingly discovers that her family's biggest rival, the Fairy Queen of Dreams named Lilith, came to Lyra's house with her year-old son, Kenrick.

After having been disappeared for 10 years, Lilith returned to look for a magic item called "The Book of Water". Fidget managed to send it away to the Barge City, while her fairy grandfather Tangle was distracting them. To punish Fidget, Lilith cast a spell funneling his life essence into the Eternal Storm, which forced Faye to travel to the Herbalist's House to find a magical cure potion for him.

Although fairies cannot kill, Kenrick is half-fairy half-mortal like Lyra. Desperate and angry, Lyra tries to find a cure for her father only to make the situation worse. At the last attempt, Lyra travels to the Barge City in hoping of finding the missing mother, a cure for father, and a way to keep "The Book of Water" from falling into Lilith's hands. After traveling to the Barge City, retrieving and using the Book of Water, Lyra learns that the Eternal Storm spell can be stopped by the seven magic signs of the Crater of Time.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water Walkthrough

She can find the seven signs inside the seven caves of the Crater, only if she have the seven corresponding mystic figurines. Three of these figurines are no longer missing as Faye has forged replacements for them, then The Book of Water reveals the locations of other four figurines for Lyra.

The first figurine is in the water at the center of Barge City, Lyra must use a magic fishing pole to fish it out.

The second figurine is hidden inside the Obelisk, behind some cryptic symbols that Lyra must decipher. The third figurine was taken long ago by a fairy named Merrow, and he locked it up in his magical gramophone.

And only the Clockmaker knows where the fourth figurine is, he might share that secret for the right price.

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