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Summer. { Color Book }. by Jessica | July 19, July 18, { color book } image via: @flaviamorlachettiphotography. Design Seeds color palettes posted daily for all who love color. Seeds Classics | 10th Anniversary Learn more about Seeds Classics. If you need color inspiration, check out Design Seeds founded by color Design Seeds even has lovely color palette books on Blurb and she.

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Design Seeds Book

aged tones Pantone, Design Seeds, Color Combinations, Color Schemes, Rust book features some of the most popular inspiration from the Design Seeds. The Color Almanac is packed with color inspiration exclusively from Jessica Colaluca's (the creator of the Design Seeds) photography, trend insights, anecdotes. today's Design Seeds inspiration for all who ❤ color. Color Pick | Design Seeds. Seeds Classics | 10th Anniversary Originally posted in.

As a designer, I spend a fair amount of time playing around with colors and combining them. While many artists and designers get their inspiration from photos see: Design Seeds, Coolors, and Color Hunt. In short, these 3 sites are tailored towards different goals. While Design Seeds is focused on providing inspiring imagery, Coolors is more about different ways to adjust your own color palettes, and Color Hunt is about showcasing a carefully curated collection. Coolors is more convenient as a design tool, but Color Hunt gets huge bonus points for the thoughtful design. Design Seeds celebrates the beauty of nature and everyday life through color palettes from curated Instagram photos. The Good:

Hiding the button makes users work a little harder to submit their color combinations, which then have to be approved to be published.

I am absolutely in love with the design of this site. The user experience is smooth, fun, and the color palettes it offers are so great I kept on browsing for a while thanks, infinity scroll!

I hope you enjoyed this article and liked my UX analysis. Sign in Get started. Jun 13, In Corner 2: First glance: The menu and toolbar are straightforward, and explanation appears above icons if you hover.

The fact that there is only one color palette stretching across the screen adds to the perceived simplicity of the website. There are 3 ways to create a palette randomize one, upload a photo, or copy from another user. Beyond that, there are about a dozen ways to tweak a palette by its individual colors or as a whole. I personally love the ability to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of all 5 colors at once. Log In Don't have an account?

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Next Post. About the author. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Download Bored Panda app! What do you think? Sue Werner 3 years ago The link provided no longer works.

AnnieLaurieBurke 3 years ago As one that can spend hours in a paint department playing with color chips for the pleasure of looking at the colors, not for home decorating , I can relate to this. Gabriel 3 years ago great work but i think the color palettes should be little bit bigger. One of the motivators for me to leave my in-house design position back in , was my frustration with corporate firewalls.

These nuisances were often blocking the freshest and most inspiring design content, important information, and emerging sites.

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So when I got a wild hair and quit to start my own consultancy, I wanted to be part of the excitement I saw emerging online. And since color is what I do, live, and breathe, I decided to build a blog around what I know best. Having kept color journals for nearly two decades, I translated those into the Design Seeds blog.

My original readers were former colleagues, industry folks, and clients who were all I candidly expected as colorwork and forecasting are a large part of my consulting , but Facebook and Pinterest changed all that. In , the Design Seeds reader grew to a very diverse crew. Do you want that alphabetical, or chronological? Moving up the corporate ladder was never my goal.

Creating really cool stuff, connecting people through design, and storytelling was my fuel. I also felt that I was too young to stagnate at that level as far as my abilities as a designer, growing, and evolving with technology. What I think many designers can mistake in their career is that they will stay in the same lane throughout it. Companies collapse, industries go extinct, consumer trends shift, and technology continually redefines far too much to approach a creative career without an agile mind or footing.

Being independant has helped me grow in ways I had never dreamt, while evolving my career path with changing times. Now that I have been on my own for 9 years, I have been extremely grateful for the balance of client work, while keeping Design Seeds such an intimate project. This is the part that can lead to madness in that you have to throw on ten different hats in a day ranging from repairing a printer, to sussing out the best shipping partner because rates just got jacked, to cleaning up code that got broken with the latest WordPress update.

You and I have also endlessly discussed our ethics and what it means to us to be indie.

Analyzing UX of Color Palettes Websites

I have found this has meant I have turned down some notably lucrative opportunities because they broke from my indie lane, or felt as though they degraded what I was building. My vision for Design Seeds has always been to give … to inspire … and with a view for the long game versus faster, bigger cash.

My whole intent for the site was to create what my dream space as a designer is. This is ultimately to offer a spot for folks to explore, find serendipitous inspiration, and discover some really cool creatives who collaborate through inspiration images.

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