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Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1). Read more · Hollows - 01 - Dead Witch Walking · Read more · The Hollows - 01 Dead Witch Walking. Read more. The Hollows - 01 Dead Witch Walking · Read more · Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1). Read more. Recommend Documents. Dead Witch Walking. DEAD WITCH WALKING by Kim Harrison, Excerpt - Free download as PDF File . pdf) or read online for free. Enjoy this excerpt of DEAD WITCH WALKING, by.

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Download Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) Full Book PDF. All the creatures of the night gather in "the Hollows" of Cincinnati, to hide, to prowl, to party. Fill Dead Witch Walking Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. - Read Online Dead Witch Walking By Kim Harrison, Dead Witch Walking By Kim Harrison PDF Free Download.

You are on page 1of 48 One stood in the shadows of a deserted shop front across from The Blood and Brew Pub, trying not to be obvious as I tugged my black leather pants back up where they belonged. This is pathetic, I thought, eyeing the rain-emptied street. I was way too good for this. Apprehending unlicensed and black-art witches was my usual line of work, as it takes a witch to catch a witch. But the streets were quieter than usual this week. Everyone who could make it was at the West Coast for our yearly convention, leaving me with this gem of a run. A simple snag and drag. It was just the luck of the Turn that had put me here in the dark and rain.

Hey, grunted a low voice. You Tobbys replacement? Brimstone dismissed, I batted my eyes and turned, coming eye-to-chest with a bright green T-shirt. My eyes traveled up a huge bear of a man.

Bouncer material. The name on the shirt said cliff. I purred, blotting the rain from what I generously call my cleavage with the hem of his shirt. He was completely unaffected; it was depressing. State-assigned hooker? She ever gonna show up again? From my earring came a tiny singsong voice. I told you so.

Dead Witch Walking Summary & Study Guide

My smile grew forced. I dont know, I said through my teeth. Im not a hooker. He grunted again, eyeing my outt. I pawed through my bag and handed him my work ID. Anyone watching would assume he was carding me.

With readily available agedisguising spells, it was mandatoryas was the spell-check amulet he had around his neck. It glowed a faint red in response to my pinky ring. He wouldnt do a full check on me for that, which was why all the charms in my bag were currently uninvoked. Not that Id need them tonight. Inderland Security, I said as he took the card.

Im on a run to nd someone, not harass your regular clientele. Thats why theuhdisguise. Rachel Morgan, he read aloud, his thick ngers almost enveloping the laminated card. Inderland Security runner. He looked from my card to me and back, his fat lips splitting in a grin. What happened to your hair? Run into a blowtorch?

My lips pressed together. The picture was three years old. It hadnt been a blowtorch, it had been a practical joke, an informal initiation into my full runner status.

Real funny. The pixy darted from my earring, setting it swinging with his momentum. Id watch your mouth, he said, tilting his head as he looked at my ID. The last lunker who laughed at her picture spent the night in the emergency room with a drink umbrella jammed up his nose. I warmed. You know about that? I said, snatching my card and shoving it away.

Everybody in appropriations knows about that. The pixy laughed merrily. And trying to tag that Were with an itch spell and losing him in the john.

You try bringing in a Were that close to a full moon without getting bit, I said defensively. Its not as easy as it sounds. I had to use a potion. Those things are expensive. And then Nairing an entire bus of people? His dragony wings turned red as he laughed and his circulation increased. Dressed in black silk with a red bandanna, he looked like a miniature Peter Pan posing as an inner city gang member. Four inches of blond bothersome annoyance and quick temper.

That wasnt my fault, I said. The driver hit a bump. I frowned. Someone had switched my spells, too. I had been trying to tangle his feet, and ended up removing the hair from the driver and everyone in the rst three rows.

At least I had gotten my mark, though I wasted an entire paycheck on cabs the next three weeks, until the bus would pick me up again. And the frog?

Jenks darted away and back as the bouncer icked a nger at him. Im the only one whod go out with you tonight. Im getting hazard pay. The pixy rose several inches, in what had to be pride. Cliff seemed unimpressed. I was appalled. Look, I said. Kim Harrison All I want is to sit over there and have a drink, nice and quietlike. I nodded to the stage where the postadolescent was tangling the lines from his amps.

When does that start? The bouncer shrugged. Hes new. Looks like about an hour. There was a crash followed by cheers as an amp fell off the stage. Maybe two. Ignoring Jenkss chiming laughter, I wove my way through the empty tables to a bank of darker booths. I chose the one under a moose head, sinking three inches more than I should have in the accid cushion. Soon as I found the little perp, I was out of there. This was insulting.

I had been with the I. It was the interns that did the nitty-gritty day-to-day policing of Cincinnati and its largest suburb across the river, affectionately known as the Hollows. Minor spell disturbances and rescuing familiars out of trees were in the realm of an I. But I was a full runner, damn it. I was better than this. I had done better than this. It had been I who single-handedly tracked down and apprehended the circle of dark witches who were circumventing the Cincinnati Zoos security spells to steal the monkeys, selling them to an underground biolab.

But did I get any recognition for that? It had been I who realized that the loon digging up bodies in one of the churchyards was linked to the spate of deaths in the organ replacement wing in one of the human-run hospitals. Everyone assumed he was gathering materials to make illegal spells, not charming the organs into temporary health, then selling them on the black market.

And the ATM thefts that plagued the city last Christmas? It had taken me six simultaneous charms to look like a man, but I nailed the witch. That had been an especially satisfying tag. Id chased her for three streets, and there had been no time for spell casting when she turned to hit me with what could have been a lethal charm, so I was completely justied in knocking her out cold with a roundhouse kick.

Even better, the FIB had been after her for three months, and tagging her took me two days. I made them look like fools, but did I get a Good job, Rachel? Did I even get a ride back to the I. And lately I was getting even less: sorority kids using charms to steal cable, familiar theft, prank spells, and I couldnt forget my favoritechasing trolls out from under bridges and culverts before they ate all the mortar.

A sigh shifted me as I glanced over the bar. Jenks dodged my apathetic attempts to swat him as he resettled himself on my earring. That they had to pay him triple to go out with me did not bode well. A green-clad waitress bounced over, frighteningly perky for this early.

My name is Dottie. Ill be your server tonight. All smiles, she set three drinks before me: a Bloody Mary, an oldfashioned, and a Shirley Temple.

The Hollows 1 - Dead Witch Walking - PDF Free Download

How sweet. Thanks, hon, I said with a jaded sigh. Who they from? She rolled her eyes toward the bar, trying to portray bored sophistication but coming off like a high schooler at the big dance. Peering around her thin, apron-tied waist, I glanced over the three stiffs, lust in their eyes, horses in their pockets. It was an old tradition. Accepting a drink meant I accepted the invitation behind it. One more thing for Ms. Rachel to take care of.

They looked like norms, but one never knew. Sensing no more conversation forthcoming, Dottie skipped away to do barmaid things. Check them out, Jenks, I whispered, and the pixy itted away, his wings pale pink in his excitement. No one saw him go. Pixy surveillance at its nest. The pub was quiet, but as there were two tenders behind Kim Harrison the bar, an old man and a young woman, I guessed it would pick up soon.

The Blood and Brew was a known hot spot where norms went to mix with Inderlanders before driving back across the river with their doors locked and the windows up tight, titillated and thinking they were hot stuff. And though a lone human sticks out among Inderlanders like a zit on a prom queens face, an Inderlander can easily blend into humanity.

Its a survival trait honed since before Pasteur. Thats why the pixy. Fairies and pixies can literally sniff an Inderlander out quicker than I can say Spit. I halfheartedly scanned the nearly empty bar, my sour mood evaporating into a smile when I found a familiar face from the ofce. Ivy was a vamp, the star of the I. We had met several years ago during my last year of internship, paired up for a year of semi-independent runs. She had just hired on as a full runner, having taken six years of university credit instead of opting for the two years of college and four years of internship that I had.

I think assigning us to each other had been someones idea of a joke. Working with a vampireliving or nothad scared the peas out of me until I found out she wasnt a practicing vamp and had sworn off blood. We were as unalike as two people could be, but her strengths were my weakness. I wish I could say her weaknesses were my strengths, but Ivy didnt have any weaknessesother than the tendency to plan the joy out of everything. We hadnt worked together for years, and despite my grudgingly given promotion, Ivy still outranked me.

She knew all the right things to say to all the right people at all the right times. It helped that she belonged to the Tamwood family, a name as old as Cincinnati itself. She was its last living member, in possession of a soul and as alive as me, having been infected with the vamp virus through her then still-living mother. The virus had molded Ivy even as she grew in her mothers womb, giving Ivy a little of both worlds, the living and the dead.

The men at the bar jostled elbows, all three turning to watch her in appreciation. She icked them a dismissing glance, and I swear I heard one sigh. Hows it going, Ivy? I said as she eased onto the bench opposite me. Vinyl seat squeaking, she reclined in the booth with her back against the wall, the heels of her tall boots on the long bench, and her knees showing over the edge of the table. She stood half a head over me, but where I just looked tall, she pulled off a svelte elegance. Her slightly Oriental cast gave her an enigmatic look, upholding my belief that most models had to be vamps.

She dressed like a model, too: modest leather skirt and silk blouse, top-of-the-line, all-vamp construction; black, of course. Her hair was a smooth dark wave, accenting her pale skin and oval-shaped face. No matter what she did with her hair, it made her look exotic. I could spend hours with mine and it always came out red and frizzy. One Eyebrow wouldnt have stopped for her; she was too classy.

Hey, Rachel, Ivy said. Whatcha doing down in the Hollows? Her voice was melodious and low, owing with all the subtleties of gray silk. I thought youd be catching some skin cancer on the coast this week, she added. Is Denon still ticked about the dog? I shrugged sheepishly. Actually, the boss nearly blew a vein.

I had been a step away from being promoted to ofce broom pusher. It was an honest mistake. Ivy let her head fall back in a languorous motion to expose the long length of her neck. There wasnt a scar on it. Anyone could have made it. Anyone but you, I thought sourly. I said aloud, pushing the Bloody Mary toward her. Well, let me know if you spot my take. I jingled the charms on my cuffs, touching the clover carved from olive wood.

Her thin ngers curved around the glass as if they were caressing it. Those same ngers could break my wrist if she put some effort into it. Shed have to wait until she was 10 Kim Harrison dead before she had enough strength to snap it without a thought, but she was still stronger than me.

Half the red drink disappeared down her throat. Since when is the I. Since the bosss last rainy day. She shrugged, pulling her crucix out from behind her shirt to run the metal loop through her teeth provocatively. Her canines were sharp, like a cats, but no bigger than mine. Shed get the extended versions after she died. I forced my eyes from them, watching the metal cross instead. It was as long as my hand and made of a beautifully tooled silver.

She had begun wearing it lately to irritate her mother. They werent on the best of terms. I ngered the tiny cross on my cuffs, thinking it must be difcult having your mother be undead. I had met only a handful of dead vampires. The really old ones kept to themselves, and the new ones tended to get staked unless they learned to keep to themselves.

Dead vamps were utterly without conscience, ruthless instinct incarnate. The only reason they followed societys rules was because it was a game to them. And dead vampires knew about rules.

Their continued existence depended upon rules which, if challenged, meant death or pain, the biggest rule of course being no sun. They needed blood daily to keep sane.

Anyones would do, and taking it from the living was the only joy they found. And they were powerful, having incredible strength and endurance, and the ability to heal with an unearthly quickness.

It was hard to destroy them except for the traditional beheading and staking through the heart. In exchange for their soul, they had the chance for immortality. It came with a loss of conscience. The oldest vampires claimed that was the best part: the ability to fulll every carnal need without guilt when someone died to give you pleasure and keep you sane one more day.

Though not as powerful or dangerous as a dead vamp, the ability to walk under the sun and worship without pain made her envied by her dead brethren. The metal rings of Ivys necklace clicked rhythmically against her pearly whites, and I ignored her sensuality with a practiced restraint. I liked her better when the sun was up and she had more control over her mien of sexual predator. My pixy returned to land on the fake owers in their vase full of cigarette butts.

Good God, Ivy said, dropping her cross. A pixy?

Denon must be pissed. Jenkss wings froze for an instant before returning to a blur of motion. Go Turn yourself, Tamwood! You think fairies are the only ones who have a nose? I winced as Jenks landed heavily upon my earring. Nothing but the best for Ms.

Rachel, I said dryly. Ivy laughed, and the hair on the back of my neck prickled. I missed the prestige of working with Ivy, but she still set me on edge. I can come back if you think Ill mess up your take, I added. No, she said. Youre stat. Ive got a pair of needles cornered in the bathroom. I caught them soliciting out-ofseason game. Drink in hand, she slid to the end of the bench and stood with a sensual stretch, an almost unheard moan slipping from her.

They look too cheap to have a shift spell, she said when she nished. But Ive got my big owl outside just in case. If they try to bat their way out a broken window, theyre bird chow. Im just waiting them out. She took a sip, her brown eyes watching me over the rim of her glass. If you make your tag early enough, maybe we can share a cab uptown? The soft hint of danger in her voice made me nod noncommittally as she left. Fingers nervously playing with a drooping curl of my red hair, I decided Id see what she looked like before getting in a cab with her this late at night.

Ivy might not need blood to survive, but it was obvious she still craved it, her public vow to abstain aside. Jenks was still fussing in a highpitched tantrum.

Relax, Jenks, I said, trying to keep him from ripping my earring out. I like having a pixy backup. Fairies dont do squat unless their union clears it. Youve noticed? Just because of some maggoty-jack, pre-Turn poem written by a drunk lardbutt, they think theyre better than us. Publicity, Rachel. Thats all it is. Good old-fashioned greasy palms. Did you know fairies get paid more than pixies for the same work? I interrupted, ufng my hair from my shoulder.

Whats going on at the bar? And that picture! Youve seen it? The one of that human brat crashing the frat party? Those fairies were so drunk, they didnt even know they were dancing with a human. And theyre still getting the royalties. Hose yourself off, Jenks, I said tightly. Whats up at the bar? There was a tiny huff, and my earring twisted.

Contestant number one is a personal athletic trainer, he grumbled. Contestant number two xes air conditioners, and contestant number three is a newspaper reporter. All of them. What about the guy on stage? I whispered, making sure I didnt look that way. The I. Our take? Jenks said.

The wind from his wings ceased, and his voice lost its anger. I fastened on that. Maybe all he needed was to be included. Why not check him out?

I asked instead of demanding. He doesnt seem to know which end of his bagpipes to blow into. Jenks made a short bark of laughter and buzzed off in a better mood. Jenks felt better, and perhaps my ear would still be in one piece when the sun came up. The bar jocks jostled elbows as I ran an index nger around the rim of the old-fashioned to make it sing while I waited. I was bored, and a little irtation was good for the soul. A group came in, their loud chatter telling me the rain had picked up.

They clustered at the far end of the bar, all talking at once, their arms stretching for their drinks as they demanded attention. I looked them over, a faint tightening of my gut telling me that at least one in their party was a dead vamp.

It was hard to tell whom under the goth paraphernalia. My guess was the quiet young man in the back. He was the most normal looking in the tattooed, body-pierced group, wearing jeans and a button shirt instead of rainspotted leather. He must have been doing well to have such a bevy of humans with him, their necks scarred and their bodies thin and anemic. But they seemed happy enough, content in their close-knit, almost familylike group. They were being especially nice to a pretty blonde, supporting her and working together to coax her to eat some peanuts.

She looked tired as she smiled. Must have been his breakfast. As if pulled by my thoughts, the attractive man turned. He shifted his sunglasses down, and my face went slack as he met my eyes over them. I took a breath, seeing from across the room the rain on his eyelashes.

A sudden need to brush them free lled me. I could almost feel the dampness of the rain on my ngers, how soft it would feel. His lips moved as he whispered, and it seemed I could hear but not understand his words swirling behind me to push me forward. Heart pounding, I gave him a knowing look and shook my head.

A faint, charming smile tugged the corners of his mouth, and he looked away. My held breath slipped from me as I forced my eyes away. He was a dead vamp. A living vamp couldnt 14 Kim Harrison have bespelled me even that little bit. If he had been really trying, I wouldnt have had a chance. But thats what the laws were for, right? Dead vamps were only supposed to take willing initiates, and only after release papers were signed, but who was to say if the papers were signed before or after?

Witches, Weres, and other Inderlanders were immune to turning vampire. Small comfort if the vamp lost control and you died from having your throat torn out.

Dead Witch Walking

Course, there were laws against that, too. Still uneasy, I looked up to nd the musician making a beeline for me, his eyes alight with a fevered itch. Stupid pixy. He had gotten himself caught. Come to hear me play, beautiful? My name is Sue, not Beautiful, I lied, staring past him toward Ivy. She was laughing at me.

This was going to look just fantastic in our ofce newsletter. You sent your fairy friend to checkmeout, he said, half singing the words. Hes a pixy not a fairy, I said. The guy was either a stupid norm or a smart Inderlander pretending to be a stupid norm. I was betting on the former. He opened his st and Jenks ew a wobbly trail to my earring. One of his wings was bent, and pixy dust sifted from him to make brief sunbeams on the table and my shoulder.

My eyes closed in a strength-gathering blink. I was going to get blamed for this. I knew it.

Jenkss irate snarling lled my ear, and I frowned in thought. I didnt think any of his suggestions were anatomically possiblebut at least I knew the kid was a norm. Come and see my big pipe in the van, the kid said. Bet you could make it sing-g-g-g. I looked up at him, the dead vamps proposition making me jittery. Go away. Im gonna make it big, Suzy-Q, he boasted, taking my hostile stare as an invitation to sit.

Im going to the coast, soon as I get enough money. Got a friend in the music biz. Go away, I repeated, but he only leaned back and screwed his face up, singing Sue-sue-sussudio in a high falsetto, pounding on the table in a broken rhythm.

This was embarrassing. Surely I would be forgiven for nacking him? But no, I was a good little soldier in the ght for crimes against norms, even if no one but I thought so. Smiling, I leaned forward until my cleavage showed. That always gets their attention, even if there isnt much of it. Reaching across the table, I grabbed the short hairs on his chest and twisted. That gets their attention, too, and its far more satisfying.

The yelp as his singing cut off was like icing, it was so sweet. Leave, I whispered. I pushed the old-fashioned into his hand and curled his slack ngers around it. And get rid of this for me. His eyes grew wider as I gave a little tug. My ngers reluctantly loosened, and he beat a tactful retreat, sloshing half the drink as he went.

There was a cheer from the bar. I looked to see the old bartender grinning. He touched the side of his nose, and I inclined my head. Dumb kid, I muttered. He had no business being in the Hollows. Someone ought to sling his butt back across the river before he got hurt.

One glass remained before me, and bets were probably being made as to whether I would drink or not. You all right, Jenks? This resulted in a familiar bond with the demon.

Later, he becomes the familiar of Newt. Holly - The banshee child of Mia and Remus. Ford has custody of her. Jack - A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina. Janice- A pixy daughter of Jenks and Matalina. Jariath — A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina. Jax - A pixy, eldest son of Jenks and Matalina.

Partners with Nick in stealing a significant were artifact, then is rescued by Rachel and Jenks when the thief's plan goes awry. Later, sets out with Nick, against the wishes of his parents. Jeremy - A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina. Jerrimatt - A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina. Often gets his wings glued together by Jack.

Jhan - A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina. She takes care of Keasley's garden with a pixy buck. Jixy - A pixy, daughter of Jenks and Matalina. Jocelynn - A pixy daughter of Jenks and Matalina. Josephine - A pixy daughter of Jenks and Matalina. One of the younger children.

Rachel gives her permission to pix a salesman in the future. Jrixibell — A pixy, youngest daughter of Jenks and Matalina. Jumoke - A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina. He has brown hair and hazel eyes which make him unusual among pixies. Junis - A pixy son of Jenks and Matalina.

Jonathan - Trenton Kalamack's chief subordinate, he despises Rachel Morgan and works against her in the series. When Rachel shifts into a mink to raid Trenton's offices and is caught, it is Jonathan who tortures her the most, poking and prodding her with pencils while she is caged.

Reluctantly gives her respect after she saves Trenton. Karen - A were female that challenges Rachel for the right to be David Hue's alpha. A witch neighbor of the Vampiric Charms agency. He acts to save Rachel's life or to provide medical assistance on several occasions. Ceri resides with him. Ku'Sox Sha-Ku'ru - Psychotic, sociopathic, genetically-engineered super-soldier demon created by the demon collective near the end of the Elf-Demon War.

To give him the ability to face an elf in single combat, they gave him the female ability to hold two souls simultaneously within his aura. When he proved impossible to control it took five demons only one of which survived to subdue and imprison him in the place now known as the Petrified Forest. Trent Kalamack released him from his prison Pale Demon. Marshal - A witch who lent Rachel diving gear during her rescue of Nick.

Eventually comes to Cincinnati where he and Rachel agree not to attempt to date, but to go out as friends. They eventually become intimate, but end the relationship when Rachel is shunned by the witch community.

Matalina - Jenks's wife and mother of his many children. Serves as a nurse for the Vampiric Charms agency. Over the course of the novels, she falls into ill health as she reaches the end of her life span. Sadly, she passed in "Black Magic Sanction". Mia Harbor - A banshee who attempts to seduce Ivy Tamwood. She received Ivy's wish as a payment for helping the living vampire. She uses the wish to find someone to love and who could produce a child with her that wouldn't kill the father.

She is an antagonist in White Witch, Black Curse. As Newt is the last female demon, Minias is additionally tasked to seduce her as there have been no demon births in five thousand years, but this is a dangerous task because she has killed all her previous lovers. Owes Rachel a favor, and he consequently wears her mark similar to a demon mark until it is repaid.

Montgomery Morgan - Rachel's deceased father. Although he was human, his skill in ley line magic enabled him to keep this fact hidden from the authorities and the general populace.

He raised Rachel and Robbie as his own children until his death in an attempt to rid his body of a vampire's claim. Randal - Ivy's father. A living vampire, he provides the blood needed to keep Ivy's mother sane. Sarong - One of the prominent weres in Cincinnati and the owner of the Howlers, a local baseball team made up of weres. She hires Rachel Morgan to retrieve the team mascot. Has an intense rivalry with Mr.

Newt - The most powerful demon in existence, with the possible exceptions of Rachel and Ku'Sox. In the distant past, she killed every other female demon, which caused her insanity and resulted in her being the only female demon until Rachel. Demon laws don't apply to her because it is said that "she makes the laws. Pam - The were alpha female in Walter Vincent's pack. Rachel challenges her to a duel, but Pam is defeated when pure wolves attack her. Peter - A living vampire from Chicago.

Assists Rachel in helping Nick escape from packs of weres. Piscary - An Egyptian undead vampire. He runs most of the Hollows' illegal and underground activities. Sadistic and cruel, he torments and rapes Ivy, whom he believes to be his soulmate. Attempts to remove both Rachel and Trent from the picture by many means. Organizes the death of several ley line witches to prevent Kalamack from gaining more power; this series of crimes leads to his imprisonment for five centuries.

Still tries to exert control of his domain through Ivy, who has become his scion in order to protect Rachel and her own sister Erica. When Rachel captures the leprechaun, she decides to accept the three wishes from the leprechaun and let the creature go. Rachel uses her wish to be able to get out of her contract. She finds that her co-workers, Jenks the pixie and Ivy a vampire, want a wish also, and in return they will go with her and help her work off the bounty that they feel certain the head of the I.

Rachel is able to quit, but just as she was warned, there is a bounty put on her head. Rachel finds that she has been kicked out of her home and has to live in her new office with Ivy and Jenks. Rachel learns that a prominent businessman, Trent Kalamack, is suspected of dealing Brimstone drugs.

Rachel decides if she gives Trent to I. Rachel begins to investigate and multiple death threats begin to pile up.

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