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Cut & Run has 23 entries in the series. Cut & Run (Series). Madeleine Urban Author Abigail Roux Author (). cover image of Palos y Piedras. A series of murders in New York City has stymied the police and FBI alike, and they suspect the culprit is a single killer sending an indecipherable message. Abigail Roux Cut And Run Series Epub To Pdf. Abigail Roux Cut And Run Series Epub To Pdf. 15 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. snorminroran By snorminroran.

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Cut & Run Abigail Roux Pdf

Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are back on the job, settled into a personal and professional relationship built on fierce protectiveness and blistering. Abi Roux . Zane's mumbled words of gratitude were cut off by Ty's demanding mouth. . He could feel a shudder run through Ty's body. Sidewinder series is set in the same universe as Cut & Run. Warrior's Cross is about plot characters who appear in fifth book. It's best to read it as.

As promised, here is your reward for voting in the All-Star Game! Zane stepped out of the bathroom, toweling his hair dry and yawning wide. He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out to the bedroom, where the glowing face of his phone on the bedside table caught his attention. He threw his towel in the hamper and picked up the phone, grinning. He only got text messages from one person: Zane chuckled.

Zane stared at the screen for a moment before cursing, then shoving the phone into his suit pocket. Leave it to Ty to get arrested while undercover.

He grabbed his shoes and headed down the steps, jogging to the back door and snatching up his truck keys along the way. When he threw the door open, though, Ty was standing on the stoop, looking at him expectantly. One eyebrow was raised and he was fighting a smile like he always did when he was trying to look serious.

Zane nearly barreled into him. The only thing that kept either of them from rolling down the steps was his grip on the doorknob. He smacked Ty in the chest with his shoes. Then did it again for good measure. He turned to get Ty something to drink, but Ty put out a hand and stopped him.

He was smiling as if his whole morning had been one big joke. After a long, deep kiss that left Zane breathless, he pulled back with a gasp. For once Ty was silent. When he did let go, he looked Zane up and down critically and then nodded.

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Then he yanked Zane to him and kissed him while dragging him toward the steps. When they finally separated, it was only to gasp for breath. Zane started walking backward, drawing Ty along with him. Ty was a step below him, looking up at him with eyes that were trending toward brown in the morning light. The smell of undercover Ty turns me on.

Ty grinned.

Zane stumbled back with a breathless laugh. He shrugged out of his dress shirt and popped the button on his trousers, still while walking backward to the bedroom door. Zane wanted his lover all over him. Zane managed to toss his shirt away and push his dress pants down before Ty shoved him onto the bed. Ty crawled up beside him even as he was still bouncing on the mattress, held Zane down by his elbows, and kissed him hungrily. He growled in frustration. The phone on the floor had different ideas, though, and it began an ear-piercing trill, more an alarm than a ring.

Ty cursed. He practically pounced on the phone and snapped it open.

He turned away from Zane, running one hand through his hair as he listened. The play of his muscles was as fascinating as ever, marred only by a purpling bruise low on his back that looked alarmingly like a boot print. Zane reached out and ghosted his fingers over it with a frown. Zane gave him a small smile and rolled his eyes. Zane smoothed one hand down his own body and pushed his boxers down, kicking out of them.

Then he wrapped his hand around his erection, tugging at it while Ty watched. Ty closed his eyes and cocked his head to the side, obviously trying to concentrate on the phone and not what Zane was doing. His voice was lower than it had been. He looked down at Zane, his expression dark. Ty kissed him briefly and dragged him further up the bed. He groped for a small bottle on the bedside table. Ty pushed up so Zane had room to move under him, but as soon as Zane turned to reach for the table, Ty pushed him against the bed again, belly to the mattress this time, and lay on top of him.

The lubricant lid snapped when Ty thumbed it open.

Zane curled his hands into the rumpled sheet underneath him. It would be a rough push in, but Zane would savor every bit of it after three nights without.

He was aching for it already. His quickened his thrusts, turning what had started out as a slow and steady rhythm into a more brutal one. Zane laid his forearms on the bed and pushed himself up enough to pull one knee under him, giving him the leverage to move against the pounding thrusts.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. Urban and Roux continue to delight with their tales of Ty and Zane, two FBI agents trying to overcome not only the bad guys, but their own relationship fears. As with their three previous tales, the characters are very well developed, highly nuanced, three-dimensional, and likable. Combined with a swift plot, the reader is pulled along in this adventurous romance.

When we last left them, Ty confessed his love for Zane in a moment of crisis. Now that they're settled back in Baltimore, Zane's trying to come to terms with Ty's confession. He likes to think that Ty knows his feelings for him, but he's not sure if that's true as he's not fully sure if he's fully in love. Ty is trying to remain comfortable with the fact that he knows Zane cares for him, but with Zane reciprocating the emotions, he's starting to wonder.

Cut & Run Series

As with the other tales, this unfolds to a backdrop of escalating violence in Baltimore. Someone has been detonating bombs throughout the city in a seeming effort to target police and law enforcement agents, the public is afraid, the media is going wild, and Ty and Zane inadvertently have become the media's law enforcement posterboys, drawing the bombers' attention to themselves.

Like the previous tales, their relationship is furthered and the characters mature. There's nothing more frustrating than serial novels where the characters are stagnant, and it's a pleasure to watch them grow and develop. The writing is colorful and clear, the text is well-edited, the pace nearly perfectly, and the story long enough to feel fulfilled. There are surprises and suspense, and the entire story is a joy to read.

Five stars to both Urban and Roux!!! A caveat to this novel: I'm a Happily Ever After kind of girl and I had to know if it was worth my time to read the previous pages.

Just trust me on this. Just trust a sister on this. It is the only thing that saved my Kindle from sailing through a window. I love the reality of their lives that it show. It is them shouldering through the ups and downs of figuring things out amid the real pressures of real life in a real relationship. It is them coming to terms with actually finding themselves wanting just what everyone else has, with all the crap that comes with it.

And that makes it perfect. As I get further in with these boys I fall more in love with them. Ty the complex and loving puppy that on the outside looks nonchalant and fun yet is dangerous on the outside and Zane the over analytical always thinking man who would be the last to be the ying to Ty's yang.

We are after Ty declares his love and Zane doesn't. Zane zane zane why are you over analyzing this. So Ty is loving and patient when things break out on the professional front. One minute a quiet time with Zane and next they are the poster boys after the bombers. And to book one is after Ty and Zane gets injured.

Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run, #5)

In the time that Zane is injured and on leave, ty takes care of him. Lovingly helping him not wanting him to be left alone. As they navigate through this new aspect in their relationship. Zane trying to figure out his feelings and who he is and Ty waiting and loving him. Being Zane's rock.

Cut & Run(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Ty wanting to find who is doing this but being told he is off the case and sent home. The two begin to get closer but as the tension happens and Ty is at work, Zane does something that makes Ty snap and he walks away leaving Zane reeling. Ty loves Zane but Zane pushed to far and didn't care or that is how it seemed.

After sometime Zane realized his stupidity and came to Ty again. What they both needed. But a funeral occurs and a bomb is planted.

These two are left enclosed in a tight space and Ty is trapped in more ways than one. First they had a issue with one of Ty's friends that put them in a tight spot and than this Ty is feeling the weight of things closing in and just when he needs someone to make him feel safe, Zane was there.

He admitted his love and when they got out they found each other again and you think things will be smooth sailing except ty is feeling like everything is closing in and has to get air. A fun and exciting book of these two boys navigating their way in their relationship as Zane figured out his feelings, a bomber after them and Ty's patience and kindness.

So much fun and yet some sadness to. A great read and I hope they get together again and have each other. See all reviews. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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