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6 days ago Like all Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 3 includes a range of cheats with which players can spice up the game if regular gameplay gets a bit dull. GTA 3 Cheats for the PC. Grand Theft Auto III is an open-world adventure shooter game played from a third-person perspective. It is set in fictional Liberty City from the Grand Theft Auto series. For Grand Theft Auto III on the PC, GameFAQs has 55 cheat codes and secrets.

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Cheatbook For Gta 3 Pdf

Grand Theft Auto 3. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, Get exclusive Grand Theft Auto 3 trainers at Cheat Happens. Welcome to my Featured Guide for Grand Theft Auto 3. Here you will I've included checklists in pdf format, to help you keep track of your progress in the game.

Chris Type "ohhmygod" and you will then be struck by lightning repeatedly. Soon after she has done this, she will get into the car with you. Drive on to some grass, and stop the car. The car will rock, you will get health [up to ] and you will lose money. Bob Convertible top on convertible cars if you want to take down the top press [F1]i t will do a 30 second replay when the replay starts press [F1] and you will notice the top is down or up!

She will make move and sit after some time. Float in sky. Then wa tch the show. Muhammad Umer when u want to go shorewale from staunton island u have to reach the rockstar st adium. Then move and stop to a girl who has weared black clothes looks like call girl. Gopinath Go to home in second island. If u have problems doing the the mission bomb da base actii just do this w hen u get to the dock and get in the blue light a cinematic takes place after that 8-b all comes out and hides behind one of the boxes before he hides run u r vehicle over him but slowly he should not be dead when he is under u r vehicle get out and start shooting the colombians but fast becuase 8-ball comes after a while but u also have enoug h time if u have less bullets just type gunsgunsguns as much as u want.

Siddharth Goswami If you want to make sex with girl. Now pick a faster sport car or the taxi itself. So stand in front of a running train in the middle of the track and let the trai n go over you. Dont forget to use health cheat while doing this. First go in a subwa y and travel by train to anywhere you want to go. Fly Traffic: Mohsin Bhatti if you want to fly the traffic cars just get out from your car and type "bang" 1 0 times you will see that the traffic cars are flying.

Triratna Manandhar. Try this repeatedly. Due to some technical problem you will go under the land and something rubbish happens and you find yourself on the main road.

After you reach there you cant get on the main road because subways are also clo sed. Go Everywhere: Rohan When you start to play the game you can not go everywhere in the other city's by bridge because roads are closed but i can tell you how to go there.

GTA 3 cheat codes

Guns Cheat: Mohsin Bhatti If you want to a large number of guns ammo you need to type "guns" 20 times. You can also take a car in the subwa y. Now you have a large number of ammo for every Gun. Go to side and you can cross the river an d go to next level. If it is too difficult go the the town where there the bridge but not compleated broken bridge and the fly from there. Copy them to your hard drive for smoother playback.

To go to next level from level 1to 2: Bikesh Manandhar First you should pick up the car which is too speed. How to get to Shoreside Vale: Chris When your on Stuaton island grab a tank. Now The Police Will Killed. WAV and.

You can listen to any mission. Listen to radio stations at any time: MP3 files.

The GTA Place - Grand Theft Auto news, forums, information, screenshots, guides, cheats...

You can hear everything pedestrians. And When Plane Throw 1st Packages. Enter the "Audio" folder to access a group of. Don't pick up slow car or h eavy truck. Increase car acceleration: This procedure involves editing a game file. For example. Change the sampl ing rate to a lower setting and there will be a very long audio clip of everything t here is to be heard in the game. Take a fast car like banshee or inference and take it to the round b ridge.

Select column O in the sam e row and change its value to " Assbuster hey people. Enable the cornerslikemad code to increase the handling of the tank. Th is will set the Rhino tank's maximum speed to K mph.. Thi s method can be tricky.

There is a file called "sfx. When you open that file. WAV file editor.. Use a text editor to edit the "handling. Survive when under a car: Easier Vigilante mission: Regardless of what car you have. You will not be able to use the bridge here. The criminal wil l get out of their vehicle.

Take a tank over the bridge instead! So the only option is to take a fast car through the subway. Muhammad Zul Fadzli If you wan more fun. Enjoy a smooth ride over the bridge! You need not use the subway!

There are a couple of FBI agents gu arding the entrance carrying M's. I really like it bu t I think its a little hard because of when you have to make the tanks fly you have to fire ba ckwards and.

Take that road and follow it until you get to the end. Get to Just fly to the airport and land near the in a car to complete the mission once park.

Then fly back to Stau the Callahan bridge where you can just take off again. If you want to survive. Follow that tunnel and turn left when you get the chance. Once you are near it. If done correctly. You are now in Sh oreside Vale. Enable the chittychittybb code. Press [Esc] to resume game play. Star t a new game and do the Give Me Liberty. Once you are able to jump the Calla han Bridge the one that is broken apart and get to Staunton Island.

Get to any of the other islands early: This way. When you get f ar enough up the road. Enable the "turtois e" codes. Before meeting Ray in the nton island and start the mission. How to go to the other cities easily: Josh S. You might need to get out the plane and get you landed.

Munshi To go to the other cities there is a hint to make tanks fly. Or you can go on by the ground to the third city to the second city by a underground train or by a tunnel.

Remember if your car turns upside down and is on fire and if you type gesundheit. You will see that your coach is flying high. If you dont want to go to the third c ity in the second way.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

While th e coach is on flight quickly press the ESC button that brings you to the menu. The coach will be wrecked a little bit to get onto the bridge because it is blocked To go there by a tunnel just go to the place where there is a large stadium in the second city. Type the cheat cornerslikemad without the and start accelerating your coach forward If you want to go to the third city at that one time. I found a better cheat to go to the other cities easily. Be careful so that when you reach the city you have to get down or you will fall in the sea behind the third city so.

Get on one of the coach and go to the br idge. Just go str aight a little farther from the Callahan or Bridge from where you started from in the first pla ce and then you will see two coaches in a shaded place.

Go a little bit of farther from the stadi um and look at the right side and you will see a tunnel. When you have almost r eached the broken place of the bridge press the horn button and the coach will jump high.

If you want repair you vehicle motorbike. I will tell you what and how to do.. Camera Hack. But it is recommended that you are on t he vehicle. Also I will tell how to download new scripts. How to repair ur car in the middle of a mission without going to ur garage: In this way you can go to the 3rd city. Munshi To go to the 3rd city from the 2nd city go to a place where there is a large sta dium go a little bit of farther from it and keep on looking the right side opposite side of the military base and you will see a tunnel going underground drive your car into it and keep on g oing until you find any signboard hung on the top if you see it stop your car and read it and y ou will automatically find your path if you follow the written instructions on the signb oard.

Easy Turismo Win: After the p hone.

Grand Theft Auto III Cheat Codes for PC

Nintendo W alkthrough CheatBook-Database is a freeware cheat codes tracker Games utility that put s hints. Cheat Codes or Hints! Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. This should make the Cheatahs and your car explode if you followed di rections.

Enter bangban gban and do not enter the last "g" until the race starts. Cheat Codes. Enter giveusatank or take someones car. Secrets Easter Eggs. Gameboy Advance. FAQs or Tips! Playstation 3. Killing Salvatore: Alex In the first mission of akura second island there is a trick to kill salvatore without losing health or armour. Covering more than Nintendo DS. Submit your codes! Having Grand Theft Auto 3 codes. When the race starts get out of yo ur car and press "g".

Video Games. Walkthrou ghs. PC Game Cheats. XBox easily accessible from one central loca tion. Release date january 2. Super Ni ntendo. This Database represents all genres and f ocuses on recent releases.

The e ncyclopedia of game cheats. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Rivka Sloboder. Diana Bonea. Mitzgun Ajah. Zara Rejuso. Humbang Purba. Alin Fazacas. David Huamani Urpe. Delia Carolina Mora. Popular in Armed Conflict. Javier Pluma.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Subbu Yadav. CAP History Library. SK Business group. Scribd Government Docs. Naufal Azizi Aph-een.

Ramita Udayashankar. Watertown Daily Times. Coroama Ionut. Danny Mathieson. When done, just restart the game, and you edited police car will push vehicles like a Fire Engine, and take absolutely no damage from crashing. Then get out and walk up to the door so it opens. Get into the third car and drive it in before the door closes.

Exit the garage, watch the door close, and then open it up again. Your car will be repaired. These obviously makes the gang anrgy at you and when you drive or run by the gang members they will shoot and try to pull you out of your car. This can be changed by going in to the program files of your GTA game.

In this folder is a sub-folder called data. In this folder is a file called pedstats. Open this in Word or Notepad. In this document you can change the stats of every ped in the game.

As the doc suggests if you change their fear is good , temper 0 is good and lawfullness is good. Careful you might want to backup this file incase you mess up or want to revert back to the old way it was.

Hit Esc to pause the game, then type the codes desired.

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