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design book for sale more than designs of luxury house bahria town islamabad feel free to contact Muhammad waqas awan. 10 Marla Modern House Plan Beautiful Latest Pakistani Design for Square Yards House- Bahria Town Lahore | Architecture, Construction, Engineering. 5 Marla House Plan, 2bhk House Plan, Small House Plans, Modern House Plans . house floor marla house plan in bahria town lahore-architecture-design.

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Bahria Town House Design Book

Today, Bahria Town has delivered various properties to thousands of families a facility where these residents can be assisted in every step of building their house. Design Studio has also put together a book "Designs For Living" website: . Houses in Bahria Town (Lahore) from Rs. 82 lakhs. Find the best offers for houses bahria town lahore design. Town s unique features bahria town is a. Bahria Town developments represent a unique mark of distinction for Pakistan as DESIGNSFOR LIVING. 4. Introduction. Bahria Town. Layout Plans. Interior.

After getting possession certificate you are asked to visit the design department located in Bahria enclave. Instead of following Bahria enclave you should do the following Some notes for the design wing will write in detail here Design charges are divided into design and approval charges. Along with the lecture all of this is written in about ten pages document that you can read yourself. The customer relation officer repeats exactly the same statements to every person coming to him to on the first visit to the bahria enclave. In my first visit on this day, I had the allotment certificate, possession letter, ID card with me — that made the concerned officer to have my complete documents and complete my file making your file is the first step to get the process started at design wing. Still the customer relation officer asked me to submit the fee in next visit personally. He was adamant that I had to personally come to submit my payment to him. And I was left with no choice except to conform to his non-sense demand. It took no more than 10 minutes to submit the fee. Later, I found out that there is a printed book of rules to follow for construction and living in bahria enclave and you should get this book on your first visit from the customer relations officer and read this book. Once you submit the fee your file is complete.

Some people prefer to make long walls and some desired to make an iron grill for safety so that it can be locked at night.

Read More Wardrobe Designs for Home Wardrobes in your room gave stunning and elegant look to your room. But in some cases you do not have enough space to make it according to latest fashion and your desire. To resolve low space issue experts discovers the way to fix wardrobe in walls or stairs.

Making a wardrobe design that is particularly for you is main objective. Making a custom wardrobe enable you to fulfill some important decisions like room's stylistic theme, your utilization of the wardrobe, and how much space the wardrobe will take.

These components can be worked into your custom wardrobe to guarantee that you get the best specially design wardrobe to use in your home. The main thing is to consider the place the wardrobe will go.

Do you have any expert person to build it? Or you will make it by yourself? See for the space in which you can build your wardrobe? By evaluating space you will be able to know that how space you have to build your desired wardrobe type. After deciding which style you want now you have to take measurements according to them i.

Following are some options that you can have to make wardrobe: If you want to make wardrobe in your room them use mirrors on them it will help you to serve as both purposes a wardrobe and a mirror as well. Also mirrors will reflect light all around the room.

If your bedrooms have corners then you can utilize these corners as well. You can make multiple wardrobes in all corners. This will provide you more space. The best way to decorate your wardrobe is to make doors of wardrobe that are light in color and less in weight. They look stunning and cool. If you cannot afford expensive wardrobe then you can use its alternative such as wood to make wardrobe.

You can search thousands of design for wood closest. These wardrobes are not only easy to open or close but also cloths do not fell outwards when you slide the door.

If you have huge space and you want to utilize that space then you can make walk-in wardrobe. This wardrobe not only look beautiful infect this provide you large area to keep things or cloths in sequence.

If your room is small then you can make wardrobe around the bed. You can also make shelf on the upper portion of wardrobe to expand the space or you can also keep decoration pieces on these shelves. In Pakistan the frequently using area is kitchen in any house. That is why it is important to focus on its architecture. So make decent and small sized wardrobes to keep kitchen accessories. Use pink color on wardrobe for girls and blue for boys.

This invitation is given by the association of builders and developers during the Pak China construction conference.

The Chairman Arif Yousaf Jeewa said during addressing in a conference that there is a deficiency of 12 million housing units in Pakistan, and to overcome this deficiency amount of billion dollars is required. There are huge opportunities for Chinese companies and investors in Pakistan. By importing latest machinery in Pakistan, the economy of Pakistan would increase. China is doing investment in Pakistan for 50 years, Karakoram highway and other projects are its examples.

Chines companies wanted to invest in a constructive industry of Pakistan.

Chairman of association of chines enterprises Lee Xia Xian said that in chines companies have done 41 delegations. The Growth of Cities in Surroundings: The constructive department of cities is growing day by day.

As the facilities of employment, treatment, education, and amusements are available along with the house. Such apartments are becoming famous in Pakistan where all facilities are available under one roof. Initially, Karachi was famous for such apartments and flats but now Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, are becoming prominent due to such projects.

Profitable Business: Prices of property and plots are increasing with the passage of time. And this business is much profitable as prices become 5 times higher in 5 years. People belong to this field have believed that prices of the property increase much faster than the prices of gold. Now the people lived in nearby villages and towns are migrating towards these cities due to which population is increasing day by day.

As a result agriculture lands are destroying and with growing industries pollution is also increasing.

Exhibition of Property: With the start of new century real estates of Pakistan have made themselves more innovative and versatile. Representatives of constructive companies laid the foundation of property Expo in Cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and United Arab. The sense of investing in properties has increased in Pakistani foreigners. As well as trust in this field increases and contacts get better. The purpose of this event is to make people happier and healthier. This will be a family event with full of surprises.

People of all ages can take part in it like men, women, kids and senior citizens. So go and get yourself register to experience a healthy activity. There would a lot of surprises. You would have fun activities for kids as well and many more to come. Celebrations will start form 16 March and will continue till 22 March. Cake cutting ceremony will be on Sunday 18th March at 7pmSo join that amazing celebration to have fun.

Stay tune for more updates!! Now its time to prepare yourself for swimming. Bahria Safari Club is soon launching their state of the art swimming pool for all age groups.

The swimming pool will fully equipped with safety tubes, night water lights, showers, changing rooms and lockers with fully luxurious environment and surroundings.

Safari Club is a perfect place for entertaining guests or relaxing and experiencing the finer things in life. Safari Club is an open place where all families can come and enjoy the services and can create a memorable experience.

Lots of people took participate in that competition. These medals are the symbol of their purity and taste. Read More Ace International Academy Celebrating Spring Festival March has arrived, snow is melting up in the north, and it's finally time to say spring is on it's way.

It's time to celebrate happiness of the glorious season. The School is fully decorated by the student and management staff. People are going and enjoying this festivals with their children.

This festival offering entertainment and amusement to teachers, staff and students as well as their parents. The children were very happy to see unique and exotic birds.

This was the great experience according to the children and unforgettable memory. The green-winged macaw and white cockatoo are crowd favourites. The birds are kept in a massive cage, with living space so they can fly and walk comfortably, and visitors can roam around in the enclosure.

Like other festive occasions, Bahria Town also celebrates it, in style to entertain its residents and general public. Arena Bahria Town Lahore decided to arrange a spring festival in its own premises and a number of residents and visitors attend this event. Arena festival welcomed their guests warmly. There was a lot of fun with different activities specially arranged for kids entertainment. There was proper arrangement of sitting to eat food.

Many people joined and had fun. Many patients struggle to find quality treatment but due to high costs and poorly equipped public hospitals. This results in long waiting lists for dialysis treatment, which can be a cause of death. Bahria International Hospital took the initiative to save human's life. There goel is to provide free and high quality dialysis treatment.

Design Wing of Bahria Town – A Unique Service to Beautify the Society

Jivat Mal and such other underprivileged patients whose will to fight back is dampened, not by the disease, but by the sense of despair in view of the costly treatment they continuously need for their survival. It is the best initiative took by the Bahria Authority. Bahria international Hospital is comporises with the extensive range of specialties, advanced diagonestic technologies and outstanding healthcare facilities.

They provide efficient medical care with latest technologies and treatments. Limited plots are available. Golden opportunity to invest and build your dream home. Q-Khan Science School and college. So come and get this opportunity. According to the survey it will cost almost PKR. It will take 2 years to complete. According to the resources from RDA, The Government wants to complete this project with the collaboration of private public partnership with least budget.

Introduction:Ring Road was much needed project for the twin cities. There is only one main road and one route that connect Islamabad to major housing schemes of Rawalpindi.

One side will link to the Sector and another will go to the motorway. Past Study:The Ring Road project was initiated in by RDA but due to frequent changes in governments decisions it couldn't be executed. In that plan, the RDA made changes by reducing the total length of the road from 75km to 54km.

It also dropped the idea of laying a rail track along the road to connect the main railway lines with the new airport. Equipped with modern and advanced infrastructure. This is the best opportunity for the people who desire to live in better and comfortable environment.

Apartments and Shops are available at 2 years installments plan. This mosque has now became one of the biggest symbols of the Islamic World. This mosque provides an indoor praying facility of 25, people and also the 7th largest mosque in the world. This mosque is also an center of attraction for tourists and citizens because of itshuge structure just like Faisal mosque in Islamabad and Badshahi mosque in Lahore. Bahria Town has acquired these antique Qurans from all parts of the world and brought them to Pakistan.

You can now visit the mosque to see unique collection of beautiful Qurans. It is offering 12 different job vacancies in its different projects. It has received ten International Property awards. It has a huge team of foreign and also local workers. Consequently, it is a good opportunity for the citizen to work along with such a huge architectural firm.

Avail this good opportunity by sending your CV today. This project is divided into 6 sectors. In future Ring Road will connect Rawalpindi to phase 8 extension. Residential plot sizes in phase 8 extension are 5,8,10 marla and 1 kanal plots are available on cash only. In future All facilities like parks,hospitals ,Golf course,hosipal etc.

Road size is minimum 40 feet wide and maximum feet wide. Price on launching was following 5 marla price was 8 lac 8 marla price was 11 lac 10 marla price was 13 lac 16 installment with each after 3 months. It's never too late to get the best.

Bahria Building by Laws

Phase-8 Extension, now offers you to be the part of the most modern community in Rawalpindi. It offers residential plots of different sizes i.

The project was launched in and plots were offered on 4 year installment plan. Files are available on resale in the market and all payments have been cleared. Location of Phase 8 Extension is a bit farther from Awami Villas 3 which is located in Sector N, therefore not many people have seen that area and actual development status of the project. Normally people quote profit rates for each category of plots, and you might not understand what will be the actual cost, so you can check the actual paid amount of these plots below.

Add these amounts to the profit rates to get your actual cost for some plot in phase 8 extension. Phase 8 Extension is again a very large block which is subdivided into 6 precincts. Each precinct has its own map and number of plots. Find attached the layout map of these precincts in phase 8 extension. In investment prospective Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension will be the best return gun in near future due to many prospective, phase 8 extension is nearing all best location of Rawalpindi.

Apart from this a very prime location of all blocks with solid land. Development will be competed in 5 year In prices gets boost upto 30 lac for 10 marla plot but the price of 10 marla plot is 16 lac but price will be better day by day.

We recommend you to invest in Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension for best result on investment. Increased property values meant FBR was on the way to collect more revenue through taxes.

However, latest decision by the Board will see decreased property rates in following cities of Pakistan. FBR Pakistan released notification couple of day ago as per 11 Dec FBR changed the policy regarding real estate of Pakistan. FBR revised the plan of tax process Federal board of Revenue FBR has released six new notifications after which a significant reduction in land property prices will occur.

FBR decided to revise the policy which was initiated by then finance minister Ishaq Dar. Bahria Town Pakistan always bringing something to accomodadte the people of Pakistan. This Company will Allow the people to take Laon for house because earlier no bank was willing to finanace the property in bahria town pakistan. This non-banking financial institute was in hot waters since and was unable to fulfill its financial obligations.

Bahria Town will download these shares in 2 different lots. It will download 71 percent of the sponsor shares of Escorts Investment Bank at the price of Rs. Public Announcement of Offer to acquire up to 6,, These shares will be sold after voting and take over rights. Rates and permission of such cases is subject to approval by Management.

Buy Sell Rent Property in Bahria Town Lahore

Area of basement. Ground and first floor area. Area of Porch. Area of balcony and verandah. Mumty area. Where a house is planned on split level a second gate can be permitted after approval of the planning office.

Note: Mumty must not cover full width of building. In case where lay of ground permits an additional storey, it may be planned after obtaining prior approval from Planning Office and payment of required fee. However maximum height should not be more than 3 feet. Frontal set back will be left untouched.

The basement shall not be exposed more than 3. The area of basement shall not be counted in FAR D. All necessary precautionary measures shall be taken during 10 construction of basement for safety of adjacent structures. In case of damage to the adjacent property, the owner of the plot and his supervising engineer shall be jointly and severally responsible for such damages.

Services, such as bath and kitchen etc. Bahria Town will not be responsible for the consequences in any case. Separate arrangements shall be made for the disposal of storm water drainage to the Bahria Town mains from the basement. In all basements, minimum one emergency exit of size 3 ft x 3ft : shall be provided with outside opening. Basement may be used for servant quarter subject to proper Light ventilation and other hygienic standards.

If services, such as bath and kitchen etc are provided in the basement, the owner will arrange mechanical disposal of water to the upper level irrespective of levels of Bahria Town mains.

Houses bahria town lahore design

Member will have to obtain NOC from the neighboring members. In case of damage to the adjacent building, the owner of the plot shall be solely responsible. Basement will have to be completed in the given time frame.

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