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Interview With The Vampire. By. Anne Rice. " SENSUOUS, THRILLING, WONDERFUL " SENSUOUS,. THRILLING, WONDERFUL! " Houston Chronicle. Rice, Anne - Vampire Chronicles 01 - Interview With The Vampire. Read more Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 6 - The Vampire Armand. Read more. Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 9 - Blackwood Farm · Read more Rice, Anne - Vampire Chronicles 01 - Interview With The Vampire. Read more.

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Anne Rice Interview With The Vampire Pdf

INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE by. Anne Rice. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Converted to PDF by ScreenTalk™ INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by. Anne Rice. Based on the novel by. Anne Rice. April Second Draft. FOR EDUCATIONAL. PURPOSES ONLY. In , the prestigious New York publishing house, Alfred A. Knopf, brought out Rice's novel, Interview with the Vampire. Rice was the first.

Interview with the Vampire is a story of immortality, loyalty, and detachment. The main plot surrounds three individuals brought and held together by the bond of immortality. The story begins with the vampire, Louis, who meets with a boy conducting an interview of his life. The journey begins with tragedy in a young mortal's life that brings him to an encounter with a vampire that changes him forever. Eternally in search of answers as to their true nature and origins, Louis faces the death of his humanity, the betrayal of other vampires, and the death of a companion dear to him. In the end, Louis understands that the road of immortality is best traveled alone. Before Louis' story begins, he meets a young boy who conducts interviews. They meet in a room in San Francisco, which is where the action begins.

She is then given the name Claudia. Louis is initially horrified that Lestat has turned a child into a vampire, but soon begins to care for Claudia. Claudia takes to killing easily, but she begins to realize over time she can never grow up; her mind matures into that of an intelligent, assertive woman, but her body remains that of a young girl.

Claudia blames Lestat for her condition and, after 60 years of living with him, she hatches a plot to kill Lestat by poisoning him and cutting his throat. Claudia and Louis then dump his body into a nearby swamp. As Louis and Claudia prepare to flee to Europe, Lestat appears, having recovered from Claudia's attack, and attacks them in turn.

Louis sets fire to their home and barely escapes with Claudia, leaving a furious Lestat to be consumed by the flames. Arriving in Europe, Louis and Claudia seek out more of their kind.

They travel throughout eastern Europe first and do indeed encounter vampires, but these vampires appear to be nothing more than mindless animated corpses. Inhabiting an ancient theater, Armand and his vampire coven disguise themselves as humans and feed on live, terrified humans in mock-plays before a live human audience who think the killings are merely a very realistic performance.

PDF - The Vampire Companion

Claudia is repulsed by these vampires and what she considers to be their cheap theatrics, but Louis and Armand are drawn to each other. Convinced that Louis will leave her for Armand, Claudia convinces Louis to turn a Parisian doll maker, Madeleine, into a vampire to serve as a replacement companion.

Louis, Madeleine and Claudia live together for a brief time, but all three are abducted one night by the Theatre vampires. Lestat has arrived, having survived the fire in New Orleans. What characteristics set him apart from other vampires?

Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 1 - Interview With The Vampire

Which other vampires exhibit personalities of NPD? With the previous discussion of postmodernism, the Nuclear Man, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, discuss the ramifications modernity will play upon the Byronic hero in literature. What has Rice brought to the Byronic hero through her character, Louis?

In what specific ways, if any, does her work reflect the themes of this poem? To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour.

Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles (Books 1-10)

A robin redbreast in a cage Puts all heaven in a rage. A dove-house filled with doves and pigeons Shudders hell through all its regions. A dog starved at his master's gate Predicts the ruin of the state. A horse misused upon the road Calls to heaven for human blood. Each outcry of the hunted hare A fibre from the brain does tear. A skylark wounded in the wing, A cherubim does cease to sing.

The game-cock clipped and armed for fight Does the rising sun affright. Every wolf's and lion's howl Raises from hell a human soul.

The wild deer wandering here and there Keeps the human soul from care. The lamb misused breeds public strife, And yet forgives the butcher's knife.

The bat that flits at close of eve Has left the brain that won't believe. The owl that calls upon the night Speaks the unbeliever's fright. He who shall hurt the little wren Shall never be beloved by men. He who the ox to wrath has moved Shall never be by woman loved.

The wanton boy that kills the fly Shall feel the spider's enmity. He who torments the chafer's sprite Weaves a bower in endless night.

The caterpillar on the leaf Repeats to thee thy mother's grief. Kill not the moth nor butterfly, For the Last Judgment draweth nigh. He who shall train the horse to war Shall never pass the polar bar. The beggar's dog and widow's cat, Feed them, and thou wilt grow fat. The gnat that sings his summer's song Poison gets from Slander's tongue.

The poison of the snake and newt Is the sweat of Envy's foot. The poison of the honey-bee Is the artist's jealousy. The prince's robes and beggar's rags Are toadstools on the miser's bags. A truth that's told with bad intent Beats all the lies you can invent.

Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 1 - Interview With The Vampire - PDF Free Download

It is right it should be so: Man was made for joy and woe; And when this we rightly know Through the world we safely go. Joy and woe are woven fine, A clothing for the soul divine. Under every grief and pine Runs a joy with silken twine. The babe is more than swaddling bands, Throughout all these human lands; Tools were made and born were hands, Every farmer understands. Every tear from every eye Becomes a babe in eternity; This is caught by females bright And returned to its own delight.

The bleat, the bark, bellow, and roar Are waves that beat on heaven's shore. The babe that weeps the rod beneath Writes Revenge! The beggar's rags fluttering in air Does to rags the heavens tear.

The soldier armed with sword and gun Palsied strikes the summer's sun. The poor man's farthing is worth more Than all the gold on Afric's shore.

One mite wrung from the labourer's hands Shall download and sell the miser's lands, Or if protected from on high Does that whole nation sell and download.

He who mocks the infant's faith Shall be mocked in age and death.


He who shall teach the child to doubt The rotting grave shall ne'er get out. He who respects the infant's faith Triumphs over hell and death. The child's toys and the old man's reasons Are the fruits of the two seasons. This is the story of Louis, as told in his own words, of his journey through mortal and immortal life. Louis recounts how he became a vampire at the hands of the radiant and sinister Lestat and how he became indoctrinated, unwillingly, into the vampire way of life.

His story ebbs and flows through the streets of New Orleans, defining crucial moments such as his discovery of the exquisite lost young child Claudia, wanting not to hurt but to comfort her with the last breaths of humanity he has inside. Yet, he makes Claudia a vampire, trapping her womanly passion, will, and intelligence inside the body of a small child. Louis and Claudia form a seemingly unbreakable alliance and even "settle down" for a while in the opulent French Quarter.

Louis remembers Claudia's struggle to understand herself and the hatred they both have for Lestat that sends them halfway across the world to seek others of their kind. Louis and Claudia are desperate to find somewhere they belong, to find others who understand, and someone who knows what and why they are. Louis and Claudia travel Europe, eventually coming to Paris and the ragingly successful Theatre des Vampires--a theatre of vampires pretending to be mortals pretending to be vampires.

Here they meet the magnetic and ethereal Armand, who brings them into a whole society of vampires.

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